Javy Rodriguez shared the content below via the CopBlock.org/Submit page, which documents an allegation of rape against his mother by a Puerto Rican policeman. The Puerto Rican Police Department has an especially bad reputation in regards to crimes committed by employees of that outfit and a lack of accountability for those crimes, after the fact.

Island of Impunity: Puerto Rico’s Outlaw Police Force” a June 2012 report by the ACLU states: “The Puerto Rico Police Department is the second-largest police department in the United States. It has been plagued by pervasive corruption, domestic violence, and other crime within the police force. The high incidence of criminal conduct among the PRPD’s ranks is symptomatic of a larger institutional dysfunction of the police department’s policing and disciplinary systems.”

*This post has now been updated with new information received from Javy Rodriguez on December 24, 2014. See below the original post for that update.*

Date of Incident: 04/03/2011
Individuals Responsible: Sgt. Javier Gerardo Figueroa Montanez, LT. Madeline Velazquez, Ofc. Gelly, District Attorney Radames Vega, Judge Mary Del Pilar Moreno, César R. Miranda Rodriguez (Secretary of justice in Puerto Rico), and several other unidentified employees of the Puerto Rican Police Department (PRPD)
Outfits Involved: Puerto Rican Police Department (PRPD), Región Judicial de Guayama, Puerto Rico (Guayama Regional Court)
Phone: 787-866-2020
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Link to Story (In Spanish)http://www.primerahora.com/noticias/policia-tribunales/nota/mujeracusaapoliciadeviolarla-522346/

Puerto Rico: Island of ImpunityOn April 3rd, 2011 at approx. 3 AM, My mother Lillian Rodriguez was walking home from a bar. She decided to walk home since she lived approx. 10 minutes walking distance away from her home. To avoid drinking and driving, she left her vehicle at her mother’s house. While on her way home, she was offered a ride by Sergeant Javier Figueroa, a 22 year veteran of the police force in Puerto Rico, who was on duty at the time, in full uniform, and driving a police vehicle . With all the trust in the world since he was a cop, my mother Lillian boarded his vehicle to get home safe.

Once she showed Javier where she lived, he pulled up in front of my mother’s house, let her out, and followed her to the door. My mother stated to him “There is no need to escort me to the door. I am fine” The cop insisted he would escort her to the door. Once my mother opened the door she went in and he followed her inside aggressively while knocking a hand mirror that was on the table next to the door to the floor. (Which he picked back up and placed back on the table, first DNA evidence, finger prints) He than locked the door behind him and approached my mother aggressively.

Lillian began to ask why is he in her house and why did he lock the door, while telling him to leave immediately. He continued to walk towards her and told her to take off her pants (while holding his gun) Lillian began to cry and asked him “Why are you doing this?” He replied by telling her to shut up and do what he says that “if you scream no one will believe you” “Do not make this harder than it has to be for yourself” He then committed rape and sodomized her in a brutal way with no mercy. After he was done he asked my mother where is the kitchen she pointed to the direction of the kitchen he went and cleaned his penis with a napkin and threw it in the kitchen trash can (second DNA evidence, sperm, fluids).

He quickly left the house and my mother called 911. She then called a friend to tell her what happened and to take her to the hospital. Police arrived at the hospital to take a statement from Lillian, but one of the officers, named LT. Madeline Velazquez, is related to the sergeant who committed the crime. This was unknown at the time that my mother gave the statement. In total, four officers where involved in the cover up for the accused sergeant. Each officer committed perjury and lied four times on official statements. Because each officer could not get their made up stories together, they were given four chances to rewrite their statements so that all four statements/stories would add up, make sense, and be presented in court to make my mother seem like a liar and justify charging her with false accusations.

One of the officers, named Gelly, a veteran of 29 years, was suppose to be the sergeant’s on duty partner for that night, but he was dropped off somewhere else. He lied multiple times on a statement, stating that the sergeant was with him at all times. Three months later the DNA evidence of the mirror and napkin the sergeant used finally came back from forensics and confirmed that it was positive that it matched Sergeant Javier Figueroa. The DA quickly made a deal with four officers, including Javier’s partner, that if they testified against the sergeant that they would keep their jobs and not be charged with perjury.

