The following post and accompanying video were shared with the CopBlock Network by Lance Davis, via the Submissions Page.

The description included below documents the undesired “service” Davis received from three deputies with the White County (TN) Sheriff’s Office.

Date of Incident: October 4, 2014
Individuals Involved: Three unidentified employees of the White County (TN) Sheriff’s Office
Department Involved: White County (TN) Sheriff’s Office (Lt. Janice Hale = Commander of Warrants Division)
Department Phone No.: (931) 836-3028
Department Fax No.: (931) 836-1524
Department Email: [email protected]
Department Website:
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I was inside the garage of my house while my wife was in the living room with our two children, one of whom is eight years old and the another who is just nine weeks old. She shouted to me that a patrol car had come down the driveway and parked next to the house. I walked to the back door and stepped outside where a deputy was approaching. He asked for my name, which I provided him, and asked if I knew a man named Gary Baker, which I do not. He then informed me that they have an arrest warrant for Mr. Baker and an anonymous tip that he was at my house. I informed him Mr. Baker was not here and that they were not allowed inside my house. He claimed that they had a warrant allowing them inside, which I told him he needed to provide me before I would allow them entrance. The deputy called over his supervisor, who walked around the house and told me I was supposed to allow them inside.

At this point, a third deputy walked out of my house directly behind me through the same back door I had exited. I asked him why he was inside without permission and he told me “the front door was open so I just walked in.” We had left the main door open, but the storm door was securely closed, so he had entered a closed door without permission. I stepped aside to allow him to exit the building and at this point the two deputies took the opportunity to walk back into my house and resume their search, as I repeatedly told them they did not have permission to do so. I then grabbed my phone and started recording the incident as one deputy was searching through my garage.

After they found nothing, the three deputies gathered on my back porch and attempted to explain why they had just harassed my family and searched my house. The entire conversation is recorded on video, as well as one of the deputies continuing to search my shed. They again reported that they were looking for a man they had a felony arrest warrant for and that they had been given an anonymous tip that he was at my house. They claimed this allowed them to search my house without my permission, even though they did not provide me with written proof of said warrant. After the conversation, the deputies departed.

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  1. So instead of producing a warrant they ran away? Give thanks no dogs were shot in the process. PLEASE follow up on this and file a complaint, then go to the media!

    1. yes most definitely avoid my comments.

  2. How will the Donut-Eaters Justice Brigade (Common Sense, t, and the other cop-sucking morons that defend every illegal activity their heroes in blue conduct at every turn) defend this? How will they ignore the steroid head punk that barged his way through the house? How these criminals with badges ignored the pleas for the warrant? How the “spokesman”, the “good cop”, lied incessantly about the warrant?

    Or how this abuse will be just another slap in the face of real justice; being just another wink and a nod indicating that its ok that they do this.

    1. They’re a creative bunch, dude. You’d be surprised how far they can stretch facts/ignorance. They’ll come up with SOMETHING. Watch and learn…

  3. OK, as a former retired law enforcement officer and now a legal investigator for any attorney, the actions of these deputies was extremely illegal, and based on the CI information, they could not obtain a search warrant, which they obviously did not have. They blatantly violated this man’s civil rights and abused their authority. I would suggest a law suit against the Sheriff and the Deputies and you may also wish to file a civil rights violation under the Color of Law Federal Code with the F.B.I., they will investigate such conduct. There is something called the Constitution, I guess that they are not familiar with that document..

    1. RD:
      You can’t know and certainly not prove any of that from this video.
      I’m not saying that you aren’t right….I’m just saying that you can’t prove any of it from this video.

      1. The video proves one thing for sure, a search without consent. Now that leaves the question of the warrant. Warrants are not open ended, do what you want documents. Constitutionally, it is supposed to be very specific. Now if there is a warrant, something cops would easily lie about, that then leaves the question of on what basis a judge issued a warrant. Unfortunately, there are a lot of rubber stamp judges who issue warrants on demand. Remember a judge issued a warrant for an invasive medical search over clenched butt cheeks.

        1. Shawn:
          No it doesn’t even prove that. You have these guy saying that. There was another adult present that doesn’t appear on the video.

          1. Actually, yes it does. The man says that they do not have a search warrant, and the cop says “It is called probable cause.” He is implicitly admitting they do not have a search warrant. Furthermore, on both accounts of an officer going to get the warrant, probably an arrest warrant, they failed do so.

