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Dupont PA Police Dept PatchDate of Incident: August 7, 2014 (Other incidents have been ongoing since at least 2005.)
Individuals Involved: Acting Chief Sgt. John Saranchuk, Former Chief of Police Anthony Demark, Officer David Turkos, Dupont Borough Mayor Lello and Judge Chiaverella. (Possibly other unknown employees, as well.)
Outfit Involved: Dupont Boro (PA) Police Department
Phone: (570) 654-9971
Address: 600 Chestnut St, Dupont, PA 18641
Facebook Page: Dupont (PA) Police Dept. on FB
Area Cop Block Affiliate: There are numerous Cop Block groups within Pennsylvania you can find the appropriate affiliate in your area by consulting the Cop Block Groups page. In addition, if you live in an area that doesn’t already have a local cop block affiliate, you can Start a Group yourself.

A reader shared the content below regarding the service his business and other area residents have received from the Dupont (PA) Police Dept. over the course of the past decade, via the Cop Block Submissions page:

Over the course of the past ten years, going all the way back to 2005, there have been issues of abuse of power and authority by Dupont, PA. Police. This started under the original Chief of Police, Anthony Demark, and continued under his former Sgt. John Saranchuk, who became acting chief in 2011, when Chief DeMark attacked the borough manager Patricia McDonald in her office and threatened to “Make her Bleed”. From 2005 through 2011 Chief Demark ruled Dupont like a mafia boss and people feared him. Under his reign, Officer David Turkos would beat his wife, Donna, and her kids regularly and threaten their lives.

Chief DeMark would come and protect David Turkos from arrest and threaten to have the kids taken by CPS if Donna Turkos filed charges or a PFA. In 2008, Donna Turkos sought help from the Luzerne country DA’s office and they contacted Chief Demark and told him he had to provide Mrs. Turkos with a PFA after Officer David Turkos broke her arm and ribs and beat up her oldest son, who was then 11 years old. Rather than file the PFA, Chief DeMark had SGT. John Saranchuk arrest Donna Turkos for filing a false report!

Also starting in 2007, Chief Demark started a systematic harassment against a new business in town called We’ve Got Game, a place for children of all ages that had an I-cafe, gameroom, billiards, and food. Chief Demark, as well as officers working for him, would come to We’ve Got Game and force patrons to give their information. If they were not from Dupont they were told not to come back to Dupont or risk fines and arrest for loitering. So called “conferences with parents and children” started and the Chief and his officers would tell the parents that their children would face $300 fines, if they were seen in or near my business. They were also told I was a drug dealer from New Jersey, which is untrue as I lived my entire life one town over in Avoca, PA.

After several calls, a letter to the borough, and several meetings with council, Chief DeMark and Sgt Saranchuk showed up on March 20th and Chief Demark assaulted an employee and myself and threatened us with arrest because he had “gone over his head” to the borough. I asked Sgt Saranchuk to arrest him at that time for assault and he stated “I don’t want to get involved” and he told Demark we should go and ushered him away. In this time, Demark and Saranchuk devised a Ticketing scheme designed to chase away customers. They charged $25 per ticket and it was paid directly to them at the police station. I have records that show $1075 in tickets for a month and only $195 turned in! Also I kept 6 tickets hoping for my day in court. However, it never came because they never turned in unpaid tickets. The whole thing was a scheme to defraud Dupont and steal money while harassing my business and chasing my customers away. Customers and employees were ticketed in my own parking lot!

Donna Turkos eventually did have her day in court with her husband, although he was given a slap on the wrist by “kids for cash” Judge Chiaverella and a $100 fine, but was removed from the police force. He also later plead guilty to corruption of minors for masturbating to porn in front of his children! She filed a civil lawsuit with Attorney Barry Dyller in 2010 and settled in 2011. I also filed suit with Attorney Tim Polishan in 2010 and settled in 2011 after Demark attacked the borough manager and threatened to kill her. Demark was allowed to take sick leave and full pay for almost 2 years until he officially retired in 2013.