The trial has been going on for two years already. The DA, Radames Vega from Tribunal of Guayama, Puerto Rico, has been manipulating my mother’s case, tampering with the officers and my mother’s statement to try and clear the sergeant of any wrong doing, so he can get his job back. Javier is on paid administrative leave for over three years and six months now (since 4/8/2011). My mother’s case is being carried out with an unfair bias, even the judge, Mary Del Pilar Moreno, is leaning towards the sergeant’s favor in this case. I have contacted FBI to investigate this case over and over again for the corruption that is happening but I get no answers.

This case needs media and/or public attention again so this pig and the other four pigs, along with him, get exposed, Puerto Rican Police Department Rape Allegationtaken off the streets, and sent to prison; before it’s too late and this trial is over. Next court date is November 6, 2014 (updated below) to interview the last three witnesses’. The case number is GDP2012-0104. I have posted a link (in Spanish) of a popular Puerto Rican news paper that covered this case when it first came to light and interviewed my mother. She was also on two major TV shows in PR about this case. I have also uploaded a picture of the pig Javier Gerardo Figueroa Montanez who’s Facebook profile can also be found with that name. The profile pic is him on a motorcycle. Just adding that as you may well know PR Police dept run on US government funds and the same constitutional rights apply in Puerto Rico, as here in the U.S.


Puerto Rican Police Department Rape ClaimAfter posting the original submission, I contacted Javy Rodriguez for an update, since the original court date mentioned was in November. This is his response concerning the current state of the case:

The case was delayed yet again. My mother wrote a letter to the secretary of justice in Puerto Rico he started to investigate the case but the DA in charge of my mother’s case has now refused to continue the case therefore delaying the case and it has been suspended to January but no exact date, the secretary of Puerto Rico is now involved but those officers that committed perjury are still on duty and as far as the rapist sergeant he is still on the street. Attached is a picture of a recent article in the news paper of Puerto Rico. (In Spanish unfortunately). Also, the secretary of Puerto Rico is more involved in the case but we can not put in any trust in his words either. His name is César R. Miranda Rodriguez (Secretary of justice in Puerto Rico).

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  1. Wow.
    I don’t know if this is true or not. But who talks like that? “There’s no need to escort me to the door”

    1. Someone who is respectful and polite, especially to militant law enforcement…

      1. Gray:
        Wrong. The answer is no one. And that is what’s sad……those little hard to believe things taints the whole story.

        1. I have to agree. I doubt, very much the words “There’s no need to escort me to the door” were ever spoken in this incident. Considering the alleged incident took place in Puerto Rico, I would be it was something more like “No hay necesidad de que me acompañara a la puerta, estoy bien”.”

          What’s sad is that a person so ignorant that he expects a perfect translation and then assumes he’s qualified to pass judgement on how that translation indicates anything about the voracity of the claim is the best defender of police.

          1. Even coming from that douche, I can’t believe somebody would be so stupid.

          2. CC Señor:
            No…I get all that. But it’s still HER FREAKING DAUGHTERS writing this. And that’s not the only thing about this story…just the funniest to me. The aggressive rapist who stop to pick up,the mirror he knocked over. Uh huh.

            And if you’d slow your stupid roll…..you’d see that I never said this DIDNT happen.
            CBers just have this tendency to write in such a nonsensical style. They want to include things that a fanciful crap or things that have no bearing on the incident. A good example of that is all of the “vets” that want to describe the war time heroics and sacrifices….like it pertains to the police dealing with them about their illegally parked cars. Just nonsense.

            Oh yea, about the translation. If you noticed…..nothing else in the story is written that way. Maybe momma and daughter speak pretty good English after all huh?

          3. No…I get all that. But it’s still HER FREAKING DAUGHTERS writing this.

            You really have no credibility when it comes to assessing the proper Spanish vernacular of a story written by Javy Rodriguez “which documents a…rape against his mother by a Puerto Rican policeman” which you conclude was written by the victim’s daughter.

            One might conclude you are illiterate in more than one language,

          4. CC:
            I never claimed to be an expert. You clearly are. And again…..I didn’t write the article. Her daughter did. Her daughter……who is assumingly an expert in Spanish and in speaking with her own mother. She wrote it. If you don’t like the translation……take it up,with her as I didn’t do,it.

