The following post was shared with the CopBlock Network by Ashley Jett, via the submissions page. Within the post she describes one of the many, unnecessary times that the police have shot non-threatening animals. Fortunately, in this particular instance the dog, Boosie, survived. However, there are almost endless examples of dogs that were not so fortunate.

Incident Date: December 2, 2014
Department Involved: Gwinnett County (GA) Police Department
Link to File Complaint: Complaints and Commendations
Contact Name: Chief A. A. “Butch” Ayers
Contact Phone No.: (770) 513-5000
Facebook Page: Gwinnett County Police Dept.
Twitter Profile: @GwinnettPd

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My boyfriend and I had a minor incident at a Quicktrip that caused the police to be called. When they arrived, my boyfriend ran because he has a suspended license. My dog jumped out of our back window after my boyfriend. I ran after my dog and the police pulled their gun on me and told me to stop or they would shoot.

I begged them to please not shoot my dog because she is my world. Then I heard three gun shots. I also told them that she doesn’t bite, she was just scared. Then I saw my dog Boosie walking towards me with two bullet wounds. I begged for help, but nobody would help me carry her to my car so I could put pressure on her wounds.

They finally called animal control to escort her to the nearest vet but took their time and made sure that they got all the information they needed while she bled in my arms.

– Ashley Jett

Justice For Boosie      K9-CopBlock

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  1. There was a “minor” incident between you and your boyfriend at a Quicktrip. The police were called. Your boyfriend runs. Why would he run for a suspended license? Your dog took off after him. Was the vehicle doors open or windows open? Regarding the dog being shot, I believe there is a little more to this story than what was being written.

    1. Whatever this story is you don’t seem to realize how many dogs are killed by police on a daily basis. Go back and do some research before you blame the dog for the shooting.

      1. Why don’t you post a link that says how many dogs are killed by police in America each day.

          1. I would suggest you read that article again. It says there are no statistics being kept regarding police shooting dogs.

            “But it’s not clear how often this kind of thing really happens. There are no state databases, and it’s not a category in municipal crime reports. Neither the FBI nor the Bureau of Justice Statistics collect data on dog shootings”

          2. The answer, you fucking cunt, is many. is your link, and your database. It happens DAILY. Do you want cookies because your government doesn’t keep statistics or something? You quote that as though it’s a good thing. Again, you’re nothing but a pathetic fuck.

          3. How many is in “many”? I rely on statistics. The real truth. Not a bunch of made up numbers by activists. Spare me your idiotic rants

          4. No you don’t. If they gave you statistics, you would question the source. The only thing you rely on is your misguided faith in the state. Don’t bother shifting your rhetoric toward some other tangent–I really don’t care. It is clear from reading seven of your posts that you are a troll.

          5. You call me a troll because I disagree. I usually post links to back up my statements. You on the other hand will believe anything on copblock like the streetsheep copblocker you are.

          6. So the difference between 25 a day, or 50 a day, or 75 a day makes a big difference? You share some mental problems akin to those of a serial killer. Take a good thought on jumping off a building and trying to fly sometime.

          7. Post a link that backs up your statements. How hard is it to do? Copblockers are notorious for making up numbers and ridiculous stats. Post proof of your statements. Liar

          8. What would you like a link to exactly? LoL @ you calling me a liar?? You on some drugs or are you really just pretending this doesn’t happen? I can direct you to this facebook page where individuals constantly post stories of their dogs being shot by police, and you can find lots of other links at the page:

            Do you want some individual links also, you fucking cunt piece of shit?
            Now find some knives and put them through your body, you troll mother fucker.

          9. Hey dinkus, I never said officers don’t shoot dogs. I am saying a lot of unsubstantiated numbers are flying around copblock. The links you posted are from different months. So you tell me how many dogs are shot by police everyday. You are a stupid stupid person. Wipe the slime off of your toilet seat. It is obviously affecting your brain.

          10. The links I posted are the first random 13 results you get on a search. The point is that it happens constantly. This is a fact. You can spew whatever smegma out of your mouth you want, it doesn’t change that.

