The following post was shared with the CopBlock Network anonymously by someone wishing to make others aware of Kevin Dupre’s actions, via the Submissions Page. The text of this submission consists of content from a petition to fire the triggerman, Kevin Dupre, which was started by Donna Earley. It is included below, in full. In spite of the clear evidence that the video represent, eventually Officer Dupre was cleared and the shooting of a dog that obviously posed no threat was declared “justified.”

Date of Incident: Approx Oct. 14, 2014
Officer Involved: Officer Kevin Dupre
Department Involved: Cleburne (TX) Police Department
Department Contact: Chief Rob Severance
Email Address: [email protected]
Department Phone No.: (817) 645-0972

Chief Severance,

On August 2014, your officers responded to a call. There is a video detailing an officer shooting of a six month old puppy. This video is very graphic to watch, but in order for us to get to the truth we must watch. After a short while on the internet…this video is going viral to show that the American citizen, people who have hearts are devastated and very angry with local police. You ask why? Watch the video and if you can ask that question following…then you won’t be signing this petition.

The video clearly shows how an officer from the Cleburne Police Department, Officer Kevin Dupre is calling the dog with kisses and a clicking/smacking sound.  The kind of sound that a six month old puppy associates with human kindness and play. As the six month old Maximus came running to the officer’s call….he was clearly wagging his tail and excited as though he knew he was going to get a treat or pat on the head. What happens next is horrifying. You will see Ofc Kevin Dupre coldly and callously aim his gun and shoot the dog numerous times killing him.

Another dog, a female named Cocoa, can also be seen in the video. the officer had Cocoa in his target sight…and the next bullet was fully intended for her. Cocoa originally ran from the sound of the gunfire…but stopped and turned around facing the officer. She stood there…and she did not know that she was next to die! Thankfully Animal Control called the officer just in nick of time to prevent her from being murdered in cold blood. Officer Dupre made claims that the dog was clearly aggressive and lunging for him. Well…he must have forgotten he was wearing a body cam. Because after viewing this video…it is quite clear the six month old Maximus in no way charged or seemed aggressive…but excited and playful.

There was another Officer there to back up Officer Dupre, Officer Carmac and at this point it is unclear the role this officer played in this clear case of animal cruelty.

We, the People of this country are ashamed, disgusted and damn right angry of the cowardly acts of this officer! You cannot turn your head on this one…this killing is totally unjustified and a vibrant young puppy died a horrible death. This puppy was loved and his owner Amanda Henderson was left devastated. The officer could have easily waited for Animal Control who was dispatched and trained in animal apprehension to arrive. Officer Kevin Dupre took it on himself to kill Maximus. You can tell that was his intent…as he called the dog out of hiding in a playful manner. “Here doggie”…..B-O-O-M!!!

We the People of this country are demanding that Officer Kevin Dupree be terminated immediately and charged with felony animal cruelty (which is now law in the 50 states, including Texas). We are calling upon you to take these actions without recourse.  What Officer Dupre did on this day is not different then the killing of a dog by a Raines County Texas Sheriff Deputy. That Deputy was terminated, charged accordingly, and agreed to never serve in law enforcement again. You cannot determine a difference in either of these shootings. They were both cold, callous, unjustified and recorded.

We the People are also demanding that the Officer pay restitution to the Henderson family in an amount determined by a jury of his peers in a court of law. Along with the restitution we expect a formal apology to the Henderson family from Officer Kevin Dupre.

We the People are also calling upon your department to launch a full investigation to determine the role of Officer Carmac in this killing. Upon conclusion of the investigation we expect this officer to also be reprimanded accordingly.

According to the witnesses and those knowing the dog, Maximus was not a dangerous dog, but a puppy who was out playing. Those involved in this shooting were wrong when they made the sound decision to shoot to kill. An officer’s duty is sworn to serve and protect…not search and destroy.

We the people demand justice and change. We demand all law enforcement to attend mandatory training on police/dog encounters. This has to stop…and stop now!

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  1. Well the dog shouldn’t have standed where the officer’s bullets where going

    1. A wise Chinese man once said ” if the dog barks, it’s under cooked

      1. Yes I believe you random guy that with no actually proof that cops shoot dogs, I stand behind you lol. Go find some proof or stop making shit up.

        1. Oh look it’s the psycho crazy nutcase Thenumber4 talking to himself again. Hey fruit loops how did you convince the Doctor to let you out of the mental hospital?

