Jeremy White shared the content below, about the “service” he received from those at the Riverside (CA) police outfit, which negatively impacted his ability to earn a living via the Cop Block Submissions page.

Riverside County Sheriff patchDate of Incident: March 11, 2014
Individuals Involved: Deputy Sell, Deputy Garcia, Detective Pierson
Outfit: Riverside County Sheriff’s Department
Phone: 800-950-2444
Email: Riverside Sheriffs’ Feedback Form
File a Complaint: Complaint Filing Process
Area Cop Block Affiliate: There are multiple Cop Block Affiliates in Southern California, including one in the Los Angeles area. To find the appropriate local group in your area, consult the Cop Block Groups page.

On March 11 of this year (2014), I was cleaning my truck before work when I was approached by a Riverside County Sheriff. He asked me why my registration wasn’t current when it actually was. Next, he told me to stand up and asked if I had anything on me.

At this time, two more sheriffs pulled up – Deputies Sell and Garcia. Sell is known in the area for harassing everybody. They then tell me I’m under arrest. I ask what for and I am told “we don’t know yet”. I replied “then how am I under arrest”? Then I was told “how about receiving stolen property?” I was placed in the police car and a tow truck was called to take my truck.

In the back of my truck was a large black plastic toolbox full of my tools for work, I am – or was – a general contractor and all my tools were in my toolbox, along with around $3000 worth of custom built tattoo machines I have collected over the years.

I was transported and asked if I had any dope on me. Then deputy Sell told the corrections officer at booking I may have drugs in my rectum. So I was subjected to a strip search, where over and over I am told to spread my cheeks with my hand and cough.

After I bailed out and tried to get my truck out of impound, I was told it had been taken for evidence. About a week later, I got a call saying my truck is released, only to be told it would cost almost $1500 to get back from Stagecoach Towing. I am told that they towed it three times, so the fee was for three tows and storage per day. I was also told that my truck was taken for radiation testing with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Since my work truck, which is a custom lowered truck with fully adjustable air suspension, was in custody of the tow company I couldn’t get to work, or do any of the work even I had found a ride, since I had no tools.

I argued with a detective Pierson who finally called Stagecoach Towing to release my tools out of the truck only to find out they were all gone and so was my toolbox. The tow company said that there were no tools in my truck, the EPA said that my box was destroyed during testing but the contents were put back in the truck and the sheriffs deputies who arrested me never took an inventory of my belongings.

I ended up losing my construction business. I still cant afford to get another truck, but slowly I am getting some more tools. The tow fees were so much I ended up giving my truck away to a friends’ cousin, because he had the money to pay the tow fees and I’d rather he had my truck than the people who stole all my things.

To date, I have not been compensated and no charges were ever filed on me. None of my complaints have even been responded to. I am waiting for them to file charges just in spite of my complaints. I have been pulled over and harassed and kicked out of my house by the Riverside County Sheriffs. I cant count how many times I have had police contact with these people and no charges were ever filed. They just wanted to steal my truck and my tools. I don’t have money for a lawyer, so I guess that’s it. I never bothered with a police report, because we know how that will go.

The Riverside County sheriffs are mostly corrupt to the core. They take peoples property, peoples animals for ransom with the threat of killing them for money, they lie, steal, cheat, and murder. It’s a huge organization and hard to fight when you have nothing (thanks to them). This has been devastating to me and my family that I also lost, because of my situation. Quality of life isn’t very good anymore. So much for the American dream.

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  1. Why do they keep harassing you if you’re not a criminal? Are you on parole? Are you a gang member?

    1. So what if he is a gang meme er or on parole that doesn’t mean they should be able to totally violate fuck over and harass.

      1. Actually yes. If he’s on parole or probation, he agrees to be subject to search, chemical testing or what have you (so long as it’s related to his past crimes – which in this guys case are VERY many).

  2. the fee they are charging you can be reversed. file a scheduled of fees with the county records office with notice to show cause. make it a nice round number like 25,000 a minute that the equipment has been denied to you to use. then file a motion to show cause in court along with presenting the bill they now owe you…. you need to wait 30 days to allow them to response to your fees … if they do not then they have acceptted the contract then works from there

    1. Oh….I just saw this.
      Author guy….please do EXACTLY what the fraud it telling you to do. Then do as the goofball “comb” tells you and “lose the name”

      Please video record it all. And upload all of it to this site along with copies of all the paperwork.

      Be a demknstration for how all of these aoveriegn citizen tactics work.

      Oh….and enjoy prison.

      1. your sentences, Jesus Christ. Go to school and learn how to fucking write

        1. Wow. Way to stay on topic dumb ass

          1. write legibly, don’t make it painful to read. I understand your IQ is sub 100 because you are a pig, so just work a little harder at it.

          2. Just as soon as you can stay on topic….I’ll give a crap,what you think

          3. you’re an idiot if you ever give a crap what I say.

      2. well if you check t on what he posts he never has any positive law and does nothing but criticize so i guess he got struck in the head today… finally his mother caught up with him

      3. look it is the same legal standard the tow company uses to force payment.. but t dont know much about them there things. so i would check it out your a contractor have you ever filed a construction lean? SAME THING

      4. What would they be going to prison for? sorry Im unfamiliar with whats illegal in what he said.

  3. So they arrested you for possession of stolen property, but never told you what was supposedly stolen? Nothing in the arrest report? And you don’t seem surprised that your truck had to be tested by the EPA for radioactive contamination. Somehow I think there might be a fact or 3 you haven’t included in your story of woe.

    1. Anybody that believes news that’s not from mainstream news outlets…is an idiot…..only the mainstream can be fully truested..unless it’s from the government. Or the fraternal order….looks like somebodies been drinking the kool aid again.

      1. the amount of troll in that comment. :)

  4. “I ended up losing my construction business.” Now it is time to lose the legal name, Stop all contracting, cooperation, and consent with the thieves masquerading as “government”.

    1. Ah….a loser by name other is still a loser.

      1. Blue loser. Blue oozer. Blueser. Blue sewer. Blue suit oozer . . . Kinda fits together well. Although I don’t advocate threatening cops with violence and murder, I still enjoy watching others make those threats. Bullies and trollers like yourself need the check that is happening all over the U.S. It isn’t going away this time. Too many murdering, thriving cops have had their sins swept under the rug. Justice is lurking around the corner

        1. Be:
          Bully.. Hmmmm. Interesting. I always call for peace. I hate violence. I champion accountabilty for all. Huh. Not exactly traditional bully material. Huh. Ok then.

        2. all police officers addresses should be publicly available. We will see then how many people’s rights they want to violate.

  5. anytime you have any type of valuables that you keep in your vehicle you should carry a rider for theft only cost about 20 bucks a year. I learned this from a friend that had his new truck stolen with his tools he thought his full coverage would cover the lost not so . need a rider

    1. so you believe all of this is ok because he may have been in possession of a chemical without permission from the government?

      1. How about, He was a drug dealer and I am not OK with that.

        1. Drug:
          a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body.

          God forbid an adult chooses what he or she can consume. Only those that have the government Ok can tell you that(a fools belief).

          I bet that you’re one of those people who thinks pot is the gateway drug, and alcohol is OK.

          1. They were narcotics and he was under the influence of these narcotics. So yeah, I wouldn’t be too OK with that, either.

          2. Seems legitimate, no charges filed, loses all his belongings.

          3. Who’s responsible for the loss of his property? The criminal, Mr. White is. Why? Because, to borrow from you lament about what an adult chooses to do, Mr. White choose to keep them there.

            Doesn’t make the theft of his property any less legal if his property was, in fact, stolen (which I doubt in the first place).