Saranchuk then took over the department in 2011 as acting Chief. The town was promised a new start and better police force. Under Saranchuk it actually got worse. In 2013, I leased out my business to Continental Bar and Grill. A week before the new business opened, a derogatory letter went around warning residents that I was opening a “Mexican” Night club. The month it opened, I had three police cars parked along side my building every Friday and Saturday night with lights flashing. In addition, the police under Saranchuk would stop and frisk my patrons, question them, and harass them. Neighbors started saying people were using their yards to change tampons. It was insanity! One woman said someone threatened her life and the police took out everyone in the place wearing an orange shirt for identification, before the woman admitted she made it up. The police did not arrest her for false reporting. Due to the constant harassment, that business closed in November of 2013, just five months after opening.

In 2013, Donna Turkos again had trouble with her ex cop husband David Turkos. In the years after the divorce, and through counseling, the kids had revealed that their grandfather, David Turkos’ father, had molested them. CPS filed the charges along with the charges against Joseph Turkos in 2013, but Saranchuk did everything he could to delay charges. Once again, he and Officer Jason Kwaitkowski, had her arrested for false charges when she claimed her ex husband was threatening and menacing her. Later, Joseph Turkos plead guilty to molesting the boys and is now serving two-six years in prison. The charges against Donna Turkos for false reporting were later dismissed in court, of course.

In August of 2014, the FBI and PA State police along with the Luzerne country DA, descended on the Dupont Police station. They investigated complaints and found evidence missing and misplaced, open packages of narcotics (heroine) in the Chief Saranchuk’s desk drawer, Police reports erased from the computer system, and various other things. Saranchuk, who is also chief of the town of Dickson, PA, was told not to set foot on the property and relieved of duty immediately.

DA Stephanie Salvantis released this to the press:

This is a list of links about the history of the Dupont police department corruption under DeMark and Saranchuk:

This letter was submitted to Mayor Lello and the council in 2008! It went unanswered and ignored! I had to retain an attorney, Attorney Dyller was already handling the Turkos case so he referred me to Attorney Tim Polishan, an excellent Attorney by the way!

Att: Mayor Lello and Borough Council


Re: Continuing Police Harassment of We’ve Got Game/The Corner Pocket Lounge and its patrons.




On several occasions over a period of (2) years beginning on or about July 16, 2007 and continuing through and until the present, Police Chief Tony Demark and the Dupont Police department have continually harassed patrons of We’ve Got Game and The Corner Pocket Lounge. Minors have been stopped for no apparent reason and questioned in front of the doors of the building and their personal information requested on almost a weekly basis. If they were not from the town of Dupont, they were told not to come back to Dupont or they would be arrested for loitering or curfew violations. On several occasions, children who were dropped off by parents were told to leave and forced to walk home without the benefit of even a phone call home for a ride. On one occasion, (2) boys ages 14 were forced to walk home to Hughestown approximately a (3) mile walk along Main St in Dupont and up the old Pittston Bypass where there was in fact no shoulder to even walk on risking serious bodily injury or even possible death. On 3/20/08 at or about 2:30PM Police chief Tony Demark stopped at my place of business and threatened these boys with fines and arrest if they did not leave. He instructed them that we were closed for the day. We were in fact not closed but opening at 3:00PM. I received phone calls from both boys parents regarding this incident and both are willing to testify to what was said and what happened. I in turn reviewed the recorded video footage from our surveillance system and called Mayor Lello, as well as several councilmen, Councilmen Knick, and Councilmen Golembiewski. I was told that you would speak to him about this matter. My employee also left a polite message at the police department asking if there was an issue I should be made aware of regarding my business or the kids and explaining that I have a surveillance system in the event there was a problem or any damage done around the building.