          2. Probable cause? They need more than the word of some stranger that the person is in such and such a house.

          3. It proves they were going to get the warrant to show the home owner and they just left because they didn’t have it. I hope the home owner has the balls to pursue a lawsuit.

          4. It’s not worth the lawsuit. They didn’t damage anything, beat him up, etc. The offense to his rights would not be assigned very much monetary value. He would easily win legal fees and a token cash payment, but not much else.

          5. $30,000 is $30,000 he didn’t have before officers violated his rights. That’s usually the “token” payment amount.

          6. Yes, it is worth the lawsuit, may stop the cops from doing this to you.

          7. Police don’t care about losing lawsuits; they don’t pay the bill. Also, I can stop the police just fine on my own. I exercise all my constitutional rights.

          8. I’d rather go the legal route if I can.The cops were wrong but I don’t want to be responsible for anybodies death unless there is no other choice with my back to the wall.Taking someone’s life has consequences and you don’t get a redo because of later regrets.

          9. I’d never suggest killing a cop over their misbehavior; it’s immoral and illegal. You don’t have to hurt people to defend your rights. The converse is true as well though. A police officer isn’t going to shoot you because you physically prevent them from entering your home, especially when they don’t have a warrant. But making them force their way in or arrest you removes any doubt as to the type and validity of the search they are conducting. Standing up for your rights forces their hand, and makes civil remedies worthwhile.

          10. I have been in that situation before with them pounding on the door demanding entry.They would not produce a warrant and since it was the FBI I knew they would trash the houseand try to entrap me anyway they could..
            They were after the guy that sometimes was up stairs in a seperate apartment but had gone to Cuba.
            They were on a fishing expedition but wanted to bully me into some kind of statement and I wasn’t talking to them.
            When they said they were breaking the door down I snapped,got the shotgun and jacked a round in.I had had enough.
            If they had come in I would have gotten one for sure maybe two. They heard the round going in and they left.
            I’m glad I didn’t and forty years later I reflect on that situation from time to time and I’m very glad they didn’t get in.

          11. If they don’t sue, cops will continue walking all over people’s rights. They need to be called on it each and every time, until cities run out of money paying out for settlements on lawsuits against crooked cops!

          12. When in a fight you should fight with everything you have. While encouraging lawsuits for wrong doing, you should consider other ways to fix the problems. Consider joining the local police force, contacting legislators to change laws that police abuse, etc.

      2. I’m sure you are a police officer. In my country this is impossible!
        The last weeks here in Holland we only see in the news police officers killing people.What’s wrong with your country?

      3. No warrant. No hot pursuit. No consent.
        No search.

        Even someone like you who barely scraped by the Academy should know that

      4. Bullshit. This video has proven it was a search without consent of the owner. It is proof there was no warrant, nor one was presented when requested. And no probable cause. That is proof enough of blatant disregard for the laws against illegal search and seizure , as well as a Felony for Home Invasion.

      5. Did they in fact have a warrant? Take their ass to court and you can prove all sorts of things.Those badges and guns aren’t going to impress that judge.He or she is going to have to decide whether they want to fade that heat for the stupid ass cops at least and there is always appeal.Shop for pro bono legal help and lock your gates.

    2. Whats the point? They will investigate them selves and find they did nothing wrong.

      1. Of course they will, that’s why you file with The Federal DOJ who then has the FBI investigate it, you can also file a Federal Law Suit, believe me the FBI will come out and question them if you file a complaint.

        1. The feds are not going to do anything. Its the federal Government that has allowed, encouraged and equipped these badge wearing fucks to do as they are..

          1. They will if whinning cowads like you let them get away with it.I am not going to be a victim without fighting back some way.If you want to roll over and take it then be my guest.I’m not going to because they will end up taking everything away from us if we don’t resit illlegitimate authority..

  4. The officers had a warrant. You throw a fit and continue arguing with the officers and then ask why they are still there. You cut the recording before the other officer came back getting you the warrant. Why did you do that? The officers didn’t say “anonymous” tip. They said they received a tip the guy they were looking for was at your residence. I believe that is more to this story.

