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Follow me The following post was submitted to the CopBlock Network by Isiah Holmes, who has been featured several times previously on Cop Block, via the Submissions Page. In this post, Isiah discusses a program recently started by Gloucester Massachusetts Police Chief Leonard Campanello in which, rather than treating

Follow me Although it hasn’t been released yet and probably won’t be anytime soon, Colonel Mike Edmonson of the Louisiana State Police stated that “extremely disturbing” video footage captured by a bodycam worn by one of the officers involved played a large part in why the charges were brought against

Follow me Date of Incident: 2015-10-17 Departments Involved: Shawnee, KS police; Noblesville, IN police Contact Information: Shawnee PD: 913-631-2150. Johnson County Jail: 913-715-5100. Here’s the agency that issued the warrant (Noblesville, IN): 317-776-1588 Critical update, plus new video link for arrest. Early this morning, Free Keene broke the news that

Follow me Originally posted at by Ian Freeman. (Stay tuned for video and further updates here at Cop Block Date of Incident: 2015-10-17 Departments Involved: Shawnee, KS & Noblesville, IN Contact Phone Numbers: Shawnee PD: 913-631-2150. Johnson County Jail: 913-715-5100 Video: The War on Chalk continues nationwide with

Follow me This is a repost of an article originally published on the SouthEast Alabama Cop Block website, which discusses some of the many reasons why it’s always good to film the police, whether it be during your own personal interaction with the cops or when you see others being detained