This is a repost of an article originally published on the SouthEast Alabama CopBlock website, which examines what the real impact would be even if the usual statement that only “10%” of cops are actually bad was actually true. It was received via the Cop Block Submissions page.


Police watchdog groups like SouthEast Alabama CopBlock are often given this comment in various posts and articles in defense of cops. So how many are there? Often people will give estimates of what percentage of cops are good. We are usually given numbers like “75 to 85%”, “90%” or “99%” are good. That’s most of them! Great! Right?

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund estimates “There are more than 900,000 sworn law enforcement officers now serving in the United States“. 900,000. Keep that number in your head. Imagine 900,000 nurses in the US (not the actual number I’m sure.) Now imagine 90% of them are good nurses and 10% became nurses in order to use that position to do others harm in some way. Are you comfortable in a nation with 90,000 nurses who want to do their patients’ harm? Nurses who can kill you or a loved one and make it seem routine? What about 90,000 bad school teachers? 90,000 bad Doctors? 90,000 bad Fireman who create fires? Even 90,000 bad pest control guys who come into your house or apartment with your belongings and loved ones?

Can you think of ANY profession, where lives hang in the balance, that you would be comfortable with if there were only 90,000 in the US that are bad and wanted to use their positions to do you and your family harm? Of course not. Not when your family’s lives are directly impacted by whether or not they are good or bad.

Imagine if the ONLY recourse for getting justice from an abusive service professional was by going through the same organization for which they work?

For instance, a nurse kills your mom. Your ONLY option is to file a complaint with the hospital.

First, the media gets a whiff of this and begins digging into your mom’s past. Any and every remotely questionable thing she allegedly may have done since she came into this world is plastered all over the TV and Newspapers. Every photo she ever took with a wine glass in her hand, the time she got in a heated debate with your teacher, the speeding ticket she got in 1980. The media tells everyone “Heavy Drinker with Criminal Past and history of Terrorist Threats to School Employees dead. Family blames decorated Hero Nurse.”

Next the Hospital will get their lawyers to form a focus group from the same population that has been reading and watching the news. This group is entirely selected and instructed by the hospital and it’s attorneys. Your mother is dead and the focus group, the process which would decide if her killer will face justice or not, is entirely run and controlled by the killer’s employers and co-workers. Knowing that finding the killer nurse guilty of wrongdoing would bring on lawsuits against them, how much would you trust the hospital’s lawyers to do the right thing?

Would this process satisfy you? Would you trust this killer’s co-workers and the lawyers of his/her employer to give justice to you and your family? You’d get your own lawyer if you could, but that’s not permitted. You would go and testify before this group, but it’s up to the hospitals lawyers whether or not you’d be allowed to do that.

You might choose a different hospital next time! Except… you have to move to do that. At the new hospital, 10% of the medical staff is bad too, but you have no choice. See where this is going?

Change the word Nurse to Cop, the word Hospital to Government and Focus Group to Grand Jury and you have our current status quo. The obvious difference is that nurses have to have years of formal education before they can begin to practice. Cops can often have half as much training as a hairdresser. (In Alabama, your barber must have 1000 hours of training while the armed cop with the right to shoot you and your family can have as little as 480 hours of training and pass with an overall score of 70)

9,000 bad cops in the US is a massive problem. 90,000 bad cops in the US is total disaster. People are dying. Unarmed people, often in front of witnesses, sometimes even on camera. We as a nation are simply accepting the process by which justice is meant to be be served. We are accepting that 90,000 (or even 9,000) bad cops on our streets with our children is somehow acceptable.

So, this is the state of the nation. What can we do?

Imagine how much it would improve if every man, woman and child who witnessed a police interaction took out their phones and cameras and captured video of it. Someone gets pulled over, 10 people begin filming. A cop approaches a teenager in the mall, 20 people start filming. Every time. Imagine if every cop knew that every time he was in public WE would be there to hold him accountable. Imagine…

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  1. It would all depend on the level of culpability the nurse played in the death. There were, in 2012, 2.7 million licensed nurses in the US. To what level of negligence was there? Or was there any negligence at all? Now, if the matter was of “carelessness” or of “recklessness” it would matter in a criminal matter certainly. Regardless of impact, there would be due process, a way of recourse. Those impacted may not like a decision such as a suit being tossed, but there is a recourse. The ability to file suit and have it heard by a 3rd party. As stated, lawsuits are part of society now.

    Think of Duncan, the Ebola victim who died in November, the hospital has already settled the matter with a cash payout. The average annual cost for medical lawsuit payouts is 45-55 Billion dollars. And you wonder why your doctor/ER visits are so expensive.

    I find it interesting that there are protests over the death(s) of several, but when, on average, there are anywhere from 50,000-100,000 deaths annually by “medical mistakes” – no one says a word except by perhaps those impacted personally by the death.

    I would agree though, police should have additional and continual training. Too bad the ACLU would side with lower standards as to not disenfranchise minorities.

    1. Can you imagine the impact on questionable police practices if we simply made the cops indemnify themselves as we do the medical profession?
      Construction, medical, home inspection real estate, all these people are required to carry insurance against malpractice that harms another. Why not cops?
      what would be left if insurance guys could drop a bad bet and their career was over?

      1. So, if an officer was from an affluent background and could afford higher premiums, what’s the worst that could happen?

        Almost like a hippie nightmare, the wealthy would literally be enforcing the laws.

        1. Who do you figure would be paying the premiums for the cops?
          I’d say put it in their salary.
          A million dollars cost me $1,800 a year. Small potatoes aroud here(Albuquerque), where we’re starting to pay out massive settlements, and will be paying MUCH more for cops who say “What for this asshole? I’m gonna shoot him in the penis here in a minute!” A couple hours before trying to do exactly that…..
          Why would you think we’d have them buy higher premiums as they became a larger risk?
          When they start costing too much, they start costing too much. Game over.

          1. Perhaps, but its would fall back to the free market. Insurance companies are in the business to make money, not pay it out.

            There are already undercurrents on limiting lawsuit payouts in numerous states, a cap at 500k per death.

            Perhaps it could work, but I think it would only on paper. Companies would just pool their “better” members in for lower costs and then vigorously defend their actions against the plaintiff’s attorneys. Let it drag out for 5-8 years, perhaps the plaintiff will die in a car crash.

            You think that police unions have clout? Just think of liability insurance groups and their lobbyists.

          2. No, CS, insurance companies whether life, P&C, or medical, expect to pay out. They charge premiums to make money while paying out. It’s all based on actuarial tables.

            “You think that police unions have clout? Just think of liability insurance groups and their lobbyists.” This argument would work if the public held insurance companies in high esteem and police in low esteem. Police unions, representing less than 40% of LEOs but concentrated in the large metro areas, have money. lobbyists, and the public fear of crime to work with to further thier agenda. Insurance companies have money and lobbyists.

            Now as for “better” members, again it’s all actuarial tables. Insurance companies use pools. If I scuba dived, mountain climbed, and raced motorcycles, I should have the same premium as an accountant that did no high-risk behavior? The actuarial tables say no.

        2. Doctors have to have malpractice insurance, not all doctors are wealthy. Insurance agents have to have Errors and Ommisions Insurance, few Insurance agents are wealthy. Slimelaw gave more.

          The “wealthy” are enforcing laws, the wealth just comes from others. Isn’t that welfare? So aren’t they living the hippie (really, hippie?, stuck in a timewarp?) dream?

