Probation Department misconductThis post, concerning a case of official misconduct and/or incompetence in Dutchess County, New York, was submitted by “Captain Six” via the Cop Block submission page and originally published anonymously at the “Hudson Valley Wire“. It involves actions taken by employees of the Dutchess County Probation Department, based on a charge that was already dismissed and that could ultimately result in someone becoming homeless.

According to Director Mary Ellen Still, their “goal is to assist the youth and adults under our supervision to become law abiding and responsible members of the community.” That hardly seems to be the case here, though. Homeless individuals, as well as those with homes that are living in poverty, are already heavily targeted by police and the courts. Perpetuating such conditions, based on charges that have already been dismissed, hardly seems to be a way to assist anyone to “become law abiding and responsible members of the community.”

Date of Incident: September, 2014
Individuals Responsible: Unknown probation officers employed by the Dutchess County Probation Department.
Outfit Involved: Dutchess County, NY Office of Probation and Community Corrections
Phone No.: (845) 486-2600
Fax No.: (845) 486-2676
Email: [email protected]
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The following was submitted by a viewer who wishes to remain anonymous, for fear of retribution:

I have been struggling with homelessness for the past several months. I was once a middle-class citizen, who was born and raised here in Dutchess county. My family roots go back to the first Dutch settlers in the 1600’s, in fact. Yet I can’t even afford a rental on the long road that was once the long driveway of my old “Van” ancestors. The reasons for my homelessness is a storied tale, that doesn’t happen all at once, and might be left to another article. But today’s submission, is about how I am being made homeless yet again, by an indirect order from a public agency.

A few months ago, I was literally living on the streets for a time. An old friend from high school had the heart to take me in, and rent a space to me in her basement for the small pittance that I get for housing from an emergency benefit from New York State. (What “welfare” gives you is $216 a month. Good luck finding a rental for that much.) Sadly, not a month had gone by, and some family court issue on her end, left me homeless yet again.

A few days passed, and another friend of mine from my old high school days told me that he had an spare room. He basically used it as a slop den for his pets. I was not at all picky, and moved in with the agreement that I would pay him all of my housing benefit amount, plus another hundred dollars. I bought a mop and bucket, and turned the kennel room into a liveable space.

There was a catch though. My friend is on misdemeanor probation. So before I moved in, I asked him to clear this with his probation officer. The PO told him that since I am not a felon, not on probation or parole, and since I have no open cases pending, that he could not “violate” him on the terms of his probation. I moved in the next day.

I have since shifted over my legal address to the new residence, and I claim a housing benefit from social services in order to make partial payment for the room as well as access to the kitchen and bathroom. I make up the difference by spending my cash allotment for things like transportation and laundry, on rent to my roomate. These services are meant to get me back on my feet, and I am doing my best to do that.

Unfortunately, the probation department doesn’t see it that way. Since I have moved in, the department of probation has threatened to violate my roommate/landlord, for renting a room to me. I have called his PO several times, but he didn’t return any of my calls until today. Essentially he told me that “P*****k knows what he has to do” and would not give me any reason why I should be evicted, citing confidentiality. However, confidentiality did not prevent them from showing images of myself as well as my arrest record on unfounded charges, in order to establish defamatory statements against me by the agent, as well as his supervisor.

Now just to be clear here. I am not a felon, I am not on probation or parole, I have no open cases pending. Admittedly though, I do have an arrest in the last year, for which the charge was dismissed in a local town court.

The question then becomes, can the department of probation make me homeless once again, because I was arrested on a charge that was dismissed? Can they send a man to jail, at huge taxpayer cost, two months before his probation is finished, for renting a room to a man who was once a first-responder and a state-licensed officer, but happened to have a misunderstanding with the judicial system?

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  1. First off, it’s not your residence. The owner is your friend. Obviously your friend isn’t following through with the program. It isn’t probations that is “taking” your home away, it’s your friend. Probation will only deal with your friend not you. He has a responsibility to adhere to the rules. If he is breaking the rules, out you go. Why are you free loading off of your friends in the first place. How long do you think that will last? You say you have no record or open cases, you should be able to find a job and your own place.