          1. You have the right to remain silent so please shut the hell up. Hahaha and also I’m more of a captain crunch guy over fruit loops

          2. Well, esse, the proof that cops shoot dogs is just a google search. Esse, it’s “puppycide”.

            When you do that search, esse, you’re going to find cops have shot Bernese, Newfs, Chihuahuas, Labradors running away, Poodles, Cocker Spaniels, and, esse, even dogs on chains. You aren’t going to find noblility, esse, your going to find a lot or coward using “I was afraid”. And you’re going to find a lot of cop houses saying it’s okay because their cops were afraid, but they’ll claim it’s bravery. Esse, it’s all about the fear.

            Esse, no cop shoots because he’s brave, he shoots because he’s afraid. If he shoots someone without fear, he’s part of my gang, esse. You can’t recognize that, esse, because you think shooting is brave. You think killing is brave. Killing is easy. Being brave is something else.

            Killing dogs isn’t brave, it’s easy. Cowards shoot dogs because they know it’s easy. If shooting dogs required real proof of danger, cop’s wouldn’t shoot so many dogs.

            Esse, I got sympathy for cops. My gang kills dogs, but all are two legged. Esse, two legs or four, it’s just semantics. It’s all about the fear. It isn’t brave, esse, but a white thinks it is because he has to think cops are brave. Cops that kill because they’re afraid just doesn’t work in your Anglo world. I mean, esse, you’re afraid that they may be afraid of you. That’s just not white.

          3. why you hiding behind a keyboard you little troll bitch. you little fucking coward would get your head put all over the street fucking pussy

        2. Esse, you have no proof you aren’t a crack whore. But, esse, even crack whores know cops shoot dogs.

          Esse, you’re so behind the curve if you wait long enough you might be ahead of the curve. The rest of have no time to wait for you to catch up.

      2. If we have to make up fake Chinese aphorisms, with a touch of zen: “when a dog barks and a cop shoots, who is brave and who is the coward?”.

        To make it a koan:
        “The dog barks, why do you fear it?’
        “Because when the dog barks it means to attack”
        “Which is attacking, the dog or your fear?”

        1. Ok where do you buy your crack cause to write those you must have been on something

          1. “Ok where do you buy your crack cause to write those you must have been on something”. When you’re trying to be witty about crack don’t write like you’re on crack.

            So you don’t know what a koan is? Or a fake Chinese aphorism? And you think I’m on crack?

            Shit, esse, you just proved you are on crack. I mean it’s so obvious. Next you’ll claim you’re an Anglo and then claim Anglos never use crack.

            Hey, esse, don’t be so obvious. Esse, you shame us. What the fuck were you thinking, you fake Anglo?

  2. Hmmm,. I notice….suspiciously…..that you don’t discuss what KIND of call the officer was responding to. Hmmmm…..I wonder why that might be?

    1. Always missing the point. You are desperately hoping that the officer was called to this location because of a “vicious puppy violently maiming
      children,” because that is the ONLY way this shit would be tolerated.

      1. 3:
        I’m not desperate for anything. But you should question what you are being sold. There’s a reason why the author didn’t include that part. If you look at the comment by @Common Sense….I’d bet you’d be educated. Not enlightened….but at least educated.

        You are being sold BS and you just ask for a larger fork with which to eat it. Quite sad.

        1. No I get it. I read the full articles on this. The dogs were grouping up around a scarex woman who stayed in her car because of them. Again you can’t excuse kissing noises (a clear indication no threat was present) followed by execution. Sad is trying to defend this.

          1. 3:
            Now your issue isn’t that the dog was shot, but how it was shot?
            Well… they say on the news….let’s roll tape.

            Now…on the video you don’t see anything of what is around the officer as that part has been edited out (again…..I wonder why.). We don’t know if there are houses, parks, schools, a parade…..because that part of the video is edited out.
            So the officer….responding “to a call” (which again…this author doesn’t want you to know what anything about) finds the dogs in a grassy area….where he has a great background. He’s in a raised position with a soft surface. Any rounds will stay where they hit. The dog…..if you’ll notice was walking up the hill away from that location. So the officer signals and gets its attention before it leaves.

            And YOU think that’s wrong?


          2. Yes the video was only about where the dogs were when the cop shot. It was only about their behavior at the time of the shooting.

            I’m very glad he had a great background to shoot. Cops often shoot when there isn’t.