          11. From different times periods. We are talking about how many dogs are shot by the police on a daily basis. Post a link.

          12. The question you ask is akin to asking how many rats were exterminated in New York City today. You’re a total dumbass for genuinely trying to ask that question, rofl. Speaking of rats, I think I make this your new name.

          13. You posted your statements. You try to back them up with a ridiculous rant. I think I will call you Honey Boo Boo because you are acting like her.

          14. 3r:
            Ummmm…..I didn’t care to get involved in your back and forth stupidity argument with JC but when I saw you list of links…I was interested.
            Upon seeing the first link I thought they they would all be from completely unreliable sources. But I skipped down and saw the link to “”. It’s the only one of your links that I looked at You really may want to read that one as it makes you look a huge idiot.

          15. Yet you felt compelled to get involved anyways, pig. You got me! The first random 13 Google results of dogs being shot by cops and I got one that wasn’t actually a cop. Fuck. You totally just owned the entire point I was trying to make. Cops are fucking awesome dog lovers. My bad, pig.

          16. I also like your idea of unrealiable news…. We have RT in there, NBC Chicago, myfox Chicago, 13abc, few other news station’s sites…. Sounds like they are unreliable because you don’t like what they have to say… or does it have to come from a .gov websites for you to acknowledge it or some shit? Perhaps Huffington post? LoL….. Pretty sure you referring to all of these sources as unreliable… makes you a huge idiot. GG.

          17. 3r:
            So….we can add the lacking of reading comprehension to your list of faults.
            Let me illustrate your dumb for all:
            ME: “upon seeing the first link I thought they would all all from unreliable sources. But I skipped down…… It’s the only one of your links that I looked at”
            YOU: “I also like your idea of unreliable news….. We have RT in there, NBC Chocago, , 13abc, ” etc.

            Now there dumbass….did I say that any of those were “unreliable”? Or did j comment about THE FIRST LINK????

            But….you fail to get any of the idea.
            250,000,000 911 calls per years. No records of the number of calls to the “non-emergency numbers” that PDs have.

            There are almost 900,000 dog bites each year in the US. Over 350,000 of which are serious enough to require medical attention. That’s over 1000 per day.
            Oh and for those the always bring up postal carriers…..5900 were bitten in 2012 alone.
            Dog bites are the fifth most common reason for ER visits among children.
            Over the last 6!years….an average of 31 deaths from dog bites have occurred in te US.

            AND GUESS WHAT…..the breed of dog that is most likely to cause serious injury…..pit bulls. What a shocker.

            Hmmm. Maybe Thise stats are a little more telling if the truth. I wonder why youndidnt seek that info out? Nah….I know why.

          18. There we have it. You’ve now just proved a point that postal carriers have way more balls than police officers. You do miss one statistic in there… which is police officers bitten by dogs. So the funny thing about that statistic you left out is it paints one picture of police. Not many attacked by dogs. Thousands killed…. And it must be the case that USPS is training their employees in dog safety for the hell of it… not something that a POLICE OFFICER should be aware of and trained in right? So… you’re OK. You just keep living in your little world there pretending there’s no problem here at all..

          19. 3r:
            Wow. You are goofy. Your right that we don’t get bit as much as postal,workers. Because we kill the fucking dog before it bites us. And postal workers aren’t tasked with protecting others…..we are. You clearly can’t even begin to grasp the numbers above. How many innocent people are bitten by vicious dogs of careless owners.
            No dog is worth a human being injured.

          20. Again you prove my points just without realizing it. You are so complacent to the hidden truths. WITH all those numbers…… you would THINK…… that just a FEW police… would be injured by a dog…. they are fucking TRIGGER HAPPY serial killers. Police in their current form are predators to the entire food chain. GG.

          21. 3r:
            Your dumb just unfolds before us all.

            Let’s see if you can follow it along these lines….
            Do you have any idea why officers deaths and injuries have dropped steadily?

