Follow me This post, concerning a case of visual profiling and police brutality against a disabled person by an employee of the Pierce County Transit Police in Tacoma, Washington, was submitted by Scott “PonyDog” Sealey, via the Cop Block submission page. Date of Incident: July 12, 2014 Individuals Responsible: M. Csapo,

Follow me This post was originally shared via‘s submit page. and posted to It’s being reposted here at Nevada Cop Block both because of the obvious relevance of it having happened in Las Vegas, and because Stubbs mentioned during one of his monthly “Know Your Rights” seminars that

Follow me Recently, Sheriff Doug Gillespie made an announcement that, due to budget shortfalls, Las Vegas police would be forced to shift 26 cops from the D.A.R.E program and one of four “saturation teams” back to patrol duty. This along with hiring freezes instituted earlier in the year, was of