          4. Sorry but the world doesn’t work that way. He was busted and has some very serious drug offenses. The article was basically a lie and you sucked it up like a Hoover express.

          5. why don’t you show me where the files were charged against him and the Court who has found him guilty.

          6. you can’t be this fucking stupid, did you even read the page? you must secretly be against the police posting like you do. Here is the quote from the top of the page:

            “The following Official Record for JEREMY WHITE is being redistributed by LCN and is protected by constitutional, publishing, and other legal rights. This Official Record was collected on 8/14/2014.  The person named  in this listings has only been arrested on suspicion of the crime indicated and are presumed innocent.”

            read that last sentence a few times. Insect.

          7. Only you would stand by a convicted felon.

          8. and only you would drink toilet water. What’s your point jackass?

          9. The only jackass is you.

          10. They’re actual convictions. So we have that in our arsenal, too.

          11. link to the convictions

          12. Google it. I did.

          13. so you have no link to these allegations? Just previous ones. This is what shows your intellectual dishonesty.

          14. Why should I do the work for you? You’re like Eyre here… You take the story for face value and refuse to vet it. This is exactly why you’re bellyaching and whining. Because believe me… If you actually thought about the logical and factual errors in most of these “stories” you wouldn’t be sitting here pissing and moaning.

          15. The following Official Record for JEREMY WHITE is being redistributed by LCN and is protected by constitutional, publishing, and other legal rights. This Official Record was collected on 8/14/2014.  The person named  in this listings has only been arrested on suspicion of the crime indicated and are presumed innocent.

          16. Golf clap.

            If you bothered to do any research (again) you would see that he was CONVICTED of those crimes and many others.

            Put down the Hot Pocket and DO something.

          17. no convictions.

        2. There’s nothing wrong with selling drugs.

          1. I’m going to assume that you think there’s nothing wrong with the illegal sales of drugs. In that case, you’re also a very special kind of stupid.

          2. yeah who would think you could possibly sell drugs without government ok. I mean it’s like Afghanistan, somebody has to guard the poppies.

          3. you, T, and JC, are the most intellectually dishonest people I have had the misfortune to witness. It truly is repugnant.

          4. I’m sorry you feel that way. But you’re in luck! I don’t respect your opinion anyway, so nothing you say actually means anything to me.

          5. You can’t even form that opinion with any validity. You didn’t research Mr. White as many of us have. Your opinions have no substance.

          6. apparently you didn’t do any research. Maybe you should have read the page where it says these are arrests and not convictions, this person is presumed innocent. You guys have giant IQs. My god please don’t breed

          7. Dude… That was just an aggregation site that anyone can do a quickie criminal search with – it’s not even limited to California. If you did your research and found a certain site (here comes a hint) that reports actual court cases (there was your hint) you would see everything that he was ever convicted of, what cases were dismissed, and so on.

            But we all know you won’t.

          8. What exactly is morally wrong with selling illegal drugs?

          9. I’m not even dignifying that question with any sort of response – but this one. I can’t believe you would fall into line with every other moron who asks that question.

            Wait. Yes I can.

          10. You just totally “dignified that question with a response” … that response was, “I don’t have a clue … “

          11. I have more than a clue. I have first hand experience and if a troll like you has to ask the question, then you’re the one without a clue. And if you don’t like what I had to day, then I strongly suggest you put down the Hot Pocket, crawl your ass out of the house and do something constructive about it. Good day.

          12. So, basically, all you have are bull shit ad hominems. Truly sophisticated thought, indeed.

          13. Nothing, they just can’t tax it. things are only done for two reasons, power and money.

          14. No, as a career cop, he has seen families (mostly the kids) fucked over again and again because of peoples substance abuse issues. No matter your views on prohibition, I imagine that’s something you would tire of quickly.

          15. don’t agree

          16. There is a lot wrong with selling drugs.

          17. You are mistaken.

          18. Then enlighten us. Tell us why selling narcotics illegally is good.

          19. No. You are wrong.

          20. Lying the way you do is wrong, too, slaps. Especially the part where you claim to be a LEO in CA. You’re as bad as any meth slinging tweaker out there.

          21. Another statement by Rain man. I suggest you get some real help.

          22. Im sorry. But in the selling of the drugs, There is nothing wrong, Mcdonalds has killed more Americans then drugs. So selling a product that someone wants is not wrong, But very smart. No drug dealers make people buy their drugs. People do that freely.

          23. Your parents obviously used a LOT of narcotics. You’re the best argument against drug use that there is. As fucked up as you are, I mean with your freaking delusions about having “information”, and you post bestiality videos, slaps, and that is some sick-ass shit. Your folks should have just said no, slaps. The world would be a better place.

          24. More stalking by Rain man Spice girl. You need serious help. Did HS visit the other day? I did call them. I’m sure you will be adding to your criminal record real soon.

          25. mommy people are being mean on the internet again. oh the hypocrisy.

          26. You are a freaking liar, slaps. And you post bestiality videos online. Sick motherfucker. In my opinion people as deranged as you should be put out of your (and everybody else’s) misery. Now go ahead and report me to the FBI for threatening you, douchemonkey. LOLOLOLOLOLOL. And make sure you tell them your a PO. Maybe that will increase the charges or something.

          27. More chatter from Rain man. When are you going to learn copblock circus monkeys such as yourself are just here for entertainment and nothing else. You can’t do anything else but entertain.

        3. now that honesty i can respect,

    2. Hom much money did the prosecutor and county make from arresting this legal name? How much money did the cops and sheriff receive from selling their victim’s tools?

      1. I posted a link that backs up what I said. He had stolen property. He is now a serious drug dealer.

        1. I read trumped up charges, not that I didn’t expect to. Pig fucks always add on charges. and before you say prove it, prove they didn’t.

          1. you truly are an idiot, that site shows that he was arrested, not charged. go ahead and flex that insect brain of yours again.

          2. He was convicted of everything listed on that web site. And more.

          3. HE was convicted of those offenses. Obviously you can’t read.

        2. Arrest is one thing, where are the convictions. Also a contractor should be able to afford any truck out there, if they are good enough.

          1. He was convicted of those charges. He isn’t a contractor. He was a drug dealer who had stolen items on him.

          2. So, am I just suppose to take your word that he was convicted?

          3. Why don’t you do a lil independent research and find out for yourself. Naturally, you won’t. You’ll just take the article at face value even though it was never vetted for facts by Eyre.

          4. I already posted the link.

      2. they didn’t sell them they kept it for themselves, i knew a young man that was arrested. he did have something on him, he had money, the 2 cops started fighting over the money in the streets, someone saw what they did and the feds got involved, he had money but no drugs this time, they knew where the money came from, 1 cop was going 2 bag the money , the other said f— that , i’m keeping it, and when the fed got involved they sent him death threats.

  6. the American Dream can be taken back at the death of one cop at a time. when peaceful revolution is impossible, violent revolution is inevitable.

      1. The FBI has an easy reporting website…

        1. he has already tried. Expressing one’s opinions is protected under the First Amendment. Expressing radical violent opinions about the law enforcement is still protected.

      2. more knuckle dragging. You should have spent some time in eastern Germany, it would have been right up your alley. You just can’t stand that people have an opinion different than yours. Trust me there are many that have opinions far different than yours.

        1. It would seem you should have been in Eastern Germany. You are telling me what I can and cannot say. If you don’t like what I write, don’t read it and certainly don’t respond to it. If you make threats, I will fill out the paperwork and file it as threats.

          1. file away, filing false reports will get you in more trouble then spouting your opinions. I’ve never said what you can and can’t do, that would be you. You try and bully and threaten your way to control on this site, it will not work with me.

