Note: This was submitted anonymously, via the Cop Block submission page.

Date of Incident: 9/18/2014
Individual(s) Responsible: Name Unknown (Editor’s note: please get the names of aggressors!)
Outfit: Tecumseh, OK Police Department
Phone: 405-598-2115
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9 Year Old Assault By CopsJust thought I’d share:

My nine-year-old special needs son, who has impulse control disorder and o.d.d, was handcuffed, put in an arm bar, and drug in his school by a Tecumseh, Oklahoma police officer for not lining up correctly in the car rider line.

He received a sprained shoulder, wounds around his wrist, and scratches on his face from a cop leaning against him and shoving his face in the concrete wall. He spent hrs crying in pain and fear and had nightmares from it all night. They have totality traumatized my son!!

This happened Thursday, Sept. 18th, around 3pm. All they would do is let me file a report.

Please help make sure this assault on my son doesn’t go unnoticed. Please call and tell them abuse is abuse whether its a civilian or police behind the abusing and that its not ok to assault my child and get away with no consequences. The Tecumseh police number is 405 598 2115.

Thank you.

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  1. More copblock fiction at it’s best. No names, real location, or why the PD were called.

    1. No way, slaps. You write the best fiction on copblock. Completely unbelievable, but really, really, funny. You’re like some kind of douchebag robot, push a given button, get the pre-programmed response.

      1. JC, ethical news reporting often hides the names of the parents and the child in these cases until more comes out.. Obviously, hiding the child’s name while exposing the parents’ doesn’t protect the child.

          1. It doesn’t appear you are correct on anything you post…

          2. Often isn’t always. By giving the parent’s name, they didn’t protect the child.

          3. I posted the link.

      2. I believe you believe that Rain man

        1. Nobody believes you sloth…

          1. Why don’t you prove it.

    2. When you lick a cops boots do you start from the top of the laces and go down or from the heal and go up…

      1. I see you are telling everyone about your dark fantasies again.

  2. Since Copblock will post anything:

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    1. CS:
      I actually think that this very well,could have happened. Not anything like it’s told…..but I can believe something happened.

      Yo author lady:
      You do realize that force can and should be used to keep your kid from hurting others and even from hurting himself.
      And out of control kid in a busy carpool line can very easily get hurt or hurt someone else.
      Maybe….just maybe….if he has that many issues….you should consider homeschooling him so that he isn’t “indoctrinated” by “government schools” and keep him away from the evil and violent police.

      1. On a nine year-old child a cop should use force. The force a cop can use.

        “You do realize that force can and should be used to keep your kid from hurting others and even from hurting himself.” A nine year-old child faces the force of a cop. A grown man should use force, the force a cop can use, on a nine-year old child? That force isn’t what a cop does, but what a parent or teacher does.

        “He received a sprained shoulder, wounds around his wrist, and scratches on his face from a cop leaning against him and shoving his face in the concrete wall.” If that is true, the cop treated him to what he would do to adults.

        “And out of control kid in a busy carpool line can very easily get hurt or hurt someone else.” Yes, it’s why we have all those deaths and injuries in busy school pick-up lanes. Have you ever picked up your kid or kids from school more that a few times? I did a car pool for 6 years, every school day, every morning and afternoon, and you are so out-of-touch with reality it just hurts. The cars are stopped or doing one to two miles per hour. There are parents in the cars, out of the cars, and teachers supervising.

        Have I seen out of control children? Yes, and not one needed a police officer to subdue them. And the schools I car pooled specialized in ODD, ADD, ADHD, and autism. The authoritarian response and justification is what is wrong. Years back a civilized society was judged by how it treated the young and the elderly. You and your profession, with the blessings of politicians, have eroded that while justifying your actions with worst-case excuses.

        The home-schooling meme was just a gratuitous insult. Nothing was mentioned about “indoctrination” or “government schools”, but a question was raised about police force. I guess the latter leads to the former for you.

        1. “The cars are stopped or doing one to two miles per hour. There are parents in the cars, out of the cars, and teachers supervising”

          Wait, so no child has ever been injured in a busy school pick up line? Parents everywhere and teachers supervising means a child can’t be hurt? A child can’t be hurt because a car is stopped or only going one or two miles an hour? That’s great news, especially for a couple of my former brothers-in-arms and their kids, they’ll be happy to know their kids weren’t really injured at all during pick up or drop off at school.

          1. Oh. please, fuck yourself. I’m in an intolerant mood.

            So you have an anecdote where you know of some children that we’re hurt during a pick up at school. And that extrapolates to all children are in danger because school pick-ups are so dangerous,. I’m sorry for your brothers-in-arms, but don’t try to make that anywhere near the norm. And, fuckhead, the ” they’ll be happy to know their kids weren’t really injured at all during pick up or drop off at school.” is just assholery.
            Yes children get hurt. I cut down all the trees in my backyard, and forced my entire neighborhood to cut down all their trees because children get hurt falling out of trees. I also have no furniture in my house higher than 6 inches, because children get hurt falling from furniture. I’ve removed all bathtubs because children die in bathtubs, lot of evidence for that well beyond anecdote. I’ve looked at the breakdown of how children die, have you?

            So, asshat, do a search to determine how many Elementary Schools and Middle Schools there are in the US, get the population of students, and then give me the incidence of kids injured in a school pick up zone in terms of 100,000. Need to have a basis, otherwise we have to deal with asshats with anecdotes. Now if enough asshats come up with enough anecdotes we start to get data.

          2. Replying to myself to continue addressing the asshat.

            No, asshat, I didn’t say “Wait, so no child has ever been injured in a busy school pick up line? Parents everywhere and teachers supervising means a child can’t be hurt? A child can’t be hurt because a car is stopped or only going one or two miles an hour?” Because, asshat, no situation can ever be made 100% safe. Only asshats believe that. Only asshats make the argument you did.

            And, asshat, if you ever put your child in a car you just made a decision that has the greatest chance of injuring your kid next to leaving him in a bathtub unattended. But you did it day in and day out. Bet you never thought about it. Asshat.

            But you want to make a big deal about a school pick-up line?
            Asshat. And, asshat, I was just being sarcastic about the trees and furniture. No rational human being would try to remove every possible hazard in life. And no rational human being would use this line “That’s great news, especially for a couple of my former brothers-in-arms and their kids, they’ll be happy to know their kids weren’t really injured at all during pick up or drop off at school.” to make a case that those lines are dangerous.

            You left out all your other brothers-in-arms, and the whole rest of the US, that hasn’t had a child hurt in a school pick-up line.

            That’s why you’re an asshat with an anecdote.

          3. But I’m only imitating your use of anecdotes, oh wise and mysterious king of fuckery.

          4. But I had 2900 anecdotes, you only had one. Is 2900 larger than one? Oh, I know, your one is always larger. I bet all the girls have told you that, and you’ve believed it every time.

            A ways back, perhaps before you reached sentience on this blog, assuming you have reached sentience, I said I liked Puck. I will help you to an understanding of what that means.