    2. Well, he responding to a cop afraid of dogs jumping on his car. (Well, it wasn’t a cop, but pissing pants is universal, cops do it.)

      Then he shot one dog that wasn’t being aggressive. A postal worker would have the dog licking his/her hand.

      1. The officer was outnumbered. Read the story next time you comment.

        1. For the troll, was he outnumbered by numbers or by weight?

          The dogs likely totaled 40 to 50 pounds together, the cop was likely 180 to 210. Using the lowest numbers for both that’s a ratio of 4.5. When cops go against humans in comfort the ratio is equal or greater. So, really, this cop was really brave (the bravest of the brave because he could have been bitten) to go against these dogs, except for the gun and the wagging tails.

      2. Ray:
        So….your alternative? Let the dog run loose and continue to menace the neighborhood until it finds someone that isn’t prepared and they get mauled? A child perhaps?

        Dog is t worth anyone getting bitten. It isn’t worth any child or adult living in fear. If you can’t control your aggressive and dangerous dog…’s better off dead.

        1. False alternative followed with a worst case argument, which often go hand in hand. The problem with the video is that the aggressive behavior wasn’t there.

          No one should live in fear, but no living thing, human or otherwise, should be killed by an unfounded fear. A threat can be real, it can also be only in the mind of a fearful human that interprets too many actions as threats when they aren’t. It’s the part you leave out.

          I agree with you that an aggressive, dangerous dog should be put down. I’ve done it twice, the second time because the dog had grown old and became dangerous from the pain it was suffering.

          1. The “problem with the video” is
            that is has been edited. And it was edited to sucker you in….and in your limited thinks g fashion… fell for it.

          2. Yep, the video left out their birth, running around as pups, their graduation from elementary dog school, and their jumping on cars in celebration.

            However, it did show their behavior at the time of the shooting. Why is it that that is so hard to understand for you? Why do you have to drag in things not pertinent? Why do you have to make so many transparent, facile, specious excuses?

            I know, I know, it’s always about what happened before if that can be used as an excuse.

    3. Red Herring !It doesnt matter what kind of call the cop was responding to.When he arrived and saw a frolicking little sweet dog he has to have the skills to assess that there is no threat and capture not kill some ones private property.If he is not skilled enough to see a puppy is not a threat then he has no business being in law enforcement.So all your gotcha is just a bunch of no logic having bullshit.But to be expected from a boot licker pussy.

      1. Ass:
        Herring is a fish….not a dog.

        Geez….even for a CBer that’s extra dumb.

    4. see all cops are afraid all the time!They want us to be afraid all the time so we will pay them.Get it!

  3. What did the officers respond to? The author says “a call” What was the call?

    1. What you are saying is, you desperately hope that the officer was called to this location because of a “vicious puppy violently maiming children,” because the shit you defend these cops with cant stand up for shit against this one unless that is the ONLY situation that transpired. Rofl…

      1. Essentially. Cops and cop apologists are just off about dogs, the former because they are afraid of dogs, the latter because they have to make every excuse for cops they can (usually, it was a pit bull or a rottie even it looked liked a poodle, you can never be too sure).

        Out of my last eight pets, 5 were caught outright (three were cats, two left scars, one of those two was the best damn cat I ever had, loved dogs, children, but hated adults especially my MIL, I’m so proud of him). Of the dogs caught, one was my only dog, a cop pants-pissing doberman mutt, and the second is close (a terrier-chihuahua mix that would make cops run for safety because it barks). The others were a Bernese ( a highly dangerous dog because it barks while running backwards), a Chow-German Shepard rescue (she will bark but if you get too close she’ll french kiss), and a Lab-pug (very frightening, she jumps, licks, and barks).

        Cops and dogs is an illustration of how humans can piss their pants, justify killing because they were pissing their pants, and expect the rest of us to buy in. The more cops kill dogs, the more credibility they lose as to the bravest of the brave, and they give as more perspective to judge their bravery.

      2. You are a typical idiot. I asked a question not pass a judgement. The questions I asked were not in the article. Moron

    2. If you do just a little searching (yeah, I should use that), it was a citizen in a car afraid because dogs were jumping on his/her car. So, like a call to service over vicious 10 year-olds, he had no choice.

      I could have caught these dogs without a bite. Done it numerous times. But then, I didn’t have a gun all those times.