On 3/21/08 Chief Tony Demark of the Dupont police department came to my place of business at approximately 6:40 PM, off duty and in civilian clothes. He was accompanied by officer John Saranchuk of the Dupont Police Dept. He asked to speak to my employee outside and My Employee and I followed him out to the front of the building. Outside Chief Demark pulled out a post it Note with My employees Name and information on it and began to yell at him, Telling him he would arrest him for interfering in police business and asked him “Who the hell do you think you are calling up to question me?” My employee replied that he just wanted to know why Chief Demark was at our premises and if there was a problem we needed to be made aware of. I then asked Chief Demark why he is interfering in my business and chasing the customers away. I explained that I have a security system in place to ensure that there is no trouble, and to ensure that the kids are safe and respectful, but also to protect my business and that I saw him making customers leave before we opened for business. I had chairs outside for the older ladies for the bus stop as well as for customers who were waiting for us to open or having a cigarette as our facility is non-smoking. I said “ They are safer here than they are in school. I have camera’s watching their every move” He then threatened to arrest me and got very heated with My employee and I, he called My employee who is short and overweight, “fatty” and other names and was very hostile toward him. He pushed he and I all around the front of the building in plain view of several customers and my partner Vince Grazious. Also this was all recorded on Video. When My employee told him he was being recorded on video and asked Officer Saranchuk to arrest him for assault. He denied touching anyone and Officer Saranchuk said “ I don’t want to be involved” I then told Officer Saranchuk he was also on Video and to consider that when he is asked if he witnessed Chief Demark assaulting us. Chief Demark demanded we give him the video tapes and told us we had no right to record him conducting “Police business” and that we were on “Borough property.” I replied “ the borough better come and shovel my walks and give me a break on taxes then because this is my sidewalk and I own it and clean it and am responsible for it.” Chief Demark asked me “ why do you have camera’s outside, are you looking in people’s windows?” He then said “ Are you watching the little kids on their bicycles? Are you a pedophile? Would you want someone watching your kids?” I told him “yes if it meant they would be safe, I would want a camera on them 24/7.” Chief Demark again threatened to arrest me and I told him to please do so because I have done nothing wrong and my attorney would be in touch if he continued his harassment. I ushered my employee back inside the building and Chief Demark and Officer Saranchuk left.


I went to the borough meeting that month and at that meeting Officer Demark made a statement that “we have a business in town that is bringing an influx of kids from out of town and they are writing curses and things in the slides at the new playground” Although he would not mention my business by name, I am the only new business at that time for children of all ages. I stood up and offered to pay half the cost of a system comparable to my security system. I explained its capabilities and options and offered to install it at no cost to the borough and to pay half of the cost for the system. About $600.00. I was told by the council, “Thank you for the offer Mr. DeFazio, we will consider it” and that was the last I ever heard of it.


I again attended a meeting in May of 08 and spoke with council about the continued harassment at my business. I explained to councilman Knick that parents were calling telling me that Chief Demark said “they sell drugs” at the pool hall in town. I was told he drove several kids home at 8:00 PM well before the established curfew and warned many parents that their kids would be cited for Curfew and given fines of up to $300.00 if they were caught at my business after 9PM on weekdays or 10PM on weekends. My attorney tells me that it is a violation of your rights to tell a person that they cannot allow their child or Minor to be at a facility built for them as long as they are supervised, we do not live in a society of Marshall law. As a result of this harassment I lost a lot of business and a lot of money. I spoke to the borough and explained that if it persisted I would have to move my liquor license into the building and eliminate the arcade and the kids would lose out. The borough did nothing about this and so I applied to have my liquor license moved from 410 Main St. to 317 Main St. and created The Corner Pocket Lounge.


Now that my building houses (2) businesses, We’ve Got Game, and The Corner Pocket Lounge, the harassment has increased. I have hundreds of photographs of vehicles who are parked during events at the fire house and the VFW and on those nights or days when they have events there are positively no Parking tickets issued to those vehicles. Yet on the dates I have a band or even a Cancer Benefit for a 5 year old boy, every car that parks on the streets around my building gets a ticket. Even the bartenders and Myself have been ticketed in my own parking lot in the rear of the building. I could not believe he ticketed the people who parked for the cancer benefit. Chief Demark has since asked the borough to increase the fine for the tickets from $5.00 to $25.00 per ticket. He is making it impossible for anyone to park anyplace and go to my business. Yet Like I said, when they park in those exact spaces for an event at the hose company or even the VFW, he does not ticket anyone.