    1. But nobody believes you, SEDDH.

      1. I believe you believe that Spice girl Rain man.

        1. Jc, you sound just like a Tory to me. Please do us all a favor and go back to England. This is the USA, and we have a 4th amendment here, and those tyrannical cops violated it.

          1. Another childish rant by a copblock moron.

          2. Another childish rant by a knob-gobbling bitch who gets passed around at the police station. Why don’t you find some other site to spend your time on, rather than troll this one? You obviously don’t care about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or the legal system in general, which is why you’re defending these three pigs who are clearly violating this man’s rights. Maybe if you’d pay attention to what was said when you watched this video, you would have been able to get some of the facts about what was going on here correct…I’m sure they have plenty of videos of cops being assholes on youtube that you can jerk off too, so you should probably just head on over there rather than stay here and make yourself look even stupider than you already have.

          3. Another crybaby copblocker chimp. You seem to be the troll here. If you don’t believe me look at what you wrote. It’s sad dumbasses such as yourself barely learned how to talk and now has free access on the net.

          4. another person who can only ad hominem.. worthless and invalidates all your statements. Go away please

          5. I believe you believe that.

    2. So why not have the officers show the warrant to the home owner before entry? If they have a copy of the warrant, how hard is it to make a copy before entry to show justification, specifically upon request from the home owner?

      Do you have any consideration for civilians and their rights or do you always believe the police’s story first? Be honest about that, if you can.

      1. You would have to ask the officers that one. But I have seen numerous warrants served executed where who ever is inside are secured before the warrant is shown. I believe there is much more to this story than what was posted. On copblock, I don’t believe all of these stories. There is usually much more to the story than what the author wrote.

      2. its called insolence of office

  5. “He asked for my name” That is because the revenue agents need legal joinder.

    1. “Joinder”. I love the sovereigns. They are so fun to watch act like idiots.

      1. You don’t know what a sovereign is. That’s evident.

        1. “Sovereignty” is a made-up medieval superstition. What naturalistic principle of science is used to determine what is or is not “sovereign”? Answer: “the secret”. Magical thinking. Not science. Can you hook someone up to a sovereign-o-meter and measure their “sovereignty”? “Sovereignty” like the rest of the government religion is based on made-up medieval philosophies like Hobbes and Roussea which are essentially religious or quasi-religious magical thinking-based theories(Hobbes refers to the imaginary “corporate person” of the state, or as he calls it, leviathon, as a god).

          Sovereign citizens have put their own spin on this religious drivel and sort of created their own cult based on their own interpretation of these medieval superstitions. Like thinking a name has magical powers or that all “law” is based on “contracts”, where the actual “contract” only exists in the imagination as an abstraction, not as an actual agreement or contract. Kind of like the invisible higher power of “the state” – it only exists in the mind through the use of faith based or magical thought. There is no scientific naturalistic principle of science to show t represents the “the state”. You can’t hook him up and test the state-ness with a state-o-meter or test the blood to show state or find it on an MRI. Because it is only “true” in the sense that it is imagined to be “true”. Like Santa. Or the tooth fairy. Imagined into existence. “The secret”. Magical thinking.

          1. Instead of being a lying fagot, why not just admit that you are absolutely clueless about what you are talking about? The fact that you use the term “sovereign citizen” proves that you are a moronic dumbfuck that HATES that people realize they don’t have to consent to tyranny.

          2. Sovereignty is definitely NOT “made up”. While I agree with you that individuals claiming sovereignty are deluding themselves, I can show you a sovereign. The United States of America, as a country, is sovereign. Countries of China and Russia are sovereign. They can do whatever they want, and no one can stop them. The USA has been bombing and invading other lands without recourse. Russia just took Crimea… No penalties….

            A sovereign is any person or organization that declares they answer to no one and has the muscle to back it up. Kings used to be sovereign. They’ve simply been replaced by governments.

      2. The flag has a fringe!!!

  6. figure out where the officers live, post their addresses here. maybe somebody can serve some New York justice to these guys.

  7. I’m concerned about the lack of a warrant. Whenever we do a subject search with a valid warrant, we produce a copy to the resident or adult of majority age in control, care or custody of the residence. The resident in the video asked for the warrant several times and in no instance was a warrant produced.

