Note: This post was received via the Cop Block submissions page and was originally published at the website of Southeast Alabama Cop Block. It relates to the “Thin Blue Line” merchandise that police often use to tip off their fellow employees that they are a part of the “club” and therefore shouldn’t be required to adhere to all the rules that they impose on those that are not.

(BTW: If want to try and counteract this expectation that the law only applies to “us” and not “them,” then you can get some merchandise that instead promotes accountability at the Cop Block Store.)

tagEver been driving down the street, look up in your rear view mirror and see a blue line tag like this on the car behind you?

Or maybe on a bumper sticker on the back of the car in front of you or in a parking lot?

This COULD be a cop. While rarely this just indicates support of police by a friend or family member, the symbol of the “Thin Blue Line” is often placed on the personal vehicles of police and other law enforcement officers. Many say cops use it to signal to other cops that they are a “brother” not simply an ordinary citizen.

It’s an important enough symbol that Wikipedia says “Police have attempted to prevent non-police from using such emblems” and that it has “been used to gain favorable treatment from officers in order to get immunity from traffic tickets (also known as “professional courtesy”).” Including DUIs.

So what should you do when you see this symbol? BE AWARE. Like other driving hazards, it’s good to know when a cop is nearby. Drive and act as if an actual police car is there with a uniformed cop inside.

Also, remember this when you get out of your car in a parking lot next to a car with this symbol! Remember that this possible off-duty cop or one of his buddies may have a quota to fill. Remember that anything you say can (and possibly WILL) be used against you.
Thin Blue Line Products
Should you buy one and put it on your car so you can maybe get special treatment too? While this might work for a little while, as soon as the cops figure out that you are NOT a police officer or actually supporting them, I doubt the outcome would be good.

Some derivatives of this symbol include personal jewelry, buttons, pins, watches, key chains, phone cases and other accessories. Look for anything with a single blue line.

Seeing this symbol COULD mean your life is about to change for the worst….


  1. Thanks for the heads up. If I see it I will know which car to damage. I love to fuck shit up especially cop cars.

      1. What do you drive? I’m saving up to get armor plates and bullet resistant glass in my SUV.

        1. Bullshit, you’re saving up for a Xbox one.

          1. You fucking asshole. I’m getting the full treatment including the bullet resistant moon roof. Do you know how much it’s going to fucking cost? I have 2 jobs so I can fucking save money. I work 56 hours a week at this shit and you treat it like it’s some kind of joke.

          2. The travesties committed by police in America is not something to joke around about.

          3. Anyone that defends themselves like you just did is full of shit.

          4. whoring yourself out, and working at Pizza Hut sounds like a lot. All this to try to buy Eric some cigs to trade to the brother hood.

          5. Jarad — where are you getting that done? I’d like to do that — how much is it? Where do you get that done????

          6. It will cost over $90,000 for Level III and there is no monthly payments. It has to be paid in full. If you get anything cheaper and because your afraid cops will shoot you, well news flash… You will need Level V and will cost around $125,000. Your going to be saving for the rest of your life if you have a job lower than $40,000 a year.

          7. AN “xbox,” you douche. Stop mouth breathing and sound it out lol.

            Nobody should want those overly expensive spying eyes in their home btw. Yuck.

        2. I drive a suburban. You are nothing but a troll making threats again.

          1. Prove it, or it’s more lies.

          2. I was just going to ask you the same thing toll.

        1. I’m sure you tell your brother that everyday.

        1. Honey Boo Boo steve is trying to be funny.

    1. Don’t damage anything Jerad because you’re just giving them an opportunity to persecute you if you do. Just do your thing and be safe.

      1. you sound and spell like a nigger. of course you’re gonna be persecuted for singling out an officer. and honestly scum like you needs to be hunted and put down. fucking thugs thinking you should run the streets no! you need to be given a lobotomy and shoved in a slaughterhouse like the swine you are.

    2. So much for property rights and nonaggression.

      1. Yeah, dickface. That went out the windows when our rights did.
        “You don’t need a gun!” — (Hold on while the PD gets tanks, army gear and grenade launchers) — you’re pretty dull.

    3. now that I know that — I’ll be spitting a big wad right on the windshield from now on.

    4. Dont prove cops correct, you do more to harm anything legitimate because of those actions,,, dont lower yourself to their level

  2. Wiki as a source, you might want to check that,

    “Anti-police and public accountability groups often refer to the thin
    blue line as the line that police will not cross to testify or bring
    charges against one another. They are often found out to be irrational,
    somewhat delusional, having far more free time due to chronic
    unemployment coupled with feelings of disillusionment over learning that
    life isn’t all sunshine and roses.”

