This video was submitted by Grant Fox via the Cop Block Submission Page:

“I realize this does not depict an individual incident, however I’d really like people to view this fact-based police brutality video I constructed on YouTube. The numbers are EYE OPENING and this would really help spread the word around on your page. This needs to be watched by everyone that wants to keep America free. I feel your page would GREATLY benefit by sharing this video, especially convincing ones that try to justify cops actions.

Live free or die trying.”
-Grant Fox

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  1. I only believe what I see on mainstream news….unless it’s from a government source….If it comes from then I always believe it. If it’s on a cop hater sight….it never happened.

    1. Is it your opinion that this is a “cop hater sight”?

  2. I agree with t Videos on a police hater site are usually edited and doesn’t show the real story behind the video.

    1. Many times the narrow facts presented in short video clips are more than enough to condemn the police actions, regardless of whether or not the perpetrator killed a hundred babies or was perfectly innocent.

      1. I disagree. Copblock is notorious for posting articles with key information missing or videos that have been edited to only show what copblock wants you to see.That way you can make an emotional opinion instead of an informed opinion.

        1. The issue with your statement is that you will call anything that sheds negative publicity on police as being an activist site. It can be reported in the mainstream news and it’s an activist site and so far, you have not 1 time, offered an condemnation of police…at all!

          1. The officers who were arrested for rape ect… I condemn. I suggest you look at my past comments. What do you care what I say? You respond to me with this ridiculous post and it means absolutely nothing. Copblock is very good at posting only what they want you to know. Not the rest of the story.

          2. You defend anything and everything police do…period! If it condemns them, it’s from an activist site. Yes, go read what you say. It always supports police. If this was a neutral site, you would still be trolling it in the exact same manner you are now!

          3. Your current post is you being a troll. You just rant and say nothing. Troll

  3. fuck the police, they all deserve to be put down. they should be executed for their atrocities.

      1. more knuckle dragging, go figure.

        1. You are truly a mental defective

          1. must really bother you to live in a society where people can freely express their opinions.

          2. You can express them to a point. Then it’s no longer opinions. It’s threats.

          3. opinions don’t suddenly become threats at a certain point. Threats show intent, insect.

            legal definition of threat:
            a declaration of one’s purpose or intention to work injury to the person, property, or rights of another. A threat has been defined to be any menace of such a nature and extent as to unsettle the mind of the person on whom it operates, and to take away from his acts that free, voluntary action which alone constitutes consent. Abbott. See State v. Cushing. 17 Wash. 544. 50 Pac. 512; State v. Brownlee, 84 Iowa, 473, 51 N. W. 25; Cote v. Murphy, 159 Pa. 420, 28 Atl. 190, 23 L. R. A. 135, 39 Am. St. Rep. 6S6.

          4. Again, if you threaten, I report it.

          5. Report it to who, douchedroppings? Anybody you contact will arrest you once they investigate and see all your fake claims of being a probation officer. They’ll be all, “Well we don’t see any threats, but we did see you falsely claiming to be a sworn LEO in California”. Then the cuffs go on, slaps. But don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll eventually find you to be a defective fruitcake who’s not really responsible for your actions. Especially when they see your internet activity. Bestiality sites and what not.

          6. I believe you believe that Rain man

          7. then I suggest you understand the definition. If not, you’re filing a false report, and can be sued civilly for it.

          8. No, your definition is not the right one. You made threats towards police officers. You know it and that is why you are constantly talking about it. We will have to see what happens.

          9. Lol, did I use the non-JC dictionary? I think you’re too stupid to know you’re stupid. And that’s biblically stupid.

          10. What ever helps you sleep at night.

          11. kinda like a broken record player aren’t you. I guess it shows how deep the waters run

          12. What ever helps you sleep at night.

          13. Bong hits and lots of narcotics, that’s what helps me sleep at night. Oh and don’t forget the opiates.

          14. I believe it

          15. We don’t like rats. Americans despise rats. Your a little bitch. You and the pigs will not be tolerated! Promise not threats

          16. More ranting from a copblock circus chimp.

          17. If someone locks peaceful people in a rape cage where they will live in constant terror, and someone says that kidnapper should be punished for despicable, evil, violent acts, how is that a threat?

          18. Saying “they should be executed” is not a declaration of intent, it is merely a subjective observation and a judgment of what is a just response to violent thugs.

          19. he’s too fucking stupid to know. I would be surprised if he has an IQ over 60, and I’m being very generous.

          20. I fill out the paperwork when a threat is made on this site. Once it’s turned in, the higher ups decide what to do not me.

          21. You are an idiot, all the comments here are filled with your trolling nonsense. The higher ups? You probably don’t even have a job. Talking about IP addresses and sh*t, you are beyond lame buddy. Why don’t you head over to Fox News and comment, I’m sure they will love you.

          22. The only troll is you. Why don’t you sign into Discus? Why don’t you prove I am not a parole officer? Why don’t you prove I don’t do the paperwork to turn in threats towards the police? You are all mouth and nothing else.

  4. Huh. 36,000 people die each year from the flu. Huh. The editor must have missed that little stat. Oh well.

    1. Huh. And over 33,000 die in auto crashes each year. Huh.

      1. Huh. 12,000,000arrests per year. 400ish arrest related deaths. Huh.

        1. Where do you get 400? Don’t watch the news much? Been a subject of some discussion lately, how cops are under no onus to report shit about who and why they kill. LOL, you can find detailed info on the number of cops killed, even those who die by their own stupidity. No required federal reporting of non-cops killed by cops. Almost like it’s not as important.

          1. real stupid:
            Ya know… can manufacture whatever fantasy you want but that doesn’t change reality
            Let’s examine some of your wild misconceptions.

