Follow me Date of Incident: November 11, 2016 Officers Involved: Officer Maufrais Badge #7432 and Officer Lane Badge #7705 Department Involved: Austin (TX) Police Department Department Phone Number: Chief Art Acevedo – (512) 974-5000 Department Facebook Page: Austin PD on FB Department Twitter Profile: @Austin_Police Department YouTube Account: Austin Police

Follow me An Austin police dash cam video that was just released shows an incident from June of 2015 in which a black school teacher was violently arrested during a traffic stop. Reportedly she was pulled over by Officer Bryan Richter for going 15 miles per hour over the speed

Follow me APD Officers involved: Brewer #5607 Allegretti #7756 Hoke #7304 Cummings #7080 Aalbers #7591 With the amount of negative press that officers from the Austin Police Department are getting these days, one would think they would do everything they could to change their public image.  However, in yet another