    1. youre thinking of the blue code of silence this sticker or any apparel with it on it is to tell other cops hey im a cop so remember i have immunity

      1. Their immunity to civil court action disappears with unlawful orders, illegal searches and illegal

  3. More copblock paranoia at it’s best. What about all the copblock toys, trinkets, and trash it tries to sell? Does all of that apply too your statements? What would you care what I put on my personal vehicle?

    1. Yes Cop Block has merchandise as do most groups. The issue is that police give each other special treatment with the law and this sticker is a way to show you are a cop. Does a Cop Block sticker give you special treatment?

      1. Really? What special treatment do police officers give each other?

        You said, “Does a Cop Block sticker give you special treatment”? It would appear so. Look at a lot of these goofs in copblock apparel. They think they can.

        1. “What special treatment do police officers give each other?”
          LOL, seriously, that is the funniest shit I have read all week.

          1. You are avoiding the question.

          2. They give each other happy endings while standing in a circle…

        2. Do you live in a rock or are you simply a troll? I read your recent Disqus history any you seem to pop a boner every time you get a chance to defend police for their misconduct or harass people simply for paying attention to these misconducts.

          1. You obviously believe every story on copblock. How am I harassing people? I post what I believe is right and idiots like you engage me first. It would appear you like to harass people. If you don’t like what I post, don’t read it and certainly don’t respond to it.

          2. I dont like what you post and that is why I respond. You are naive to think I am a zealot of this cause. Do I believe in the cause Cop Block and other groups stand for, absolutely. Do I believe anything that these groups put out, I trust but verify. If I cannot verify I use common sense which most of the time is me disbelieving. The fact is that you come across as a person who would have been happier in life being born in the USSR decades earlier. Is it so much to ask that in our “free country” we look into way to make police safer to the public that they are here to serve?

          3. You choose to respond to me. I verify myself and most of the time, it is nothing but half truths and missing information. The rest of your rant is simply that. A childish rant.

        3. A pass on tickets, dui’s, etc, to begin with. I am actually pretty sure that, while these benefits are well known to the general public without any reference, they are clearly mentioned in the article. If comprehension and span of attention are difficult for you, public debate might not be the best choice in past times for you.

          1. He posts on copblock articles multiple times a day. He/she is a cop and/or the person in their family they depend on is a cop, thats why JC spends all his time debating us and failing.

          2. Do you believe every article on copblock? I have stripes on my vehicle. I also have pin stripes. Does that mean I get special treatment? The rest of your statements are nothing but pure rant.

        4. Things like like getting them out of a DUI even when they’ve been spotted picking up a known prostitute.

          1. shit, i thought only texas JUDGES got that treatment

          2. Post a valid link that backs your statements up.

        5. “Really? What special treatment do police officers give each other?”

          You aren’t that stupid. But apparently you are that dishonest. Professional courtesy is the term the cops invented for letting cops ignore law themselves.

          1. You didn’t answer the question. You just went on a copblock rant.

          2. I do not comply with you because you are not here to find or debate facts, you have shot just about everything down this site has ever posted by coming to the message boards and giving cookie cutter responses to all articles. Your responses are always one of the following…

            1) “Where is your proof?” You say this whether a video shows more than enough proof or not.

            2) “Paranoia” It just makes you looks like some tool of a cop that has no life other than to rub our noses in your fellow cop violence against the rest of us, hell you probably are featured in an article and these posts are your daily revenge.

            No, I don’t believe almost anything on the internet without tangible proof and/or doing my homework. I did about 20-30 minutes reading posts of yours yesterday and found a clear pattern in your posts. I personally do not care about your answer to my question as you have proven you are here to cause trouble and not even attempt to debate content of articles on this site. I am influenced by facts and evidence, you are clearly prejudgement and biased and you come across as a child in at least a dozen posts of yours I have read.

            Due to your frequency of posts I will have to come up with a response to things you say I can copy and paste for each post you make that will spell out your intentions and discredit you. Have a nice day JC, you are doing the lord’s work for sure.

          3. More childish rantings. I would be checking your posts but you are just too stupid to waste that time. Answer my question liar.

          4. You go to every cop block post and troll then tell someone who calls you out on it they are being childish. What a cop out, pun intended.

          5. I believe you believe that.

          6. Did you read my post or not?

            “No, I don’t believe almost anything on the internet without tangible proof and/or doing my homework.”

            It is implied that I dont believe Cop Block unless proof exists. What they are discussing in this article is common sense and they needed no proof, they are here to talk about it.

            Tell me how I lied by the way.

