Follow me This was submitted via the CopBlock submissions page on March 5, 2015 Department: El Paso (TX) Police Department Address: 9011 Escobar Dr. El Paso, TX 79907 Phone: (915) 872-3600,  (915) 564-7000 Officer Involved: Jessica Martinez Date of Incident: March 5, 2015 A female police detective from the El Paso Police Department has been

Follow me This post was shared with the CopBlock Network by a reader, via the Submission Page. It was originally published by Ken Armstrong at Last week, Seattle police apologized for an incident in which a female officer arrested a 69-year-old man walking in the city with a

Follow me A reader, named Wendy Robins, shared the content below, regarding the service several employees of the Hamlin, TX Police Dept. provided to her, via the Cop Block Submissions page. Date of Incident: November 2, 2014 Individuals Involved: Officer Chad Boyett, Chief of Police Bobby Evans, Judge Fenner Outfit

Follow me The following post was shared with the CopBlock Network anonymously by someone wishing to make others aware of Kevin Dupre’s actions, via the Submissions Page. The text of this submission consists of content from a petition to fire the triggerman, Kevin Dupre, which was started by Donna

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