Illegal arrest of Antoine Webington passenger in traffic stop

Follow me Recientemente, un video “viral” ha estado circulando después de haber sido publicado originalmente en TikTok. Este video muestra el arresto de un hombre llamado Antoine Webington por oficiales del Departamento de Policía de Anne Arundel en Maryland. En las imágenes del teléfono celular grabadas (y luego publicadas) por

Illegal arrest of Antoine Webington passenger in traffic stop

Follow me Recently, a “viral” video has been making the rounds after having been posted on TikTok originally. This video shows the arrest of a man named Antoine Webington by officers from the Anne Arundel Police Department in Maryland. In the cellphone footage recorded (and later posted) by his girlfriend,

Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger Botham Jean Murder

Follow me A Mistake or a Home Invasion? On September 6th, Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger walked into the apartment of her neighbor, (reportedly) began barking commands at the innocent, unarmed man who lived there, and then shot him twice. That neighbor, a 26-year-old man named Botham Shem Jean, died

Follow me For the second time, a jury has stated that it was deadlocked and unable to reach a decision on charges filed against University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing for the July 2015 murder of Sam Dubose. (See videos embedded below for body camera footage of that murder.)

Follow me The following post and accompanying video were shared with the CopBlock Network by a reader named Brian (no last name provided), via the Submissions Page. Along with the video, Brian stated: “They harassed me, because I, ‘fit the description’ of a black male in black clothes. The

Follow me The following video and the description accompanying it were shared with the CopBlock Network by Rudy Gonzalez Jr., via the Submissions Page. This submission is one of the better videos I’ve seen showing how to calmly, yet firmly, assert your rights and handle yourself when being harassed

Follow me “I kept trying to tell them I’m one of you, but…” Ronald Lanier, a retired New York corrections officer, cried heavily during a press conference as he described how he discovered the hard way that All Lives Don’t Matter to police. In fact, All Blue Lives aren’t even