          2. With the reports, I send a snapshot of your comments. When you threaten LEOs, I take a snapshot and send it in with the paperwork. That includes a lot of threats you made over the last several months. Believe what you want. It’s only you who is listening.

          3. judging by your IQ I doubt you can even fill out the paperwork. And I’m sure that you’re saving them the trouble of keeping an eye on you.

          4. Still trying to convince yourself I see. What ever helps you sleep at night.

          5. the mighty midget mind on you is unfathomable. I’d never seen one so lowly as yours. I had heard tell they existed, but I never thought I’d see one in the wild.

          6. What ever helps you sleep at night.

          7. Actually, you’re the douchemonkey nobody listens to. Well, we do listen, but only to laugh at your stupid ass.

          8. I suggest you re-read your comment too see how stupid it is.

          9. And I’d suggest that you’re an ignorant, bestiality video posting liar, slaps. But as I stated above, you’re usually good for a laugh.

          10. Wow, Rain man doesn’t give up. Prove your lies.

      3. You should learn the difference between a threat and an opinion.

  7. How sweet….my imposter got here early.

    1. I think the felon was trying to throw as much BS at the sheep in the hopes that some of it would stick.

      Oh yeah… 22 more days until retirement. Neener. Neener. Neener.

      1. That’s just mean…..

        1. I’m not nice at all… (wringing hands maniacally)

          1. You are a fucking pigshit cop. Hope you get creamed by a semi you fucking piece of shit. Lieing son of a bitch that you are, thinking you fucking pigs are better than everyone else, go fuck yourself sumphole. Better yet, go kill yourself. Fucking piece of goddamn goat shit motherfucker.

          2. Tell us how you really feel,lol

      2. it would really be too bad if you had a heart attack, not really.

        1. Beat ya to it… Already had one.

          1. Well it obviously didn’t do the trick, better luck with the next one.

          2. That proves how fat and useless you are. You didnt have a heart attack from having good health habits.

  8. The bullshit runs deep in this “story”. I believe the writer was arrested, but based on public CA record, and was arrested several times – mainly on poss. and distro of narcotics – most recently last month. I see this as a lot of sour grapes.

    What puzzles me most is that if this criminal was such an upstanding, fine citizen merely targeted by deputies, why did he keep three grand in collectible tattoo paraphernalia in his sweet sweet ride?

    1. Yes it does, how many convictions does he have? What does it matter where he keeps property that belongs to him?

      1. Checking his record (which you can do, too…) I see 12 actual convictions ranging from simple misdemeanors to high level felonies. So yeah… This guy is a CRIMINAL.

        As for where he keeps his property? What rational person keeps over three grand of tools and tattoo “collectibles” in his vehicle in a crime-ridden area? You have to be a special kind of stupid.

        1. prior convictions mean nothing. blaming the victim for theft is irrational. I see your logic is boundless.

          1. Prior convictions mean EVERYTHING. It proves a pattern of behavior.

          2. He may be a bad person – that makes him a criminal. But falsely arresting someone is abuse of power and is also a crime in a free country.

          3. Then fight to prosecute those crimes.

          4. If he wasn’t in the act of committing a crime. He shouldn’t have been messed with in the first place.

          5. He was on probation for narcotics and financial crimes at the time of this claim – if it’s even true. He was ripe for police (or probation officer) interaction for any reason or no reason.

          6. Doesnt justify anything so once a riminal always a criminal?

          7. Woe woe woe hold on there sparky!!!!!!!!!

            The 4th Amendment states:

            “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

            The Fifth Amendment further protects property, by stating:

            “No person shall be … deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”
            If they’re rolling up on him simply because he has been in trouble violates every aspect of what the Founders had set up. Just because courts uphold that kind of action, doesn’t mean it’s not a violation of some kind.

          8. He was ripe you fucking douche bag you are ripe for a serious beating if you are a cop. you are why this country is in trouble scum like you

          9. so writing a bad cheque and smoking some pot means you deserve to be stopped and searched for no reason, and no accusation of of a crime? On top of that, he had his things stolen. You are condoning theft if it’s done by a blue uniform?

          10. God forbid a civilian would follow a pattern of free thinking… you know, especially in a “free” country. Why don’t you explain to us (without any of that “protecting the children” malarkey, since under the current regime it’s easier to buy crack cocaine at a middle school than it is in a bar or any “adults only” place) exactly WHY the government has presumed jurisdiction over what intoxicants adults consume? I know the answer, but I’m a little curious as to what yours will be … go ahead, start with marijuana …

          11. Frankly, I think drugs of any sort are equally as accessible regardless of venue. I’ve arrested teachers selling narcotics in a school on more count than one. Just as I’ve arrested dealers for drug sales inside a high-end night club. Or in a grocery store. Or outside someone’s home. Or on the bike trails…

            As for weed? I couldn’t care less about weed. I don’t even cite for possession of marijuana if the amount is at a certain amount. I don’t wanna deal with the paperwork.

            Unless of course the person is actively (or has actively) used while operating a motor vehicle. Then I’m coming after ya like I would with any other drunk driver.

          12. Pretty evasive … you completely ignored the direct question that I asked. I assume then, that you have no idea why or how marijuana became a schedule 1 “controlled substance” in the US?

          13. I chose not to answer them because they have nothing to do with the topic of this “story”.

            And I do have an idea as to why or how weed because a schedule one. But frankly… I couldn’t care less.

          14. I’m asking you specifically because you’re the one that’s saying that police officers have the right to harass citizens because they have “drug charges” … if your answer to the question of why these charges should warrant this sort of treatment is, “I don’t really know and I don’t care”, then you sir, ARE the problem. I understand that cops on the street don’t write the laws … but like any free-thinking citizen, if the laws are unreasonable it’s your right to question them. As a person who is paid by the citizens … it should be your responsibility.

          15. Dan, you might as well be talking to a wall. By this cops logic the guy deserved having his tools stolen by the police because he had them in the back of his truck in a bad area. (funny how it’s wasn’t actually criminals in a bad area who stole them though). 37DipShit seems to think that people should be jailed for their personal. Nazi’s like 37 want you to believe that anyone with a criminal history is always a criminal and somehow deserve to have criminal acts perpetrated against them. Dan your beating a dead horse talking to this Nazi cop retard. Ibet he gets off on the fact tthat when he goes to work nobody is happy to see him and the knowledge that he ruined their day.

          16. Thirty ONE DipShit here…

            This guys’s criminal past is something he clings to so dearly. If you read (and I hope you do), you’ll see that his criminal past is his criminal present. As I’ve said before, he is still out there using stolen credit cards, and other stolen financial instruments as well as possessing and distributing narcotics.

            So yeah… As if now, Mr. White will always be a criminal unless he changes his ways and stops victimizing he people by stealing their identities and using their credit cards.

          17. “… you’re the one that’s saying that police officers have the right to harass citizens because they have “drug charges”

            I never said that.

          18. ” I believe the writer was arrested, but based on public CA record, and
            was arrested several times – mainly on poss. and distro of narcotics” … you DID say that, and you have been defending his arrest (without warrant, and without charges) based on this… cops like to throw that phrase “known criminal” around, with the intention of justifying their own illegal searches, seizures and arrests. I’ve had numerous encounters with police, and my experience is that in general they go about their jobs with the intention of proving that their selected victim has done something illegal … I’ve never been arrested, but being harassed is no fun either. Knowing your rights is important, and (as several people have already pointed out) the duty of police officers should first and foremost be to protect the rights and freedoms of the people who fund their departments, not to step on and minimize those rights and freedoms. The “war on drugs” has been a miserable failure for literally generations … but it keeps the prison system profitable. The US is already number 2 in the world for incarcerations per capita … which says to me that the entire system from top to bottom is a failure, because either the system is designed to encourage criminal activity or else the laws are designed to criminalize non-violent behavior. Personally I believe it’s the latter. Police are not the root of the problem, but they ARE the street-level agitators who shove the problem in the faces of regular people going about their daily lives.