          5. Oh, you described 2900 different incidents? No? One is still equal to one, and if you actually look, I was describing more than one. Sorry, turd burgled, your numbers don’t work. Particularly since you want to call for substantive statistics from me, when all you brought was anecdotal evidence.

          6. You are complete Idiot sikko and t for that fact. The kid would not line up in a straight line. He didnt cause a “problem.” He is 9 years old. Not even Double Digits. And I have no problem saying a 9 year old can not hurt anyone with their bare hands. This cop is clearly over zealous and needs to find a line of work to where he can’t abuse kids. If you cant see that this is EXCESSIVE force then you are as blind as Stevie Wonder. This kid deserved none of what happened to him. He is a child.

          7. Lol. You can do personal attacks. But we can see your “moral meter.” And the fact you had no argument other then a meme Shows how stupid you are and how you have no argument for the basic facts of this case. And I did say excessive force. Telling the kid to get back in line or taking him to the principle office would of been the correct amount of force. Not cuffing him and pushing him against a wall.

          8. Lol good try baiter. Police tactics don’t work buddy you won’t make Me mad.

          9. Police tactics? What police tactics?

          10. Lol who the fuck are you? You troll a cop block website? Like who has time in their life just to troll? Some one with no life, no family and no friends. Lol. You piggies are funny. But have a good day go kill a 12 year old then beat up a special education 9 year old. Fucking cunt.

          11. Thought you said I wouldn’t make you mad?

          12. Lol you’re an idiot. Hope you die piggy. Have a horrible life.

          13. Oh, you’re in an intolerant mood? I should give a fuck about that, why?

            In your intolerance, you are also displaying what is either blantant stupidity or just out an out bullshit. I didn’t claim it was the norm, fuckface, I used the anecdote, amazingly an OK sort of evidence for you to use, to illustrate that injuries do happen. Now, ass munch, in all your hyperbolic fuckery, you were arguing against something I didn’t lay claim to, kind of like your argument against t. It wasn’t an argument that injuries and death happen all the time, but that the potential for injury is there, and that potential isn’t difficult to to actualize.

            What you out and out ignored in your asshatted rant is that school pick up lines are a mass of moving parts, kids, teachers, parents and vehicles, making it very easy for one small action by anyone leading to an injury.

            So, dipshit, to give you perspective, my friends’ kids that were injured, minor injuries of the sort that wouldn’t likely be reported (and wasn’t in one of these cases), one was because one was acting up. He was jumping and running along, tripped trying to not run into a little girl and smacked his face into the forward quarter panel of a car. One bloody lip and a scraped knee, and the kid learned his lesson about behaving right. The other was a little girl that got knocked to the ground by a parent that wasn’t paying attention and started to pull out while the girl and her mother were crossing in front of the other parent’s car. Think one or two miles an hour would have made a difference if that car kept rolling over top of that little girl?

            Save your bullshit indignation, it’s both tired and lame. Your straw man arguments are obvious, and you don’t even argue against them effectively.

          14. Of course it happens. And, asshat, your very phrasing puts the lie to your response. “Wait, so no child has ever been injured in a busy school pick up line? Parents everywhere and teachers supervising means a child can’t be hurt?A child can’t be hurt because a car is stopped or only going one or two miles an hour? That’s great news, especially for a couple of my former brothers-in-arms and their kids, they’ll be happy to know their kids weren’t really injured at all during pick up or drop off at school.” That’s not “oh I was just trying to show kids can be hurt”, asshat.

            As for the specifics on how the kids got hurt while being picked up, any stituation would do for you.

            “Save your bullshit indignation, it’s both tired and lame. Your straw man arguments are obvious, and you don’t even argue against them effectively.” Asshat, I was responding to your straw man. What the fuck do you think your response was you buffoon (thanks, I’m having fun here, I like that you afforded me the opportunity to enjoy myself)?

            This is one long straw man you asshat: “Wait, so no child has ever been injured in a busy school pick up line? Parents everywhere and teachers supervising means a child can’t be
            hurt?A child can’t be hurt because a car is stopped or only going one or two miles an hour? That’s great news, especially for a couple of my former brothers-in-arms and their kids, they’ll be happy to know their kids weren’t really injured at all during pick up or drop off at school.” A straw man is reframing someone’s argument so you can knock it down easily, while still maintaining or just implying that that was there argument. So you dipshit asshat, you did the straw man and had the effrontery to claim I did. Asshat doing assholery is you says I.

            Hey, thanks for the fun. We should do this more often. Maybe have a drink after. Hey, give me a ring, I’ve got my pinky and thumb saying “call me”.

          15. Pointing out that kids have been hurt isn’t pointing out that kids can be hurt, that’s some serious mental acrobatics there, chumpstain.

            T argued that kids can easily be hurt during pick up and drop off, what was your response? Call him out of touch with reality. Your basis? “The cars are stopped or doing one to two miles per hour. There are parents in the cars, out of the cars, and teachers supervising.” That can only be taken to mean that a kid getting hurt is impossible, shithead.

            That’s me knocking down your straw man, assclown, not me building one of my own. You know, your argument that kids don’t get hurt at school drop off or pick up, that’s it’s impossible because” The cars are stopped or doing one to two miles per hour. There are parents in the cars, out of the cars, and teachers supervising.” Which t is out of touch with.

          16. Oh, Captain Marvel, you’ve got to explain this to me: “Pointing out that kids have been hurt isn’t pointing out that kids can be hurt”. So kids were hurt but that doesn’t mean kids can be hurt. Is there some chronology that you left out?

            Hey, when Churchill spoke to “their finest hour” he wasn’t talking about you. If he lived to tomorrow, and made that speech the same day, he still wouldn’t be speaking about you.

          17. You’d have to explain it to me, because that’s your own retarded logic, there, skidmark.

          18. Why do I have the feeling you’re a pig?

          19. Yeah you’re without a doubt a cop. Don’t you have some harmless citizen to harass tool? Leave it to a cop to try to act rational with some form of intelligence, but then again if you were intelligent you wouldnt be a cop. LOL

          20. I do so love the humor of absolute inanity. Sorry there, fella, I’m not a cop. It was a really nice guess though. Too bad it wasn’t based on any real indications other than your absolutely stupid prejudices.

          21. I think he was fooled by your quack. He thought if it quacks like a duck it must be a duck. He forgot that you have to also walk like a duck.

            Do you walk like Meg Ryan? You can tell me, I’ll keep it a secret. Everyone else knows you quack like a duck.

          22. You should consider how that applies to you.

          23. No it was based on how utterly stupid you are. Nice try though half wit.

          24. Uh, if kids have been hurt by X then kids can be hurt by X. Pointing it out, that’s retarded logic?

          25. Try reading it again, and see exactly what my words were, which isn’t your attempted distillation above.

          26. It still distills to this: “Pointing out that kids have been hurt isn’t pointing out that kids can be hurt”. You wrote it and I just keep quoting it. “Can” was a poor choice, live up to it.

