Follow me The following post and video were shared with the CopBlock Network by Christian Alexander of, via the Submissions Page. Along with the description below, Christian stated: The police chief has apologized, but not the University. I would love to get a consensus on whether I was

Follow me Sergeant Brett Ryon Hadley was given a plea deal and sentenced to probation on charges related to the sexual exploitation of a minor. As part of the deal, he pled no contest to attempted sexual solicitation and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Additional charges of lewdness and

Follow me This video was submitted by an anonymous reader, via the Submissions page. Date of Incident: 10/13/2015 Officer Involved: Refused to identify Department Involved: Cottonwood Height (UT) Police Department Contact Number: (801) 944-7100 According to the description on the video: CHPD was making an arrest several miles outside

Follow me This post was submitted by Andrea Daynes, via the submission page. I have a TBI (traumatic brain injury) due to an auto-pedestrian accident and am disabled. I have permanent brain damage, as a result. Please excuse the grammar and I hope this isn’t too long. Andrea describes,