Police Brutality Teen Farmington Arkansas

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Follow me In December of last year, I posted about a Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer who had been convicted of numerous abuse-related offenses after his son escaped from a makeshift dungeon he had created in the basement of his house. On Wednesday, that officer was sentenced to 15 years

Follow me A Canadian Mountie and his wife have been convicted of several abuse charges including sexual assault against the officer’s son. After running away, the RCMP officer’s son was found with severe signs of having been starved and physically abused by an Ottawa Police Constable. That constable, Cindy Cybulski,

Follow me This post was originally published at the “Ms. Magazine” blog in October of 2015 by Alex Roslin and Susanna Hope (who was married to a police officer for 20 years) under the original title “Police Wife: The Secret Epidemic of Police Domestic Violence.” (See below for their full

Follow me This was submitted via the CopBlock submissions page on March 5, 2015 Department: El Paso (TX) Police Department Address: 9011 Escobar Dr. El Paso, TX 79907 Phone: (915) 872-3600,  (915) 564-7000 Officer Involved: Jessica Martinez Date of Incident: March 5, 2015 A female police detective from the El Paso Police Department has been

Follow me Note: This was submitted anonymously, via the Cop Block submission page. Date of Incident: 9/18/2014 Individual(s) Responsible: Name Unknown (Editor’s note: please get the names of aggressors!) Outfit: Tecumseh, OK Police Department Phone: 405-598-2115 Local Cop Block Affiliate: Currently, there are no known local Cop Block groups active