            Children are very, very seldom hurt in pick-up lines because there is a lot of supervision. But even with all that supervision some kids will be hurt, that’s that seldom part.

            “T argued that kids can easily be hurt during pick up and drop off …” but t. was using that in order to justify the actions of the officer. That’s all it was because no matter the degree of supervision, he would still use that argument.

          27. 1. Way to take the statement out of the context of the entire conversation, in which you claimed I wasn’t making the case that kids CAN be hurt, because I provided examples of kids, in fact, being hurt.

            2. Seldom does not mean never. Supervision is meaningless if it doesn’t mitigate risky behavior, which is what t was advocating

            3. Are you saying it’s not justifiable to remove someone from an are when that person poses a significant risk to the health and safety of others?

          28. No.
            1. Here’s your words: “Pointing out that kids have been hurt isn’t pointing out that kids can be hurt”. In no way did I “claimed I (you) wasn’t making the case that kids CAN be hurt”. I only pointed out the nonsense of your comment.
            2. No if seldom meant never I would have used never, less typing. No t. was advocating that the action taken was justified by the behavior. Mitigate means to make less severe, serious, or painful. The action taken wasn’t mitigation; supervision does mitigate.
            3. I should have just left all this to the first word I typed. The problem is this phrase “poses a significant risk to the health and safety of others” so to give you your answer: I’m saying that what you and t. call significant in order to justify the response isn’t significant. Moving baseline on your part.

          29. 1. Oh, you didn’t write this?: That’s not “oh I was just trying to show kids can be hurt”, asshat. Damn, if only you had, I might have a point.

            2. The action taken was justified by the behavior. A child putting other children at risk? Then that child should be removed from that area. I know what mitigate means, which is why I used it. The action taken made the risk less severe, it made the risk less serious. Supervision isn’t always passively watching, often it requires pro actively putting a hand in to remove problems that increase risk.

            3. OK…just keep in mind those words going forward.

          30. I do and that’s what I find to be so much fun. Risk, an absolute or a matter of degree? An action that is taken that is beyond needed for the risk isn’t mitigating. This is a nice question “A child putting other children at risk?”, but then most parents with more than one child have should have used the police at the first tantrum, if police should be used because children are at risk.

            “Supervision isn’t always passively watching, often it requires pro actively putting a hand in to remove problems that increase risk.” False dilemma. Nothing in that means that the hand of police has to be the hand. If you want police to be that first hand then you are for a police state because that’s where it will lead.

          31. And where in this entire conversation did I say, hint, or imply that police should be the “first hand” in? Oh, that’s right, I didn’t. Nice straw man though.

            Without exact details of what this child’s behavior was that led to the decision to remove him from the area, we can’t say whether the action that was taken was “beyond needed for the risk.” As I have said in other responses here, the handcuffs probably were a bit much, but I can’t say definitely. As to the child’s injuries, those are equally indicative of the child’s behavior being the cause as they are of the officer’s efforts to restrain the child being “beyond what’s needed.”

          32. No, sikko, it wasn’t a straw man, it was about your false dilemma. It isn’t either passively standing by or police action, there’s a wide range of action between. Neither passive nor needing police.

            As for your second paragraph, it refutes your position as much as it supports. I don’t need to re-write it for you to show you. Again, this is about using police to deal with a nine year old. How far and deep do you want police power and action to be used? How far will you go to justify it?

          33. “It isn’t either passively standing by or police action”

            Did I say anything remotely of the sort? No, no I didn’t, but you keep on reaching.

            “Again, this is about using police to deal with a nine year old. How far and deep do you want police power and action to be used? How far will you go to justify it?”

            Have I said anywhere that it was necessary for police action? No. I said action was necessary to remove the risk, did I say that action needed to come from police? No.

            You just keep on throwing up those straw men, though, it’s the only thing that really works for you.

          34. My other reply has yet to show.
            “The action taken was justified by the behavior” is a direct quote from a comment of your’s on this thread. That action was the police action, and you called it justified. There’s no way to take this other than what it explicitly says. You can’t weasel pivoting on the word necessary. Okay, you can, because you did.

            Still this “Pointing out that kids have been hurt isn’t pointing out that kids can be hurt”. There’s no way to take this other than what it explicitly says. And what it says is nonsense, no matter what you add to it. Can, will, can, will.

            I didn’t write either, and no matter how you try to explain them away, they are still what you wrote. Twist that into a straw man.

          35. “That action was the police action, and you called it justified.” That action was removing the child from the area. Was it an action taken by a police officer? Yes. Did it require a police officer to take that action? No. Did I say it required a police officer to take that action? No I didn’t. So, where, other than your imagination, is my ” false dilemma? ”

            Look at the original way it was written “Pointing out that kids have been hurt isn’t pointing out that kids can be hurt?” The question mark is important, because it turns the statement into a question, and in this case, it was a question of your goofy logic.

          36. There was no question mark used by you when you first wrote that phrase. Simple search on two words “pointing out”. It was your reply to me pointing out that t’s “easily” is unrealistic given the supervision. t’s use of “easily” is moving baseline crap. You turned what I wrote into this “Pointing out that kids have been hurt isn’t pointing out that kids can
            be hurt, that’s some serious mental acrobatics there, chumpstain.” But the acrobatics were all yours. It’s why I made fun of it.

            “That can only be taken to mean that a kid getting hurt is impossible, shithead.” No, it only meant not “easily”. And I enjoyed pointing out that your phrase was nonsense, which is where you tried to take my comment.

            That now you turn the action into “from the area” when you did not make that distinction before is what? Yes, your argument has certainly evolved from what it first was. I’m sure it will continue to evolve. Back dating your argument is problematic though.

            I take you as seriously as Puck would.

          37. I am impressed by how quickly you reply. I’m unemployed, and even I don’t have that much time on my hands.

          38. Kids can be easily hurt by: going outside; climbing a tree; walking a fence; swimming in a pool; and, horrors, when cooking dinner for their parents. Even worse, by furniture (sound of harpsichord and organ, baleful and sinister in a left handed way).

            Did I write impossible? Tick tock tick. No, I didn’t, but I did look. What I was really addressing is that inflation of what is possible with what is probable. Worst case thinking is always what is possible, seldom if at all what is probable.

            Really, let’s just end it here and now. The most possible and most probable way for a child, even late teens, to be injured or die is, drum roll please, in a car. It swamps all other possibilities, well except for disease.

          39. Did you right impossible? No. Did i say you did? No. Did you imply it? Absolutely, and that’s what I said you did. Can kids be hurt on other ways? Sure. Are there far more dangerous activities? Absolutely. Do those last two have anything to do with the possibility or probability of a child being hurt during school pick up or drop off? Not at all.

            It’s really a rather simple idea, do the odds of somebody getting hurt during school drop off or pick up go up when a child is acting out? They sure do.

            You made a stupid comment, either through not fully thinking it out or through just plain being dumb. Get over it

          40. Are you and t buddies or what. The whole point here is that it’s not that difficult to restrain a nine year old child. Do you really think a nine year old needs to be put in cuffs for “acting out”?

