Bodycam video of the shooting of Junior Lopez by LVMPD Officers

Follow me On this episode of the ACAB Radio Las Vegas Podcast, hosts King Ron Mecklosky, Joey Lankowski, and Kelly W. Patterson  discussed the April 5th shooting of Junior Lopez by Officers Rivera and Mills of the LVMPD in Downtown Las Vegas. As part of that discussion, we went over

LVMPD Press Conference Independent Media Arrests

Follow me The post below was written by Matt Agorist and originally published at the Free Thought Project under the title “Watch the 1st Amendment Die as Journalist Arrested at Press Conference for Not Being Mainstream.” It details the January 30th arrests of  Joey Lankowski, Kelly Patterson by the Las Vegas Metropolitan

Follow me The following post was shared with the CopBlock Network by John-Henry Hill, M.D., Ph.D., via the submissions page. Are You Required To Show ID or Answer Questions To Police and Other Government Agents Upon Demand? – by John-Henry Hill, M.D., Ph.D. – October 9, 2013 “They must