    Further, and this again is personal experience, when we search for a subject with a valid warrant, we do a very thorough search within the spaces provided on the warrant. It seems, based on the video, the officer was just looking around and didn’t overturn any objects in or on which the subject could be hiding.

    I’m sorry but I have to side with the poster on this one.

    1. I’m gonna add a little more.. It seems the other two officers who were outside were in the front (or rear) of the resident – together. Why is this important? If they were acting under a valid reason (i.e. have an actual warrant to search for the subject) the other officers would have been positioned to watch for an escape. They’re poised at a main entrance, which this residence obviously has several points of entry.

      I *DO* believe they were looking for someone. But it’s clear they were doing it incorrectly.

  8. At least in my state, a felony warrant does give police the ability to enter, but only if they have PC to believe the person listed on the warrant is there.

    And if you caught that, the wife gave consent. And saying “I wish my dog would have bit ya” will end bad for the dog.

    Also, the warrant is electronic. Rarely is one actually presented upon arrest, other than search warrants, those are left behind after the police feng shui your place..

    1. I’m not sure about that. The TN courts website covers the service and execution of search warrants:

      (d) Copies and Record of Warrant. The magistrate shall prepare an original and two exact copies of each search warrant. The magistrate shall keep one copy as a part of his or her official records. The other copy shall be left with the person or persons on whom the search warrant is served. The exact copy of the search warrant and the endorsement are admissible evidence.

      It was pretty clear at the end of the video that the person recording was asking for the warrant and an officer promised to produce a warrant but no warrant was provided to the resident.

      1. Yeah guess I wasn’t clear, seach warrants are left for the occupants, arrest warrants are electronic. I am sure there was no search warrant, only an arrest warrant. Without some firm info, there’s a fine line about entering an address listed on a felon’s warrant.

    2. Haha good luck arresting me without a warrant in hand. I’m not letting a clown in a costume abduct me.

  9. When you have an arrest warrant for someone you implicitly have a
    warrant to enter that person’s home. However when you have an arrest
    warrant for person A, you do not have a right to enter the home of
    person B to execute it. To enter the home of a third party to arrest
    someone you need both an arrest warrant and a search warrant
    particularized for the third parties home. This exact issue was decided
    in by the U.S. Supreme court in Steagald v. United States, 451 U.S. 204, (1981).

    1. Hah I cited Steagal before reading all the comments. Doh!

      Police can’t automatically enter your home if they have a warrant for your arrest. They have to have a reasonable belief that it’s your residence, and also have a reasonable belief that you are home at the time of the warrant’s execution. (US vs Magluta).

  10. You would have been justified to shoot these home-invading criminal thugs.

    1. people ought to booby trap their houses.

    2. Yes he would have been justified, even legal under the Constitution..(the Old Constitution) but if he had, he would have been killed no matter how right and legal he was. If one kills a cop, the largest and most heavily armed street gang will kill you..its an unwritten rule.

  11. Too bad this didn’t happen in Indiana.

    1. Unfortunately he would have probably died… Three on one is tough odds..

      But maybe that’s why we don’t have problems with illegal searches here?

  12. praise jesus they didnt shoot your dog!

  13. wow he’s lucky they didn’t shoot his dogs.

  14. you are suing the idiots arent you.

  15. It never ceases to amaze me how police departments are always

    saying how they don’t understand why people aren’t more sympathetic when a
    police officer is injured or killed. Well it is their fault. Social media has
    exposed their brutality towards people and their pets on a daily basis and with
    everyone armed with a camera they will continue to be exposed. Their own
    actions have desensitized people to what happens to them—-and for those who
    aren’t yet desensitized it is just a matter of time. Police openly break the
    law without consequences daily as evidenced by all the available video online
    and they wonder why they are not given any respect. You have to give it to get

    A policeman used to be someone you could look up to and go to for help but not
    anymore. Now people tend to take care of themselves rather than call the police
    due to their lack of trust in the police. I have known some very good policemen
    in the past but can’t say too much about now. I keep seeing the words “Police
    State” used to describe people’s respective police department which doesn’t
    bode to well for policemen. Again you have to give respect to get it…….

  16. I’d share these if not for the profanity. Seems ’bout every one of these posters can’t talk without it. Profanity is a little vocabulary trying to sound bigger. All it accomplishes is coming down to their level. That said, the cops were in the wrong and should suffer some unpleasant consequences.