          41. It’s not that difficult to restrain a nine year old child? Well, in most cases, yes. A child with behavioral problems in the middle of a fit, not so much. Did I say a nine year old needed to be put in cuffs? No, no, I didn’t, but I’m gonna guess you’re not gonna let a little thing like facts get in your way of a good story.

          42. Because a nine year old mid fit turns into the hulk I guess. You are saying that the cop did what he was supposed to do so yes, you are saying it was OK to cuff a nine yr old.

          43. Oh, strength is all that matters? Flexibility and continuous movement are easily overcome with strength, right? Restraining the kid WAS the right thing. Did it need to be accomplished with cuffs, no it didn’t.

            I didn’t say anything about the cop’s actions until now, but what do facts matter, right?

          44. You seem to be stuck on facts not mattering. I’ve not even insinuated such a thing. You are defending the incident therefore, unless otherwise stated, it’s safe to assume you have no problem with the cops actions since that’s what the whole story is about. If you or I did what the cop did we could be investigated by cps. The cop did what comes natural to cops. He used aggression and force. Cops should be trained to diffuse situations not escalate. Doesn’t seem like asking to much from people who are supposedly protecting us by enforcing the law.

          45. Because your arguments aren’t based on facts, ergo, for you, facts don’t matter.

            I was discussing one element of the incident, in a generalized discussion of how easy it is for a child to be hurt during school dropoff/pickup. How is that “defending the incident?”

            The officer used force, yes, force is necessary to restrain a person no matter what age.

          46. My whole argument is and was that it is not very difficult to restrain a nine year old. That is a fact. Your whole argument was and is that since it’s so easy for a child to be hurt at pickup/dropoff the cop did the right thing. That’s less factual than my statement. Perhaps if it’s so easy for children to get hurt in the pickup/dropoff lines we should just abolish those. Facts are clear. The law enforcement in this country are far to aggressive and use tactics and thought processes which are counter productive to keeping ALL citizens safe.

          47. 1. Your argument began with accusatory tone, as though any agreement on any point between two individuals equals the exact same opinion.
            2. Your “easy to restrain a nine year old” argument was lacking, and I pointed out why.
            3. My WHOLE argument prior to my initial response to you didn’t even touch on the idea of restraining a child to begin with. Once again facts matter, and you lack them here.
            4. When I did comment on restraint being a correct action, my ACTUAL statement was that cuffs weren’t necessary. Still showing that facts are a problem with you.
            5. I don’t buy your “facts are clear” assessment, since you can’t even get the facts of this discussion straight when the actual facts are in front of you. Clearly, the very concept of a fact escapes you.

          48. Ah, you saw the emperor had no clothes no matter how much he claimed to be well-dressed. Bravo.

          49. Jeremy:
            I say it’s ok. I have zero problem
            With it at all.
            After all….what are handcuffs for?
            Are they “punishment”? No
            Are they to keep you from hurting yourself or someone else? Yes.

          50. Jeremy:
            Do you not think that a nine year old can hurt anyone?

          51. Ray:
            I couldn’t care any less about your “intolerant mood”
            You’re still a narrow minded boob

            I know a kid who I used to coach who has many of the same issues as this woman described that broke a little girls arm when he shoved her while waiting in carpool and she fell and broke her arm. The school and the parents were both sued and paid out because of that kids actions. His mother is in that school almost daily now trying to keep him calm. My littlest got a concussion when shoved and hit his head at school. It happens each and everyday in schools everywhere
            Sorry if your limited knowledge of te real world doesn’t contain that.

            YOUR autistic kids may not have been like this. But other kids are. Heck….we just had a teacher get stabbed by an autistic kid at school. So stuck your understanding and intolerance up you butt

            Your kid’s (like you) right aren’t any more important than anyone else’s. When you behaviors place others at risk….you are in the wrong. Somehow…that isn’t surprising in any way

          52. Of course you shouldn’t, the comment wasn’t directed at you. Leave it to you to think it’s all about you.

            My kids aren’t autistic. You saying they are over and over doesn’t make it otherwise.But if my son were autistic, you’d only be up to wiping the ass of an autistic kid, in an intellectual sense.

            Anecdote after anecdote. Yeah, an autistic kid knifed a teacher, or so you say. So did a sociable white kid, and an anti-social white kid, and every shade of color and mentality. Shove your bigotry up your own ass. You are what has fucked up my Republican Party. Get the fuck out of it.

            BTW, I went to two of the toughest and violent schools in the San Gabriel Valley. I was held at knife point in 8th grade. A friend of mine was shot but lived. That was 1967. I also cleaned up after an attempted suicide that year (coagulated blood is like liver, I hate liver). I was thirteen that year. I also spent a hard summer moving strawberries. I got to watch and hear my Mom die two years later, and I mean watch and hear. Did you hear your Mom die when you were thirteen?

            It’s a fucking tough world isn’t it?

          53. Again splitting my comment.

            “Your kid’s (like you) right aren’t any more important than anyone
            else’s. When you behaviors place others at risk….you are in the
            wrong. Somehow…that isn’t surprising in any way” No it isn’t surprising that you in your smug arrogance place others at risk. Or that your kids, learning from you, do also. I would have no surprise if your kids beat someone senseless because they were offended by words.

            I’ve taught my kids that their rights end at another’s nose. I’ve taught them they have no right to property that isn’t theirs (they won’t be doing asset forfeiture any time soon). I’ve taught them that they have no rights if they don’t respect the rights of others, and that for the simple reason that we all have the same rights.

            I have also taught them to ignore entitled princesses that go on and on about how selfish others are when using rights becausethat always interferes with the rights of the entitled princess.. I’ve explained to them that the hallmark of an entitled princess is claiming rights, which are always interfered with by others, but never explaining what those abridged rights are. I’ve explained that entitled princesses don’t like to go there, because if they did they’d have to explain which rights they have, which rights are more important, and it would just screw their constant claim about balancing rights, which is always about balancing rights towards them and the rights they like. So my children understand entitled princessess. Given Title IX, it is really important that they do.

            I have taught my kids, too, that rights are only defended when you defend an expression of those rights that you dislike. If you only defend what you like, you aren’t defending rights, you’re defending your personal bias. I hate with a passion both Nazis and Communists, but I would defend with the same passion their right to assemble, their right to free speech, etc, etc. I would call them asshats, fuckwads, and other things at the same time, but that’s a different matter. My kids, well two of them, understnd the difference.

            You have taught your children about entitled princesses? It’s very easy because they are so easy to recognize. And I can only hope you’ve taught your children to defend rights even when they dislike, even detest, the expression of those rights. You’ve explained to them that we all have the same rights?

          54. Ray:
            Your idiocy seemingly has no end.
            This is why a asked you to stop on so many topics….you tend to back loser stories/examples where the CBer is wrong and th police are right….but you just can’t

            This story is about the officer keeping the rights of those not acting out in mind. This kid….the one taking the actions….his rights aren’t more important….they are less important.