      1. What searching. Why didn’t the author just add what the call was? How do you know you could have caught those dogs without a bite? You are just talking.

        1. You are a vulgar epithet. There are a lot of cop hires that should never be hired and no attempt to ensure that they are temperamentally suitable. If fearful of dog she should have ensured animal control was called.

          1. Again, the article did not say why the officer was called to that scene. IT should have been in the article. It’s the owners who are telling the story and it is very one sided.

          2. If you had looked elsewhere, the call was that the three dogs were jumping against a car and the occupant(s) feared for their safety. There is no report of an “attack” otherwise but to paint.

            However, “I feared for my safety” is a justification for killing.

          3. Ray:
            Really? You found out that info? Wow. Wonder why the author left that out? And edited the video? Hmmmm.

          4. Exactly!!! Or we the tax payers quit paying them and terminate that position.Unfortunatly most animal controll officers will just shoot them as well.reallity is most cops are pussies.Small scared little bitches that became cops because they are small scared little bitches.

        2. One, because of the behavior exhibited in the video. Two, I don’t think there are only the two alternatives of immediate obedience or hurt it. Three, I would have taken my time, I don’t operate from the paradigm “I have no time for this shit” so hurt it.

  4. 3 pit bulls were aggressively roaming the neighborhood after they escaped their yard, the one shot apparently cornered 2 women.

    1. Yeah, and if these dogs were those 3 pit bulls you’d have a point. CS, cops have shot Bernese and Newfs (that’s like claiming I feared for my safety over a rug that barks), Chihuahuas (biting my ankles could lead to my death), Labs running away (well, they could have turned around), Poodles ( well, toys and miniatures are as deadly as standard), and all sorts of dogs that aren’t Pits or Rotties (83% of attacks, but when you can’t tell a chihauhau from a pit, a poodle, or a rottie, it’s all good because they could have been pits or rotties, and that split second cops have has nothing to do with identifying a threat, but just all about their fear). It isn’t about the dog, it’s about the police.

      If it weren’t, postal employees and meter readers, not to mention pool cleaners and yardmen, should shoot more dogs, yours included. They deal with them by day and week and month. I will support you all the way when you say that a postal employee, your pool cleaner, your meter reader, and your yardman, after having shot your dog, were fully justified because they feared for their safety. It’s nothing if not fair.

      1. Ahhh…is that dogshit I smell?

        Dogs don’t have constitutional rights… the people…not the dogs.
        We don’t have to feared safety….we can shoot if we have a clear shot.

        You are the smartest guy in the room because you watch tv.

        1. Replying to the troll, it obviously has nothing to do with Constitutional rights. Killing things has to be justified, and “I feared for my safety” is a poor justification. Otherwise, whenever I feared for my safety I should be able to kill and be forgiven for killing because I feared for my safety.

          The measure is was your safety in jeopardy, not that you feared for your safety. One of the funny things justifying that argument of “I feared for my safety” in copland is that “cops only have a split second”, the rest of us have 10’s of seconds even minutes. That’s why the phrase “I feared for my safety” by other citizens is laughed at by cops, prosecutors, and the legal system. It only applies to cops; the rest of us have all the time in the world, and that phrase “I feared for my safety” has to be throughly and rigorously examined. A cellphone or a wallet is not a reason to fear for your safety.

          1. Again with the canned…as seen on tv version.

            How predictable…I can’t stop laughing.


          2. Troll, just simply troll. A buffoon..

            But I like the ellipse, you are getting t. down. At some point no one here will be able to tell the difference, which only makes you a consummate liar.

            I guess in a world of no other accomplishments, consummate liar is something to hold on to to make you special. But it isn’t something to be proud of unless you think consummate liar is the only thing you can reach to be proud. The rest of us have ideals to be proud. Like not being a lying buffoon.

          3. You’re one of them, that’s clear. The majority is against your view and eventually, the majority will prevail. All police will be forced to buy, carry and maintain $2 million minimum personal liability insurance, with no corresponding pay/benefit increase to cover it. That will cause 95% of them to leave the occupation, and we WILL be safer, more protected—and definitely—better served. Laughter? From where we are, it sounds like flatulence activity on your part.

        2. yes but the cops job is to serve and protect thats why killing my proprety is a crime.come on my property and shoot my horse and see how fast you go to jail.It also works with my chickens ,pigs ,cows they all can be dangerous but cops arnt killing them all over america.Somehow my dog is different.