          1. I just like the word, it rings

          2. I like the word “ring” for the same reason.

      2. slime:
        But none of those people are sent out at the request of the public and put into harms way….at the request of the public. The public awsumes some of that responsibility and financial burden.

        1. So you took the job not on your agency but because other people pushed you into it? You didn’t take the job because the public asked you, nor did the guy that gives me lobster dipped in melted butter. Nor the guy that picks up my trash and garbage, nor the guy that supplies me lumber for my home. Let’s not forget the guy that makes sure I have electricity so my food doesn’t rot, that I don’t die in the heat of summer, or freeze in the winter (that latter including those that get us fuel oil).

          The request of the public encompasses all the jobs private and public. WTF makes you assume you are so more special? Because in your mind you are? Polls? If you want to be truly special, truly noble, eschew that pension. Most of us don’t have that, including those jobs more dangerous than yours that the public never asked for.

          Government employees are so funny in the head, it’s like nothing exists, nothing has worth, beyond them.

          1. Special pleading. Double standard fallacy. Kind of one of the bedrock fallacies of the governmental religion. Appeal to authority, appeal to democracy, appeal to tradition, reification, and appeal to consequence being the other main ones.

          2. Exactly. I’d say a lineman working to restore power to damaged high-tension power lines is there at the request of the public. And in far more peril than a cop. This morons bullshit gets ridiculously stupid at times. It’s like he thinks the whole world is as ignorant as he is.

          3. I don’t think of it as simply ignorance, I think of it more like what’s posted here ( and followed in the comments. It creates the need to stay ignorant.

            People that take dangerous jobs, knowing the job, and then demand respect and praise for the decision are special. Moreover, when they think they are special it’s by an argument that does ignore everyone else that also have taken a dangerous job, usually falling back to only mentioning those that haven’t.

            I tried to explain to a landlubber cop what it meant to be an American fisherman, you work in an earthquake. I bet cops that have been Merchant Marines, Sailors, or Coasties would get the point.

        2. You’re an uneducated moron, you know that? Probably not, because, well, you’re an uneducated moron. Well, moron, it’s the “public” that sends civil engineers out to inspect everything from bridges to buildings. But last I checked, the firm I work for has to pay for general liability, malpractice, and errors and omissions insurance. The public doesn’t “awsume” (LOL, there’s that pesky autocorrect again, making up nonsense words) any of the burden. And I’d venture that an engineer on an active construction site is being put into harms way. Like the engineer that was killed in Port Arthur Texas while inspecting construction on a tank farm.

        3. But none of those who are sent out at the request of the public (cops) have any obligation to put themselves in harm’s way. Yet the public has to pony up when they put themselves there and screw up.
          And what the hell are you smoking? The public DOES request that medical personell are sent out to scenes of accidents, that construction workers are sent out to repair roads, ect. These people don’t just wake up one day and decide to go drive around looking for hurt people or roads to fix.

    2. “It would all depend on the level of culpability the nurse played in the death.”

      The issue is who decides that culpability. Is it her own bosses, who are responsible for her? Is it her own friends? No. Outsiders judge her actions, as it should be. But that isn’t what happens with cops. Their own buddies investigate most events. Above that, it is still agents of the same government responsible for his actions. You honestly thing you’ll get a real investigation out of that?

      1. It all depends. On the incident and the size of the department. During a given incident, say an in-custody death, there are three investigations.

        There will be an internal one. Was there a policy violation? Were protocols followed? Perhaps some where violated but their violation may in fact not be criminal offense.

        Then there is a criminal investigation to see if in fact state law, state civil rights, or local laws were violated, typically handled by an outside agency.

        Last there will be an investigation by corporate council/risk management about the civil nature of what took place and how to address the matter, should a lawsuit arise.

      1. He is not being sarcastic. He actually believes this bullshit.

  2. As usual, multiple numbers are thrown around with nothing to back them up. The author compares nursing to police work. That is a stupid comparison. Most uniformed cops have a two or four year degree and then go to the academy. The author never said how many “bad” cops are out there. It would only be the author’s opinion and a poor guess.

    1. Douche. Clueless douche.
      Or cop.
      both swear words, these days….

      1. Another childish copblock response.

        1. Guess what that was? Another childish copblock response… which you seem to enjoy posting quite a lot of, since you lack original content. Perhaps this is a circus monkey response?

          1. I believe you believe that.


      1. Another copblock circus monkey making threats. Go figure.

        1. Just for clarification, which part of that does your feeble mind intake as a threat?
          “I will command and conquer you”
          “I’m kicking you off the internet tough guy”

          1. Another GED graduate on copblock. Go figure.

    3. Most do not have degrees. Only 9% of departments require a degree to become an officer. I attend church with a 15 year vet of the Oakland PD and no, most do not have a degree!

      1. And the ACLU would object. The college requirement would be discriminatory. Additionally, with a 4yr degree would also increase the salary range.

        1. You sure? Because every job I’ve had since leaving college has required me to have the degree I do. I’d hate to think my folks spent all that money when I could have just sued the employer for discrimination. Not to mention the cash I’m putting out to put 2 daughters through college.

          1. Look at the requirement for say Cleveland PD or Chicago PD, no degree is “required” but a degree would help an applicant. It goes back to EEOC. How many blacks in Ferguson have degrees and then want to work as a cop? I don’t know the state you work in but look and see how your pay compares to the local PD. I’d be curious to see.

          2. It varies. Big city cops like LAPD start at around 45K, I think. You get into the rural areas it’s less. I make significantly more than that, but then again, I’ve been in my career for 25 years. I think entry level EE pay at my firm is a little less, around 38-40K. I know when I was in Mobile, AL, the cops were starting out at barely more than fast food wages. Like 9-10 an hour. That was close to 10 years ago, but I imaging it hasn’t improved much. I would think a degree would be helpful to climb into management.

          3. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a requirement for a 4 year degree. I think it would be a great advancement in police work, but it will never happen.

            There are few departments that have a “requirement” for any degree at all. That’s the problem. EEOC/ACLU – its those groups that will rally to the cries of a someone who can’t get a public sector job.

            If you can rally the senators and representatives, great. The only real way for it to happen would to nationalize the police force. That too will never happen.

        2. And the probability of thinking for themselves. Can’t have that.

        1. you have a four year degree, that’s fucking laughable.

          1. I have a masters degree.

          2. Oooohh, a masters degree? That’s adorable.

          3. It’s a lot better then your GED.

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          7. LoL, stupid troll….. if that idea makes you feel better about your pathetic life, then congratulations! But to try and get through to you…. your perception that “copblockers” are all GED and McDonald’s workers is part of the big problem with your perspective. You’re just flat out wrong about everything you think….

          8. Why do I care who you are? Are you begging for attention again.

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        2. It was in a yahoo story! They reported on it when talking about education levels. Only 9% of PD’s require a degree to become a cop. Do you actually read?

          But compare probation to becoming a Police Officer. It is a specific skill set to be a probation officer. I know some that are. Go read what it takes to become a CHP officer. No formal education requirement. It is simply an incentive to earn more.

          Here is a link:

          Less than 5% of local police departments with more than 100 officers require four-year degrees, says Louis Mayo, executive director of the Police Association for College Education.

          from this story:


          Currently only 1 percent of U.S. police departments require officers to have four-year college degrees. Only 8 percent of police departments, in fact, require college at all.

          from this:

          1. I already posted stats from a site that keeps these records.

      2. YF:
        Not exactly true. Relatively few of the officers that we hire don’t have at least an Associates degree. Many have bachelors and some have masters. I know a couple working on their doctorates.
        While certainly not all officers do….and departments vary widely.
        Look at hiring “minority’s”. It’s all we can do to find any minority’s that can survive the background check. Fewer still make it to the end of their field training.
        At my PD….a degree ISNT required. But most have one or get one because there is a big financial incentive.

