Illegal arrest of Antoine Webington passenger in traffic stop

Follow me Recientemente, un video “viral” ha estado circulando después de haber sido publicado originalmente en TikTok. Este video muestra el arresto de un hombre llamado Antoine Webington por oficiales del Departamento de Policía de Anne Arundel en Maryland. En las imágenes del teléfono celular grabadas (y luego publicadas) por

Illegal arrest of Antoine Webington passenger in traffic stop

Follow me Recently, a “viral” video has been making the rounds after having been posted on TikTok originally. This video shows the arrest of a man named Antoine Webington by officers from the Anne Arundel Police Department in Maryland. In the cellphone footage recorded (and later posted) by his girlfriend,

Baltimore Police Department Planting Drugs Video

Follow me For the second time in a matter of weeks, body camera footage has been released showing officers from the Baltimore Police Department planting drugs. In both videos, the planting of that evidence was exposed by a feature of the body cams that causes them to begin saving video

Follow me The following post and video were shared with the CopBlock Network by Landon Tomsa, via the Submissions Page. The following post is fairly self explanatory. The person who submitted it states that they saw an Annapolis City police officer, James Spearman, parked illegally while having some unspecified

Follow me The following videos and description were shared with the CopBlock Network by Stephanie Sledge, via the Submissions Page. The video shows a traffic stop by a pair of police officers working for Frostburg State University in Maryland, in which a female driver was arrested for having a

Follow me I’ve previously reported on the harrowing and expanding threat that clowns have begun to represent to this country and citizens throughout it. Fortunately, my warnings did not go unheeded and not long ago South Carolina Police Chief Ken Miller promised to get tough on clowns. In order to

Follow me In the small Maryland town of Thurmont, police spent two months on an undercover operation that eventually thwarted a massive drug ring involving two twenty-something employees. At the conclusion of the big sting operation, cops were able to keep five grams of pot and two morphine pills off

Follow me The following post was submitted to the CopBlock Network by Isiah Holmes, who has been featured several times previously on Cop Block, via the Submissions Page. In this post, Isiah discusses the use of aircraft FBI to conduct surveillance and the role that private citizens (along with