          1. Ass:
            If your horse goes off and starts
            Menacing the neighborhood… might need to be shot.

            My “protecting” may
            We’ll be to shot your dog, or your horse, or you. I may have to protect others FROM you.

    2. watch the video, that’s a lie.

    3. BTW, if you didn’t notice, all of these dogs weren’t pit bulls. If you take notice on pit bulls, while they make up a large percentage of bites with rotties included, 83% in fact, neither pit bulls nor rotties usually bite people.
      So my previous koan:
      “The dog barks, why do you fear it?’
      “Because when the dog barks it means to attack”
      “Which is attacking, the dog or your fear?”

      1. Ray:
        Oh my.
        Pit ills and “rotties” make up “83% in fact” of bites……but wait for
        It…wait……keep waiting (it’s worth it)….”NEITHER PITBULLS NOR ROTTIES USUALLY BITE PEOPLE”

        Everyone….that is a level of dumbness for the ages.

        1. ASPCA citing 1994 stats: About 4.7 million people in the USA are bitten by dogs, 800,000 are severe enough to sick medical treatment. Of the deaths, approx 200 per year, two breeds are responsible for close to all (others are outliers and very): pit bulls and rotties. All caps changes nothing.

          Stats from later years up to 2013 say the very same thing. As the severity of the bite goes up towards mauling, the number of breeds involved (including mutt not pit bull or rottie) goes down. Pit bulls and Rotties swamp the death stats. This is consistent across sites addressing dog bites.

          However, you are right. Bites that lead to serious injury (going to the emergency room does not always mean serious injury), permanent injury, or death, are rare at each step. Dog bites aren’t.

          I’ve caught roaming rotties and pit bulls and have taken them back to their owners. My chances are low for being bitten, especially if you follow some simple precautions and watch the behavior.

          1. Ray:
            Geez idiot. Read what you wrote.

            You quote stats about dog bites. You say that 83% of those bites are made by pits and rotties. The part you are missing imbecile is that THEY ARE BITES. Meaning…people are being BITTEN.

            Holy smokes but you’re dumb.

          2. I do expect not only some background knowledge from you but also applying some thought. The 4.7 million bites are from all types of dogs (there are a number of breeds that nip, which is a bite, such as chihuahuas, cockers, most small breeds, and herding dogs that use nipping to herd). The 83% has to do with the serious end of biting, often called mauling (ripped muscle, tendon, ligaments, broken bones, combine as necessary) and/or death.

            You’re right all are bites. I assume cops run to the emergency room when nipped by a Chihauhau? After all, all bites are equal.

            I keep forgetting everything has to be explained to you in fine detail so you can understand it. I left out that pit bulls and rotties are overwhelmingly responsible for maulings, kind of follows doesn’t it by working back from deaths.

          3. Ray:
            Oh my. Your dumb is giving me a headache.

            So now….the number has grown to 4.7million bites. Of which….”83%”come from pits and rotties. And now…of those…they are mauling type injuries..

            So let’s recap for the viewers at home (that might think you are smart):

            – On a Thread about an officer shooting a pitbull that was menacing the nieghborhood
            – You have offered up (I guess as a way to say the officer did something wrong) that 83% of all dog bites come from pitbulls and/or “rotties”
            -and now you are even acknowledging that the injuries sustained by people bitten (83% of the time) by pits and rotties suffer serious injuries and “mauling”.

            Now….having recapped. You remain a colossal idiot.

          4. No, but you have purposely distorted what I’ve written. First from your having no background, and now by just willful ignorance in order to maintain your ignorance and thus your point. And that should be apparent to anyone reading this thread.

            But you gave something away with this “an officer shooting a pitbull that was menacing the nieghborhood”, because when the cop shot the pitbull mutt he wasn’t menacing the neighborhood. Moreover, you can’t be sure the pitbull mutt was ever menacing the neighborhood other than a call over dogs jumping on a car and scaring the driver/passenger.

            Calvo’s labrador (a truly vicious breed) was shot while running away because it was aggressive, they may have used menacing, because it was aggressive while running away. The dog in this video clip wasn’t menacing a neighborhood, or the officer, at the time of the shooting. You use words to set up and justify false choices.

