Follow me Date of Incident: September 22, 2015 Officer Involved: Officer Salas #315 – Second Unnamed Officer Badge #320 Department Involved: Mesilla Marshal’s Office (Las Cruces, NM) Phone Number: (575) 524-3262 Address: 2670 Calle De Santiago, Mesilla, NM 88046 This video was submitted by Mike of “Schmike Media”via the

Follow me Date of Incident: August 28, 2015 Officer Involved: Sgt. Hermonn – Badge#580 Department Involved: Nassau County Police Department – First Pct. The above video was submitted by a reader by the name of Wil, via the Cop Block submissions page. He states in his description: “I was simply

Blue Island Police Department Illinois Nevada Cop Block

Follow me Elias M. shared the content below, about the “service” he received from those at the Blue Island, IL. police outfit, via the Nevada Cop Block Submissions page. Date of Incident: December 2014 Individuals Involved: Officer Colone Star – Badge #149, An Unidentified Sergeant Outfit: Blue Island (IL) Police Department