          22. You appear to be the one lacking in the reading comprehension department this time. I just told you, verbatim; they are fucking TRIGGER HAPPY serial killers. Police in their current form are predators to the entire food chain. GG.

          23. 3r:
            So…I’ll take that as a “no”
            Well….let me ‘splain it a little for you. I’ll use simple conepts and small words for you so you don’t get lost.

            Our tactics evolve. What you see and call cowardice….we see as good tactics that result in far less injury. We use multiple officers at calls and during arrests to minimize the threat to officers and the public.
            We come back to those big numbers that you can’t seem to grasp. 240,000,000 + 911 calls per year. 45,000,000 + police contacts. 12,000,000 arrests. 400 or so police involved deaths. You do the math.
            Now….the dog bites. 5900 postal workers will probably tell,you that they wish they could have killed the dogs before they got bitten. But that’s still not the point. Us shooting a dog that is marauding through a neighborhood….or attacking someone….or chasing someone…..that’s not a direct threat to the officer. But it sure is to those being menaced. That’s what the number above were about. Those thousands of innocents that get bitten by your friendly dog.
            Not on my watch if I can help.
            No dog is worth a human being hurt.

          24. That’s actually hilarious. I laughed real hard at myself on seeing this, so there you have it
            The rest of it still stands.

          25. You really are something.
            Did you actually read any of these links?? I’ve read three.
            1. man & dog get shot inside house- CALL POLICE FOR HELP
            2. dog attacks woman, she pepper sprays dog, dog continues to attack – CALLS POLICE FOR HELP
            3. loose dog unattended in back of a pick up, attacks man & dog getting into their car, loose dog jumps inside of man’s car – CALLS POLICE FOR HELP
            You seem to have no idea what you are talking about.

          26. You kind of got 2 of those right…. again, like I told the other bitch, out of 13 random first google results.
            Your turn for a check on reading comprehension
            1. 92 dogs killed by buffalo pd in one year
            2. dog shot for not responding
            3. conflicting story but a cop shoots a dog dead and no contact was made by the dog
            4. dog was shot 4 times while walking away from police
            5. dog shot by police officer from other side of closed fence
            6. dog shot for standing in place not moving
            7. conflicting story but cop shoots dog dead and no contact was made by the dog
            8. pre-medidated execution of dog by police
            9. police shoot dog through car window

            10. dog attacks person, ****holy shit****

            11. dog shooting / not cop
            12. cop shoots nongrowling / nonbarking / nonagressive dog for strolling over to scene (off-leash)
            13. lots of witnesses saying the dog had no business being shot.

          27. You sound like a miserable person.
            Best of luck to you.

          28. If I am miserable for insulting you and defending my argument after you insult me with shenanigans, what does that make you? ….Especially since this is about the slaying of animals.

          29. You listed a bunch of links to prove your point. Most people will look at the first couple of links and assume the rest are more of the same and go away disgusted.
            I clicked a few randomly and all three said the opposite of what you claimed they would prove.
            Your comments are rude and nasty.
            You are dishonest.
            And you wonder why people question your version of things.

          30. This is an article to raise awareness of police slaughtering dogs across the country. You’re only comments here are in regards to nit picking one or two possible links out of 13 on a post I make? You want to call me dishonest, rude, and nasty for this? Go fuck yourself. (more of that nastiness)

          31. You think a good way to show that you do not make rude, nasty comments is to make more rude, nasty comments?

          32. In my high school speech team, there is an area where you get to make statistics to persuade people to a certain view point. The indiginant fauna who worship CopBlock would be wonderful at it.

          33. I believe the word you are looking for is indigenous. Of course, who am I but some fauna? Does your high school have a spelling team you can join?

          34. Synonyms of indignant:
            mad, annoyed, irritated, peeved, aggravated, riled, in a huff, ticked off, sore.

          35. There is a reason there is no statistics on dogs shot and people shot!!! They doesn’t want you to know how high the numbers are..