          19. Yes, I DID say that. But I still didn’t say that police have the right to harass based on past crimes. In fact, somewhere else in this whole misguided mess of a thread, I said that when a person is on probation or parole, he or she agrees to certain conditions – namely being stopped or visited by officers to ensure compliance.

            In Mr. White’s case, he was already out on probation at the time of this particular interaction. If this story is true at all (which I doubt) the police had every right to run him for wants, search his vehicle, or what every the probation officer and or judge required as a condition of community supervision.

          20. Searching a vehicle and impounding it are entirely different. And not taking proper inventory of the vehicle’s contents is just shoddy police work, which you excuse because the guy had a record…and frankly, if y’all would just accept the whole “war on drugs” as the loss that it is, there wouldn’t be much reason to search people’s vehicles.

          21. Now we’re on the same page. Mr. White makes NO mention of a property inventory. Both the police AND the tow/storage company make note of both inventory and noticeable damage to a vehicle before impoundment.

            This Is where logic comes in. Either the police or the tow company may not have completed an inventory. But both not doing so? Very highly unlikely.

            But I don’t excuse this because of his record. I excuse it because logical conditions are not completely met to paint a valid picture. In short, very little of his story make any sense at all.

          22. Well, you haven’t lived in Phoenix have you. There was a big issue a couple of decades ago about a towing company that had contracts with the cities where items were lost, not inventoried, excess charges especially because the PD that authorized the tow “couldn’t” tell you who towed, etc.

            Otherwise, I agree with you.

          23. I always found it amazing how hard they go after weed users as opposed to the more serious and destructive drugs. Why had their been so much emphasis on weed when heroin, crack, meth, cocaine are worse. Hell, even prescription drugs are more addictive than weed and look at their side effects. They should be made illegal.

          24. Actually, we couldn’t care less about personal use of marijuana.

          25. Don’t use “we” unless you have a mouse in your pocket. NYC has an amount of weed decriminalized so long as you keep it in your pocket, no public display. One of the games the NYPD played in stop-and-frisk was “show me what’s in your pocket”, do I need to go on?

            Now if you meant “we” as in your department, fine, but that’s just your department. The guys here aren’t doing a state by state, county by county, etc., argument. They are speaking to the nation as a whole.

          26. I call BS

          27. Utter bullshit. You love making marijuana arrests because you know the “perP’ won’t fight back.

          28. Go fuck with a Jamaican in DC. Find out if that pot head will fight back.

          29. Why would I want to screw with anyone’s pot, let alone a Jamaican’s? It’s less dangerous than alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes, which are legal in all 50 states.

            But the police are just “doing their job” when they make these arrests, even though they have degrees of discretion which allow them to cite someone instead of arrest considering it isn’t a felony.

          30. Were those teachers ever charged with a crime?

          31. Dan:
            So you are a dope champion huh? Well…you seem to live up to the concept “dope” anyway.

            (As a short aside….I LOVE it how so many say that this site isn’t about dope love….when, as shown by your comment, it’s always about dope love)

            So, pot huh? Hmm. The evidence is starting to stack up against you. Study after study showing damage to young brains. Increased schizophrenia. Links are being shown to greatly increased cancer risks from SMOKING pot. In Coloroda….a huge homeless explosion has occurred. Gigantic social costs follow your sweet little weed.
            And none of that even scratches the surface. The thefts and robberies. The assaults. The impaired driving. Even overdoses. Oh my….what a sweet little weed.

            See… The worst part about it is…..just like alcohol…..the problems generally come when there is interaction with others. I couldn’t care any less if you smoked yourself into oblivion right now. But that’s not what happens. Instead….kids steal to fund their habits. Stoners steal all the time when they get the “munchies”. Then there’s all the driving. And while a stoner may not drive faster…..their ability to react to what is going on in traffic around them is GREATLY reduced.

            So there ha go. Just a quick little touch on your sweet weed.

          32. This site is actually here to make a much-needed call for police accountability … it was your buddy ThirtyOneBravo who brought up drug charges… I’m simply questioning the Constitutional and practical legitimacy of these charges, and why they should make it okay for police to harass this individual.

            If you think that marijuana has anything to do with the cost of housing in Denver, I would point you to this article,

            from the Denver Post and then invite you to explain how exactly you make that connection.

            Yes, I smoke pot … but I also work, and have never stolen anything in my life. As for the supposed “health and social issues” you might want to bring your research up to date a little. You’re quoting almost directly from the “devil-weed” propaganda from the 1930s. I still haven’t seen a reasonable, fact-based response … don’t worry, I’ll wait …

          33. Ever stop to think that the influx of stoners have put a stress on the housing market causing the rental rates to go up?

            Did you look to compare rental prices in Denver before the state legalized the recreational use of marijuana? I did. It’s about 22% higher than it was in 2010. VERY disproportionate to other states with similar populations with similar incomes…

          34. What does that have to do with this case and the cops being accused of robbing this guy, destroying his property and his legal means of income?

            And regardless of his past they don’t have a right to just randomly harass him. He’s familiar to them and they felt he was an easy mark. You may as well just say. He women get raped because of the clothes the wear is ok. And victim blaming is acceptable. As for where he stores his stuff it doesn’t matter. It’s not like it was lost as ca c result of a breaking and entering. It was last while in their custody. They’re suppose to catalog anything in his vehicle at the time is towed.

          35. Please pay attention to the particular subthread. I know this layout isn’t the best for that, but try to follow along.

          36. Remo:
            One of my all time favorite movies.
            Right there with Big Trouble in Little China.

            As for the rest….that’s crap. The point is that you are still believing a guy who is a known criminal and drug addict.
            Ppsssttt…here’s a secret for a. Guys like that L I E.

          37. No, I didn’t stop to think about “stoners” putting stress on the housing market … I suppose extra working people with money to spend could do that, but it flies in the face of the theory that these “stoners” are worthless, thieving degenerates, but would rather indicate that they were regular, everyday taxpayers who were sick of being harassed because they enjoy a toke after work. What this says to me is that the greater issue is the failure to repeal this archaic law in the rest of the country.

          38. How do you propose to fund this mass repeal?

          39. Taxing the product worked for alcohol … or are you concerned about the losses to the prison system and all the police that would suddenly become redundant? Maybe keep all those extra cops and put them to work on political corruption, I’m sure we’d fill the prisons right back up :)