        But having a degree doesn’t shiw or guarantee anything We fail out guys all the time with degrees. Same goes for the ex-military guys. Some make….many fail out.

        CS is right….,it ups the pay significantly and it’s clearly not a guarntee of anything.

        Heck….we hire a bunch of guys with GEDs as there is a lot of “home schooling” on my area. It’s not a bad thing….it’s just a thing.

        Just saying.

        1. Hey, I notice you didn’t have anything to say about Port Police Departments. What was it Google told you? No such thing? Wow. Must be the same version of Google that returns “page after page” of cops suing people for false complaints. Just like your autocorrect which comes up with nonsense words. I guess technology just doesn’t like you very much.

          1. Real dumb:
            You did say port police departments. You said “Port Police Department”. Like the city of Port. Or Town of Port. Or Village of Port. Again guy….that’s on you. Same goes for you not being able to find all the lawsuits. Everyone else found them and were able to discuss them. You simply failed as you are a moron.

            And as is your usual….way to stay on point goober.

          2. LOL. I believe I said “a port police department”. But, you feel free to change words, make shit up, put words in peoples mouths that they never said, so it’s just par for the course for your lying ass. And only one other douchebag talked about lawsuits. Mentioned 5. 3 of the 5 were cops suing other cops or the PD. Only one of the 5 was valid. Hardly “page after page”.

          3. Just like your “cop sued a rapper” claim. You mentioned that one, but not the fact that it was thrown out of court. LOL. Like I said, not only a liar, but a stupid liar.

          4. It wasn’t “thrown out of court”. It was PAID out. And….I thought you said it never even happened. Remember….you couldn’t find it. Said it never happened.
            Oops….you just exposed yourself as a liar again.

          5. Nice try, douche. Look it up – it was dismissed, not settled. Somebody’s lying, anyway.

          6. Realio:
            Clearly…..the liar is….once again….YOU.
            Let’s ask for anyone else to comment ok?
            Does ANYONE remember Realio saying that he couldn’t find any cases where the police had sued for defamation?
            Does anyone remember the comment after comment he made claiming that I was lying and making it up because he couldn’t find any of the cases I mentioned from a simple Google search!?

            Let’s see if anyone else remembers and sees just how big of a liar you are after all……NOW YOU ARE LINKING to a case about the police suing someone for defamation…..WHICH TOU SAID NEVER HAPPENED AND THAT YOU COULDNT FIND.

            You see guy…..I do this for a living. Catching you in a lie is easy. Getting you to incriminate yourself is one of those sneaky cop tricks. Heck….with you it wasn’t even being sneaky. It was just telling you the truth about something you dislike and sitting back and watching.

          7. LOL, sure homer. You sure you read that whole story? And you’re a corrections guard or rent-a-cop, homer. Nothing you say sounds even remotely like some of the actual cops who post here. Besides that it’s already proven (despite your weak ass efforts to deny it) that your a lying bitch.

          8. And speaking of lying, that would be your lying ass. Because I never said any lawsuit didn’t or couldn’t happen, just that I couldn’t find any record of any cop winning such a case. Hey, but now I’ll be the first to admit, I was wrong, and apparently at least ONE cop succeeded in a lawsuit. Doesn’t equate to “page after page”. And I still say you’re full of shit and sued nobody. Much less 3 people. Considering you’re probably not even a cop. And you are a proven liar, after all.

          9. Yep, went back and checked. I said “Spent all day today working at a Port Police Department.” You’re not only a liar, but a stupid liar. What, you think nobody can go back and read for themselves what was said? Just like nambla, you lying fuckstick. Anybody who has been around here for a while knows who dragged that foul shit out. That would be you. Stupid lying douchebag. I really hope I’m correct that you’re not an actual cop. Lying shit pile like you would be the worst motherfucker out there.

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            Oh… now it’s not any specific PD…’s just some PD. Ok then.

          11. I named the specific PD, you fucking ignorant douchebag. And how is saying “a port police department” naming anything specific, anyway? Ignorant motherfucker. And say what you want, as I mentioned, the sole reason I started commenting on your posts was because your sick ass was accusing people of belonging to nambla. I didn’t even know what it was, and looked it up. Pretty disgusting. That sort of thing fits right in with a lying piece of dogshit like you.

        2. T,

          I can give you the names of 2 cops who say otherwise! One a 15 year vet and the other a federal cop who has 25 years. The Oakland PD officer said to someone in the church, who asked what the requirements were, “HS diploma, no felonies. And he answered the next question with a no, that’s not enough. Only 9% of all PD’S require some sort of advanced degree. That is not a system that pulls in educated people.

          If you are speaking about your PD, good deal. I applaud that but that’s your immediate circle. But, the issue is to have a thought process. Educated people have a tendency to think before acting. The University of Michigan posted an academic study that pointed out how higher degrees of education resulted in less use of force. In other words, the more educated an officer was, the more likely he was to use his brain. That is the concept. The military has found that out and is moving that way as well.

          As to what CS said. That is neither here or there. He is correct but he did agree with me in principal. No cop should receive a badge without a bachelors and 2 years committed exclusively to constitutional law. Not the 26 weeks they get now!

          1. Oh let me add this:

            Here is a link:

            Less than 5% of local police departments with more than 100 officers require four-year degrees, says Louis Mayo,
            executive director of the Police Association for College Education.

            from this story:



            only 1 percent of U.S. police departments require officers to have four-year college degrees. Only 8 percent of police departments, in fact, require college at all.

            from this:


        3. But, I will add this as well, again! You are right. A degree means nothing. How many of the cops in the Detroit PD that spent 10 years under the DOJ had degrees? I mean the ones violating rights. Same with the Albuquerque PD and the Seattle PD and the East Haven PD? What does it say about their supervisors who let it happen. How many of the 9 Port Authority cops who were termed the day they graduated, who finished their bar rampage by saying “we are cops, we can act like jerks” had degrees”?

          A degree is not about bad or good. It is about hiring people who have a certain mind programming to think differently. There is a huge difference in the thinking of someone with a HS diploma/GED and someone that has earned a Bachelors degree.

          1. YF:
            Holy smokes. I don’t mean to pull your your starter rope that hard.

            You…like so many of these uneducated CBers (of which I do not consider you) want to pull up some story or stat and thinks it’s all fact.
            My PD….and no others in my area it ANY that I know of….REQUIRE anything more than. GED. But that doesn’t mean that those people get HIRED.
            One of the unfortunate parts of my current assignment is dealing with background checks….reviewing them. It blows. Other than a couple of ex-military guys…I don’t think I’ve seen any that have survived the process that don’t have a college education.
            Now of course….not all PDs are the same. It’s been my experience that Sheriffs Dept. have a tendency to hire the “also rans” of applicants who can’t get hired by PDs somewhere. In fact….where I used to live the state had a lower standard for everything for deputies than an PD was allowed to have.

            And you really need to think it through. I thinkers still like 85% of all departments nationwide have less than 30 officers. And like 90% of those have less than 15 officers. It’s tough to compete financially for Towns that small to compete with.