          36. Prove your statement. Post a link

          37. Why should he? You are welcome to go on being an idiot and slurping on that cock dong. Nobody has to convince your isolated peon ass of anything.

          38. Another idiotic rant by a copblock circus monkey.

          39. And another combative statement full of prejudice, weird

          40. I believe you believe that.

          41. Another pitiful diatribe by a CopBlock trolling homunculus

          42. I believe you believe that.

          43. Please get your GED, because you put two modern euphenisms of the word penis together. I hope you meant ‘cop’ and not ‘cock’, because it really makes you seem like an imbecile if you meant the latter.

          44. You are truly a stupid stupid person. Keep up the good work.

          45. I thought it got his point across quite accurately, actually.

          46. How does one post a link to a lack of statistics?

          47. How does one make the claims, “Whatever this story is you don’t seem to realize how many dogs are killed by police on a daily basis”. As you can see, copblockers are making a statement without any real stats.

          48. Where are your real stats to counter their argument?

          49. What argument? I’m reading that copblockers are making statements that lots and lots of dogs are being shot by police everyday. I am asking how many with real proof.

            You said it, “How does one post a link to a lack of statistics”?

    2. all of that is irrelevant, anything they did, doesn’t give the cops an excuse to shoot the dog. The owners could be the biggest pieces of shit on the planet, but that still wouldn’t justify shooting the dog. Also “was the vehicle doors open or windows open?” erm….”jumped out of our back window” are you dyslexic or just illiterate in general? You should probably work on your comprehensive reading skills before making comments on serious subject matter.

      1. Everything I posted is relevant. The dog was shot for a reason. Funny how most of the story only goes one direction. There is a lot more to this story. I would suggest you put your hormones in dry dock.

        1. yeah, the dog was shot for a reason. Because the cop wanted to shoot it. reason enough for you? and by “irrelevant” I don’t mean it didn’t pertain to the story whatsoever, I mean it is irrelevant as to why they shot the dog. what the owners did or were doing, shouldn’t effect whether or not a dog is shot. it should only be the actions of the dog that determines whether or not it is shot. If the dog wasn’t trying to attack an officer, there is absolutely no reason on the planet why it should have been shot. I thought that was pretty clear and concise in my first comment but once again, I think you need to work on your comprehensive reading skills. and sorry, my hormones are fine, you’re just really stupid.

          1. No, there was a reason why the dog was shot by the PD. Why don’t you post a link that backs up your statements. You may believe everything that is written on copblock but intelligent people question what the article is about. Most of the information is missing regarding the actual shooting. You weren’t there and everything you are saying is pure speculation.

          2. Why don’t you post a link that backs up your statement?

          3. Which statement?

          4. All of them

          5. You said, “How would I know that this isn’t the place to get the whole story? Why, the track record of CopBlock leaving out important pieces of information as a standard operating practice.

            What’s the whole story for this article? I don’t know, and I never claimed to know. I do know that this site oa not a place one goes if they are looking for the whole story”.

            I’ve been saying that all along. You want substantiated proof, Here you go.

            You are demanding proof of my statements, but you continue to be a hypocrite basically saying the same thing I have been saying. Activists are making up numbers about how many dogs are shot everyday. I have always said, ” a lot of information is missing” You have said the same thing.

          6. Dear lord the dumb is strong in this one, isn’t it. What evidence do you have that “Activists are making up numbers about how many dogs are shot everyday?” You make lots of definitive statements, but you don’t provide substantive support for them.

          7. Because none of them post a real link to back up their numbers. Not too mention the statistics regarding dogs being shot by police are not kept. Are you this stupid or do you try real hard?

          8. Wait, so you want a link to statistics that aren’t kept? And you call others dumb?

            The problem is you claim nearly every source as being an “activist run site” as though being activist run equates to being unreliable, which is nice for dismissing evidence without looking at it. Because to you, all activists are the same

          9. I believe you believe that

          10. How original. I proved you wrong.

          11. I believe you believe that.

          12. Actually, there is most likely a reason the canine was shot. What you people don’t understand is the entire story. The bad thing about an oral story like this is the absence of both sides of the story. The canine may have began charging in the officer’s direction, which would have made the officer fear for his life. When an officer fears for his life, he reacts with the necessary force. Considering he had his hand on his firearm because the woman was running, that was his reaction. Three shots seems excessive, but without knowing all of the details we can’t know if it was necessary or not.

