Follow me Although they still haven’t identified him publicly, the NYPD announced earlier this week that they had suspended an officer who taunted a Brooklyn family that was the subject of a Christmas Day raid by posting two pictures of them in handcuffs to Snapchat. One of the photos was

Belleville NJ Cop Sleeping Patrol Car

Follow me Officer Jesse J. McKeough of the Belleville Police Department became a bit of a Youtube star when he was caught sleeping like a giant steroid infused baby inside his patrol car back in 2013. After photos of his nap break were posted publicly (see video embedded below) by

Follow me NYPD Officer Mark Kelly apparently wanted to keep things traditional while attending a World Wrestling Entertainment show. So he did what is expected of fans at a rasslin match, got sloppy drunk and passed out in the gutter outside of the Barclays Center where the wrestling matches were.