            “I’ve taught my kids that their rights end at a others nose”.
            Apparently you didn’t teach yourself that lesson.

            I think I counted 5 paragraphs full of outright lies in your comment here. And it’s only 5 paragraphs long.

            The worst of those lies was the whole princess shit. You’ve never said any such thing.
            The second worst was the part about defending rights. I say that as I really don’t think you understand rights at all. In fact I’m sure if it from other threads. But in this context… still don’t get it that every kid there had a tight not to be affected by this kids actions. And the police are sworn to protect those rights. You remain completely clueless.

          55. Dude, don’t lie. Police are only legally obligated to uphold the law, noo protect rights.

          56. Given that you think you have individual rights that are different from the rights of other individuals, I think your entire argument on rights is sophomoric at best and sophistic at worst.

            The real problem is how you use inflation to turn every incident into some threat to everyone elses rights. And then justify any action.

          57. Then give the lies. Enumerate them and expose them in detail. Make sure that you can show I did it while fully knowing that it was an untruth. Use your lie about what Singhania said regarding restraining legs causing suffocation as a standard, or better use the ignorance of “if they can speak, they are able to breathe”. Both have been explained to you in detail. Willful ignorance only goes so far.

            “The worst of those lies was the whole princess shit. You’ve never said any such thing.” I have to my children and just did to you.. The issue of entitlement, the concept that some individuals have more rights, or different rights, than others has been a constant topic. We all have the same rights or there wouldn’t be a need for balancing.

            ” I say that as I really don’t think you understand rights at all.” Truly, a double-edged sword.

          58. why do you waste intelligent conversation on these worthless fucks?Just stop responding to them, Or use short sentences degrading their intelligence. they won’t be around much longer.

          59. Hope.

          60. I guess I can’t fault you for hope. unfortunately I don’t think peaceful process and hope are going to change anything.

          61. It did during the Civil Rights movement, ending the absolute stain on our country from which Slavery pales. The violence that happened was on the part of government trying to sustain the status quo of bad law, and racists trying to sustain a culture that was bad.

            Peaceful protests can make change but they have to be relentless to change complacency to an acknowledgement that something needs to be changed. Jim Crow was so obviously against our ideals but took decades to destroy.

            And you will always have those that will call any protest violent if any violence happens. It’s a need to justify their belief that any protest today is bad; protests before they were born made an important difference.

          62. Ray:
            So….yours was a tough school huh? Knife point. Attempted suicide ( that’s actually fits with your mentality)
            So you again think that you are the only person that went to a rough school. Or had a hard up bringing.
            You are extremely limited in your knowledge and understanding as all you have is your limited exposures to the rough side of life. I loved my own and have to deal with and pick up the prices of goofs like you who get their suicides right….and I have to deal with those families and other kids. You never even see it.

          63. No, everyone else at that school went to a tough school. I went to seven different schools before graduating HS, and I do mean different. So my exposure was just the opposite of your typification. Some whitebread safe, others not so much.
            All ot that as a child, not an adult. Damn, I thought childhood was different from adulthood, but you think your adulthood isn’t.

            The attempted suicide I dealt with, cleaned up after, was when I was thirteen. You compare that to what you do as an adult through a job you chose.

          64. WOW Ray you really sound educated (sarcasm if you did not catch) if you have children they most have a lovely vocabulary

          65. Randy,
            This was a day I let loose. I was tired of all the ad hominem as a basis for argument. Start out with “you’re stupid” or “you’re a goof” just sets the tone for the argument to follow.

            Right now I’m still working on the concept of “I have individual rights different from other individuals, and the phrase “we all have the same rights” means collective rights”.

        2. Ray:
          Wow guy. Talk about delusional

          1. So, by “all the time” you mean six years straight morning and afternoon? I left out High School, didn’t think it pertinent given we were discussing children, but that gives me eight years of every morning and every afternoon. It amounts to over 2900 times. Does that match your “all the time”? BTW, my kids didn’t go to the same schools, so 2900 is conservative.

            I’ve seen kids do all sorts of things. HS was the worst, young adults actually walked in front of my car when it was moving at 5 to 15 miles per hour. One kid almost fell trying to avoid my car when he walked right in front of it by choice. My daughter gave me the following: they believe they have the right to walk in front of cars because A) they have the right, B) because if they get hit they can sue and win because of A. But that’s HS.

            1) “You act like this officer just walked up and pulled a kid out of line and beat him up.” No, it’s about the force used on a nine-year old. What I “act like” is just your imagining to turn it into something I didn’t write.
            2) I don’t have any autistic children, My children have had friends that are in the spectrum. It gave me insight and empathy. Sorry if that misleads you into thinking my children are autistic, I don’t have to have immediate family that are autistic to have insight or empathy. Hell, I can read.
            3) The assumption that the kid “endangers” others from this one meager report is part of the problem. The schools are mandated to deal with these children unless they represent an immediate and overwhelming danger to other chidren. One example of behavior doesn’t meet that. If one to you means many, you be a CopBlocker.

          2. Replying to myself to maintain thread order.

            If one example did, all children would need to be home-schooled. I got A’s throughout 1st and middle-school, but failed “citizenship” nearly every semester, yet still made honor roll and still made valedictorian.

            In high school, I drove one teacher to almost hit me (my physics teacher). I got another teacher to tell me she hated me in the middle of class, which gave me the chance to tell her it was mutual in front of the class. I worked for that moment. I had no respect for her.
            I walked out of a class when a teacher challenged me to (granted it was because the girl he also challenged looked at me and said “which of us is going to be the man”, the two of us were his best students in his Civics class. The look on his face was a moment to treasure, and he called us his best students afterwards,) Yet, all the times I upset teachers no cop had to be involved.

            All of it is just perspective. If you fear, your actions are from fear. If you must have absolute order, your actions will be to maintain absolute order. If you think you have a 50/50 chance of being killed in every interaction with every other human being then every other human being is out to kill you.

            The hallmark of an authoritarian is being out of touch with reality.

          3. W O W !!
            W O W !!

          4. HEY A-HOLE he did not line up the way the other A-HOLE wanted him to (you & him would make a pair that would beat a full house) I would have filed more than complaint I would have got his name find out his address & bring justice myself

          5. randy:
            Hey A-hole. Thanks for your input. Well…not really as it
            Wasnt insightful in anyway.

            Think of it this way….
            Who’s telling this story? Was that person a witness to any of it?
            Did the author get the info from a child that is openly disruptive and has a mother that wants special attention for her child?

            YOU have to read not only what is there….that which is presented to you….crafted to paint the image the author wants you to see
            You also have to see what isn’t there because they don’t want you to see it. It’s like the edited CB videos that never show the beginnings or even early on parts of an kncident.

            Look at how the author….again who wasnt there during this incident….at how she describes the involved child and what he has been “diagnosed” with. It’s doubtful that he was just not standing in line.
            Then you have to listen to what “force” is described.
            Holding hom in place. Injury to a shoulder and bruised wrists. With the diagoniis this kid has….is it not more
            Likely that he went crazy and the officer was simply trying to restrain an out of control child? After all….that is exactly is described as occurring.