            As for the value of a degree. The fact that so many places now require degrees should show you their value.
            I have an uncle who is the chair of the sociology department at his university. He readily admits that for most folks….universities and colleges arebt about educations….they simply about putting out a product to make money. He says it’s rare for him to see any students that are really wanting to learn….they are just wanting to finish and move on.

            It’s what you make of it. My PD clearly looks at it….mainly as a form of commitment to this profession…but it doesn’t really translate much into what we do. We’ve found the EQ is far more important.

    4. actually they are responding to the multiple numbers thrown around by the cop groupies.

    5. Apparently, JC wouldn’t believe the 10% number even if he were in a room with 100 cops and 10 of them were kicking the crap out of him. He wouldn’t believe that they were bad cops either. I’m sure he would realize that he should have just stopped resisting after the first one started kicking him…and pepper spraying him…and tazing him….and shooting at him….and his family…and his dog.
      No, JC knows that there aren’t any “bad cops” just “bad people” that “good cops” have to “deal with”. JC is so wise and smart. We should all aspire to be as wise and smart as him…or her.

      1. More from a circus monkey copblocker. I believe you believe that.

        1. I’m not surprised at the things you believe. Scared, yes. Surprised, no not really.

          1. I believe you believe that.

  3. Last time I checked nurses couldn’t use pepper spary on patients? Or could they?????? This question must be answered at all cost, even lives…….

    1. If they wear badges, they can pepper spray whomever they desire.

  4. The whole claim of 99% are good is nonsense right from the start. Because either those 99% are powerless to control 1%, or unwilling to control that 1%. The truth is that cops know who among them are bad apples…and do nothing about it.

    Remember that cop who slapped the guy over now voluntarily allowing a search, after verbally abusing the citizen? Note that two other cops WATCHED all of it and did nothing.
    Or the recent article about a cop’s ex-wife who committed suicide by shooting herself in the back of the head. Riiight. And no officer of the department, including the chief/sheriff and investigators thought there might be another cause of death?

    Any cop who abets their bad cops with silence IS a bad cop themselves, and that is 99% of the 99% ‘good’ cops. That code of silence does exist, and the bad ones love it.

    1. By that logic, one bad human makes the entire human race evil. Hmmmm.

      1. There is no logic to speak of in your comment.

          1. So you confirm mis-interpreting the O.P? LoL….

          2. Wow…so airheaded.

          3. I would say the same thing about comparing the wrong doings of individuals within a group, or agency, to the entire race of humans…

      2. I take it then you are fine with cops covering each other’s butts? You don’t see a problem with cops knowing a fellow is a criminal and sports a rotten ‘tude?

        As for the human race? We created concepts like law and eve LE officers to address those individuals.

    2. If you wonder what happens when good cops try to stop the bad ones, consider Serpico.

      1. All of you are incredibly uninformed! An unbelievable 40% of cops beat their women, children, and/or men (re: Philadelphia Daily News, “Domestic terrors”, 9/10/14). For that reason alone, 40% of cops are criminals. And what about the other 60% who cover it up? And any criminal defense attorney will tell you that all police officers commit perjury, which in many states is a felony if a conviction results. For that reason alone, ALL cops are felons. I could go on forever, but anyone who is not brain-dead gets the picture: ACAB.

  5. Or you could grow up and leave the legal system to the babies and imcompetants! and

    1. The flag has a fringe and its made from capital letters!!

      1. CS:
        Come on dude. The “Title 4 Flag has Schwag”.

  6. The pro-cop folks posting comments here again miss the point. There are bad police. Those bad police are not held accountable for their bad actions due to the fact that they are members of the police community. The public sees this as a lack of accountability for police. When there is no accountability for cops, all Americans that are not cops are second-class citizens.

    1. MP:
      That simply isn’t true. This very site is proof of that.

      1. As much as people complain about cops, there are only a precious few instances where police have actually been held legally accountable. Having people talk bad about your profession on the internet won’t hurt your feelings half as bad as a few years in the tender mercy of state custody.

        1. MP:
          Not very many people complain about cops. Most PDs e joy tremendous support from their cities and towns. You beleive too much of what you read on sites like this

          And you can’t be more wrong.
          Again….I use Darren Wilson as the example.
          His actions where both legally right and morally right. YOU however may think his was a “bad cop” and “not held accountable”. In truth…..he did it right….did what the public demands he do. And it cost him his livelihood because of a lie someone else told. That’s truely a tragedy.
          Same goes with Eric Garner. And Kely Thomas. It’s not the police making those decsioins…it’s private citizens who don’t agree with you.

          You are buying what sites like this one are telling you. And they are clearly lying to you. Leading you….using you as a pawn.

          1. Clearly, you don’t watch the news much. Many, many, many Americans complain about cops. Your assertions about Darren Wilson couldn’t be more incorrect. In the fallout of the grand jury decision, one of the witnesses who had supported Wilson’s narrative (and there were only two out of the group of witnesses that supported Wilson’s narrative) was found to have made many racist statements, additional false eyewitness accounts, and a long history of mental instability. She had even made comments on social media about the case that would lead a thinking person to believe she wasn’t even near the shooting of Michael Brown. Of course, her credibility as a witness was never vetted nor questioned. I believe that the failure to scrutinize the account of this mentally disturbed woman had everything to do with whose account of events she supported. What I find truly stomach-turning about your reply to my comment is your flippant dismissal of the clear cut case of police brutality that cost poor Kelly Thomas his life. Watch the video of him getting beaten to death. All of it. Listen to the words of his murderer as he put his fists in front of Kelly Thomas’ face. (“See these fists? They’re going to f#%$ you up.”) Keep licking the cop boot you love so much. I won’t. Neither will anyone else with a spine.

          2. MP:
            Sorry guy….you are being mislead.

            In NY……a couple of hundred protesters out of 2.8 million people. That’s not really “a lot”

            As for Ferguson. Guy. … Even the liar who told everyone the Browns hands were up…..told a very different story behind closed doors. Same as many other “witnesses” who spoke out at first….then came clean. And then of course there was all of that pesky evidence.

            Kelly Thomas. Dude….a jury said no. They saw more evidence than you…..they heard more testimony than you…they had access to all of it…..and they made their decision. What more do you want?

            See that’s the bigger issue. What YOU think is a bad cop…..others think aren’t. You look at these cases and think the police did it wrong. The juries who have so much more info than you…..then don’t agree with your opinion.

            That’s a YOU PROBLEM.

          3. How about, what anyone else thinks doesn’t matter? There is a right and there is a wrong when it comes to life. There is no “system” of people in the world who can use words to affect this. Brutally killing that guy was wrong. Jury can fuck itself. It means nothing, clearly. What the real problem is, if anything, is people like you who are fucking ignorant and blind to common sense. That’s a you problem.

          4. 3r:
            Then….why does it matter what you think? You argue against yourself there goof

          5. My thinking this was wrong does not matter. The brutal beating and killing of that man WAS WRONG. This is not an opinion. This is a universal truth, goof, but GG preventing your brain from actually doing anything productive.