Sometime in March or April of 09, My brother received a parking ticket for parking in my lot in the rear of my building. I told him to fight the ticket but he went over to pay it and Chief Demark refused to take his payment and said he was too busy to deal with it at that time. How long does it take to write out a receipt for $25.00? Anyway, they had some words, Chief Demark threatened to Kick my brothers ass, and he left and went to Patty McDonald and she took payment. Here we are 6-8 weeks later, and I receive in the mail on Thursday, (2) summons for court in my name, and with all my information filled in on them, but addressing the incident which happened with Chief Demark and my brother. I was not present when it happened, I look nothing like my brother, Chief Demark knows us both very well since we were children because my mother cut his hair for years, and I have no knowledge of it other than what my brother told me yet the Chief fined me. If this doesn’t show the blatant harassment on his part and disregard for his job and duties I don’t know what does. I have retained an Attorney, and I plan to sue the Police department, Chief Demark, The Mayor, and the borough of Dupont. Someone has to Police the Police department and no one seems to care about it. I have spoken to Attorney Barry H. Dyller, and you will be hearing from him very soon regarding this matter.


This is Surveillance video, which shows some of the harassment faced by customers attempting to enter the business:



  1. Maybe if you showed the proper respect and fear of the police…this wouldn’t happen…nah that’s too easy for copblockers…they have to have to go looking for confrontation.

    1. And the Donut Eater Brigade explains that people should “fear” the police.

      Dumbass, that is the point. It is through intimidation that leads to fear that gives assholes like you your power trips.

    2. Says the guy who is trying to be as big of a moronic douche as the real t. “Fear of the police”? Kind of like the “Fear of God”?

      1. pick:
        Wow. Thanks for recognizing that wasn’t me because it wasn’t I see that someone else wasnt smart enough to know though

        1. They never do get that, do they…

          Oh, and 2 days retired… And I still have a hangover from the party. LOL

          1. congratulations

          2. Oh so suck it.

        2. Well, I hardly EVER agree with you, but that doesn’t mean it’s OK for people to put words in your mouth. It would help if you signed in, but that’s up to you. There are a lot of morons on this site. I hate to agree that a large percentage of them are the ones writing the articles, but what can ya do? The thing about free speech is that EVERYONE has it.

        3. You’re a lying sack of shit, punk motherfucker. Falsely accusing me of supporting child molestation. Lying motherfucker. I notice you didn’t respond to the post where I proved you to be a liar. Little lying ass bitch.

    3. Right, because the kids in the video above were disrespectful in some way which brought the police there and made them force them to walk home after a parent dropped them off at a gaming place right? Get a grip! It’s the police who need to respect the constitution! Not the other way around!

      1. No…all a citizen is to us is an atm machine. It is your job as a citizen to fear us and respect us.

        1. Unfortunately, the good cops out there, and there are a few, need to grow some balls and get rid of the bad but instead they stand with them and call them brother!

  2. The DA ordered the chief to issue a PFA, did he? In what imaginary universe? A PFA is a court order, and as such is only able to be issued by a judge, and only after sufficient evidence is provided by the requestor. I’m betting the rest is inflated bullshit too.

    1. I guess it takes inflated bullshit to know inflated bullshit. (for the weak minded, I’m calling you inflated bullshit)

      1. Ironically insulting yourself in the process, since “it takes inflated bullshit to know inflated bullshit.”

        1. And the truth comes out….we’re both inflated bullshit.

    2. Yep. And the newspapers were all in on the bullshit spreading too, right? Because on this story, there really is page after page of hits about this cheeser.

      1. And not a one recounts stories of harassing patrons of We Got Game or the Corner pocket, or the Continental Bar and Grill. There are no reports of “conferences with parents and children” all of which are presented as second and third hand accounts, which provides easy explanation for seeming to be inflated bullshit, since most second and third hand accounts tend to be overly inflated.

        Saranchuk is a worthless vile piece of shit, I never claimed he was honorable, nor did I make claims to there not being corruption in DuPont’s police department. However, the allegations of this author sound more like inflated bullshit than evidence of corruption.