          6. I only have 2 words to say to you “SPELL CHECK” LMAO

          7. OK, let’s find some common ground here. Put a body camera on the cop, fully record all of his interactions, and the problem is solved. When mom consoles the traumatized son she loves, and then views the full recording (with audio), she will have the evidence needed to either parent her child (making a teachable moment out of this cop-citizen interaction, to help him grow up) or file a legal action against a bully-cop. At any rate, she has more than just a RIGHT to expect an accountable cop; she has a RESPONSIBILITY to demand a fully just system.

          8. You really don’t know what a lie is do you? Let me give you hint “she said restraining legs can cause suffocation”. Now that’s a lie.

          9. I dont like cops in general, and have nothing but contempt for bullying cops, but, and excuse me for saying so, but “impulse control disorder” sounds like enabling parent speak for, ” my kid just wont behave”.

          10. raggz:
            Absolutely right.
            And then the parents dump them on schools and te rest of society to deal with.
            It is one of the biggest problems with “prgressive liberal” ideas. No one is accountable for their own behaviors and everything is a governed a problem.
            I’ve posted on this site for a couple of years now and I have tried time after time to educate people on how to limit government and government contact.
            Some folks just won’t learn.

          11. still not ok to harm the misbehaving child..

          12. all I read here was someone justifying the assault of a child. Priceless.

          13. Really? Read it again dumbass

          14. I Read it again… still the same thing. All you are doing is finding excuses as to why it was okay to harm a child and give the police leeway. There isn’t any. Thank you come again.

          15. Ian:
            Really. Just wxcuses.
            Excuses for what? Nothin described is even a little bit wrong guy.
            The author/mother was not a witness..
            The child is described as having serious behavior and self control issues.
            The officer was forced to restrain the out of control child.
            The child’s own continued behavior would cause the injuries described.

            Where is there an excuse in that?

            You are a typical CBer who believes whatever his is told even when the truth is completely lacking in te tale.

          16. The excuse is you justifying why a policeman can hurt a child, accident or not.. the police had no business touching a 9 year old to begin with, why is that so hard for you to comprehend? Children are not subjugated to our laws by in large unless some incredibly vindictive DA wishes to charge them as an adult, it is not a police officers place to correct a CHILD in any way like that. People like you are the reason I will never have children and I hope to whatever outside force there may be in this odd experience called life that you never have them either.

          17. t is a police officer, or plays the part of one. he will never admit that a police officer is wrong. He believes they have full and total power. he exemplifies the type of officer that should either be locked away for the rest of his life or executed publicly.

        3. so everytime a kid decides to go off the side walk, fuck em up. that’s all. that’s what they want you to do right? lmfao just like if a guy punches a trained professional whos job is to handle criminals, in the face, you shoot him dead without trying to subdue a unarmed man with non lethal force ya know, since you are a trained god damn professional.

          1. You replied to the wrong guy.

        4. cant spank your kids? fuck it the cops will do it for you and if they decide to test their freedom in anyway shape or form, let em get beat or worse. gotta teach these little shyts theres no such thing as freedom or learning from experience only getting yo ass beat xD or shot. lets see how that mentality goes, oh wait lets ask Chicago and NY’s violent crime rates

          1. You replied to the wrong guy. It really messes up the thread.

      2. I found the article(s). Not quiet what’s reported.

        1. Oh please. You cop dick suckers would defend anything these maniacs with badges do, no matter the horror or pain inflicted.

          You show your hand when you immediately clog up these comment sections with the most utter bullshit defenses of the indefensible, like some criminal in blue manhandling a 9 year old (that, of course, is extremely telling about your manhood or lack thereof).

          I have no doubt that you are paid shills, for no one else has the time to monitor these forums as you do, much less the prolific hijacking of honest discourse.

          But, worse, Cop Block has no problem with your incessant spamming, which tells me they have no problem with the sayanim like you using their forum to undermine their feigned purpose.

          1. Paid? You are gonna pay me? What’s the offer? My current rate is $3 per letter. $15 if someone replies to my posting and a gift card to Applebees. Do you think it really takes “that much” time to erode the articles posted here with additional information and facts?

            And what’s your fascination with “manhood” and “dicks.” You make repeated comments about that. Is there some latent emotion you are suppressing?

            Notice how they didn’t post the video clips of Billy’s outbursts? Notice how the “horrors” inflicted upon this poor “special needs” child are no where to be read or heard from in either news report. Probably not.

            And certainly had little Billy, who’s making threats of killing people, certainly something you’d condone as his junior 1st Amendment right, lashed out and struck your seed, then you’d no doubt be looking of recourse. Billy has a fit, Dad relies on the state-funded education system for his “schoolin” and daytime day care even though he’s “special needs” knowing that Tecumseh OK is not the mecca of the state educational system with vast resources to tend to Billy’s gentle sensibilities. When Billy, who’s always been such a nice boy, flips out, Dad blames the police rather than his own genetics and inability to rear his offspring.

          2. Your pay is in cop cum, scumbag.

          3. Ha ha ha, you are so weak. What’s it like, life on the margin?

          4. I earn my living. You just suck cop dick.

          5. I stand in awe of your rapier like wit.

          6. I love how desperate and stupid your comments and arguments are getting. You are losing. History will show you as a bigot, an elitist and in the wrong side. You will die a lonely old man bitching about about how it used to be, back when your kind ruled. hahaha. Or maybe you will cash your shill check and feel just like the prostitute you are.

          7. Oh, nice one. A “shill check.” I personally love how paranoid most of you are. With all your “tyranny” this and “road pirate” that.

            You have no idea how you make others laugh. This site has slid so far down its comical now. For all your ranting and raving, you’ll change nothing.

            History will show that I was right more than I was wrong. Its fine. I’ll leave you some time for your cocksucker jabs and emotional retorts about how “one day you’re gonna get it,” as I know it makes you feel better.

          1. Read the articles and compare and contrast.

          2. CS wrote…I found the article(s). Not quiet what’s reported,

            My response was once again to your spelling, slow learner. its quite, not quiet.

          3. G.I.F.U.C.K.Y.O.U.r.S.eL.F

            Sorry, could you please check my grammar?

            ha ha ha

      3. Sounds like t likes to blame the victim, id read what you have to write but honestly after this first remark you’re opinion means nothing

      4. legit you see a kid walk off the side walk, hurt them. cops come, tell em you did their job for them they can go shoot an unarmed man.

      5. Are you and JC aka Jr. Cunt married? You both act like a couple cunts…just wondering…

    2. Is Camery 2 syllables or 3?

      This site has become a joke for the most part.

      1. Damn it, Jim, I’m a doctor not a Camry salesman.

        So is police reporting on police bad behavior a joke. Latest thing to come out just before the CIA claim that torture works while the Senate says no. Police statistics on their bad behavior is akin to the CIA saying they did nothing wrong and torture works, just not good information. Newspapers are actually reporting on how bad police stats are about what police do. Finally.