        2. Post a link to prove the dog was shot for a reason!

          1. Are you suggesting the officers just pulled his gun and shot for target practice? Why don’t you prove the dog wasn’t shot for a reason. I asked you too post a link first.

          2. I didn’t make a claim, you did. Now substantiate your claim. You hold the burden of evidence when making a claim. Yeah, you always ask for a link, who cares if you asked for it. Try substantiating your claims before demanding others do so.

          3. Why don’t you post the link. You seem more interested than anyone else.

          4. Another pitiful diatribe by a CopBlock trolling homunculus

          5. I believe you believe that.

          6. You seem like a person on my side of the argument, but please let some intelligence take this over.

        3. Really, and what reason would that be? Find a link and “prove it.”

          1. Another childish rant from a copblock circus monkey.

          2. Again, a combative and prejudice statement, really weird

          3. I believe you believe that.

          4. Another pitiful diatribe by a CopBlock trolling homunculus. Post the link that proves you believe that I believe that!

    3. This might be one of the few comments you’ve ever made on here I 100% agree with. I’m all against corruption and for accountability, but this site is starting to lose credibility even posting shit like this story.

  2. Somehow…..I’m betting that this story, like almost every other dog story, isn’t complete.

    I personally really liked the part where:
    The boyfriend is running…
    The dog is running…………
    She is running……………….
    Presumably the police are running….
    And she can still beg them 3 times not to shoot her dog and have the time and ability to explain how her dog was her “world”.
    Why….1 should ask oneself….would the police shoot a dog that is running away from them. Last I checked….most dogs run much faster than cops wearing 30 lbs of gear. And what was the dog barking at? Why would the dog be barking at your boyfriend?

    This story smells a little like doggie do do.

    1. The cops were having fun with her, that’s why.

      1. Tom:
        In true CBer style…that makes no sense.

    2. Or they were scared of a barking dog and shot like the cowards most police tend to be. Takes more of a man to assess each situation for its merit and not be a trigger happy thug in a costume. Just sayin.

      1. Pat:
        Again….why would the dog be barking?

        1. its a fucking dog… They bark. Are you that fucking stupid.

          1. dy: not many bark when they are running. And did you see the attached photo? Clearly the bark was facing the officer when shot….not running playfully away.
            Oops….quess you didn’t see that huh? Oh well.

          2. any cop that shoots a dog deserves death. Shoot all the fucking humans you want I don’t care. Leave the fucking dogs alone. If you’re afraid of a fucking dog then you’re a real coward.

    3. Well lets see here, you ask how she can beg three times while running after the dog, it isn’t hard to scream “Don’t shoot my dog, he is my world!” while running. Then you ask why would the police shoot a dog that is running away? Cops have killed thousands of dogs while running away from them, there are countless videos of cops shooting a fleeing dog, there are statements of police cutting the throats of dogs. Then you ask why a dog would be barking. Have you NEVER heard of a dog wanting to play? Maybe the dog saw him running and thought it was a game and wanted to play.

      1. Prince:
        I guess your idea of “begging” and my idea of “begging” are different.

        “Cutting the throats of dogs”. Right.

          1. Chic:
            Wow. Great link.
            Problem is…..that would be “throat if dog”. Not “throats of dogs”
            And more to the point ….in the context that Prince used it….he thinks and intended to combat that it is a frequent occurence.