        1. Maybe you should read the attached police monthly reports for conferences with children and parents which went from 2 in a month to 40. Maybe you should speak with Mrs Turkos about what her and her children went through. Maybe you’re just some loser friend of One of the officers playing devils advocate! Pathetic!

          1. No…if you were smarter you would realize…If it makes officers look bad…it never happened.

            Just remember that…and ou’ll have an easier time…figuring out the truth. I’m here to bring truth to the ignorant and uninformed.

          2. Never happened????? LMFAO! Maybe you’re one of them! You’re definitely part of the problem,that’s for sure if you think that way with all the links I saw above and read and the video I watched. WAKE UP, THE POLICE MAKE THE POLICE LOOK BAD! The time for fixing things is now and they’re going to be held accountable all over this country in the near future so get used to it! Wearing a badge does not make you God or above the law!

          3. This is one of our local trolls. Not the real t.

  3. It wouldn’t be a copblock story unless it had sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

  4. systemic corruption and abuse of the public are things pigs excel at. pig blood will fill the streets at some point in our future, hopefully sooner than later. they will find out in the most painful way that they are not immune to the public’s outcry. they have been given ample opportunity to remedy this problem themselves, but power is never relinquished willingly.

    1. Sure man, go take some pills, you need a nap.

      1. you think about naps far too much.

        1. That’s cause naps are awesome, and u really need one cause your always throwing a temper tantrum, here

          1. temper tantrums, lol. I suppose if you define temper tantrum as calling for accountability.

  5. quit legal land:

    1. Dude, I looked at your site. Equating cursive writing with a curse, because it’s called cursive? Really? Freaking nutjob.

  6. Sounds like a fucked up town. Population 2000, size 1.5 square miles. Maybe its the power lines or the drinking water. It seems they are part time officers in several little towns, a chief on Tuesday and an officer on Sunday. There have been like four lawsuits, each side suing the other.

    This would make a great mini-series.

    1. CS:
      I know of several places in PA that have not only part title officers….but are only paying minimum wages. Crazy. Towns with raging meth use and the associated issues…..and a couple of part time officers. It’s no wonder people are fleeing..

      I was trying to find some of the old posts where @certain was paired up with @Glenn and I came upon some great oldies. You remember Flakewood and the “Legion of Fools”. Good stuff. What a lying sack of crap,he was. And there were lots of I AM CENTURION AND I WILL DESTROY YOU. I don’t think he ever wrote anything that was true. Fun stuff. I’m still rolling through it trying to find those posts….the search on this site is limited at best.
      Anyway……I fun walk down memory road.

      1. We should advertise the state on the basis of our volunteer fire departments and exorbitant number of part time police. Meth and heroin have exploded in much of our rural towns because of this reliance on part time police. The smarter towns, like mine, contract with neighboring townships to consolidate policing. It’s actually created an interesting perspective. Some view the many part time police that we have as the law enforcement version of the National Guard, and truthfully many fit the negative “weekend warrior” stereotype. However, having had the opportunity to engage a few in discussions, those that go on to take full time positions, particularly with the state police, these tend to be the officers who are more likely to both embrace the communities they serve and be embraced by those same communities to form a successful symbiotic relationship.

        1. Sikko:
          I grew up there. It’s crazy that they put signs
          on the door like “The police will be here on Monday
          and Tuesday from 9-1”. Nutty.

          And they wonder why industry doesn’t come there.

          Some of those guys are great. Think about the
          time commitment involved…the risks and liabilities
          for such low pay and part time work. Now the
          weekend warrior approach aside…’s an awful
          lot to take on under those conditions.

          1. Those limited office hours are a blessing most of the time, as it means I’m not paying for someone to sit around all day, or the overhead that goes with an office open 24/7.

            The lack of industry is a whole other ball of wax entirely.

            Most of them are great. They are generally more knowledgeable and more driven to do things the right way, their part time status prevents them from becoming lackadaisical in maintaining their knowledge and skills, and above all, they are more aware of how interactions can be viewed from both sides of an encounter.