          40. Doesn’t taxation fly in the face of your beliefs of a “free society”?

          41. Income tax is slavery … because a certain number of hours that you
            work are performed for the benefit of the government, without
            compensation … doesn’t mean I don’t pay income tax, it just means I
            disagree with the concept. But things like paying tax on fuel to build
            and maintain roads, or tax on other products we purchase day-to-day to
            build schools, hospitals, or whatever is not a problem. It just makes
            sense to me that people should be taxed on what they consume, not what
            they earn… but that’s a whole other discussion, isn’t it? The point
            is, legalizing recreational intoxicants would put them in line with
            alcohol. Sales could be done through a secure dispensary
            infrastructure, taxes could be collected, street gangs and cartels would
            lose their purpose and funding… obviously it’s not the solution to
            every social issue that exists, but in countries like Iceland, Portugal,
            Belgium, and so on which have already taken steps toward legalization,
            they don’t seem to be reporting any crime waves … the only difference
            is that folks who are hopelessly addicted to whatever are treated as
            patients rather than criminals … it seems to be working. Any
            “stoner”, given the choice, will opt for a reasonable, intelligent
            solution as opposed to a war. “Illegal” is not synonymous with “evil”.
            And since you asked, the leader of the “war on drugs” in the US was a
            guy called Harry Anslinger, who is credited with such gems (in
            describing the “evils” of loco-weed) as, “Reefer makes darkies think
            they’re as good as white men” and, “most (of the users) are negroes,
            hispanics, filipinos and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz and
            swing, result from marijuana use”, and many, many more. This is the
            nature of the “evidence” which set this whole, ridiculous prohibition
            movement in motion … essentially racial slurs and religious fervor …
            Anslinger was also involved in alcohol prohibition, and later admitted
            (ironically) that alcohol prohibition had “created the avenues through
            which organized crime gained its firm foothold.” Probably the truest
            thing this poor, deluded soul ever said in his life. The police state
            that this small-minded man’s completely un-scientific opinions have led
            to is completely out of hand. This is not pro-weed propaganda, look it
            up .. the story is the same from both sides of the prohibition debate.
            He was apparently somewhat charismatic, extremely opinionated, and he
            had a good buddy in the newspaper business … but he didn’t have any
            facts. Ask yourself how many people this guy and his puritanical
            policies have killed … not just “stoners”, but police officers and
            government agents … innocent bystanders, kids … and it continues
            escalating even to this day, where a simple, sensible, “adults only”
            policy (as with alcohol) could have prevented countless deaths, millions
            of years of prison sentences, and raised billions of dollars in tax
            revenues. You can dismiss me as a fool, or as being “anti-cop”, or
            whatever … I have no issue with the concept of law and order, however I
            do have big issues with all the pointless violence between police and
            citizens. Every time one of you guys enforces an unconstitutional,
            unjust, or unnecessary law, or injures a citizen with undue force, or
            kills an unarmed citizen, you undermine your own freedom. It’s weird
            you don’t see that, but a lot of us do … which is why groups like “cop
            block” exist.

          42. “…I do have big issues with all the pointless violence between police and citizens.”

            What about crimes between citizens? What about one citizen infringing on the rights of another? Any opinions about that? What about a citizen killing another? Or the seemingly simple “One-punch homicide” Those *FAR* outweigh anything the police do against a citizen.

          43. Maybe his but not mine. Tax it but below what the illegal market can command because, well, it was illegal. Now you’ll still have the tax evaders, the loosie sellers too, but you have that with alcohol and tobacco. Wait, we have crime with alcohol and tobacco? Damn let’s make them illegal too, that’ll stop the problem.

            Oddly, Milton Friedman thought the drug war was stupid, Barry Goldwater thought the drug war was stupid, and W. F. Buckley came to the same conclusion. Who says conservatives can’t learn from mistakes? Not me says I, and I says a conservative that learns from mistakes is a better conservative.

          44. Damn, I wished I’d thought of that. Worthless, impoverished degenerates buying homes, expensive homes.
            Nah, I don’t think stoners are mass migrating to Colorado, that’s a pipe dream of the real victims of Reefer Madness.

          45. That may be true with respect to the Colorado stoner influx post-2010, but price inflation of that sort, with rising real eastate and rental prices, is usually associated with postitive economic growth. You can see the same effect in North Dakota with fracking boom, only far more pronounced there because the market is so much bigger and more important than the Colorado weed market.

            It may not be great for the longtime residents (at least those that rent) in Colorado, but property owners are seeing a nice rise in their net worths that they can thank the stoners for.

          46. That net worth will sharply decline once all the new construction is complete and rent sharply drops.

          47. I don’t know that it will sharply decline. It will probably not keep pace with the rise that’s been seen over the last couple of years. I think the CO weed market will continue to grow reasonably well and prevent the sort of cratering you are talking about.

          48. According to what I’ve read, there’s a large increase in new construction in progress as we speak. Once all those units open up, the market will be flooded and owners will be scrambling to find people to rent on their property. Simple supply and demand.

          49. And roll the drums, the top ten states in the Union for population growth are in order: ND, TX, CO, UT, FL, AZ, NV, WA, SD, and one state in the East, SC. So that demand probably isn’t what you think it’s going to be, as in dry up.

            There is also an increase in new construction in Arizona as we speak, I don’t know if I can typify it as large compared to Arizona before the bubble burst, and I certainly can’t attribute it to a change in pot laws (medical just isn’t that big).

            Really guys, let’s do the correlation is causation cat dance. Let’s look silly. Correlation as causation is just personal prejudice because you ignore everything else. I’m still waging a war against tomatoes, not one of you can see that everyone that has eaten a tomato has died so tomatoes are deadly (after all they are nightshades). Those that never ate a tomato died for other reasons.

          50. I see I’m not the only one who suffered through “Statistics and Probabilities” in college. Freaking Prof made a 45 min lecture out of the “Tomatoes can be statistically proven to be both addictive as well as poisonous” deal.

          51. Unfortunately, the only statistical analysis I got in Engineering was smattered across classes. After, I had to read on it.

            Correlation and causation is a trap that too often catches. I wish I could give specifics, but I remember a law passed where the results were being deplored. Problem was that the law hadn’t taken affect yet.

          52. Civil? I’m EE.

          53. ChE.

          54. 31B,
            In the West, excluding California, the construction is never complete, it’s just a matter of slow, or too fast. New homes were being built even after the bubble burst, just not as many. Arizona has gained a net 200,000 over 2010, and that includes the loss when illegals started leaving around 2008.

          55. I seriously doubt that the stoners had any real impact on Colorado. If the population went up half a million starting the day after the legalization, I’ll buy in, otherwise it’s just another variation of Reefer Madness. That madness wasn’t just the ones smoking reefers, in fact most of the madness is from those that don’t.

            OTH, if legalizing pot will kick house prices up 20%, and fill those property tax coffers up after being so near empty from the bubble burst, legalize that Demon Rum. Oops, I confused the Temperance League with the Reefer Madness crowd, the Temperance League had more women.

          56. I though it was only legalized last year. So what’s the percentage change since then?

          57. Guys, there hasn’t been a mass migration to Colorado any more than there has been to Oregon, or NYC which has allowed a personal amount of marijauna for years. There wasn’t a mass migration to Alaska back in the 70s either, when you could openly display a pot plant in your window. The articles on that “mass” migration did the correlation is causation. Worse, taking a blip to mean there’s a war on Colorado.
            (I drew that from when cops were hyperventilating about a “War on Cops” over a blip in a trend, I notice the NYPD are doing that now, I can understand it given that 814 cops have died on duty since 1806, two in one day is most certainly a war on the NYPD. May they rest in peace, and the murderer rot in hell as all killers should.)

            31B, in Phoenix, median home prices went up 17% from the end of summer 2011 to the beginning of summer 2012. No pot laws changed. My house has gone up about 20-25% since 2010, but is still not what it was valued before the bubble burst. The median income in Arizona is about $48, 500, Colorado is about $58,800, Arizona has a pop. of about 6.6 million, Colorado about 5.3. Both saw roughly the same rate of increase in home value since 2010.

            Sorry, I’ve forgotten your point, something about how legalizing pot makes housing prices zoom? So you were pointing out that legalizing pot is a boon for home owners? More money in property taxes for the state? Neither help the homeless though.

          58. Dan:
            Wow….use must be a heavy user.
            Of course marijuana use and the cost of housing in Colorado aren’t related. But the easy availabilty of pot is bringing in those who’s desires are get high first, be a responsible member of society second. And those homeless folk tax all of th resources but most specifically the mental,health and health care of the area. So their being homeless isn’t the point. Their being a blight and a big factor in the increased social,costs….that’s the point.
            And that’s each and everyday in every city in is country. The costs of drug addiction drain mental health coffers everywhere. So maybe YOU need to update your research.