    1. The cop can’t magically overrule this guy’s tenancy rights. If the landlord gives him an eviction notice, fight it in court. Get the landlord on the stand and ask, “are you kicking me out on your own free will or because you are being coerced?” and show that it’s not the landlord it is the cop coercing the landlord. Use the cross examination process in the eviction proceedings to bring these facts out and get a judge to hopefully order this cop to back off. Also I would say file a specific motion or civil complaint for injunctive relief for tortious interference, that this cop is butting in and interfering with a rental contract.

      1. In the lease agreements I have seen for probations, unless specified, you cannot sublease your apartment. If his roommate goes to jail, and if he isn’t on the lease, out he goes. The police have nothing to do with this.

        The author says, ” not a month had gone by, and some family court issue on her end, left me homeless yet again”. Homelessness is not a disease. This guy supposedly gets some money from welfare and what has he done to improve his situation? There may not be any open cases but has he been convicted in the past? Nowhere did I read he put his name on a lease. That would make him responsible for rent should his buddy go to jail. If he isn’t making enough, no landlord is going to let him stay.

        1. Lease agreements you have seen for probation, huh slaps? LOLOLOLOL. Stupid ass-wipe, you have no idea what you are talking about.

          1. Another childish rant by Rain man

        2. “This guy supposedly gets some money from welfare and what has he done to improve his situation?”

          If you’d bothered to read the fucking story you’d notice he receives about $216 dollars of housing benefit that he was using to pay rent to the person leasing the room to him.

          What fucking place in the United States do you live that the cost of living is <$300?

          1. So he says. Why don’t he get off his ass and change the situation. If he wants it bad enough, he can change it for the better.

          2. He should get a van and live down by the river and become a motivational speaker.

      2. RAD:
        There is no “the cop”
        And no governmental agency or official is evicting him in anyway.

        The landlord knowingly violated a term of his probation (BTW…you don’t have accept probation….he could have refused it and dealt with it)

        Can you even read?

        1. The consequences of not following through or “not accepting” probation is not good. I already explained what I believe is right. I deal with this every other day. Again, probations can have the final say as to who lives with who. The landlord will make a decision based upon the lease agreement.

          1. You don’t deal with shit, you lying motherfucker. You’re not a probation officer, slaps. Not in California or anywhere else. Get over it.

          2. Prove I’m not a probation officer. You continue your same lines of bullshit but you have never proven your statements. I believe you believe that Rain man

          3. Idiots are apparently like shoes. It seems they come in pairs!

          4. Like letters?

          5. As someone who is currentyly under supervision in florida it has been my experience that the probation officer typicaly doesnt care all that much about your living situation as long as your not living in a complete drug den, with another convicted felon currently being supervised or something of that nature. Usually my home checks involve the officer simply driving by just to see that im home. The officer usually doesn’t even get out of the car (after the first visit where they did come into the home.) But it could be quite different in other locations. I know for those who just do the bare minimum to scrape by the officers can be VERY difficult to deal with. Myself I have never had a problem with them. What this post sounds like to me is that the guy who is on probation probably hasn’t been completely honest with his officer and there sound like that since he is so close to being finished they are cracking down hard and his lack of participation in the program is catching up with him.

            then again…. some p.o’s can be real dicks. Just depends :/

          6. I am a PO. What I do helps to keep offenders off the streets. I don’t know how things are in Florida. Since I work in California, these are some of the requirements needed to work as a PO.


            If this guy is “so close to completing his probation” doesn’t excuse him from following through like he was supposed to.

          7. You’re a liar, slaps. And your stupid ass lies aren’t even believable. And you did claim to have sailors under your supervision for DUI and child support. But then your story changed to only living in San Diego but a PO in another county. Which is about as stupid as it gets, slaps. But keep lying. Somebody stupid will probably believe you.

          8. I believe you believe that spice girl Rain man.

          9. OF what percentage of your so called offenders hispanic ,black , white and asian where you claim to work.

          10. Prove that you are. You have yet to give any information that would prove you are a probation officer. Nothing that can be verified, scientifically or otherwise. It rests with you first, you have to prove you are instead of claiming others have to prove you aren’t.

