The post below was shared with the CopBlock Network by “Jeremy,” via the Submissions Page. It discusses abuses by the government and some solutions that could be implemented right now to halt what is rapidly becoming a police state within the United States.


The problem with police brutality and overreaction is appalling and ever growing.

What if I told you that there was a place where martial law was declared, a whole city was shut down, and the police detained anyone on the street and broke into countless peoples houses on the premise of protecting them? Thinking it must be China or Russia or Nazi Germany? No this tale happened here. In Boston after the marathon bombing.

Our rights as Americans are slowly being taken away under the guise of public safety. Did shutting down the city save anyone? No, but it set an extremely dangerous precedent of police trampling on the rights of the American people.

These brutal incidents are exactly the reason why the United States of America were formed in the first place. The Revolutionary War was  a case of the American people standing up and saying we will no longer tolerate oppression from those appointed to protect us. It starts at the bottom with the individual police force and will rapidly grow from there.

How do we make a difference? Here are five things that we can do to cause change.

  1. Require that all officers of the law wear body cameras at all times that they are performing their duties. This alone in forces that have adopted them has had an enormous impact in the number of incidents of police brutality. And as they are public servants, the public has a right to know what they are doing.
  2. Immediately stop all transfers of military equipment to police forces and confiscate or destroy all equipment previously transferred. Why? Because they are the police, not the military. The job of the military is to protect us from foreign threats and they are equipped to do so. The job of the police is to enforce the law, not protect the nation from an invading army. Why exactly do they need tanks and machine guns to enforce the law?
  3. Immediately enact strict physical fitness standards. Did you know that over 80% of cops are overweight? Did you ever think that if the officer involved in the Ferguson shooting was not overweight he may have been capable of arresting the young man without resorting to killing him? Too many police have only the option of deadly force to use against a suspect because they are incapable of holding their own due to their obesity.
  4. In any incident where police brutality is suspected, make it a requirement that an independent authority review the incident and recommend charges. A company who defrauds consumers doesn’t get to investigate itself to find if it did anything wrong, so why do the police get to?
  5. Prosecute and treat police as any other suspect would be treated. My mind goes back to a particular incident where a officer shot a man laying on the ground handcuffed in cold blood, was videotaped doing it, and only received a year in jail. If you or I did that we would either be jailed for life or given the death penalty for murder.

This is just the beginning. Will this fix everything? No, but it will serve to stop the march of the United States towards a police state.

If we do not act now, we will wake up one day to find that we have no rights left, and the only way to right the ship at that point will be armed revolution.


  1. Do we know that Darren Wilson is overweight ? PS: I am an anti cop brutality activist. I just feel truth is important.

  2. armed revolution is already the only true recourse. as you can see not only will they trample our rights but they have an effective propaganda machine that allows them to be able to turn us on
    each other when they do it.

  3. All police officers address need to be posted publicly. This one thing will stop the police state in its tracks.

  4. Countless houses?????? How about one house, where the residents called because they heard unexplained noises, so the cops responded. And since there was 2 bombers running loose, they were a bit amped up. But it was ONE HOUSE. It was the same video shown 17,000 times that makes the more simple among us claim that it was multiple houses.

  5. Wow. What a mislead creature you are there author guy
    It’s not that your…umm….’ideas’ are so bad…’s just that you clearly haven’t thought through any of it.

    1: you haven’t thought about this at all. Even CB’s Pete Eyre has said that he doesn’t favor this idea any more. I think he changed his mind when he realized that the camera doesn’t discriminate in that it records EVERYTHING…and EVERYONE. And that video is reviewable at later times for both intel gathering as well as prosecution.
    But that’s not the real issue. The real problem is people’s rights. The far overwhelming amount if things we do is at the direct request of the public….invitations into their private homes and lives. A simple FOIA request would get the video of us responding with Fire or EMS to your house when you slipped and fell and a carrot ‘accidentally’ went to far up in your butt and you can’t get it out. Right there on video. You’d be really surprised what we see.

    2: I assume that this misinformed comment is about Ferguson. It’s misinformed as….where did you see any misuse of “military” equipment there? How about in Boston after the bombing? All any of the vehicles and equipment was used for was transport.
    Maybe you just missed that part

    3:”80%”. Do you pull that number out of your ass once the carrot was removed? What an imbecilic comment. First we’re all steroid work out junkies and now over 80% are overweight. What an imbecilic statement.

    4: you do realize that in almost every jurisdiction grand juries are presented with evidence in OIS’s right? Well then…did you realize the “citizens review boards” agree that the police acted appropriately in over 90% of the use of force incidents? If bet you didn’t know either of those things.

    5: prosecute? And then you give an example of a situation where an officer was prosecuted. Imbecilic.

  6. The only REAL solution is to end the socialized police departments as they now exist and allow for private customer oriented security to take it’s place. This has somewhat already happened in Detroit where the police do not respond most times, it is also used in a neighborhood around Houston with stunning success! Black communities could hire similarly black patrol officers, and if a racist incident happened, they could switch their money to a better outfit just as quickly as one can decide to shop at Target over Wal-Mart! Any officer deemed to have violated anyones rights will be fired in an attempt to keep the people’s business. Search Youtube for “Success council: private police in Detroit” for a short video that explains how amazingly well this WORKS!

    1. This one alternative to the police, however not the only. Simple volunteer neighborhood patrols neighborhood safety council whatever voluntary solution you can think of to deal with crime or arrange protection. The main point is people deserve to have a choice rather than have men with guns gang up and force their “services” onto the “customer” in a violently enforced mafia-style protection racket monopoly system. The coercive and violent monopoly is the root of the perverse incentives so unless you address it you are are just dealing w/ the symptoms rather than the real core problem.

      1. Your idea can easily coexist with mine! And I fully support it, but larger communities will likely want full time employees along with volunteers.

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