            As for stealing. I know lots of folks that smoke and have/lead a “normal” life.
            But the absolutely overwhelming majority of of younger users steal nearly nonstop for their habit.
            As a young officer….I encountered a lot of thefts surrounding crack, cocaine and Herron use. When I started working narcotics…..I found that the amount of crime by younger users (say 25 and younger) was incredibly high. EVERY drug arrest we made in that group had arrest for breaking, shopliftings, thefts. And when the criminal investigators came to me…..almost everyone of their arrests for breakins, shopliftings and thefts…..they all had a drug connection.
            Not all of it was pot of course. Prescription pills are the worst with pot a close second..
            And all you have to do is think it through some. The pills run $10 a pill. An ounce of “headies” is $500 in my area. How many kids have that kind of money? Smoking 3-4 times a day….it adds up pretty quickly.

            So….your personal use ISNT really the issue (to me at least). But the associated costs to everyone else is. It’s right there where the “victimless crime” thing falls apart.

          59. I understand your perspective, but it’s badly flawed. The problem is not smoking weed, the problem is theft… and my problem is your generalization of pot smokers as mentally defective, unhealthy, potentially violent individuals… this is simply untrue. There a few types of alcohol that I can’t consume because they conflict with my naturally low-key personality, and I don’t like that…but nobody “goes nuts” on weed. Another point in favor of legalization, where petty theft is concerned … weed is pretty easy to grow, and it’s really not worth anything … it’s only expensive because it’s illegal, and therefore the end user pays for the “risk” that the grower, shipper and dealer must take in order to make the product available … same with anything else one might buy on the street….except of course for prescription medications, which would likely disappear from the recreational market if they weren’t so over-prescribed and readily available.

          60. Dan:
            Hmmm…I say that I know lots of people who smoke that live normal lives…..and you reply that I think all pot smokers are mentally defective, sickly and violent. I clearly have never said any such thing.
            But I did that the the evidence of the harms of marijuna use is starting to pile up. I openly laughed at the link to cancer and its high incidents in pot smokers. The term “smokers” should have been a clue. Anyway….moving on.

            So…..the problem is theft huh? Hmmm, ok. So what’s your cure? Legalizing isn’t really helping. In CA….where it’s effectively legal……still ass loads of crime. Same goes for WA. And the crime rate hasn’t dropped in CO. ALL of the bad things haven’t gotten better….and some have gotten worse.
            So….do,you just GIVE IT AWAY? Hmm. Doubt that’ll help. The whole cancer thing. And. Increased schizophrenia. And the smaller brain size. And…..wouldn’t that just be passing along even MORE COST to the taxpayers? Now they would to pay for the pot to be given away….and then also pay for the vastly increased social cost too?

            And what about the driving while doped? And the homelessness issues? And the addiction treatments?

            Again…it’s not just about you. It’s about everyone else that has to deal with and pay for you.

          61. You have to understand, this t guy will lie like a rug when it suits him. Put words in your mouth that you never said, all kinds of fake ass shit.

          62. There you go again, demonstrating your vast lack of knowledge. Amazing considering your almost 2 decades of being a, well, whatever it is that you are. Spent all day today working at a Port Police Department. I asked 31 different cops, 1 at a time, to rate the drugs that caused the most crime. The answer? #1 – Meth. #2 – Meth. #3 – Meth. 1 cop actually said that compared to meth, other drugs don’t cause any crime. Only 3 cops, all with inner city backgrounds, said heroin. No cops mentioned pot, not one. Regardless of that $500 per ounce cost, I guess it’s just not driving that crime wave. And that’s not “dope love”, that’s just plain old facts.

          63. really a liar:
            Huh. Port PD huh? I don’t beleive there is any such PD….and Google agrees
            But putting that lie aside….
            Where,oh liar of the net, did unsay that marihuana was the worst drug?
            Instead of waiting….I’ll give everyone the answer: nowhere.

            The topic of marijuana was being discussed because DAN brought it up. I was just exposing the truth about what so many think is a “victimless crime”. Just showing that it’s not.

            I would absolutely agree that meth is the current worst drug. We don’t have a huge meth problem in my area….ours is heroin by far.

            But the number of heroin users is a small fraction of the number of pot users. And while as I was specifically talking about the crimes committed by teens and the under 25 crowd…’s almost all pot and pills.
            “Inner city” is a different animal. But as the title suggests….its a limited area. Looking city wide…..most of the crimes that I spoke of are pot and pull users. The meth, heroin and crack users engage in more aggressive types of crime.

          64. You are so stupid as to defy belief. No port cops, huh? Well here’s just one to look at. Just so happens to be the one where I was asking around – Los Angeles Port Police (because I fucking work there, moron). And the Port Authority Police of New York and New Jersey (where I’ve worked). Then there’d be the Port Authority Police of Allegheny, PA (where I’ve also worked). And let’s not forget the Virginia Port Authority Police (also where I’ve worked). I could go on to name about 10 more who I’ve worked for, and another dozen at least where I’ve never worked. You must have that fucked up version of Google. Or it’s just that your that stupid. And full of shit as well. Meth is ranked as the number 1 problem dope nation wide. Except for that imaginary police force your a member of, I guess. Lots easier to find than those “page after page” of successful law suits that those cops filed. Oh wait, you were the one that said that, so it’s probably bullshit. Like the “cop that sued the rapper” case you so eagerly pointed out. Which was thrown out of court, BTW. And yet you stick to this claim of being a cop. But couldn’t find reference to other police departments. Could you be any more obviously a lying pile of horseshit? Probably not.

          65. But but but but he CHOOSES to impose his unsafe behavior on people. Surely you can appreciate that, right?

          66. What was he doing at the time of arrest which has cost him a legitimate chance to earn money? Sounds like you’re trying to find an acceptable excuse for what happened here.

          67. it means nothing if the charges are trumped up, again with intellectual dishonesty. Or is it just plain stupidity? I’m beginning to wonder.

          68. dy:
            Geez your dumb.
            So you….are willing to accept the story as told to you by a known criminal….with an extensive drug history…that the police just picked him out of the blue for this? And you think that “intellectual honesty”? Really?

          69. i would, i have something on my camera, the police came down the street, saw my son’s friend on the sidewalk, yes he’s a criminal, he was trying 2 get out of the rain, but stopped 2 talk,the police checked everyone outside of the house and said he’s a known criminal, they even came on the porch, and checked people, they were aggressive and saw the cameras and decided 2 be a little easy, they went as far 2 inquire about them.

          70. Dee:
            What does any of that have to do with him having an extensive criminal history AND having something radioactive in his truck have to do with your story?

          71. when I say intellectually dishonest, you prove my point. You say known criminal, he had a prior arrest for a DUII. so do you believe that anybody that has been caught driving while under the influence of intoxicants is a known criminal? How many firemen and police officers can that be applied to?

          72. You’re pretty new here so you sorta get a pass. When you question how many fire and police drive drunk, we both will tell you that many do. And it’s unfortunate that many get away with it, too. However, you really don’t know that when we see a video on this site where an officer is behaving badly, we both call out that officer and peg him as a bad apple. We’ve done it often.

            Most recently, I cried foul on a trio of deputies who gained entry to a home under the guise of a search warrant. The warrant was never produced to the residents of that home despite the resident’s requests. TN law requires the deputies serve a copy of the warrant with the adult in control of the residence.

            I stood in staunch support of the author of that story.

            For what it’s worth, as a supervisor in my jurisdiction, I’ve reprimanded a number of officers who were not serving the people and were in violation of policy and law. Many were terminated, some were retrained, some left voluntarily. Take it for what you will, but I stand behind this statement.

