Screen-Shot-2014-11-04-at-3.32.36-PMJack Tenney of “JoogSquad,” a group that performs pranks and posts them to Youtube, shared the content below, via the Cop Block Submissions page:

“Testing the old rumor that cops LOVE donuts. We took a remote control police car a few different flavors of donuts & the rest is magic. Thanks again, keep the Cop Block Revolution going strong!!!!”

Date of “Incident”: November 01, 2014
Outfit Pranked: Clearwater Beach Police Department
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Twitter: @Joogin10E (MustyCarlos)

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      1. I kind of am. I wish I could just jerk off all day and play with toys and smoke pot nonstop 24/7.

        1. Building a popular Youtube channel is one way to go about it.

    1. I’d they had a life, who would I get to watch?

  1. That was just stupid. Who would eat a doughnut from a stranger let alone a strange stoner with dreadlocks and a remote control cop car? Cops LOVE doughnuts. Hell, I LOVE doughnuts. I love to make fun of cops. But this is stupid. Someone has WAY too much time on their hands and has smoked WAY too much pot (never thought I’d say that). WAY too much.

    1. “strange stoner with dreadlocks” Go fuck yourself you judgy fuck.

      1. Maybe I just worded that wrong. I should have said, “Get a job, loser. Or at least a better hobby. Nobody wants your dumbass tainted doughnuts. Take a shower and wash your freaking hair while you’re at it, Stinky!”
        Would YOU eat a doughnut that just came rolling up on an RC car? Yes? Then you are a moron. My point was that this wasn’t even funny. And it didn’t prove ANYTHING other than these guys smoke too much pot (there I go again, I never thought that there was such a thing as too much pot). I tried watching this high to see of it would get funnier, but no. It didn’t. Why the Hell is it even on this site? Why are YOU? But I guess I was being a judgy fuck, but so what? Isn’t that what the internet is for, Mr. Assclown Fucktard?

        1. Actually it exists so we can call each other Mr. Assclown Fucktard without any fear of of being ostracized by our friends, or acquaintances, or even strangers.

          It also relieves us from ever taking note when being called judgmental. I find it as relieving as you do.

  2. And you guys wonder why people hate CBers. And YOU still claim that this site isn’t a bout dope love. Look at the dweeb loser who plays with little cars and thinks he’s cool. Yeah…he is the PEFECT example of a CBer.

    1. hey mr t sorry we couldnt hear you bc you have too many dicks in your mouth!

    2. It’s really hard to argue with you when this site puts crap like this on it. BUT, people don’t hate CBers, cops do. Besides these guys aren’t CBers, they’re just stupid. It would be like me saying Barney Fife and Rosco P. Coltraine are the PERFECT examples of cops. No, they’re just stupid.

      1. pick:
        I’d disagree. Why? Well….they posted their video where? Oh…on CB.

        As for people hating you. I’d disagree again…but give you this much. CBers are only a small part of the larger group of asshole activists that everyone hates.

        1. “Everyone”? You mean maybe you and your grandmother? “Everyone” in your little circle? Like four people? That’s a whole lot of hate. I was trying to figure out which kind of cop you are, Barney or Rosco. Then it hit me, you’re both. You’re mean like Rosco, but stupid like Barney….and Rosco. You’re the love child of late seventies and early eighties cop stereotypes mixed with a touch of Gilligan. You probably still watch reruns of The Dukes of Hazzard and the Andy Griffith show, don’t you?

          1. Better that than a nasty, stinky and hated stoner.

          2. He meant the mouse in his pocket. He and the mouse make “we”, “everyone”, and all sorts of other permutations to make a plural out of “I”. You can’t win with an ad populum argument without numbers, even if it’s never a winning argument.

    3. 100,000 views a month is pretty cool, keep whining though and someone will pay attention to your shitty life someday.

    4. The only one that goes on and on about dope love is you. In fact the only one that has the love of dope constantly on his mind is you.

      You might notice that the majority of the rest of us don’t. In fact, we think about rights, humanity, ethics, good law bad law, etc.. You, dope.

      1. Ray:
        No. The CBer largely only think about dope. And what they believe is their “right” to smoke it. They show no care about anything else.
        And that’s ok. It would just be better to admit it up front.
        I could at least respect the honesty of it.

        1. Okay, then. You go from they “largely only think about dope” to “they show no care about anything else”, so which is it? If they show no care about anything else then largely doesn’t apply, because that modifier does mean they care about other things and in this context police behavior. Hedge one place, go absolute the next, and you negate both.

          So holding police accountable over: police brutality; police enforcing personal prejudice as law; police just being ignorant of the law (ignorance is no excuse, eh?); police lying in police reports; and police just standing around watching other police doing those things, all that either falls under the other part of “largely”, or dope love because CBers “show no care about anything else”. Which is it?

          Again you’re the on fixated on dope love. It gives you a simple way of looking at the world around you, and an easy way for you to explain everything. And, again, you have a Psychology degree? I guess the Criminal Justice degree largely negated it.

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