          5. The reason why stats say its pits and rotties who are the most responsible is because they can cause the most harm with their strong jaws. I did a paper on this over college. More dogs that are considered “the family dog” such as the Golden Retriever actually bite more then Pits. But that doesn’t show up because it isn’t “news-worthy” and doesn’t sell. Also many dog bites from “less-aggressive” breeds go unreported.

          6. And I had a fractious dog and did a lot of reading on the subject. The dogs that bite more are herding dogs, they herd by nipping, and a lot of the smaller dogs like cockers, chihuahuas, even pomeranians. But we have to make a distinction between serious bites and non-serious. And that goes to your bites that go unreported. It isn’t “less aggressive” it’s “less serious” as your very first sentence acknowledges.

            When I made my first comment I made the mistake of not making the distinction of serious and non-serious, I thought it was common background. I was mistaken.

            Please don’t try to blame this on the media, the stats I gave come from groups like the SPCA and the American Humane Society. I’ll give you the hysteria regarding the two breeds where all dogs of those breeds are killing machines just waiting to strike, that is the media, but the stats aren’t from the media.

  5. That cop is a fucking pussy and needs to be tied up and thrown in with the sharks, OOps never mind the tying up just toss him in even let him have his gun, HE STILL WILL DIE

  6. seriously if the cop was truly afraid of a 6 month old puppy then he is too much of a coward to be a cop

  7. Looks like a brave and smart officer….a role model copblockers should look up to.

    1. He killed a harmless dog, who posed no threat at all to him. How is shooting a dog like that smart?

  8. Cops are spoiled rotten with government protection. They’re no different than rich girls who microwave kittens.

  9. Cops are spoiled rotten with government protection.

  10. Kevin Dupre – “Dupre”…. isn’t that French, for “Piece o’ Shit”? I think it is.

  11. When animal control showed up, they should have thrown the officer in their truck. Pig.

      1. Umm… to terminate a police officer for killing a harmless dog for no reason who, posed no threat at all to him. I think the petition is quite self-explanatory.

        1. I was just trying to agitate the troll….not advocate for anything else. :D

        2. Make stuff up:
          Like I just wrote to rusty… have zero idea of the truth. This story lies to you. The video has been edited to show you only what you want too see.
          When the story is researched… sounds like the officer did an excellent job. Blame the dogs owner.

          1. lol. Troll alert!

      2. To save lives, you idiotic troll. It won’t take too much more of this crap before people start shooting back. While, the vast majority of gun owners wouldn’t even think about shooting a cop, there are plenty of nuts out there who will. If we can get the cops to stop shooting dogs on whim…it will greatly reduce their chances of meeting a dog owner who will.

        1. Rusty:
          You know NOTHING about this incident. The author is clearly and intentionally misleading you. YOU accept that the author won’t tell you the whole story. YOU accept that the video has been edited.
          Dude… are a salesmanship wet dream because you buy everything.

          1. I AM in Texas, not too far from this…..this IS local news.

          2. Well….then post/link the whole video.
            Post/link the whole story of the incident.

            Show us all how wrong I am.
            I’m betting though…that I am spot on.

          3. little lying coward troll stop hiding bitch

  12. I thought what the cop did to a non-threatening dog was sad but I was wrong. Seeing all the comments defend this cop is even sadder than what happened in this video.

  13. There are some reeeeally fucked up people commenting on this article about a seriously sick,cowardly, fucked in the head wannabe robocop. I’ve seen neutered Hamsters with more balls than this pathetic excuse for a human ( ? ).

  14. Here’s an update on this case. The officer was clear from any wrongdoing. Contact the ASPCA, the police department, animal rights groups and your local, state and federal government and let them know how you feel about this! But be polite. Being rude and harsh will get you nowhere. Animal cruelty must be stopped and being a police officer should not excuse you from being punished for shooting a dog for no reason. Let them you know you demand changes in the law so that EVERY PERSON will be punished for animal cruelty, not everyone except police officers. Animal cruelty is not a victimless crime. Families and owners of the animals are victims too. They are left without a best furry friend!

    Website for Cleburne PD.

    Contact for ASPCA:

    Animal shelters/groups in Cleburne, Texas (Look under Cleburne, Texas)

    Congressmen in Texas (e-mail, phone and fax numbers are included). Only in Cleburne, Senators John Cornyn, Ted Cruz, Representativess Mike Conaway and Roger Williams are the Congressmen.

  15. To be fair, not all cops are bad. Watching this video, however, rightly makes me feel all John Wick inside, as I’m sure any good cop would agree.

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