          73. your statement means nothing, you’ve been trained your entire career to lie.

          74. Believe what you want, cupcake.

          75. pretty sure I don’t need your permission for that. I know you’ve been trained your entire career to believe that you have power and authority over other people, but trust me your permission means nothing. Mmmmmm…..cupcake

          76. Again, you’re a Cop Block newbie… If you were here any length of time, you would know that I always say that I serve the people. Not the other way around. But like I said, believe what you want.

          77. I understand you’ve been trained to say that you serve the people.

          78. If you actually “serve the people” you would be fired quickly because you are a bad cop. You’re refusing to enforce the laws (which can be logically deduced from the statement that you serve the people) and therefore your superiors would fire you. No state would keep a police force on their payroll which openly and actively refused to enforce the will of politicians.

          79. No. My refusal to enforce some laws are actually commended by my superiors. I lasted over two decades in my department because I’m fare and treat people with respect.

          80. Tell yourself whatever you like!

          81. Him being a newbie to this website has nothing to do with knowledge of the Law.

            But I know your game, 31. You, JC, JakeC, “t” and Common Sense all play dumb.

            I’m surprised you directly answered the man’s questions.

          82. Fuck you bravo. It’s been a while. I see you’re still a piece of shit blindly defending the criminal activities of your fellow cock suckers in blue while calling others criminals.

          83. I missed you sweetheart. *kiss*

          84. I was going to stand up for you, but if you throw a kiss at him I’m afraid of what you’ll throw my way.

            See if you defend with qualifiers, or criticize with qualifiers, you’re still the same to the crazies. Cop-sucker or dope-loving cop-hater…

          85. Actually 31 B,
            Regarding driving drunk, this is the first time I’ve read you admitting that. Maybe you have before and I missed it. Whenever I’ve brought it up with t. he has side stepped it.

            This is passive voice “And it’s unfortunate that many get away with it, too.” They get away with it because police actively ignore it, enable it, and interfere with them being caught. It isn’t some children’s novel of a series of unfortunate events, it’s adults actively protecting them.

            You, and t., claim the highest standards for yourselves and that you apply them to others around or under you. That and $4.50 will get me a cup of coffee if you are trying to claim that that’s the norm. Too many police departments in the last two decades have come under court control to believe that it is the norm. It takes a lot for the Courts to step in.

            As an aside, that “Republican” (my party has just gotten so fucking stupid since the Southern strategy; I’ve had 42 years of watching stupid take over pissing on the ideals the party once stood for) paragon of Law and Order, Sheriff Joe, was smacked last month when Judge Snow said ” Hey, Joe, you aren’t following my order, you aren’t following the Law, so, hey, Joe, I’ll give you a chance to convince me that I shouldn’t throw your ass in jail.” I hope he misses the deadline. However, even the AZ Republic predicted Ol’ Joe would showboat to draw the simpletons away. And he did (kid, Christmas, pitbull, Arpaio, search). Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…I hope he isn’t your hero. He doesn’t deserve the sweat off your…

          86. The ones in violation of law – did you arrest and charge them?

          87. Of the handful that I have encountered, they were arrested, charged, tried AND convicted. There was one a few years back that had a very good attorney and didn’t see much jail time. But he did lose his licence to teach.

          88. dy:
            So…..the drug arrest and history….not him?

          89. “Intellectual dishonesty is a failure to apply standards of rational evaluation that one is aware of, usually in a self-serving fashion.”

            there is a previous DUII arrest. And these charges that are piled on as per standard. No convictions on the later charges.

          90. dy:
            So the drug convictions…those aren’t him? Huh. Reality must be so unpleasant for you.

          91. no drug convictions

          92. More ad hominem, “t”? Stay on the subject, if you can…

          93. I’ve known more honest criminals that honest politicians. Are you insinuating that if you have a drug charge,that one is incapable of telling the truth? What a small world you live in.

          94. no wonder, they know him from past criminal history, everytime 1 sees him they will mess with him.

          95. and i’m sure he paid 4 the behavior, so why pay 2x,

          96. Because as of 5 weeks ago, his behavior hasn’t stopped and he’s back in trouble for stolen property, stolen identity, narcotics and a slew of other things.

          97. Then why in this case has charges never been filed? as per what it says here “To date, I have not been compensated and no charges were ever filed on me”

          98. Doesn’t mean he wad committing a crime in this instance and they helped put him into a position to lose his income. Doesn’t that help to make a criminal?

          99. Priors doesn’t mean SHIT to THIS story asshole. IF he’s convicted on something ELSE, then priors matter. It’s YOU who are the special kind of stupid, excusing law enforcement abuse. Since they arrested him and impounded his property causing loss, and they didn’t have shit to charge him with, the mother fuckers should pay. IDGAF what his priors are, they’re immaterial to anything except a subsequent CONVICTION you fucking moron.

          100. Understand I’m addressing your generality, not this specific case. If prior convictions are everything, proving a pattern of behavior, then having no prior convictions, I’ll even add no arrests, should also be everything and also prove a pattern of behavior. So you shouldn’t even consider the latter as being capable of a crime, for the same reason you think the other capable.

            Wait, it doesn’t work that way because all of us, no matter prior patterns, are capable of doing something different.

            It proves a prior pattern of behavior, it does not prove that the behavior still exists. The reality is a statistical probability, not an absolute certainty. Even at 99% (cutting you off at that hail mary pass), it is still only a probability. Want to go for a claim of 100%? Of course, if you think prior convictions are EVERYTHING, then they will be.

            Hey maybe there’s a aphorism there like “conservatives think people are only their past, liberals think people are only what they are in the future, and the rest of think how inane conservatives and liberals are.” Naw, not pithy enough.

          101. So cops who have perjured themselves shouldn’t be allowed to testify again too right?

          102. I disagree. If someone does not have a current record, how can that be used as a basis for behavior? How old were his charges? What were they for?You need know ALL the facts before coming to such a judgement.

          103. Of course this is a situation of blaming the victim. The moron left valuable items in his vehicle.

            But in reality, I believe this story about as much as I believe most every other story on this site: I don’t.

          104. this is a habit that society has, if he was arrested 50 xs 4 what ever he paid 4 it, why did they mess with him this day, i wanna know did he have a warrant 4 his arrest.

          105. as far as I can tell, he was not charged with anything.

          106. If you did any research at all, you would see that he was charged with possession of narcotics and stolen property. His typical mode. In court, he was convicted of the same and his prior probation was revoked. He did his time and was back out on probation when… guess what? He did it all again.

        2. Why do I have to check anything when it is not me making claims, when you makes claims, YOU provide the evidence.

          1. I don’t have to provide anything. All I have to do is do a teeny tiny bit of research on the guy and the case at hand (which is all available online if you look at official sources) and become informed and have the ability to make an independent opinion.

            You, on the other hand, take this story at face value because it sounds good to you and choose to remain ignorant of the facts.

          2. LMAO, your right you don’t have to provide anything, it gives you as much credibility as anyone else ranting. Now one would have to wonder why anyone would tell their story if they are a real criminal, after all they can be checked out and THEY know this. So he has more in his favor off the bat than you do. Please, continue ranting.

        3. Wow thirtyonebravo does pig dick taste that good to you? You seem to suck it hard.

          1. I love pig dick. I’m so good at it that I can suck start a Harley.

        4. so he is a criminal because the police say so? was he guilty of the crime they ACTUALLY ACCUSED HIM OF? if he was why were they so averse to proving it? it figures your avatar is a sheep.