          5. A) I refuse to believe that any human being doesn’t understand manners, and professionalism
            B) I absolutely believe that you do not possess any of the above
            C) The english version you’re reading is a translation from spanish. The BIBLE has several different translastion, but all are penned in Latin, Greek, and Aramaic, two dead languages that haven’t changed much, and yet, we have multiple translations and versions.
            D) Q.E.D

          6. Greg:
            You beleive whatever you’d loke and whatever helps you get through the night

          7. And again…..I didn’t write the article. Her daughter did. Her daughter…

            You’re gonna stick with that despite the first line which states, “Javy Rodriguez shared the content below via the CopBlock.org/Submit page, which documents an allegation of rape against his mother by a Puerto Rican policeman” I guess. How sad.

            And you’re the one who voiced a concern with the translation, not me. I have no issues with it.

    2. anyone that is afraid of armed thugs known to rape, murder, and plunder the population. losethename.com

    3. Um, moron. What would you say to decline someone escorting you to your door? That is the appropriate phraseology. Maybe you’re just too much of a barbarian to understand that.

      More likely, it is just you attacking anyone accusing a cop. Not because you don’t believe them, but because you’ve made it clear you choose Team Blue over the truth any time.

      1. Geez dork
        Did I say it didn’t happen? My point is when you write things like this…with all of the pulp paperback novel touches……makes it sound ridiculous.

    4. Are you THAT dumb? Really? Here’s a clue, bright eyes – they were speaking Spanish. Do you think those were the exact words used?

      1. really dumb:
        Ummm….it’s her FREAKING DAUGHTERS writing this story. SHE SAYS that is what her mother said. I didn’t say it. She says her mom said it that way.

        Maybe you a “closed eyes”. That would explain a lot.

        Geez but you’re dumb.

        1. Takes one to know one. y, por su informacion, Espanol es mas facil para communicar que inglais, gringo.

          1. Probably doesn’t hold true for a technical conversation. Then it would be English or German.

        2. LOL. Backpedal away, homer.

    5. How can you even say ‘if it’s true or not’? They have DNA evidence. Is it that difficult for you to comprehend this kind of fucked up act? It’s sickening that the second thing you think is ‘no one talks like that’. Even if it’s a translation, news flash: not everyone is limited on their vocabulary like you apparently are. It’s literally talking in a polite and professional manner. You’re acting like you’ve never heard that combination of words.

    1. Of course rape is interesting to a freaking defective deviant such as you, slaps. Sick ass bestiality video posting psycho. My sis is right, you need psychotropic meds, homer. You’re a danger to yourself and others.

        1. You’re about to get a hard lesson.

          1. More threats by a dumbass copblocker.

        2. Always with the weird and sick video posts. Here’s a clue, slaps, after your bestiality video posting incident, no sane person would EVER follow a link you post. Probably get your IP listed by some Justice Department software, sick kind of shit you get into.

          1. You know who is in the videos. You have never proven I posted “bestiality” videos. I believe you posted them. I believe you are living your life in a delusion you created. I know your IP is listed.

    2. You are nuts fuck face. Fucking disgusting maggot. I will fucking teach you. Fucker.

      1. More pathetic threats. You need to get off your dad’s lap, pull up your big girl panties, and go play with your dollies

  2. there is only one way to solve problems like this.

  3. For t: losethename.com
    legality is not reality. not ever!

    1. comb:
      Stupidity is your reality.

      But please…..drop out of society immediately. And don’t come back. And that means no using my roads (or anything that was transported on them. Nor any power that was delivered via power lines on governmnet required easements. Same goes for the water.

      Have fun in the Stone Age dumb ass

      1. I was going to suggest the same for you.

        1. Grey:
          Naw. I like indoor plumbing.

  4. Is it rape if he doesn’t pay, or how does it work…..

    1. Did you seriously link fox news as a citation? Holyshit, that’s hilarious. Your whole point has been invalided.

  5. Pink paintballs filled with LSD should do the trick to bring these war torn, loose cannon, trigger happy piggy coppers in cute little cop costumes down from the clouds. Who knows, it might “change their minds.” The pig police are worse for your health than fast food (liberty cabbage and freedumb fries included), “terrorism” and cigarettes combined. Time to use whatever means necessary in protecting yourselves and the ones you love (including your family pets) from these sadistic psychopath, child raping, murdering, cowardly lying, roid-raged pigs. ;)

  6. Is it rape if you under pay?

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