  17. tresspassing sons of bitches. An arrest warrant does not equal a warrant to search your house! Does it mean they can search any house in the city wth/

  18. I’d be psycho. No way a cop is walking through my door without a warrant.

  19. An anonymous tip is not grounds to get a search warrant. Sue them.

  20. TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 242

    Whoever, under color of any law, statute,
    ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State,
    Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any
    rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or
    laws of the United States, … shall be fined under this title or imprisoned
    not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts
    committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use,
    attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire,
    shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both;
    and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if
    such acts include kidnaping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse,
    or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall
    be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or
    both, or may be sentenced to death.

  21. he’s lucky they didn’t shoot his vicious dogs….Those cops and the administration that allows them to remain employed are extremely foolish. People will not keep letting you violate their rights like this. It doesn’t take a shootout to make their wrath felt. You seem to think that a single citizen is powerless to do anything about it. Well… you are wrong. Apparently you haven’t considered the fact that a single person with a hammer and a pair of heavy duty wire cutters can pound spike nails into every roadway leading into a town and clip the heads off so they stay in place, …puncturing tires on hundreds or thousands of cars – until they jam up or finally just stop coming weeks or maybe months later . A single squirt of superglue into a lock will prevent it from opening with a key, and the glue can’t be seen…your locksmiths will make a fortune but your merchants will be the ones paying it A fifty pound bag of high yield fertilizer can be used to write messages in the grass of yards and public parks or just spread on police officer lawns… and they’ll have to mow it every other day to keep it from being seen or let it grow into a hayfield. Total vegetation killer will destroy the bushes and shrubs in municipal planters, parks, and the yards of police officers. A couple drops of Tinks sunk oil can vacate city busses, passenger jets, trains, the entire floor of any hotel or resort, any restaurant, fast food business, city hall, or any place or business. Maybe you should consider how much power a single citizen really DOES have before you slack-jawed cowboys go killing anymore pets. And now you have to wonder how many people in the White County area read this comment, then ya gotta wonder which of those cherish their rights enough to actually assert their power…if any. You should think about things like that….I do.

  22. just shoot them next time

  23. The dogs made it out alive…miracles do happen :)

  24. You need to sue the rat bastards

  25. Indiana law allows you to shoot police for doing this. You should contact your legislators and ask them to rewrite your castle doctrine law to specifically allow force against government officials acting criminally.

  26. For the idiots sticking up for these cops: Steagald vs. United States
    Stop being lazy ignorant dupes and try learning your rights instead of bending over for police that don’t know and don’t care what your rights are.

    In Steagald vs United States, the US Supreme Court ruled that the police cannot enter a residence with an arrest warrant for someone who doesn’t live there, unless they have permission or exigent circumstances. An exigent circumstance is an emergency situation requiring swift action to prevent imminent danger to life or serious damage to property, or to forestall the imminent escape of a suspect, or destruction of evidence.

    This guy doesn’t have an interstellar portal in his home, so the police can sit their happy assess outside while they wait for someone to get a SEARCH WARRANT for the premises.

  27. I agree with R.D.

  28. At least the dogs survived.

  29. One of those White County officers was among a group who harrassed my son after claiming to have smelled marijuana coming from his parked car. They searched and bullied him, tore apart his car’s interior and trunk, took his driver’s license and failed to return it, found NO marijuana and sent him on his way – humiliated, frightened and driving with no license. They follow a different constitution in White County.

  30. That’s ridiculous , they need a warrant before they can go into anyone’s home . What rights does a person have to protect their home ? I thought you can protect it by any means possible . These guys were just thugs , I hope you charged them .

  31. Sue the county’s ass off in Federal court. Take it from someone who has been in Federal court before against the county. They will attempt to harass you for filing a complaint locally. Once you file it in a federal court, they back off. Document and record ever action they take to harass you now. Burn them at the stake for violating your Constitutional rights. That is the only to teach these Nazis to respect the rights of citizens.