        Editorial for the fun of itl: I’ve been a Republican since 1972 (first 18 year-olds to vote, big deal, given the anti-civil liberty schmucks that have been taking over my party since ’68). I have been an ardent civil-libertarian who thought at one time Conservative meant those ideals, but learned neither the big C nor the little “c” embraces those ideals, and neither do the big L or little “l” Democrats. So I stay a Republican, voting for Republicans, Democrats, and Independents by their stance, what I see as a Republican stance. It’s that Reagan thing of I didn’t leave the party, the party left me. Reagan was a JFK democrat. Amazing what a decade can change.

        1. And that’s a issue with the connotative meaning with labels.

          This entire issue with the police being in the forefront of the news is just like sharks were pre 9/11. For the entire summer, sharks were everywhere, every news program, headline and magazine cover. Then the planes hit. No more headlines.

          Nothing will change. Sure, cops in big towns will get some body cameras and that, over all, for the police will be a good thing. Taxes will rise to pay for it but so be it.

          But just like when MVRs (dash cams) came out in the 1990s were going to end all brutality claims, and it didn’t. It helped the police far more than “caught them” and body cameras will no do different.

          The main aspect with body camera is it will be largest sanctioned invasion of privacy in history, and the public wanted it.

          1. Weeelll, the problem is we are already there over privacy. Those damn smartphones. If they, body cams, are only used in public, like dashcams, then no invasion of privacy. If they enter the home, then yes it will be the largest invasion of privacy after the NSA collection of metadata, the use of Stingray, the placing of tracking devices on cars, and a couple of other things I can’t think of at the moment. And then there is the private sector…which then shares it with the government, under duress or otherwise.

            Sharks and planes, like snakes on a plane, are best put behind us. I’m not minimizing 9/11, but it wasn’t Pearl Harbor either.

            Dashcams helped police more than they hurt, but they did hurt. Body cams will be exactly the same. As for nothing will change, that’s just America.

            Going back to your first sentence, if it was directed at my editorial, yeah labels, but not just the connotative, even the denotative causes issues.
            I come from an old Republican family, even the Catholics are Republican, that did believe civil-liberties and Republican were synonyms. Yet every acitivist was a commie. Hated Jim Crow, the American apartheid, but just slightly more than the “agitators” trying to end it, who were all commies. Just total weirdness. That strange dichotomy after WWII, before WWII, after Woodrow Wilson, our first proto-fascist President, and before WW. Civil-liberties yes, but any that agitated for them was a trouble maker. Labor rightts yes, but Unions were commie, even before Lenin. I guess they thought change would just happen. I learned otherwise. Even when I disagree with activists, I still hold activism as American. Without it, we wouldn’t have what we have today. There was this San Francisco bakery around 1910…

          2. I’ll note the date and time, I actually agree with most of what you say.

            Stingray is something new just read about. Sounds interesting.

          3. Stingray is where one part of government tells government to lie to the rest of government, even gives it how to lie, so it can get convictions. And hide how it does it because it breaks our system of Rule of Law. It’s about as Un-American as you can find.

            What is our “exceptionalism” really about?

      2. My bad, I was laughing as I typed.

    3. Learn how to spell please.

      1. Wow, that’s your angle, the letter “e?” Just lets me know that, as per usual, I am right.

        Please check my punctuation also.

        1. Dude you’re a cop by default you’re a fucking retard just shut the fuck up clown.

          1. Go back to your Xbox junior, adults are talking.

          2. For an adult, you sure are stupid.

          3. Oh man, please not an xbox insult!! is that the best you have bacon boy?

    4. Since you’re another cop ass kisser why not go fan over some cops website….

      1. Because I enjoy making people such as yourself look foolish from time to time.

  3. Actually lady you traumatized your son by sending him to a prison to be schooled into an obedient slave. You failed your son, stop, and don’t do it again.

  4. Posted anonymously , not a story worth following.

  5. You disgusting cop lovers are UNREAL . How can any adult stand by and say this is ok force to put a kid in there place. Kids are kids let them be kids especially if they have a disability .And really to waste my tax money on having a PIG on the payroll at an elementary school is FUCKED UP to begin with. Is it possible that another shooting like Sandy Hook may happen, of coarse it is . It is also more likely that within a years time cops will kill more kids then were killed in Conn. Have you guys lost that much touch in life that you actually believe cops should have that much power to kill and maim . Do you know that as an American citizen we are 9 times more likely to be killed by a cop then a terrorist ! I love my country but will protect myself and all people to the best of my ability every day against the tyranny that has creeped forward in this nation Please do some reading on the injustice served every day in this country…

    Yes they are activist run sites just as police one , or and many others are. You need to get in tune on what is going on.

    1. sandy hook was a hoax. false flag. FEMA Capstone Live Shooter Drill.
      Sandy Hook Elementary school was closed for years for a collapsed roof, multiple floodings, and a failed toxicology inspection in 2009 for asbestos.

      Those precious children of affluent parents would never be allowed inside a derelict dump like SHES, specifically because it failed inspection, and was not a working school lol.

      “The largest school massacre in history” DID NOT HAPPEN.

      1. Oh my. And you guys wonder why no one respects you goofs. This guy is why.

        1. You don’t have to do much research to find the official story is b.s.

          1. You don’t need to do any research to see that you are a joke and a complete nutjob.

          2. ziggy:
            Really? Just BS? No dead kids? All a lie?
            Why don’t you link a reputable source? Maybe pictures of the school from
            Years ago with the roof collapsed?
            It’s called Put Up or Shut the F Up.
            I won’t expect a reply


            jump to 43 minute mark, near the end. there is the proof that all the schools in Newtown had inspection in november of 2009. Official Newtown page.

            Mold everywhere, inside, outside. Water damage on the floor tiles in every shot. Junk piling up and completely blocking windows (fire marshal would have permitted that, sure), Pressboard blockades across certain hallways (the roof damage is behind those odd wooden walls, but that’s normal to see a big pressboard slab cutting off a hallway in a working school, right?)
            also, it’s two weeks after thanksgiving and two weeks before christmas on december 14th.
            There are NO holiday decorations. so…SHES was just the most culturally sensitive school ever and didn’t allow children to cotton ball or glitter-bedeck ANY SANTA, TURKEY, MENORAH, REINDEER, DREIDEL, GODDAMN CANDY CANE??
            crap, we made santas out of toilet paper rolls, there wasn’t a popsicle stick that wasn’t transmogrified during a holiday, you kiddin?!

            lol, it’s funny how excited you shill trolls got. proceed with the bullying and intimidation :-) lol

          4. sloppy-ass debacle false flag, happy anniversary.

          5. You are truly stupid. Sandy Hook was not a fake. Post real scientific proof that it was a fake. Post a link that would back your statements and reopen the investigation.

