Rondha Gibson Widow Stanley Gibson Justice Murder LVMPD
Rondha Gibson Widow Stanley Gibson Justice Murder LVMPD
Rondha, widow of Stanley Gibson, visits his grave. Stanley was murdered by Office Jesus Arevalo of the LVMPD on Dec. 12th, 2011.


Can there ever really be justice? I never thought I would question this

Really never cared or had a reason to give it too much thought before

 I arrived in Las Vegas in 2000 due to the passing of my father

It was  a sad time for me reconnecting with my little sister

Who I hadn’t seen in many years. This is how I met Stanley L. Gibson

My brother in law and him were friends and he had come over one day

And that basically was the day we started our life together


For the next 12 years it was just Stan-N-Rondha

Two orphans against the world, but we had love

We shared a love that no-one could ever understand

But it was our love and then in one quick instant it was gone


By the hands of the people that say they are here to serve and protect

What they don’t tell you is they only serve and protect each other

They say if you are robbed you should call the police but

I ask you who do I call when Metro was the one who robbed me


This power LVMPD has to kill without consequence needs to end

Too much blood has been spilt due to their actions

Too much innocent blood has been shed

Stand beside me and let our voices be heard





 Rondha Gibson

Widow of Stanley L. Gibson

And victim of

 The actions of LVMPD & Jesus Arevalo

Justice Denied
Will Justice be Denied Yet Again in Las Vegas?

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  1. Thanks for sharing Rondha. Loosing someone close is tough enough, I can’t imagine what it must be like to know that the aggressor has thus far, not been subjected to recourse based on their place of employment.

    It’s great to know you now have a community of folks around you who also recognize the wrong and who are working to get that remedied. Know that by speaking out you’re empowering others.

    I just reposted your write-up:

  2. good evening pete
    thank you for the words of support and for posting yes kelly and the gang have been a excellent family to stand beside me i have some statements i was given by CATHERINE avalero jesus x wife i will pass them on to kelly i met her today thank you again

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