    2. i feel that it’s a form of harassment, reguard less of how many times he was arrested. what caused them 2 arrest him this time is the issue with me, not the other 50 that they may or maynot have caught him doing something, ifr he was arrested before he paid 4 it, they never release how may times a cop was disciplined, so why do they bring a pesons past to prove their point, my point is what happened that day ,not the other 50xs

      1. Dee:
        First….please don’t be an idiot. Go learn what “harassment” means. No such thing took place in this incident.
        Second….you are still just taking the one sided word of a known criminal. And criminals…..lie.

    3. what drug in particular was he CONVICTED of possessing and distributing?

      a wide variety of substances that are controlled fall under the legal definition of narcotics.

      “The term narcotic (pronounced /nɑrˈkɒtɨk/) originally referred medically to any psychoactive compound with sleep-inducing properties. In the United States of America it has since become associated with opioids, commonly morphine and heroin. The term is, today, imprecisely defined and typically has negative connotations.[1] When used in a legal context in the US, a narcotic drug is simply one that is totally prohibited, or one that is used in violation of strict governmental regulation, such as PCP or marijuana. From a pharmacological standpoint it is not a useful term.”

      1. Past cases showed heroin, ecstasy, and narcotic pain killers. All of which appear to be in quantities typical for distribution. The actual amounts in his priors were not disclosed and my opinion is based on the notes in the court cases. So with that, I could be incorrect regarding distribution.

        1. thank you for a respectful, polite response.

  9. a familiar tragic tale. Recall the SoCal towing ring with cops, judges, and pols all ova sing illegal tows of improverished people.

  10. Oh HAHL nah, I’m glad you had the balls to expose these crooked SOB’s for what they really are, my suggestion would be to find the best civil lawyer in the area and sue the SHIT out of them.

  11. They have become nothing more than overpaid revenue agents.

    1. this is why I laugh every time one of them gets shot in the face

        1. yeah I’m such a badass for laughing at the death of cops. the stories just gave me a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that these bastards got what’s coming to them. fuck all police, let them drink bleach.

  12. Those cops need to be lined up and executed…and their headless bodies strung up on the town square as a warning to other cops that this is the fate they will receive if they do the same thing.

  13. It seems ThirtyOneBravo is cop trolling this site. Funny people can and do change so he probably is telling the truth. He is the person to know the truth.

    1. I don’t troll. I actively and constructively participate in some (not all) “stories” on this site. But you’re right. I am an officer.

  14. #shootthemintheface #linethemupandshootthem #liberateamerica #unitedstatesofterrorism

    1. #hashtagsareuselessinthisforum #youjustopenedyourselfuptoscruteny #watchoutheretheycome

  15. Cops use to have a place in society
    where they were appreciated by society.
    The fact that the courts have repeatedly sided with them even when clear video proves them wrong,hsa brought about a mentality of FTP and kill a cop.So we have to ask ourselves is it the millions of citizens who feel this way or is it a corrupt judicial system?The answer is rather obvious when day after day you read or watch another unarmed member of society being murdered by goverment sanctioned punks wearing a badge.
    Let us however, not paint every cop with the same color,as we all know of the all to rare of occasion where a real cop will go out of their way to assist someone,or actually do their job as they are supposed to.It is sad that we have to hail the latter as a hero for simply doing their job while upholding their oath but the rarety almost demands it.
    Yes there are criminals out there that need swift justice by the judicial system that was put into place long ago,not the current system where criminal cops out-number the criminals on the street.
    If a cop is not directly involved in abusing their authority is is likely that they know the ones who do and they stand guilty of complacency and dereliction of duty for not arresting the ones doing it.So we can’t buy into the argument that not all cops are bad with the way things are.
    Sadly cops do not think about the fact that they have painted a target on their own backs as well as their families with the way they have been going about their business.I don’t advocate violence upon no one but we all know that this is a corner the police have painted themselves into.My suggestion to cops in the US is get behind the constitution you swore to uphold and do your job effectively as a professional or find a new line of work before you become just another statistic.Even if it means breaking the trend of towing the blue line and arresting your peers.

    1. Finally someone with a brain!!! I’ve read every comment on here and though I may agree with some. This “In My Opinion” is the smartest person to comment so far. Everyone else is just way to over bias on both sides.

  16. Sounds like you have been taking work from one of the Cops buddies ! They do that around here drive people out of business to limit competition or take over the business

  17. I don’t know: others here are saying your a known criminal is this true? Even if so; “telling you they don’t know yet” if not a violation should be, because when placed under arrest you have the right to know why. Sounds like they’re just making it up as they go. In order for them to roll up on you like that they would have to know from the outset that you did infact receive stolen property, and would at that point have an arrest warrant? Sounds like they had none and were just assuming. In all cases that I know of, they can’t just arrest someone without official charges being filed to begin with.
    I’d get a lawyer and force their hand, make them prove in a court of law you knowingly recieved stolen property, or leave you alone.
    If you’ve been in trouble before it’s the old adage once on their list………
    Keep out of trouble stay away from anyone you know that can get you back into trouble, do your probation and get the hell off stay the hell out of their system. It’s hard and cops surely wont help you, but if you keep as far away from them as possible, for they can’t be on you 24/7 they will have to leave you alone eventually.
    Find a support group church organizations can and will help. You prove you’re not the criminal they expect you to be Eventually things will go full circle. With you on top and them owing you an appology.

    1. Actually it depends on the state. In most states there is no “right” for you to be told the offense until a probable cause hearing/arraignment. Its just a courtesy

  18. I think the police don’t like you very much.

  19. Are you black? Cause it only matters if your black.

  20. I personally know this guy we live in the same City…

  21. Let me start by saying he is a DIRT BAG THIEF….. No one in the community likes him and YES he is known for being a criminal. He didn’t have “Work Tools” in his “Work Truck” he had Burglary tools in his beat up tweaker truck. If you saw this truck you would want it to be stopped and investigated as well. It is old beat up and YES he always has expired registrations. By no means does it look like “A contractor that owns his own business” kind of truck. It looks like a druggies truck looking to commit a crime. His truck was taken because it had radiation because it was obviously somewhere it shouldn’t have been. He wasn’t at his “Home/House” he was squatting in a house that was NOT owned by him. He is NOT a contractor that is the biggest bullshit lie. He has no job and gets money by stealing other peoples property and pawning it. Ask any local resident here…If you get your car broken into or your home you know who to start looking for and that’s this looser druggie. So yes of course local law enforcement is going to make contact with him, and us as a community of hardworking people appreciate that. Unless you have been a victim of one of this guys crimes you wouldn’t know. Sad to say his dad was a cop that turned his back on him for having such a dirt bag son. When your own father sees how much of a criminal you are and wants NOTHING to do with you speaks volumes. Everyone knows he hides his dope in his ass crack…that is nothing new. Yeah our Sheriff’s Department isn’t perfect, but I am thankful for what they do. This guy is a career criminal and as long as his mouth is flapping it’s nothing but lies coming out of it. Look him up it’s public record.

  22. This shit goes on every day 10 times a day because we don’t stand together as people and fight a corrupt system. We’re not supposed to be afraid of our government. It’s even more discouraging to us veterans who fought for 20 years or more to ensure other countries could Live in democratic free society in peace but we come home to A tyrannical Government. We need to say no more take up arms and defend ourselves against false arrest.

    “Citizens may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting
    officer’s life if necessary.” Plummer v. State, 136 eat Ind. 306. This
    premise was upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States in the
    case: John Bad Elk v. U.S., 177 U.S. 529. The Court stated: “Where the
    officer is killed in the course of the disorder which naturally
    accompanies an attempted arrest that is resisted, the law looks with
    very different eyes upon the transaction, when the officer had the right
    to make the arrest, from what it does if the officer had no right. What
    may be murder in the first case might be nothing more than manslaughter
    in the other, or the facts might show that no offense had been

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