            Just saying but thanks for playing anyway

    4. when a man pointed a gun at my dog, it took me two seconds to get the words “PLEASE DON’T PLEASE DON’T” out of my mouth while charging at him at top speed. I don’t know what world you live in where you can’t run and talk at the same time. and why do police shoot every single other dog that doesn’t do anything wrong? THEY LIKE TO SHOOT THINGS, AND BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR SHOOTING A DOG IS A LOT LESS LIKELY THAN IF THEY WERE TO SHOOT A PERSON. dogs don’t sue or testify in court, either. especially dead ones. My dad was on his way to becoming a cop, when he decided against it because the people that he was training with were exclaiming how they couldn’t wait to get out on the streets and “bust some caps” like the average criminal. cops love shooting things. not to mention, there are dog hating cops just like dog hating people. Take a person with a phobia of dogs, and let them become a cop, it’ll lead to a lot of dead dogs. “dogs run a lot faster than cops wearing 30 lbs of gear” Oh, do they run faster that bullets too? i’m pretty sure they can’t. “why would the dog be barking at your boyfriend” Maybe because the boyfriend was running and dogs often bark as a form of communication, or during play? which it may have though they were doing WHILE HE WAS RUNNING? or for example, if me and my boyfriend get in a screaming match, my dogs start barking at both of us. the dog could has easily picked up on the intense situation and began barking because of it. You seriously need to grow a brain, and any story can be made to sound ridiculous if you want it to. Do you see how easily I came up with explanations for all of your supposed plot holes?obviously your points aren’t that solid. You seem like you might suffer some sort of mental handicap. not to mention, you can’t even use proper grammar, what makes you think you’re intelligent enough to even share your opinion on the subject? stupid people don’t get to have opinions, sorry.

      1. Why was “a man” pointing a gun at your dog?

        1. Sadly, I doubt we’ll ever know….but I’m sure it wasn’t her fault. There’s always someone else to blame.

          Had Ashley (I think that’s her name from her Gofundme site – ironically its missing now) maintained control of her dog (and apparently her situation) then her dog would still be alive.

          1. So why was it, then?

          2. ….well duh, its the CIA. They took it down. Naturally.

      2. trust me, JC and T don’t hold the IQ of an ice cube. I think they are a hundred monkeys in a room typing somewhere.

      3. I’m going to step in here and say, shut up and get out of my swamp. Please and thank you. Also, your grammar and logic seem to be flawed. Your logic states that, “… stupid people don’t get opinions, sorry.” Actually everyone gets an opinion, and your opinion is that they don’t get to have opinions. If you want to have a grown up argument, be intelligent and don’t be ignorant. I for one do not believe in the policy of ignorance is bliss.


      1. Sadly, often, and in multiple states it’s ok. :( It is a fucked up system that needs replaced, badly.

        1. Federal law trumps those state statutes. Federal law saws it’s not ok to shoot someone for simply running away unless they pose an immediate danger to the cop or someone nearby. But I understand where you’re coming from…Ferguson, MO….

          1. WOW.
            “Someone”….not “something”. Oops….guess you missed that part huh?

          2. And that’s somehow your moral justification for your already shallow trench of an arguement? People like you rationalized the holocaust because they were” doing their jobs” and the laws backed them, however insane and immoral. You sound like some relatively clueless, uneducated rule crazy derelict. Your inability to grasp the concept that all beings have the inherent right to not be murdered, especially when posing no threat suggests you’re probably a sociopath to boot. People are sick of needless violence from police and its showing across the nation. Boot licking slaves like yourself that feel some need to make excuses for muderers are being ostracized globally for it from crowds of protesters in the streets to the condemnation of the UN. Grab yourseld a clue.

          3. Ha ha ha, on no! Not the UN! The UN has its hand out wanting it’s check, nothing more.

          4. cb’r:
            I’m not making any argument at all.
            I’m asking some simple question about yet another CBer story that has very little believability and pointing out the GLARING issues with the story.
            And I didn’t even get into the lack of accountability by the scofflaw boyfriend (and her knowledge of his activity)
            For you see…..
            If the shitbrick boyfriend either hadn’t been driving while revoked….or manned up enough just to deal with it when caught….none of this would have happened. Of course….you can’t see any of that as you are brainwashed by those that would make you think that somehow our society would have advanced as far as it has without rules and someone to enforce those rules.
            You sir are what many would call a rube.