            A quick Google search showed several results….and I (being the generous soul that I am….chose a site that clearly wasn’t “pro-police”) looked at several but I’ll talk about the mess that “city lab” put together.
            Now….they used a total of 4813 arrest related deaths from 2003-2009.
            That would give an average of 800 deaths per year. BTW….that’s WAY LESS than the retarded number of 5000 per year that you goofs throw around.
            But they include a bunch of deaths that ridicules to include.
            Suicides, intoxication, accidents, naturals cause and such. Things like Eric Garner for example. Arrest related death? Sure. The police causing it? Clearly not. Yet he will be included in the stats they want to use. Without a deeper understanding….those stats can lie.

            I also looked at another “anti-cop” site 538. They try to inflat numbers by including incidents in which officer/former officers were involved in something outside their employment/off duty..

            But even those sites….which are so clearly slanted….if one does the math….it still comes back to right around 400ish per year of arrest related deaths involving the police.

          2. Really? Wow, you’re much more knowledgeable then the fed that was on TV the other night talking about this very subject. Ex-director of the FBI or some such. Wait, you’re actually not, you’re just a douchebag fake ass liar. But then, going back to that whole nambla thing, where you first exposed yourself to be a lying douchebag, it’s really no surprise.

          3. real goofy:
            Apparently. No stats anywhere like that.
            Now as I’ve tried (clearly in vain) to educate you about in the past….you have to understand how things are reported.

            As example:
            Most agencies use IBR to record their stats and classify their reports. It’s different than UCR which is what is reported to “the fed” as you described someone as being.
            During say a bank robbery. Maybe a teller gets killed. After that is a car chase and a shoutout in which the suspect is killed. When the report is written…..ALL of that will be included. But it will be classified as possibly a bank robbery but likely as a homicide of the teller.
            Now….that is only a problem for the ignorant (which would be those like you) that think it’s not reported when it clearly is. It’s just not under a category called “police shooting”.

            Now….after that explanation which I’m sure you won’t get, let me ask you a question
            If there are all of this police arrest involved deaths……where are all the bodies? How is the news missing all of this?

          4. That’s just it, they used a set algorithm to search with, that’s all.

          5. “You goofs”, huh? So, you have the post where I made any claim about any number of deaths at all? Of course you don’t. That’s just one more fucking lie spewing out of your lying mouth. What a douchebag. Only thing worse than a liar is a stupid liar who can’t even lie well.

          6. really really dumb:
            Yeah. At the time of this post…..your comment about it was “8 hours ago”.

        2. cops have killed 1084 people so far this year.. www. killed by this doubles the old rate.. The danger is that governments have killed 262 milliion of their own people and death by government is the number one unnatural cause of death in the history of the world.

          1. Scott:
            Did you read any of those reported police deaths?
            I’ll answer for you. No…clearly you didn’t. I looked at that site…..and just like Common Sense wrote above you…..they use nothing but an algorithm to search police related deaths. And just like I said above….when you eliminate all of the nook ice related deaths that a simple search algorithm wrong includes…’re back to that 400ish number.
            Go read some of those stories dude. They included things officers or former officer did OUTSIDE their employment. Heck….they even included a story were an officer was killed just because the way the headline was written. And cases from outside the U.S.

            You…like many others….want soooo badly to beleive that you are willing to ignore truth. You sir are being led. I hope it doesn’t hurt you.

          2. Your now making crap up , they post a story link for every death. If law enforcement kills someone it’s reported. You sir need to learn from history and pull your head out of your butt and wake up to the danger to this countries freedom that the police pose now. Wake up to what DHS is doing turning America in to a police state.

          3. Scot:
            You are quite right. They post a story link. Go read them….I’m correct.

          4. Scot:
            Did you go read many of those yet?
            Off duty guys.
            The one I found really quickly were an OFFICER was killed…not anyone else.

            Did you read them yet and see why those numbers are so wrong?

  5. Grant… Bless your heart.

  6. you need to up date your statistics with the most accurate figures from killed by cops have killed 1084 so far this year doubling the rate just 5 years ago. May 2013 to Dec31 2013 cops killed 754.. This new higher rate shows the absolute danger that cops pose.

    1. Scot:
      No. Clearly you,don’t even read what you are citing as fact.

  7. Well, it’s BS to suggest we were ever free in the white man’s America. We’ve been stitched up, and managed by the cunning since we got here. They are good at controlling us.

    It is time to get past our need for leaders and to insist that we all have rights and autonomy.

    To create a culture of truly free men we will have to insist that a free and a fair share of our land and its resources are the birthright of each of us so we all have steady platforms from which to decide together our agreements and laws. Without that stability we can be made homeless and defenseless with such speed and precision that we are rendered harmless and desperate with the thump of a judge’s gavel. A man or woman without a land base has no rights in America but must rely on the handouts of the rest of us. We are not good at sharing, which is made evident by the high incidence of homeless people and of poor people in the richest country in the world. Instead we make laws that deny people without jobs and homes from resting anywhere near us, we deny them access to safe if modest living areas, we deny them personal hygiene facilities, and we deny them the means to grow their own food, to easily cook and store food, and we deny them the right to dignity. But we permit our government to hoard 30% of our land and to grab more every year. We permit the well-off to hoard land for their extreme self-indulgence in the form of 2,244,512 acres of well watered grounds on golf courses around the country. We’ve agreed that it is okay to punish some while indulging privilege for others.

    We cannot consider ourselves a moral people until we withdraw from other people’s lands, and grant each other the human right of a free and a fair share of the things that each of us must have to live. That is land, a shelter, and the means to create a healthy food supply. Until we do that we are no better than the dictators we profess to hate.

  8. Revolt! March 1st. Every where USA !

  9. Jc your a rat little bitch. Watch yourself.

    1. More threats from a keyboard warrior. Why don’t you grow up.

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