            You could as easily claim you’re an extraterrestrial, and then demand others prove you aren’t. If they can’t, then you by your argument must be what you claim. You proved you are because they couldn’t disprove you aren’t.

            Do you have a finger that glows?

          11. Another rant. Do you honestly think I am going to post where I work ect.. on copblock? Give me a break. To break it down, it doesn’t matter to me if you believe me or not.

          12. You missed the entire point, sigh. “Prove I’m not a probation officer” is nonsensical when you haven’t proven you are either. It’s all on faith that a person is being honest, they have to take your word that you are. If they don’t, then this is a good phrase “it doesn’t matter to me if you believe me or not” but this “Prove I’m not a probation officer” is nonsensical. Can’t you tell the difference? BTW, the “Prove…” is when someone cares what others think.

            No, I don’t expect you to reveal that information.

          13. Again, prove I am not a probation officer. Stop with the childish word games. You made the statement now prove it.

          14. Which statement? I haven’t weighed in on whether you are or are not a probation officer. I have weighed in on the silliness of “prove I’m not” when you haven’t proven you are. The need of proof lies with you.
            And let me repeat, I haven’t weighed in on whether you are or are not a probation officer.

          15. JC:
            That doesn’t matter at all. He choose to accept probation. He could have refused

          16. If he had refused, I’m sure his friend would be living on the street.

          17. “”There was a catch though. My friend is on misdemeanor probation. So before I moved in, I asked him to clear this with his probation officer.The PO told him that since I am not a felon, not on probation or parole, and since I have no open cases pending, that he could not “violate” him on the terms of his probation. I moved in the next day.”

            That’s the issue here, not that the guy (roomate/landlord) accepted probation. Talk about diversions. If the call was made, and the PO gave that answer, then it is about whether the second interpretation of his probation is right. You haven’t justified the second other than by ignoring the first.

          18. RAD:
            Ahhh. You have finally found a point.


          19. While still not RAD, you are t. and have shown you don’t know the point of “if”.

            I’ll give you some examples of the point of “if”: if it had been a gun and not a cellphone, then I would have been justified in shooting him; if he had been 6′ to 6’4″ inches by the description, and not 5’8″, then I would have been justified in thinking he fit the description; and if this is true, then it follows…

            Notice my first two examples were actions predicated on an “if” proven false. The third was just logic.

            I could have saved time by, borrowing from you, “Wow, what a childish comment”. But there’s no fun in that.

          20. Ray:
            Nope. I got it right.
            Let me show you:
            “If the call was made.”
            End of demonstration there tool bag.

          21. “If the call was made.” I’ll assume you meant by “call” a less ambiguous word like decision or judgment, but that’s only if you were replying to my examples. If you were replying to something made-up in your head – like if he can talk he can breath – then there’s not much to work with there.

            So, using the cellphone example, if the call was made to shoot, then it was wrong and somebody died because someone failed to understand that there was no threat. Excuses do not change that fact.

          22. Ray:
            I quoted you retard.

          23. Wow I wouldn’t have thought this point even needed to be made since it’s right there in the article. I just presume the article is accurate unless I say I’m speculating on stuff that might have happened other than what is known either from the article or another source.

          24. Whether the article is or is not accurate usually we can only speculate but I’m sure some of them range from totally true and accurate to maybe biased or slanted to outright bullshit but often times we may not really know.

        2. “There was a catch though. My friend is on misdemeanor probation. So
          before I moved in, I asked him to clear this with his probation officer.
          The PO told him that since I am not a felon, not on probation or
          parole, and since I have no open cases pending, that he could not
          “violate” him on the terms of his probation. I moved in the next day.”

          Gives a whole new meaning to knowingly doesn’t it? So once the department changed it’s “mind” then it went from the roommate/landlord got approval to he “knowingly violated a term of his probation”.

          1. RAD:
            So I see your problem. In your continued colossal idiocy YOU think that a probation officer is a cop. Goof.

          2. Well, I’m not RAD, and I do know the difference between a PO, CO, and LEO. But there is that fuzziness where a CO can be an SD, or is that STD, so many acronyms.

            BTW, you might mix in OMG for Wow (or WOW). It just makes the teeny-bopper experience you give so much more depth.

