Follow me Earlier today, charges of first-degree reckless homicide were filed against Dominique Heaggan-Brown for the shooting Syville Smith in August. Heaggan-Brown, who had earlier professed his desire to “start a riot like it’s Baltimore,” got his wish when Milwaukee erupted into riots after the murder of Smith. As I

Follow me Milwaukee Police Officer Dominique Heaggan-Brown, who sparked riots in the city when he shot Sylville Smith, has been arrested and charged with raping a man. Prior to the sexual assault Heaggan-Brown and the victim had spent the night at a bar drinking heavily and watching the riots. The

Follow me Note: This was submitted anonymously, via the Cop Block submission page. Date of Incident: 9/18/2014 Individual(s) Responsible: Name Unknown (Editor’s note: please get the names of aggressors!) Outfit: Tecumseh, OK Police Department Phone: 405-598-2115 Local Cop Block Affiliate: Currently, there are no known local Cop Block groups active