          7. You haven’t answered my question

          8. Junior,

            He is a well known troll. He posted under 4 different names. Slappy, Adam Miller, Jason Free and Jason Free where his signature line was “When I was fucking your $2 whore of a mother….” Or some version. He had a habit of asking for scientific proof under slappy and has used that same line under JC. He was known for ssaying, “show me the law that says you can(insert legal bahaviour). He used the same line under JC and Jake C. He will deny it but he has used the same language but in a more calm manner.

          9. Prove it troll. You and keepitreal always say the same things but you never prove it. Ever. That makes you a troll.

          10. The moment you used Slappy signature lines….over and over, you proved it for us. So far, you and slappy are the only ones to “demand scientific proof” on many stories.

          11. Prove it. You are just talking off the top of your head. In other words, I believe you believe that.

        6. JC. This is a fun one to watch: Washington State Patrol Aircraft catches multiple police cars speeding and does nothing.

          1. You have no idea as to where they were going or if they are responding to a call.

          2. Fact is the speed limits apply to them even when on call.

          3. No, it doesn’t. Why don’t you talk to your local PD.

        7. Ex asshole ex husband was a reserve and he got by with everything, DUI, no seat belt, speeding, parking in handicapped spaces/fire lanes….all by flashing his badge around

          1. You said, “Pussy. Bet you tote a badge, or suck someone who does”. It sounds more like a vendetta than a truthful statement.

    2. JC, why do you think CopBlock even exists? If cops did what they’re expected to do “Protect and Serve” there would be no need. Oscar Grant, Kelly Thomas, Eric Garner say hi.

      1. Dont forget John Crawford.

      2. You said, “why do you think CopBlock even exists”? Do you believe every article written on this website? Articles that are very slanted, missing important information, ect… It’s a hate site. If the article doesn’t have all the controversy, the authors will make it up. That is why there is a copblock.

        1. Is somebody holding a gun to your head and forcing you to read CoBlock, madam?
          Don’t go away mad, just go manually manipulate your own genetalia until you achieve successful self-copulation.

          1. Another childish copblock oompa loompa making idiotic statements. Go figure.

        2. I’d say that police reports are more “slanted” than any copblock article ever posted in the past or future.Willing to bet that’s why you’re always calling them 1 sided is because thats what public servants do anytime theyre writing a report

          1. Prove it. Those are you words.

    3. Typical fascist bully…

      1. You engaged me first. You are just a simple coward trying to get some attention.

  4. You guys have to be among the most paranoid, mentally ill, and fucked up people on the planet.

    1. Nope. Just aware of reality. Pig.

    2. So says a guy defending the profession that shot up three innocent people during the Dorner hunt, shot a kid holding a wii controller in his own doorway, on and on. Don’t forget the stairwell shooting. Do you want to go on about other people being paranoid?

      As for this? Everyone knows this special treatment is happening. If you’re trying to claim this isn’t happening, you’re more deluded than you think we are. Because either you are that blind, or you think anyone will believe your BS.

      Often cops who retire still posses badges. Why? Because it is their version of gang colors. Flash the badge, get special treatment.

    3. Do you actually think police is there to protect you? Thats pretty naive of you to defend them, you are probably a conformist, and then ofcourse you wont have anything to do with them. Because then you are doing exactly what they want, being a slave.

    4. You have on blinders if you think this is paranoia. This is REALITY homefuck — you better figure it out.

  5. Do people in here like bacon? I mean actual bacon, no pun intended. I love bacon an the fact that people call cops pigs is offensive. Have some respect for swine, at least they give us delicious bacon and other fine swine products.

    1. Normally I wouldn’t bring up something like this but it’s not possible to both respect pigs, boars etc and systematically slaughter them in the millions for food.. To me the very core of respect (for a living being) is respect for its right to life

      1. There’s room for all of God’s creatures, right next to the mashed potatoes.

      2. I asked a question and this does not answer that question. Its not about respect for an animal we slaughter for consumption. Its about the lack there of for cops and to not refer to them as pigs. Obviously the humor and sarcasm was a little above your head. We have a right to live yet cops gun down unarmed people everyday! For what? Fear for their life? I call bullshit, pigs are slaughtered because they provide meat which in turn gives life, so yes, all animals that are slaughtered for our consumption deserve respect. Have respect for life period, whether we eat pigs, cows, chickens, frogs, what have you. Doesn’t matter, if you eat it and it was once alive, it deserves the respect it deserves because it provides nourishment to live. The problem that people seam to miss a lot is the fact that cops think they can do whatever they want. Devalue life because their life is more important. When they put on that shield and gun, they put their lives behind the people they are here to protect and serve! I have more respect for the food I eat than the cops people like to call pigs because the cops don’t do shit for me. I’m a law abiding citizen who takes care of his family and someone wants to claim I did wrong against them, I have to hire a lawyer, prove I’m innocent and it costs me thousands of dollars, but my accuser pays nothing. The cops protect the accuser, not the innocent, so why should I respect cops? Respect is earned, not given. You don’t know me beyond this post, doubt you have respect for me. But I bet you have respect for people you don’t know that have no respect for you. Anyway, merry Christmas and I hope you have a great and safe new year.