          3. Ray:
            lol. Sorry guy. I mixed my CBer idiots.
            You jumping in after I commented to him….and wrongly attempting to answer for him….honest mistake.

            So….Ray…..I see your problem. In your colossal idiocy you think a probation officer is a cop.

            Wow. Thanks for alerting me. Still no cops involved here though. But thanks for playing.

          4. Sorry if you can’t follow that little greyed arrow. It was RaymondbyEllis pointing to t.

            “So….Ray…..I see your problem. In your colossal idiocy you think a probation officer is a cop.” then you can’t read either because your still responding to a comment by RAD.

          5. “Cop” is a loosely defined colloquial term. Maybe you don’t think a lowly probation officer has enough status to be a high and mighty cop. Whatever you want to call him. Probation officer.

    2. SEDDH is a probation officer. In the state of imagination. Better watch out, or he’ll file charges on you. He’ll be the plaintive.

      1. I believe you believe that Rain man.

        1. Like you didn’t try and file charges against me? by the way they still haven’t contacted me. Oh and just to let you know you made the list.

          1. Yes, I filed the paperwork because of your threats. What ever happens after that is out of my hands.

          2. pure comedy

          3. What ever helps you sleep at night.

          4. those comments must have been terrifying to you, did you wet your bed at night. I realized you were a giant asshole I didn’t realize you were a giant pussy.

          5. I believe you believe that.

          6. How does it feel to have a pussy so large it echoes? must be terrifying to go through life afraid of other people’s opinions. You are no American, you are a traitor. And it is your type that should be cleansed from this land.

          7. Again, what ever helps you sleep at night and I believe you believe that. You are the only one bringing it up all the time so you must be worried about it. So be it.

          8. worried about the FBI and CIA…..No. worried about people that would have helped the Nazis along like yourself, I do find that worrisome. That’s why your kind will be slaughtered first when the war begins.

          9. More threats. Go figure. You are the one always talking about this. You are a troll. What ever helps you sleep at night.

          10. your inability to flex mentally is astounding. you probably vote along party lines believing there’s a difference.

          11. Interesting. You continue to engage me in conversation and talk about killing police officers and all kinds of weird shit and you say I have a problem? Keep up your fantasy world. It’s the only one that will accept you for who you are.

          12. just pointing out your incredibly tiny brain to the people here that already know it. and I talk about “the” killing of police, there is a huge difference. like how good the news was about those New York pigs that got wasted.

          13. No, you make threats which is why I make the reports regarding your threats.

          14. I don’t believe there is the word accurately describe your mental state. But I don’t believe english is your first language, if it is you should probably go back to school.

          15. More childish rants by a copblock oompa loompa.

          16. at least that is higher on the chain than the insect that you are.

          17. No, I am not on the list. Congratulations. You made the top of the all time idiots list.

          18. take your meds fool. Your swiping at invisible bats again.

          19. your meds fool, take your meds

          20. …..and I’m checking it twice

    3. If his friend goes to jail then the dude can probably remain in the place if the lease allows. But who really knows what’s up with this. It’s from Six.

      1. That is true. It is going to be up to probations as to if he can stay or not depending on the circumstances.

      1. Why don’t you put it too music and you could be a Spice girl. You could be Fuck Off Spice.

    4. “The PO told him that since I am not a felon, not on probation or parole,
      and since I have no open cases pending, that he could not “violate” him
      on the terms of his probation. I moved in the next day.”

      Which rules? The ones the PO gave one day or the ones from another day?
      As for freeloading, did you read that he was paying for the room at $216 plus $100?

      1. He still has to have permission from the landlords to live there. That means he has to also sign the lease agreement. The person on probation has to adhere to that lease agreement. It is very cut and dry. The friend is on probation. If another person is living with him and isn’t supposed to, he will be kicked out. Those are the rules. I would have to read the contract for probations. I believe there is more to this story than what was written.

        1. You don’t know that there is a landlord beyond the probationer. Nothing in the story indicates there is (probationers can own homes), nor that if there was he was involved. There’s nothing beyond the roommate/landlord.

          The story is really about being told one thing then another by the PO/Department.