          6. I’ve got my own mind; I draw my own conclusions. No one has led me anywhere. But thanks for your paternalistic condescension. You wouldn’t happen to be a cop, would you? It’s an attitude many of the crooks in blue share . . .
            In New York, spontaneous protests in reaction to the grand jury decision numbered in the thousands, not the hundreds. Marches for civil rights in the 1960’s often didn’t have the massive national turnout the protests across the country in reaction to the grand jury no bill decision drew. Did you ever stop to think that many Americans are too afraid of police violence to risk being a part of protests whose ideals they share? Do we have to put 80% of the population in the streets to protest before you’ll agree we have an issue worth discussing? Maybe that’s what you folks want. Get us all outside, then turn your murderous maniacs in blue loose on us to kill us all. If we fight back, you’ll call us crooks. If we don’t, you’ll just call your prosecutor buddies and whitewash the slaughter.
            And about Ferguson: YOU read. Two of the eyewitnesses supported Wilson’s narrative. Most did not. One of those two was a woman with a long history of mental illness, false eyewitness accounts, and race-based hostility (she was white, just so you know). None of these issues were presented to the grand jury. Maybe that has more to do with the insider baseball played by a prosecutor who is the son of a slain cop than it does with a search for the truth. What more do I want? How about accountability for wrongdoing by the police?? You LOVE when cops hold others wrong for minor violations of the law with hails of bullets and fatal beatings. What if the public started applying your bloodthirsty pseudo-logic against your so-called “hero” killer cops? Would turnabout be fair play?
            How is it prosecutors bat damn near 1.000 when trying to convict a regular ‘ol bitch taxpayer for any crime, but when the face a holy royal god cop as a defendant, those conviction rates fall into the LOW .010’s????? Cop intimidates, threatens, menaces, then VIOLENTLY assaults a skinny, frail, homeless white guy until the assailant’s six buddies jump in. The whole worthless gang of them beat the poor, broken man until he’s absolutely recognizable instead of just putting the cuffs on him and putting him in the car. Kelly Thomas lays on the pavement, choking to death on his own blood, face and chest both stoved in like Captain Ahab’s ship was by Moby Dick, shrieking for his father. The so-called “public servants” then occupy the time of the EMT’s that might have been able to save Kelly. What was more important than saving the life of the mortally wounded Kelly Thomas? Applying disinfectant to a few superficial scratches on the holy royal god cop’s hand. Snoopy the Attorney could have gotten a conviction on that one, DUDE. I cannot wait to graduate law school and represent the families left behind in the wake of all this violence and destruction. I’ll be stoving in the “careers” of your precious “brothers” for fun and a modest fee WITH THE LAW YOU CLAIM TO REPRESENT. I graduate in May, so you clowns still have a little bit of time to get your act straight. You had better take the opportunity while you still have it.

          7. MM:
            Well…I guess I’ll just wish you good luck in law school. I hope you learn more than you think you know. He law isn’t about the emotions…’s about the law.

            As for Kelly Thomas.
            Dude….I think e whole thing was tragic. But if you look at the beginning…..those harmless drugs that eventually destroyed his life.
            Should the officers have talked so roughly to him? No…not really. Does it matter? No…not really. Street language to a street person is acceptable. Communicating in a way they understand….communicates. The world turned on Kelly Thomas….because of decisions he made. His own family shunned him because of those choices. He wasn’t some angel.
            But as sad as it is…….it doesn’t make the officers murders. The tape showed that they weren’t. The doctors testimony showed that they weren’t. Nothing showed that they were.
            At the end of the day…’s a tragedy. But it was a tragedy years in the making from Kelly Thomas’ life choices.

          8. Kelly Thomas suffered from a terrible mental illness. Smoking pot didn’t do that. His family couldn’t manage Kelly’s mental illness. That’s why he was on the streets.
            The way cops talk to people does have meaning. In fact, if cops weren’t so quick and snide with their tongues, they would probably have an easier time on the streets and a higher level of public support. I’ve had about 15 encounters with police. In four of those, the officer talked to me as if I was a respectable person. I’ve been cussed and threatened, talked down to, called names. This has a lot to do with how I see police as a whole.
            Six cops turned on Kelly Thomas. Largely because he was homeless. Must a person be an angel in order to have the right to live? My major issue with their actions isn’t their language; it’s the deadly beating they handed out. I don’t know how you think that beating was justified. I’m watching it again now. As he’s being repeatedly tased on his back, the officers demand that he roll over. You’re aware that people have a hard time moving as they’re being tased, right? He offers his hands to the officers. Instead of taking his hands and cuffing him, they jump on his chest.
            We’re never going to agree about the Kelly Thomas beating. You’d defend any police action as legitimate. The way you see the law will also prevent you from seeing that there are times where beating someone to death while wearing a blue outfit is actually wrong.

          9. ya he’s admitted that he’s one so ya.

          10. “t MountaineerProud • 4 hours ago
            Sorry guy….you are being mislead.
            In NY……a couple of hundred protesters out of 2.8 million people. That’s not really “a lot”

            “a jury said no”

            Oh the irony. You get that the goal of a criminal prosecution is supposedly to prove someone guilty, right? Just because you fail to prove guilt doesn’t mean you have therefore proven innocence. So really your argument is “12 people didn’t find them guilty, so therefore he is innocent.” But t, 12 people. That’s not really a lot, lol. And even if you did have a “lot” failing to prove guilt does not prove innocent. And some guy said so doesn’t prove anything in itself. As far as the evidence that they saw that is controlled by the prosecutor. To presume the prosecutor doesn’t have a pro cop bias is kind of a huge leap of faith here.

          11. truth is untill these last two cases Browns and Garners out of 600k cases that went to grand jury’s only 11 didn’t vote true bill, or send to trial. So basically if a prosecuter wants a trial they get it 99.9% of the time. Now with these last two that makes 13 out of 600k that went to grand juries. SO ya these crooked prosecuters acted more like defence attornies. I don’t don’t excuse the juriest though they were cowardly and didn’t vote for truth.

          12. And thats just it. If the courts agree with them, they are wise, if not, they are “men in robes”

          13. lol no courts rule with an agenda in almost every case if they even hear it that is. I’m tired of courts giving away liberty like its so much candy, and expendible they need to be held accountable to us too.

            and no they aren’t they rule against the bill of rights time and time again and still hold their position. so no they don’t they get there they stay until they retire and that’s wrong.

            The original statements on the Constitution on supreme court is

            Article 3, Section 1:

            “The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour”.

            Note that the tenure of Federal Judges is not for life, but merely “during good behaviour”.

            Also, Article 2, Section 4:

            “all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

            “All civil officers” clearly includes Judges.

          14. I don’t see it that way. Certainly at the higher levels.

            Look at Arizona v Gant, a recent “bright line” decision. Clearly the Justices “got it right” if one considers the Constitution. It changed the way police across the nation did searches for all time. Were they wrong?

            Please cite to me the liberty you have lost. Have you lost the right to vote? The right for redress? How about the 2nd Amendment? Has the government come to your door and demanded your firearms?

