This is a repost of an article originally published on the Counter Current News website, regarding the customer service received from one of the employees of the Beavercreek Police Department. It was received via the Cop Block Submissions page.

Beavercreek Police Driving Through Peaceful Candlelight Virgil For John Crawford and Mike BrownDate of Incident: November 25, 2014
Individuals Involved: Unidentified Beavercreek Police Supervisor
Outfit: Beavercreek (OH) Police Department
Phone: 937-426-1225
Email: [email protected]
Area Cop Block Affiliate: Beavercreek Cop Block. (To find the appropriate affiliate in your area consult the Cop Block Groups page.)

THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is why so many people don’t like police officers.

As protesters all over the United States have gathered to voice their outrage over the Michael Brown verdict, activists in Beavercreek, Ohio gathered at the local Police Department to hold a candlelight vigil.

They said they were there to commemorate the untimely killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and also to connect the injustice of grand juries in both cities refusing to indict each respective police officer.

But as protesters gathered in a large circle in front of the Beavercreek Police Department, singing somber songs about innocent life lost, and taking a lengthy moment of silent reflection on the deaths of Michael Brown and John Crawford, a member of the Beavercreek Police Department decided that this was a great time to move his cruiser.

Watch the video below of this officer’s blatantly offensive behavior.

Counter Current News reporters filmed the entire disruption, and noted that the officer did not go out on patrol with the cruiser. He was not responding to an emergency. Instead, he simply moved the vehicle to another part of the parking lot.

When the retiring Chief Evers saw our reporters filming this, he came over and spoke with us, as well as fellow Alternative Media Syndicate partners with the Greene County Herald.

Evers did not comment on the officer’s actions, but he was cordial and noted that he had no problem with protesters assembling at the Police Department in this manner. He said that activists could do this “every day” and that he saw the assembly as respectful.

We asked Chief Evers to sit down with us at a later date, for a public interview where we can go frame by frame and discuss the John Crawford shooting video. He noted that there are some legal concerns that he has to navigate before this can happen, but he did not rule it out for a later date.

We reported back in October that Chief Evers is retiring after only a couple of years on the Beavercreek Police Department. He reaffirmed his previous statements that this is unrelated to the controversy over Officer Sean William’s shooting of John Crawford. Unfortunately, not all Beavercreek officers could be as respectful of the vigil honoring the loss of life as Chief Evers.

Because of the somber nature of the event, we refrained from exacerbating the disruption by seeking further identification of the officer in the video about. It is clear to us, however, that actions like this further estrange police from the communities they purport to serve – a notion we conveyed to Chief Evers.

(Article by Moreh B.D.K.)

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  1. You blocked in the car. You want to hold your protest in a parking lot with other cars in it, expect someone who wants to leave.


    1. You blocked in the car. You want to hold your protest in a parking lot with other cars in it, expect someone who wants to leave.

      Except this cop didn’t want to leave. He just wanted to act like a jerk and threaten people with his car before parking it somewhere else in the same lot. Jerks who threaten people should be treated accordingly.

  2. My new hero. God bless him, Darren Wilson, the officer in the Antonio Martin shooting and God Bless george zimmerman

    1. Moron to the fullest extent..I pray u bump into one of them and swallow a bullet…

  3. Wait, so a cop drove through a police department parking lot??? How dare he!

  4. Protestors are fucking idiots.

    1. Yea ppl standing up for first Ammendment right are stupid they should just the government and cops dictate their lives and bow to their every command…..STFU u ignorant jackass…How much cop cock do u swallow?

  5. Really? The officer drove through the parking lot the protesters were blocking. The protesters moved out of the way. More copblock fiction at it’s best.

  6. Don’t appreciate police?

  7. looks like he moved the car out of the way of the protesters. He didn’t run any one over.. It’s a parking lot COPBLOCK…

    1. That’s exactly what I say after reading most of your comments. Weird, huh. But to be fair…yeah, it was kind of stupid.

  8. The ‘stories’ submitted here are becoming more retarded every day.

  9. Same bunch of murderers who shot John Crawford 2 seconds after he turned to see who was yelling at whom? Just another bully in a fancy car.

  10. Really? That was all it was? LOL. Man this Cop Block site is run by a bunch of whiny bitches.

  11. If one of us drove through one of their civil activities we would be shot to death….. and frankly, its ok… we despise them as much or more than they despise us… one day it will all come out and these losers will face an accounting….the cops, the prosecutors, etc…. really… a prosecutor will do anything they can to make a charge stick. Anything. Lie, intimidate, whatever. But when its a cop they have to make a case against they are coming up with excuses, with mitigating info, withholding info, etc….. and the simple truth is they try their best to minimize any charges relating to cops and police conduct…. so they need to face the music as well…. at some point we can get rid of these fuckers, jail them as they should be, and find cops that actually do policing instead of shooting our dogs, shooting our family members, raiding the wrong homes for the wrong reasons, abusing and beating people…..sick fuckers…

  12. You’re kidding right? That was the Supervisor’s car. He either needed to have it readily available, or was concerned if things got violent it would get destroyed. Gosh. This video is kind of pathetic.

  13. Dang. I want a Ford PIU. Those come with bun warmers…

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