          2. Sikko:
            I’d have to disagree about the more driven and aware.
            A lot / most of those guys get out of one car, put on a different uniform and then work in a different town part time. And then of course there are the contracted agencies that patrol towns that aren’t their own. Yuck.
            There no buy in. Nothing invested.
            And how much can you really get done in such a short time?

            When I worked for a smaller PD….one of the best things was the personal relationships that developed between officers and business owners and citizens.
            In large PDs….those relationships don’t develope the same way as officers move more often. Sometimes it’s just a few months at a time that officers work their respective beats before being moved for whatever reason.

            And that’s the trade. The bigger PDs tend to have more experience and more training…..but by their nature they lose the personal touch. Depending on the issue….the better one could be either one.

          3. Well, only speaking from my experience here, the being more driven and aware has been fairly common. It’s mainly inspired by a drive to shift from being part time to taking on full time responsibilities. Most of the part timers I’ve had dealings with had jobs outside of law enforcement, which is where their awareness came from.

            The contract agencies that patrol other towns, that’s kind of a hit or miss thing. Some of them end up that way through consolidation of two or more part time departments, such as one township I used to live in whose PD absorbed two neighboring township’s part time crews. The townships are close knit because they all are part of the same school district which extends that investiture that they have with those townships. In my township, which contracts with our neighbor’s PD, it’s a similar situation, but the comraderie is extended by the coverage of the local VFD.

            It’s really just a case of difference of our experiences.

            I will say that your last paragraph is spot on though.

  7. He also later plead guilty to corruption of minors for masturbating to porn in front of his children! OMG T, or JC is this you? One can only hope lol.
    I’d fricking move if you can get the fuck out of there that town sounds like the thin blue line from hell!

  8. Let the battle begin, read yourself.

  9. When the cops fight dirty, you have to fight even more dirty. These cops deserved to be taken out into the woods and let the whole town beat the shit out of them!

  10. I love it you documented everything…..
    here you go this is the max for detainment and harrassment


    “Evidence that motorist cited for traffic
    violation was incarcerated for 23 minutes during booking process,
    even though he had never been arrested and at all times had
    sufficient cash on hand to post bond pending court disposition of
    citation, was sufficient to support finding that municipality
    employing officer who cited motorist and county board of criminal
    justice, which operated facility in which motorist was incarcerated,
    had unconstitutionally deprived motorist of his right to liberty. 42
    U.S.C.A. Sec. 1983.” Trezevant v. City of Tampa (1984) 741 F.2d
    336, hn. 1

    “Jury verdict of $25,000 in favor of
    motorist who was unconstitutionally deprived of his liberty when
    incarcerated during booking process following citation for traffic
    violation was not excessive in view of evidence of motorist’s back
    pain during period of incarceration and jailor’s refusal to provide
    medical treatment, as well as fact that motorist was clearly entitled
    to compensation for incarceration itself and for mental anguish that
    he had suffered from entire episode.
    42 U.S.C.A. Sec. 1983.” Trezevant v. City of Tampa (1984) 741
    F.2d 336, hn. 5

    1. “the max for detainment…??”

      I don’t think you really understand the decision or the case, let alone that it applies only to the 11th US Circuit. And that PA is not part of the 11th’s jurisdiction.

      1. you cant find it your self on cornel website your welcome to join everyone else looking it up now as well

  11. I encourage anyone who is actually taking this article or it’s author seriously to do a little research on how many of his buildings “mysteriously” have burned down. One of which was found to have old beat up furniture in place of recently purchased furniture. How bout it there slick willy? I wonder how long it will be till there’s a “mysterious” fire at your building in Dupont. Also, wasn’t the employee that you claim was pushed by Demark convicted shortly afterward of being a pedophile? Why was a pedophile employed by you at a child’s gaming facility?

  12. Former chief Demark died recently so I don’t want to bad mouth the dead but the truth needs to be told. He was on the same level of incompetency as Galli. If you are interested I’d love to tell you of an encounter I had with him when someone stole 150 gallons of diesel fuel from my Tractor Trailer while it was parked for the weekend.

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