          5. what?

      2. Joe:

        The idea that she wasn’t running….and was still able to beg the officers not to shoot her dog…..which had run off already as it was chasing her boyfriend who had run off already….as the officers chased after her boyfriend and the dog….makes you sound like an idiot.

  3. Perhaps she’ll post the police report and witness statement(s).

  4. Why the fuck can’t we ever get a story where the victims aren’t totally fucking ghetto????

    1. Because Cop Block is not an organization that is fighting excessive force by police, but an anti-government anti-police Libertarian propaganda organ. They post any story, no matter how poorly sourced or one-sided, that attacks the police, even stories where the cops were actually in the right.

      1. Dead on balls accurate there.

    2. Because people who come in contact with the police most frequently are criminals? but they are still people that deserve humane treatment. I honestly don’t think it matters, the people could be committing a genuine crime but that doesn’t excuse cops bad behavior.

  5. Give me their info, so I can personally go and kill them. YES THIS IS A WRITTEN THREAT!

    1. More threats by a copblock circus chimp.

        1. No, you are the troll. You haven’t said anything about the article.

          1. Because calling someone a cop block circus chimp is talking about the article? Find something better to do with your life, all I ever see from you are prejudice and combative statements. Grow up.

          2. You are a walking joke. Just what combative statements have I written? How about prejudice statements?

          3. “You are a walking joke.” Is a combative statement full of prejudice against someone with a different perspective. Irony much?

          4. You are hilarious. Do you do children’s birthday parties?

          5. I do. Unfortunately your mom said my fee is too high, so I won’t be appearing at your party this year

          6. I believe you believe that.

          7. look you have not taken a single level headed approach at all. you think that the world is a play ground for illegitimate cops who just love to shoot things. dont be surprised that you get shot by one yourself.. enjoy the world you support

          8. More childish rants from Honey Boo Boo.

      1. More slurping by a CopCock Sucker.

        1. Sounds like you are trying too tell everyone about your sick homosexual fantasies. Again.

    2. Little angry there ED, are you PMSing

  6. serial killers, with badges.

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  8. “A minor incident” Just tell the whole damn story!

    1. You, sir, are in the wrong place if you want the whole story.

      1. How the hell would you know? So tell us, Sikko, what’s the “whole story?”

        1. How would I know that this isn’t the place to get the whole story? Why, the track record of CopBlock leaving out important pieces of information as a standard operating practice.

          What’s the whole story for this article? I don’t know, and I never claimed to know. I do know that this site oa not a place one goes if they are looking for the whole story.

  9. Cops love shooting and killing dogs as much as they like Murdering 12 year old kids with toy guys… Police nothing Govt drones with ice for blood……

    1. The toy gun did not have the correct orange safety tip, which is a threat to the officers in their minds. Put yourself in their shoes, what would you have done?

  10. Allow me to ponder this, as you make me a roast beef sandwich

  11. Allow me to ponder this, as you make me a roast beef sandwich..

  12. If people would call their local fbi field office and ask them why they haven’t arrested police after they commit domestic acts of terrorism then something would finally get done about bad police training and bad cops.

  13. Poor dog sometimes one might just have to let them shoot or say loud enough shoot fucker shoot and do what you know is right which in this case go help your dog.
    not critisizing either just saying sometimes if your not threatening to them in anyway and tell them loud enough to go ahead and shoot your helping your dog and aint noone gona stop me unless you kill me then sometimes they might just listen. WHo knows but we need to do something!

  14. .

    So you and your boyfriend have a “minor incident” (unspecified) at a store.
    Your boyfriend runs from the cops.
    You happen to have a pit bull with you.
    You lose control of your pit bull.
    You, too, run from the police.
    Your large adult pit bull gets shot.
    And you blame… THE POLICE?
    Not both of you for “the incident?”
    Not your boyfriend for evading the cops?
    Not yourself for letting your dog loose?
    Are you kidding me?


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