In case you didn’t notice already (or didn’t come here because of it),  Pete over at the national CopBlock site did a rather nice and informative write up on our debut here at NVCopBlock.org.

Part of the post is this little blurb I wrote about why Nevada needs a local Cop Block affiliate:

As a lifelong resident of Las Vegas, I have been aware for some time that Nevada and Las Vegas, in particular, was badly in need of an organization like Cop Block, especially during the time that I have been involved in local activism.

The LVMPD, along with other Las Vegas area police departments, has a long and sordid history of beating, killing, and otherwise abusing local residents. Beyond the complete lack of accountability for these actions, the aftermath is often economically costly for the community that they terrorize.

On a personal level, it was the recent murder of Stanley L. Gibson, whom I knew from high school, by Jesus Arevalo, a Metro cop with a long history of complaints, and LVMPD’s refusal to cooperate with his widow that fast forwarded Nevada Cop Block from a future project that I had been recruiting additional support for into something that I was going to get up and running ASAP.

Also included is this handy list of  links to our social media profiles:




As well as this great map of all the local Cop Block/Copwatch groups across the country (we’re growing like weeds, except with the opposite result):

View CopBlock.org Friends in a larger map

Personally, I would like to thank the main Cop Block crew for the kind words and well wishes. And of course, I would like to extend that thank you to Blake and everyone else behind the Liberty Web Alliance for quickly and excellently creating this website for us. BTW, that fancy new Nevada Cop Block banner at the top of this post was provided by Danny Richardson one of the local attendees of the Las Vegas Anarchist Cafe.

Join us!

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