  6. “Should you buy one and put it on your car so you can maybe get special
    treatment too? While this might work for a little while, as soon as the
    cops figure out that you are NOT a police officer or actually supporting
    them, I doubt the outcome would be good.” Considering how much a lot of people are hating the police, the outcome might not be good even if you never come in contact with a cop. A few years ago I bought a car at the City auction that had been a Homeland Security vehicle and still had a large decal across the back. I asked about it, and the people handling the auction said that, while the police cruisers all had equipment and decals removed by the department before they were sold, this was the first Homeland Security car they had handled and they had no instructions on removing the decal. I scraped it off before I took the car off the lot. It might have helped me with the police, but in my mostly Mexican neighborhood the car would have been trashed before morning!

  7. Why not just put these blue line bumper stickers on your car if you’re not a cop? Try it. Don’t drive recklessly or anything, just do your regular day to day and see. I’d put one on mine. It’s not illegal for civilians to do it.

    1. You’d get your ass handed to you after they find out you’re not part of their club, just like any street gang would do when they see flodgers repping their colors.

      1. trust me, cops don’t think these are people “in the club.” We think they are idiots that think they are going to be able to get out of tickets with a $0.50 sticker.

  8. I’ve known about these plates and stickers for YEARS… Good way to get a car keyed..

  9. I saw some in the window of a police uniform store. went in and asked if I could buy some. Was told that I had to be a police officer to buy them. This happened in New Orleans 1 1/2 yrs after katrina.

  10. The reason I knew what they were is that the 2 brothers I was working for father was a cop. He pulled up to the shop one day and gave both his sons one for their trucks. when I asked one what it was for he said his dad told him it would let cops know that he was either a cop a a cops family.

  11. Note:
    this also applies to the thin red line for firefighters. As an ex
    firefighter. I have gotten away with things like speeding, illegal
    U-turns, parking in no parking zones, ect. all because of the thin red
    line tag and sticker.

    This was many years ago before I became a masked man.

    As for, “Police have attempted to prevent non- police from using this”

    is true. I know of a woman that was from out of state. She was driving
    her husband’s car, which had one of these stickers on the back. The
    officer asked if she was a cop, to which she replied “No. Her husband
    is.” the officer wrote her a ticket and told her to remove the sticker.
    it’s for police officers only.

      1. Why would I buy one of those? I am not a pig and I don’t support pigs.

  12. Once they find out the public is on to them, they will have to change it. I suggest that they change their “emblem” to a hairy cock. Hairy cock pins, bumper stickers, cock shaped pins and accessories.

    1. If it is of realistic size to represent their courage, it would be the size of a cherry stem and a pair of raisins. They’d have a hard time seeing it.

  13. I wish I could be all, “grrrrr” abour this but the fact is, I use Veterans plates specifically to announce that “hey, I’m not a normal citizen” specifically to help prevent me get tickets. Soooo…. that would make me a hypocrite….

    1. Having vet plates only gets you special treatment from private citizens, it makes you a target for cops. Have you not seen how they treat vets? To them the only difference between you and the “thugs” is you have better training so are more of a danger to them.

  14. you mean police are actually dumb enough to put a target on their car.?and the case of the 100 IQ wins again… Knuckle dragging troglodytes.

    1. Well they register their cars under the police department. Doesnt seem that bright to me. If they dont want people to know their undercover cars.

      1. So that makes it ok for someone to damage vehicles?

  15. I majored in criminal justice at mtsu in order to become a defense attorney. Many of my professors were retired police officers, FBI, TBI, etc. There were also many defense attorneys, one of which told me that the “thin blue line” is the way police officers view themselves. They are a small part of the community surronded by “everyone else”. He went into much more detail about how their mindset is that they need to stuck together because everyone else is out to get them. This is why so many of them are such paranoid assholes who are quick to get offensive, they are taught to from the beginning. But yes, as the article explains, people use it as a way to try to avoid traffic tickets. I thought that was common knowledge however.

  16. In the late 1930’s up to the early 1940’s The German elite would wear little swastika lapel pins to identify themselves to other Nazis and undercover Gestapo agents,Sounds like the same thing!

