Follow me Officer Patrick Tuter began trial on Tuesday for fatally shooting a man during a high-speed chase in 2012. Tuter shot at Michael Allen 41 times. Defense lawyers representing Tuter are using the go-to excuse for cops that murder people of “I feared for my life.” He initially claimed

Follow me Apparently, a transit cop in Dallas doesn’t understand that Photography Is Not A Crime. Avi Adelman, who is described as a “Citizen Journalist” and local activist, was arrested by Officer Stephane Branch in February of this year by Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) Officer Stephane Branch. What was his

Follow me Just two weeks ago, a sheriff’s deputy from Hunt County, Texas (just outside of Dallas) was caught on video punching a pregnant woman in the back while she was handcuffed. Now another video (embedded below) shows two more deputies beating a handcuffed man for the horrible crime of