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Have a story to share - a police interaction you experienced or witnessed, your own relevant writing or content you found elsewhere? Use the form below to submit it to us and it may appear on Nevada CopBlock! Please attribute and reference sources when possible.

  • Your suggested title for your write-up. Note that we may alter it if deemed helpful.
  • Provide a write-up. Name the folks involved. Give the date and time. Share the facts. The more informative the more likely it will be posted and will have traction.
  • If there's a video of the incident provide the URL. If your post is deemed fitting for NVCopBlock your video will be embedded in the post.
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  • Whether you were victimized by someone wearing a badge, or wear a badge and feel the need to oust colleagues for wrong-doing, we respect your privacy.
  • Please share anything else related to your write-up that you feel is pertinent.


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