          1. No, the person on probations has to follow through with probations. If the author has anything in his past that conflicts with that, he will have to leave.

          2. My comment was about you creating a landlord as a further excuse outside the story at hand when there is no evidence that the roommate isn’t the actual landlord, the owner of the property.

            “No, the person on probations has to follow through with probations.” and water is wet. But that still doesn’t address that you used the landlord as a further excuse when you don’t know there is a landlord other than the roommate.

            Does anyone wonder why I think people in any form of law enforcement tend to make shit up, run with that shit as something real, and can’t understand that it isn’t anything other than shit they made up? Well, except for those that make the shit up…

    5. funny ideas you have. without any conviction in record you still wish to make your own paper trail.. you have the same attitude as many on the police force. you dont rule others lives when you cant handle your own

      1. What ideas? The article’s title says probation dept. could make man homeless. It isn’t probations. It’s the person himself. If his name isn’t on the lease, the landlord will tell him to leave if his friend goes back to jail. Maybe even before. Apparently the author doesn’t have enough to afford the apartment. So he needs to plan ahead.

        1. ok then pla shallow.. the renter is not.

  2. Talk to Patrick’s lawyer for advice. This is NOT the forum for legal advice.

    All you’ll get here is a lot of ‘pew pew pew’ crap from the armchair activists.

  3. So was it 6 that had the “misunderstanding with the judicial system”?

  4. Ah…..Super 6 and his mess
    Heck,I’m surprised he had time to write anything with all his “first responding” and certificate getting.

  5. if the police are breaking the law and they should be executed in the streets. No excuses, just sliced throats and skinned bodies.

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      1. Some do, some don’t. The time you spent digging up this meme you could have at least read my page. But that’s ok. Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

        1. Rob the beggar:
          But that’s the point. No cares nor should they. Go get a job and quit begging. Leeches such as yourself are a blight on soceity.

          1. Mean and uncaring people are also a “Blight” on society. If you had read my GFM page you would have read that I am actively seeking work. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year anyway.

          2. you are far too nice to these fuckers. I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

          3. Thanks you too.

      2. well aren’t you a jolly old jerk. If you are incapable of compassion for your fellow humans, might I suggest you STFU? No one needs your opinion. It’s as useless as nipples on a bull.

        1. You can suggest all you like. However, don’t for an instant think that calling a bullshit artist on their bullshit comes from a lack of compassion. Anyone that spends the time and resources that they have to repeatedly spam sites with this sort of thing is only looking for a sucker and an easy buck.

          No one needs my opinion? Well, that is certainly true. What is also true is that no one needs yours either, funny how that works, isn’t it?

  7. If i was in this condition i would find a place along the Hudson or one of the many rivers or creeks in that county and build a nice shed. Set a few fish traps and gather food from all the pantries. Save up enough to buy a scooter or cheap motorcycle find a job and move on from that painful existance.

    1. Holy fucking shit you’ve solved the homeless problem! Everyone go home now because this asshole says everyone should just go down by the river and build a fucking shack to live in!

      Ignore that police regularly are called on to clear out camps of homeless people, or that building supplies cost money, just go down to your local river and create a shack built purely from the Lowes you’ve managed to shove up your own ass.

      Fucking genius.

  8. Wait so PO had already said it was ok since you had no pending cases? So how they go back on what they had aleady ok’d? OR did friend actually ask?
    And as for the stupids below that say convicted the author says the charge was dismissed so you stupids need to read too!
    As I read it friend is in this case landlord maybe friend has his own landlord and is subletting out a spare room but who knows, landlord is friend.
    Lawyer up and find out for sure Friend actually asked.
    So No I’d say Fuck head PO either dislikes the guys freind, or has issues with the author; maybe because of the old dismissed charge, would be my guess and no not because of some legal mumbo jumbo as I expect someone to reply, but for some biased feelings towards this guy or the friend!
    Lawyer UP! or find a new place for now but thinking your being fucked with probably some grudge.
    Wickedness will not prevail in this be strong!

  9. Move out for 2 months and stop being a bitch.Once his probation is up move back in.

  10. there is no law or statute requiring anyone to have a legal name or any other kind of name.

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