          15. liberty is permision granted not haveing to ask permision meaning having to get a permit for anything that is supposed to be ubridgable or uninfringable is a violation. Having to jump through hoops inorder to practice whats supposed ot be protected against is lost so everyone of those you mentioned has been violated on some way. Liberty is far more than just those too the right to be able to walk outside the house without being molested by cops is what the Constitution was tryig to protect so no your wrong in assuming that ctrls agianst such things aren’t infact violations.
            lol people call me naive all the time but seems your even more so, I looked up your little old decison and unless your new tell me please how that stops them from making shit up?
            I mean the very Idea they are even having to decide weather or not to allow Warrantless searches in the First place makes my skin crawl. Seems like as long as they can make up rules as to why something can be done or not then violating it doesn’t really matter. 4th ammendment clearly states no one not now not ever should ever be searched without a warrant. I doesn’t say oh well you can by pass that if the courts decide it’s ok if this or that exhists.
            So yes even allowing anykind of warrantless search was wrong. it’s an inroad that wont stop there, for all it takes is another case to come along and they will make one more inroad and another and another untill in practice the 4th amendment is and will be null and only good on paper.
            Ok ya they did rule for us in that one, but what about terry stops they rules against us with that. Or how about all kinds of othe times they allow evidence to be used against someone when it’s under questionable grounds. I’d argue many many more times have they ruled agianst us.
            One case in point is one I read about recently where a ex cop or cop goes and buys a handgun for his uncle as a gift. Later it gets stolen and traced back to him Using what is that you say? 4473 of all things not supposed to be back door registrations but all the same they were able to trace it back to him. Since he said he was not the one who was going to take full position of the gun guess who’s in jail now? You guess it the cop! Guess what he did he sues and now guess what SUpreme court rules against him even though his second attempt at overturning his arrest and felony record was very good the courts would not rule in his favor only becaue they did not want to overturn 150 years of case law! You guesed it status quoe won and we lost. THis guy has a felon and will likely never get his rights back all becuase of some stupid question which he was honest on. Geez go figure!

          16. Where is your list of liberties lost?

            And what’s to prevent anyone from lying? Everyone lies or has lied at one point or another.

            The fact is there must be some form of 3rd party review, in this case, the Supreme Court. They’ve made decisions I’ve agreed with ones I don’t. Every right has a limit, a reasonable limit. My idea of what’s reasonable and what yours is, could be two different things. In my neck of the woods, there is not restriction on target shooting. In a near by town, there is. That is a reasonable restriction.

            Even when the police arrest someone, there is a hearing to establish whether or not PC existed. Another check and balance. There are numerous appeals, motions and other legal avenues before a case even gets to a trial. More layers of protection. Even after conviction, especial in a death penalty case, there is an automatic appeal. After that you can appeal to a higher court, and then another higher court above that.

            If you are talking about Abramski v US? The officer made a strawman purchase, he knowingly falsified the Form 4473, was caught, tried and sentenced. He can appeal anything he wants, that’s his right to redress. Connection with the armed robbery did not help his situation.


          17. 1st amendment lost

            2nd amendment lost

            3rd amendment lost

            4th amendment lost

            5th amendment lost

            6th amendment lost

            7th amendment lost

            8th amendment lost

            9th amendment lost

            10 amendment lost

            Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts,
            and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.
            – John Adams (1814)

            peculiar security is in the possession of a written Constitution. Let us not
            make it a blank paper by construction. – Thomas Jefferson to Wilson Nicholas,

            I consider the foundation of the Constitution as laid on this ground: That “all
            powers not delegated to the United States, by the Constitution, nor prohibited
            by it to the States, are reserved to the States or to the people.” To take a
            single step beyond the boundaries thus specially drawn around the powers of
            Congress, is to take possession of a boundless field of power, no longer
            susceptible of any definition. – Thomas Jefferson
            Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you
            will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a
            distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government. – James Madison

            To maintain the ascendancy of the Constitution over the lawmaking majority is
            the great and essential point on which the success of the [American] system must
            depend; unless that ascendancy can be preserved, the necessary consequence must
            be that the laws will supersede the Constitution; and, finally, the will of the
            Executive, by influence of its patronage, will supersede the laws … — John C.
            Calhoun (1782-1850)

            They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety,
            deserve neither liberty nor safety. – Benjamin Franklin

            The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and
            government to gain ground. – Thomas Jefferson (This is a Warning not something to do it’s just saying that’s how things usually go, but we must watch and not let this happen)

            Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of
            Liberty. – Thomas Jefferson

            Government at its best is a necessary evil, and at its worst, an
            intolerant one. – Thomas Paine

            An Avidity to punish is always dangerous to liberty. It leads men to stretch, to
            misinterpret, and to misapply even the best of laws. He that would make his own
            liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates
            this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself. – Thomas Paine

            Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of
            authority. It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to
            guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all
            ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good
            masters, but they mean to be masters. – Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

            In matters of Power, let no more be heard of confidence in men, but bind him
            down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution. – Thomas Jefferson

            The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people,
            it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government – lest it come to
            dominate our lives and interests. – Patrick Henry(Very much true in today’s society)

            When all government, in little as in great things, shall be drawn to Washington
            as the Center of all power, it will render powerless the checks provided of one
            government on another and will become as venal and oppressive as the government
            from which we separated. – Thomas Jefferson

            There are more instances of the abridgement of the freedom of the people by the
            gradual and silent encroachment of those in power, than by violent and sudden
            usurpation. – James Madison
            When all government, in little as in great things, shall be drawn to Washington
            as the Center of all power, it will render powerless the checks provided of one
            government on another and will become as venal and oppressive as the government
            from which we separated. – Thomas Jefferson

            On every question of construction, let us carry ourselves back to the time when
            the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates,
            and instead of trying what meaning may be squeezed out of the text, or invented
            against it, conform to the probable one in which it was passed. – Thomas
            Jefferson( THis one is most true today with all the fricking laws and regualtions and stupid fucking iterpretations that have been allowed to go on)

            The course of history shows that as a government grows, liberty decreases. –
            Thomas Jefferson (THis one proves my point to the T).
            Gee guess these warnings were wrong then huh? I mean god damn we regulate everything from shit to shinola and yet you believe liberty isn’t lost!

          18. his hands were up at one point they were.
            lol the jury let themselves be lead they didnt think for themselves. All one has to do is read the transcripts even one of the jurors pointed out in closing arguments that the women defence/ or excuse me prosecuter even showed some biasism in the way she handled the case.
            THey voted for continuity rather than based on evidence. Or they ruled on sending it to us rather than doing the right thing.

          19. Right, the jury, who was instructed by and presented with evidence by the cops’ co-workers, said no. They were instructed not to use ANY evidence or any fore knowledge other than what the government told them to. The government investigated itself and found it had done nothing wrong.

          20. Not very many people complain about cops. That’s an interesting comment. It has been my experience that most people are concerned about police abusing their athourity, and their own physical safety when in the presence of police officers. People mind you with no criminal record. Law abiding tax paying citizens are afraid of police. Why is that?

          21. The comment is coming from someone claiming to be a cop, or an ex-cop. LOL! Expected anything less than that kind of propaganda? They have no idea what it’s like to be an “average citizen.” Not a fucking clue.

          22. JB:
            That’s easy. They aren’t.
            You’d be very surprised how many people wish the police were “heavier handed” than we are. They are tired of being scared to go out at night. Tired of having to look over their shoulders at every group of young people. Tired of having to keep everything under lock and key. Scared for their children at school..
            Sorry dude….but they long for more of us, not less.

          23. lol… 1…. your wife?

          24. Wait til the homicde rate in NYC leaps back to 2000 per year. All it takes is time. Looks at Chicago, south side wants even more police and more involvement.

          25. It’s already started in NY.

          26. And its just a matter of time.

          27. lol Both are so anti gun one can hardly get one let alone use the sob if they had it.

          28. And you know why? Cause in their mind, its the gun that’s killing. Southside isn’t Idaho, Manchester, or even Arlington. Its an entirely different world there.

            Notice you don’t see any “open carry” videos there.

          29. all the more reason to not infringe on 2nd amendment rights then. Let people have the right to defend themselves as God and or human nature dictates instead of trying to create your own world!