          6. oh, do not fret, the investigation is still very much open.
            If zoning and health inspectors aren’t good enough, how about the FBI? How about state police and FEMA representative, howbout whynot, the guy who invented, originated, and implemented the Code Red System??


            No, keep pressin.
            For people that care to have personal understanding, these next are extra credit:
            Robbie Parker! THE HAPPIEST FATHER OF A DEAD BABY.
            Come on.

            Try to find Capricorn One, film, 1978

          7. For someone who is so confident, you ask for more proof than an unconcerned individual.

          8. Because people like me will not buy into the BS of people like you. Prove your statements.

          9. You still haven’t posted a real link that would support your statements. The investigation is not on going. Prove it. You are just another one of those conspiracy nuts. Again prove your statements.

      2. Really? So, let’s take a look at that claim from a practical point of view. OK, so who was behind the “staging” of the “hoax”? And how did they manage to keep it secret? Because thousands, I repeat thousands of people would have had to be “in” on it. The school officials. The first responders. The doctors and nurses at the hospitals. The mortuary workers. The victims and their relatives and friends. Go find the parents of one of the little children who perished. Explain your theories to them. It’s been some time, if they were paid actors then you’ll be safe. If, on the other hand, you just happen to be wrong, they’ll probably beat you to death.

        1. That’s what a capstone event is: COMMUNITY WIDE.

  6. How about a “COPBLOCK” page for all the GOOD things officers do everyday? How about a memorial page for all the cops KILLED by criminals and thugs every day? Show BOTH sides of the story and you will have a lot more posts on THIS side!

    1. Because no one cares about that part. Well, a small portion does, but the media cycle must be fed, and not fed with “good news.”

    2. let me put it this way, nobody fucking cares if a pig dies. And that’s the way it should be.

      1. Prove your statement. I’ve seen and attended very large funerals for fallen police officers. So prove your statement.

        1. next time hopefully someone blows up all the fucking idiots that show up for these pigs fucking funerals. So go suck some more dick you faggot fuck

          1. Another threat to report.

          2. report away dipshit

          3. I have dipshit

          4. Prove it, post the link.

        2. Prove that you have ever attended anything, ever.

    3. How about using the net because its out there already ,How about more cops are killed on there own then are killed by criminals, How about looking at the [pro cop blogs and see what they really think of the average citizen, How about taking POBOR out of there careers , How about giving respect where respect is deserved, How about if PIGS are found guilty [which plenty are] they do jail time, How about if the PIGS lowered there # of domestic violence down say 50% [as they have the highest #s in that area, How about they obey the laws that the people put in place , How about you dig a 6ft hole so i can push you in it. Stop being a complete moron and look at the facts, That more PIGS died not wearing there seatbelts then were shot last year.

        1. Yea like you always say SLAPS, fucking activists , looks like your getting your info from a non biased blog i see. Hows that hole coming we are waiting for you to finish

          1. No, it’s not a biased blog. Your just too stupid with your statements to actually say anything intelligent. I will believe the police memorial long before I’d believe anything that came fro your bullshit mouth.

          2. BLA BLA BLA ,your a good little cop sucker. Are you finding many rocks while digging ?

          3. You haven’t posted anything to back up your BS statements. It would appear you can’t coward.

  7. If parents did to their children what cops do to those same kids, the children would be rightly taken from their parents. But cops do it, and they are defended by copsucking apologists. Those same copsuckers would demand a parents head if they did the same thing. I don’t know if this story is true or not. There are no local news stories about it or video of the incident, and no pictures or anything else. Perhaps it is true, but I would not rush to start burning torches and carrying pitchforks until its veracity can be established.

  8. Relax, be happy the cop didn’t do what he REALLY wanted to do: Beat the kid and shoot him 15 times while screaming, “Stop resisting”

  9. Aggravated assault on a minor. Every incidence of police abusing their power, whether for brutality or officer involved shootings should be investigated federally by our Department of Justice. When police are allowed to investigate themselves, injustice is the inevitable result.

    PS, anyone know what petition that image refers to?

  10. Be a big boy/girl. Search and thoroughly read the Oklahoma criminal code. I’m sure you will find several law violated by this scumbag and other accomplices at the school. Don’t expect district attorneys to do it for you just because you wring your hands and whine. You don’t need them. File a criminal complaints like a big boy/girl should.

  11. DISPICABLE. Fire that corpulent cop.
    Public schools have cuddled up to evil. Don’t let your babies go there.

  12. Remember, do no harm to fellow freedom Lovers of any color. Remember that the 1% is trying to make this a race and color issue; which it is not! It is the 99% of all citizens against the 1%! Color has nothing to do with it, as we the people only want our criminal corrupt government illegal laws and bankers/corporations from ruling all of us. Do no harm or damage to your neighbors property, or persons! It needs to go to the treasonous corrupt offices in uniform protecting the DC criminals power over its people! If this clueless agressers going up against the will of the people are traitors to their oath, their country, and that that of all past veterans who lost their lives for our country.

    Since these criminals in uniform will do harm to you and your children, remember, they also have spouses and children that will left alone in their home. Imagine if the peaceful citizens of your community visits them at their home and asks if they would be willing to stand in the front lines with them; after peacefully explaining their fathers treasonous actions are acting as criminals. Do you think the fathers will harm their very own loved ones and finally put down their weapons, once they see their loved ones in front of them?

    Do these forces really think they will be going home to their peaceful home after they do harm to their very neighbors/community? Imagine if they take the life of a fellow neighbor. Do they really thing that their community will allow them and their family to live in their home peacefully, after they harmed children and citizens? Don’t they understand that their family will be on the receiving end of whatever forces they given to their fellow community members? Do they really think they and their families will live a more “Peaceful” life after they taken up arms against its very neighbors they were sworn to protect? How can their community be safer after they are the REAL criminal gang doing harm to its community?

    The more criminal uniform officers your community can keep from the martial law scene and their Police Dept. will weaken the DC powers over your community. The Feds gave military grade weapons to each small city because these are the VERY FORCES that DC needs to keep their power over the people. If these police officers put their weapons down, all communities will be free from the corrupt DC powers, and power given back to its very people.

    Too, if they are already in force against its citizens, yes, they have chest protection but their legs are exposed. So imagine if something would be angled right above ground level? How many legs can be downed by one item; taking them off their feet and making them useless to stop the protest AND IN THE NEAR FUTURE. No legs = not moveable/walkable = majorly weakening them as a force.

    Is their anything that these Criminal Treasonous Gangs in police uniforms will not do for money? How will history look at these WW2 SS officers that will surpress its very own citizens, and overthrow our Constitution? They are the very traitors to the US Consitution, and shown they love power more then PROTECTING THEIR LOVED ONES THEY LEFT AT HOME. By them leaving their families alone, the peaceful citizens can go to their very homes and peacefully ask/get them to the front lines, so these treasonous criminal thugs can put down their weapons they chosen to overthrown your nations Freedom. Anything less, they are Enemies against the Freedom State.

    Remember, do no harm to anyone, as all life is worth saving, and I do not condone or implying to do this by any means.,,,

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