  17. blue is the most prominent gang color in America…
    blue swine flu

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  19. I don’t usually see the “Thin Blue Line” symbol on cars, but when I do, I salute them! With only ONE FINGER..

  20. fuck the police coming strait from the underground, a young nigga got it bad cuz we brown

    1. That was absolutely brilliant! You should contribute more often.

  21. are there any fuck the thin blue line?

    how about the ones who actually do thier job and are fired for doing a non violent deed?

    meaning a cop who deescalates a situation then other fuck ups come in and completly destroy every effort the guy did to calm the guy down, so he doesn’t help them taser the guy so now gets fired fuck that shit just as much as I hate cops who beat people i hate the thin blue line too.

  22. LOL!!!! These stickers have been for sale for over a decade, little late running an article on it. No smart cop puts this stuff on his car anymore. When Im Off Duty Id like it to stay that way. God forbid one of you morons try to attack me for being a Cop while off duty. Anyways you see this sticker now days I guarantee its not a cop. Its either a wannabe security guard or a criminal who thinks that whole Blue Line Decal works.
    Good Day Gentlemen..

  23. I’ve been aware of this for over 5 years now. They have been showing up more and more since the police support rally in my area.

  24. Shouldn’t you always drive and act normally and lawfully

  25. What a sad website. Someday you or someone you love will need the police. And lucky for you, they will still help your sorry butt. Do you get this upset over Obama stickers, Girl Scout bumper stickers, or firefighter stickers? Like I bet you think firefighters and EMS will only put out car fires with related bumper stickers. C’Mon. Not to mention I know officers in uniform who have been pulled over and questioned in their POVs because they happen to meet the description of a suspect vehicle . So seriously, use your energy for something positive and worthwhile.

    Judging by some of the brilliant minds on here, I better put a pot sticker on my car to ensure its safety. Do not know what state you live in, but in mine, you can defend personal property such as cars. Click click boom, buddy.

  26. you people are disgusting. police protect you from the monsters of the world. and you think you should just bash on them like this? i hope someone pulls a drive by or other act of violence on you and when you come crawling to the police i hope they help you, and teach you a little humility

  27. Um, I have a problem with this explanation. Sure, cops get by and totally get away with a bunch of crap they shouldn’t. But the explanation of this symbol is wrong: the thin blue line represents the law enforcement, the top black line is the public, and the bottom is the criminals. It is symbolic of the fact that law enforcement stands between the criminals and their possible victims. Which, even if you don’t believe in that, believe in the fact that MOST OFTEN, when a TBL is worn by an officer, it is a band worn around their badge to COMMEMORATE A FELLOW FALLEN OFFICER. Many police consider wearing a TBL at any time other than in the months after a friend has fallen is THE UTMOST DISRESPECT TO THEIR DECEASED BROTHERS. It is more common to see the public using this symbol to try and gain favor with police and corrupting it. Get your facts right before you rant about something. Or don’t, because it just makes you appear all the more stupid and ignorant to people like me who know officers who have lost their friends, brothers, and family, and have respect for the selfless and courageous men and women who risk their lives on a daily basis to protect this wonderful country we live in.

  28. it works, get one and put it on your car,, I used to be a courier and was plagued by traffic stops and tickets,, put one on my car and have not been stopped yet in two years

  29. Doesn’t this qualify as a gang symbol?

  30. There really needs to be more of a push for civilian involvement in operational policies. Every PD should have Civilian Oversight Committees

  31. The term pig come from the story animal farm. Where all the animals were equal, but the pigs had special rule for themselves. Although the were all equal, the pigs were MORE equal. For ex. no animals were to ever leep on the beds. When the pigs were caught sleeping on the beds, they said no animals were to sleep on beds, with sheets.

  32. You guys r idiots!!!!!! its called the thin blue line to honor police officers that were killed in the line of duty….not a club sticker….WTF

  33. <<< That's why I sport this. People who push to have special authoritarian privileges above the rest of society are scum.

  34. I saw a video of the guy that started cop black on a you tube video recently….just out of curiosity have any of you wondered how much money this guys is making off of you people….seems very much like a capitalist but yet promoting his socialist views……I support the idea of accountability but should the guy making all the cash be accountable also….since a lot of the views on here are anti cop anti big business anti government and all of this money keep growing for the guy that started this ……just saying dont be a sheep and follow blindly…..

  35. American Police, Organized Crime at it’s Worst!

  36. This is to alert other cops not to waste their time pulling them over, that they are a member of the club. So if another cop sees them speeding, running lights or stop signs, just ignore them. But it also alerts other people that this car is also subject to “vandalism”.

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