          30. Not really. I’ve lived most of my life in working-class neighborhoods, where cop visits were always unwelcome. They never prevented crime, never caught the bad guys, never did anything better than take a report and leave — and much more often harassed the citizens, and worse. The neighbors had to protect and help each other, and in fact did a decent job of it. Are you aware that, according to the FBI, armed citizens use firearms to prevent crimes at least 900,000 times a year? And that figure could easily be two or three times as high, because many such citizens don’t report these incidents — usually for fear that they’d be arrested themselves. No, not everybody longs for more cops.

          31. Fish:
            Hmm. Interesting take. Lots of bad guys in jail and prison….ey got there somehow now didn’t they?
            I grew lower middle class. Still am. Much different when I was young I guess. Never locked house or car doors. The cops stopped anyone in e area who acted strange and didn’t live there. It’s why we never had to lock the doors.

            But you clearly don’t get it that EVERYTIME we stop someone who is trolling through you neighborhood at night that doesn’t live there…and has that drug and break in record….and they get arrested for some reason OR they move along because they now know that the police have spotted them and know who they are (upping dramatically the likely hood of their arrest should a crime be routed)…and they don’t commit any crime in your nieghborhood……that is the police preventing that crime from ever happening. That is all the time. Each and everyday. When I stop that guy from ever victimizing you….crime goes down. See how that works?

          32. When you stop that guy from victimizing me….you go down. See how that works? If you could just go down on all the criminals, t, there would be no more crime. You would be the first BJ superhero. Might as well put your skill set to use.

          33. The cops and sheriff are the drug dealers in my area. Competing drug dealers are run out of town by the “official” drug dealers. This is done in plain view and everyone knows about it.

          34. “Each and everyday. When I stop that guy from ever victimizing you….crime goes down. See how that works?” Drug dealers do not victimize me and they are everywhere. Btw, I never hired you to do a single thing including arresting people selling whatever. See how that no contract, no expectation of service goes? We would be much better off without you cops but the attorneys you serve ewould be in abject poverty.

          35. I’d love to live in that fantasy world you got going there, t. You’d be very surprised how many people wish the police were “more intelligent” than they actually are. The only fear I see from the people I know is the fear of the police. They are tired of being scared to go out at night. Tired of being pulled over for no reason, tired of having to look over their shoulders for them, tired of having to record every conversation with them to stay out of jail or to not get beaten tazed or shot. Tired of having to avoid every group of them and keeping the cops out of their stuff with lock and key. And these are my friends who OBEY the law to the letter. Forget about my “annoying while drunk” law breaker friends.

          36. pickle:
            But you see… think that YOU are more intelligent. And you clearly don’t have a clue what you are talking about.

          37. I clearly don’t have a clue what YOU are talking about. Then again I don’t speak Moron, so you got me there.

          38. Nor do you speak intelligently about anything.

          39. I see your lips moving, but the sh!t’s just hitting the floor. Gobba globerdy bluck? Does that mean anything to you? No? How about muhnundra nundrahuck?

            That’s what you sound like when you get all upset, t. I know you’re trying. You’re trying REAL hard and I’m sure Momma’s real proud of you, but don’t go getting yourself all riled up. You just keep on working on making your sentences and some day you’ll be like the big boys. Wearing your big boy pants. Just imagine. That will be a fine and glorious day so it will.

          40. That’s because their pussies. and most are the anti gun liberals who want us to be disarmed and be at your mercy to begin with.
            Those that carry and want to aren’t that scared and if so they need to change sides then because it aint no good to carry and be too damned scared if needed.

          41. 156:
            I’ve been telling you guys that you are being used as pawns and can’t see it.
            I suggested the idea to several:
            The uber-left progressive liberal (gun haters) go to anyplace they can and ramp people up to act out violently.
            When some idiot (kinda like you maybe) acts out like maybe murdering a couple of NY cops…..which swings everyone right back to being on the side of the police and talking about how bad guns are…..and what happens? Calls for MORE cops (not less)….calls for MORE GUN CONTROL (not less).
            Used as a pawn for exactly what you don’t want. And you guys run to it with open arms.

          42. Don’t call me no liberal I don’t hold any politicol affilations I vote for those that uphold the Constituiton. if that makes me at odds with liberals and or Conservatives then so beit.

          43. Most people I know are gamers, so everybody must be gamers. Check your logic.

          44. Lying to you? Like cops tell the truth? HAHAHAHAHA!!!! whatever.

          45. laugh 1st off millions of reports get swept under the and Wlson was defended not prosecuted read the transcripts but agian truth will get swept under the rug all in the name of Gov continuity.

          46. lol aGrand jurest wants ot come forward now and is suing that prosecuter to do so. Could that be that not all were against jail for willson but couldn’t get a 9/12 to vote true bill?
            So ya Clearly YES!

          47. Ok, t, how do you feel about the Kelly Thomas beating? I am interested to know, as I am sure the rest of us do. And dont give us that “well the grand jury said the officers were innocent”, or, “the department found no wrong doing”, I want your opinion.

          48. You should really educate yourself!

          49. Kelly Thomas was murdered in cold blood , period. He had done NOTHING wrong, and was beat to death for it. All six of those piggs deserve a bullet to the head.

  7. So, the definition of a “bad” cop that you are using is one who is looking to use that position to hurt or kill others? That means you’ll have to drastically alter your numbers down, like below 1% downward. Such is the problem with the “polling” you guys do of the average person. You guys run with your version of what defines such ideas as “bad cop” and “accountability” as though they are a majority view, despite never actually laying out what you mean by those terms, and still you think you should be taken seriously.

    1. I would submit the definition of a bad cop is one who holds a zero-tolerance policy as a general rule plus he works where certain policies are legal or tolerated. For example, arresting or questioning people for any reason other than a direct complaint or blatant disregard for others’ physical safety is missing the point. It’s not a game where you go on offense looking for points. New York paid the price for it, Zimmerman used it as an attempt to extort sex from his victim in my opinion (who else prowls streets for men without being paid?), and I was not surprised to see a Madrid cop thrown into the oncoming path of a train a few days ago for just the same… asking for ID without reasonable grounds. I guess my definition would be any cop that looks to sniff people’s ass out to see how his farts smell.

      1. EE:
        That’s nonsense. Reactive only policing means that you get hurt first….and then call. That’s dumb.
        If I “contact” you skulking around in the dark at a closed business….and that contact leads you to being IDd or even arrested for something…..and you don’t then break into any of those businesses….is that not a good thing?
        Do your “rights” somehow become more important then everyone else’s? What about the business owners rights?

        Feeguson is the perfect example.
        -Protesters suing because the police did “too much”
        -Business owners suing because the police did “too little”.

        Who’s right?

        What you guys forget all the time is that the “protect and serve” means that to serve the public….I have to protect them from you.

    2. Sikko:
      Bad cops are cops who abuse their authority. That would include cops who kill for unjustifiable reasons, cops who rape, cops who tell people they can’t film, cops who violate other civil rights, cops who speed when they’re not on an emergency call, cops who use excessive physical force, cops who steal, and cops who don’t report other cops for doing any of the above. And that’s a lot more than “1%” of all police. Instead of downplaying and denying the clear and present danger bad cops are to the overall effectiveness of our judicial system, why don’t you help us fix the problem?

      1. So if a neighbor doesn’t report on another, they are “bad” citizens?

        1. Cops are bound by their profession to report and investigate crime. I’m not for building a “snitch society.” East Germany tried that out and it didn’t work out so well.

          1. So the public is not responsible to do anything?

            You witness a murder or a robbery and you do nothing?

