Follow me The following post was submitted by Danielle Kekoavia, via the submissions page. Date of Incident(s): August 19-20, 2015 NORTHGLENN, CO — Three Neighborhood Services Code Enforcement Officers and a Community Service Officer from Northglenn Police Dept. were sent over to harass and intimidate Curtis and Danielle Kekoa,

Follow me A couple months ago, Dylan Donnelly reported on an incident in which a Colorado Springs police officer was accused in a lawsuit of using excessive force for smashing an (at the time) 18 year old girl’s face into the concrete floor while her hands were handcuffed behind her

Follow me Conflicting Accounts Sunday night police in Denver shot a man after claiming he charged at them with a knife. Witnesses at the time disputed that claim. Now surveillance footage from a nearby business supports the witnesses over the police version. Instead of charging toward the officers, the video

Follow me In yet another case that requires pointing out that it is not an Onion article, police in Boulder Colorado claimed that stacking rocks in an artistic design constituted “destruction of public property” and threatened an artist with jail if he continued maliciously balancing rocks on top of each

Follow me This was submitted via the Cop Block Submissions page Date of Incident: July 2014 (fired on 03/04/2015) Department: Denver, CO PD – 1331 Cherokee St Denver, CO Phone Number: (720) 913-6010 Officer Involved: James Medina Denver, CO PD Officer James Medina was fired last Wednesday, because of an incident