  32. Be happy these thugs and scum bags didn’t shoot your dog.

  33. This man had every right to shoot these bastards. There was no warrant, that was obvious, and there was no probable cause. This constitutes the Charge of “Home Invasion”. A Major Felony in all 50 states. If this man had protected his home as the Constitution gives him the right and authority to, I guarantee you he would have been surrounded and killed. When police do this type of thing, there is no fear of citizens, nor fear of being held accountable for breaking the law, therefore what we have is outlaws wearing badges. There will someday soon I imagine, be an incident such as this that will blow up wherein a law abiding citizen will stand up against this type of blatant disregard for the Law and kill some cops..”That citizen will be made out to be a criminal elite, deserving of being killed even if they have to phony up a warrant, plant evidence and tell whatever lie needed to justify the unjustifiable after the fact. The news media in this country needs to be burned to the ground..there is no Investigative reporting of the truth which used to hold the tyrants in check. But we have tyrants who own the media that are pro-government, pro-totalitarian and anti- “We the People”.

  34. They should serve the warrant BEFORE they enter the house! and they still left without showing it to you because they DID NOT have one. A clear violation I hope you fight this as should everyone else or it will continue to get worse. I was at a friends house where the sheriff Dept K-9 unit and the city police responded with the Narcotics unit in full battle gear a few years ago because his neighbor loved to cause trouble for him any chance she got (and her son is a cop) made up a lie he was dealing drugs from his bait shop at the house! He has no involvement with drugs AT ALL They came with NO WARRANT thinking they were going to bully their way into a search found out different. My friend is a former Marine talked to them to see what was going on and then loudly,professionally and with authority MADE them all leave his property with their tails between their legs. You could just see the butthurt on all their faces because they got owned bad !!! They never came back with one either. I dont understand how they came with all the man power they had but never brought a warrant to begin with! STUPID! This is what we all gotta do dont let them even think you are scared or they have you by the balls right there and will use it to their advantage!

  35. Sue the crap outof the lying morons

  36. The politicians and their enforcers openly violate the Constitution which was written to protect people from tyranny, not written for government to find loopholes to enslave the people. They will continue with these unlawful intrusions knowing their asses might be sued. However, it is not “their asses” personally that get sued (think the laws are written that way on purpose? Hmmmm?) Its ultimately the taxpayer that gets sued by the taxpayer. No middlemen, no harm, no foul to the Constitution violaters. This man should get every penny his county has for allowing this. Then he will be public enemy #1 in his county. The sheep will rise with a concerted baa-a-a-ah against this man then go back to whatever sport is popular that time of year, Kim’s Kardash’s ass and Honey Boo Boo. In the beginning of 2014 the City of Chicago approved a $100,000,000 bond to pay the losses of police brutality and such as the story above. Any doubt next year they may raise as much or more?

  37. Lady just got awarded $120,000 so they should get more because cops violated more of there rights more trolls online and liars then real people lol

  38. Sounds like their “confidential” source slandered you and your family. Falsely accused you of harboring a felon. Time for a FOIA request to get the informants name.

  39. Lindell Smith is the one that said it was probable cause. Austin Phifer is the one that said he opened the front door. Not sure who the third one was that kept saying they had the warrant. But, yes, that was definitely illegal. I love how they kept saying they were going to get the warrant and got in their cars and left…

  40. Dude!! Quit being such pansy!!! Your lil video didn’t prove anything. Makes you look suspicious yourself. So? What are you hiding?

  41. Your video does NOT prove anything. You continued to say they were bullying you. Video shows no bullying, didn’t see the officers ramaging in your drawer, closets or anything to that nature. Listing to your voice sounds like you were upset because you were hiding something or someone. If you didn’t have anything to hide why were you so upset?

  42. Overweight cops… why am I not surprised? It’s almost always the overweight cops that do this kind of crap. Reminds me of back when I was in grade school where we had the hall monitors telling everyone not to run in the halls? Who were the hall monitors you ask? That’s right… the fat kid, the one’s that couldn’t run, at least not very well.

  43. I’m purely amazed they didn’t shoot the dog on the scene.

  44. i’m surprised they didn’t shoot the dog

  45. My kids were at home which the oldest was 17 my wife when to the store which was just down the rode my kids call me and said that there was a police officer knocking on the door and I told them do not answer the door until I get home which guy was about 2 minutes away. I drove up and there were a call in a DFS case worker in my home and I asked him why they were in my home they said the kids little man but my kids said that they did not let him in I just walked in f*** contacted a lawyer they said they had no right coming in.

    1. Sorry about my spelling my phone didn’t get everything right

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