            I guess it’s more of the “sucks to be you” society you want. House broke into, sucks, call your insurance company. Hit and run, sucks huh, hope your rates don’t rise. Looks like your relative was assaulted but no one will testify, sucks but shit happens.

          2. house broke into, call the cops so they can do nothing about it

            hit and run, call the cops so they can do nothing about it

            looks like your relative was assaulted, call the cops so they can do nothing about it

            witness a murder, call the cops so they can do nothing about it

            when the public tries to do something about it, they get stuck
            with “obstruction” charges

            sucks, but shit happens

          3. But there in lies the rub. The police do in fact solve criminal cases, and they are brought in for trial then what?

            You don’t want someone punished for breaking into your home or assaulting your relative?

            I watched several video is clerks fending off robbers, they weren’t arrested after shooting and in two clips killing he robber.

          4. If I show you something shiny, will you shut up?

          5. shit call them and end up being killed so ya damned if you do damned if you dont.
            read several cases where a man called the cops because of a prowler outside and ended up being killed by the cops while prowler got away so ya.

        2. Yeah because ‘neighbors’ are always tasking themselves with extorting money from their other neighbors, throwing their other neighbors in jails, and beating them senseless all the time, requiring “reporting.” That is the job description of a neighbor, right? Must be hard to pretend to be so stupid.

          1. You missed the point. Doesn’t the neighbor owe an obligation to do something if they see their neighbor do something illegal?

        3. stupid generalization here. not surprising out of all that that is all you took out of it was cops not turning in other bad cops priceless.

  8. All crimes committed by sworn holders of governmental positiions are capital crime, sedition. Culpability and recompense are collective and apply to all sworn persons standing idly-by, or suborning, or facilitating the sedition. The capital punishment that legitimate government can impose: perpetual bonding of criminal and family, and that which the natural law may impose, by balance of the volume, force and momentum of the physical and psychological dynamics created by human will and action is: genocide, family extinction, extending to social, economic and institutional associates, the innocent with the guilty, all Jewish, Christian, Muslim and other pseudo-science not withstanding, and Ignorance of the law offering no mittigation. We, collectively, reap what we, collectively, sow. As do they. The professional families, Ph-Dr’s, doctors, lawyers, judges, administrators and executives, parent, issue, sibling, cousin, spouse and in-law to one another, a minority, class, clan, fraternity and organized classified ranked elitist oligarchy that offends and destroys the legitimate egalitarian universally representative democracy government and viable society of the United States of America, since 1946, have proliferated the myth that they are superior and have superior rights, have brutally monopolized the representative and executive positions of all establishments, and have become rich and millionaires by causing poverty, suffering and death, at home and abroad, increasing their own salaries, benefits, bonuses, profits and dividends, by increasing prices, taxes, fines, fees, rents, usury, foreclosures, repossessions, evictions, seizures, attachments, collections, unemployment, low paid and temporary and part time jobs with no benefits, demonizations, criminalizations, incarcerations and institutionalizations, institutional violations of human rights, brutality, torture, killing and causing death, poverty, suffering, desperation, violence, crime and war, have exercized the criminal sedition of ritual institutional human sacrifice and have dispatched troops against the people, both of which capital crimes of sedition are specifically forbidden in the founding document of this nation, and now they face the “Ruling Class Curse” of genetic extinction, genocide. Thusfar they have rejected the simple classic precedent resolution that would be a small price for them to pay, a small concession, to restore the natural universal economy, peace, goodwill and honor for human rights, theirs and ours, and to offer the innocent among them a small hope. The human right to live, of even the most dispicable, is inalienable and required for the existence of legitimate government, and a viable society that can continue to exist. To participate in the economic intercourse requsite to life, and a good life, full employment, full pay and full benefits, assured by the national treasury, and controls and regulations of the prices, fees and exploitations of corporations and institutions, is a human right. http;//

    1. And….the suspense is making my heart flutter, the award for the nuttest post goes to….John! Sorry John couldn’t be here to accept his award cause he’s safetlu tucked away in a local psych ward so accept this on his behalf his se additionallh nutty bastard with hyphens and oddly wrapped in a flag with a gold fringe….

  9. The majority of cops, if not all of them, are “homophobic-homosexuals” (not to be confused with “gay” homosexuals). Homophobic-homosexuals, who outnumber the “gay” homosexuals ten or more to one, early in life, have been taught to believe-in and to “worship” a wrathful vengeful jealously-vain blood-thirsty male humanoid etheral monster demon of the imagination of Pagan Romans and the more primitive savage Jews of 3000 years ago (blaspheme by Biblical definition), taught to idolize brutal men and killers, and to hide and to deny their homosexual affections, at any cost. What once was a simple denial and act of bravado by a little boy proving himself a worthy boy, becomes years-long sophisticated confounded lies, deceptions, and a mind that thinks that by threat, intimidation, brutality, killing, and gang bang sexual experience of brutalizing and perverse physical assaults, false arrests, perjury, malicious prosecution, obstruction and perversion of justice, with other homophobic-homosexuals, he proves himself, or at least give the appearance of being that mythical superior all male “alpha” and “real” heterosexual man.

    1. You must be a hit at parties….

      1. CS:
        No guy. She must have been “hit” in the head with a heavy blunt object. What the hell is all of that crap about?

  10. 20-30 years ago when adam 12 was still on the air ya maybe only 10% 2000-2015 more like 50% and the other 50% are looking the other way so ya 100% are bad.

  11. All can be summed up as this: Were reaping the rewards weve sown ourselves for not listening to the warnings those that helped found this country knew and tried to warn us agianst doing!
    THose that sell liberty for safety shall get neither. One of the most profound and true statements there is or could ever be. Giving that people know what human nature is and how it works YES the most true and profound statement ever!
    Only other statement comes from the Bible itself in Proverbs:
    When the wicked rule people moan(that’s what’s happening now! BTW!!!!)
    When the Rightous rule(“Hasn’t been for a very long time either”!!!!) People rejoice.

    1. I agree, more power to white males who own property! Fuck the Catholics too!

  12. When a defense attorney takes on their job, they do so knowing that they might wind up defending someone that is infact guilty. LIkewise, I believe prosecuting attorneys face the opposite end of that possibility. However, in the end, both jobs are necessary to keep our system of justice working, and one can justify trying to defend or prosecute a person because that is their duty that is needed to pursue justice.

    When a person decides to become a police officer, how do they reconcile the fact that they will be spending their time enforcing laws which are unconstitutional? Obviously most convince themselves that they are actually doing good, but what about those instances where they know that they’re enforcing a bum law and practically ruining someone’s lives to do so” Well then they are just “doing their job”. When you choose a career that you KNOW will put you into that position, can you really say that what you are doing is “good” at all?

    I think the likelihood of their being a lot of violent, law-breaking, corrupt police officers is minimal. However, the likelihood of the majority of police being morally corrupt, apathetic or misguided? I’d say that’s pretty high. In the end we’ve all seen what happens when the “good cops” try to make a difference.

  13. Who feels safer when a cop approaches one’s personal space?

  14. It does not matter of good or bad with this story.. what matters is the false perspective is blown wide open… this is a well done story and some straight forward thinking…. thank you for sharing

      1. Its is deserved well done

  15. I don’t spend a lot of time reading the comments on these articles, but it seems to me the pro LEO folks here are like atheists protesting a church. They do see the site is called “Cop Block” right? Just my opinion :)

  16. I hate to tell you but the nurses analogy stinks, as their are plenty of bad doctors and nurses that are harming people as well. Let’s face it respect for life in common culture has been declining now for decades…

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