The video within this post was shared with Nevada Cop Block by James Williams, via the Submissions Page.

James shows what happened when he was stopped in his car by a Maryland police officer, who had pulled onto the shoulder of the road to pass traffic, which was backed up and moving below the speed limit at the time.

According to James, he decided that if that was legal for the police officer, then it should be legal for him, as well:

I was on a local road (Ritchie-Marlboro Road). I was in a line of vehicles that were driving under the speed limit. In front of me was an unmarked Dodge Charger.

The officer driving the unmarked car eventually passed a car on the shoulder, swung back across to the left lane, and then passed the rest of the traffic on the left. So, I followed suit.

He pulled me over. I started recording. The rest is history…

James Williams

Watch the video and see what sort of history gets written.

Do you think James will get away with driving that way without a Shiny Badge or a Magic Suit to give him extra rights?

Or will the police officer explain that cops are immune to laws that supposedly keep everyone safe out there?


  1. Cop was nice and respectable. Though what you dont know is that maybe he was trying to pull someone over ahead of him.

      1. You know, if that is the best you can come up with, I made a pretty good argument.

    1. Actually we DO know; if that had been the case he would have said so to justify his actions, not made excuses. And almost certainly cited the driver since he had no such excuse. Nope, he admitted he was wrong and let it go. An honest, honorable cop..quelle surprise!!

      1. Also @ Rick Roberts. Maybe he needed to run plates. You never know. He let this driver go, he was honest and respectable. I am saying, next time you see a cop drive on the shoulder (which is allowed for emergency services by the way) dont just assume he is doing it for shits and grins. There may be something they are trying to do.

        1. Sorry, but cops are far too free with ignoring traffic laws when they are inconvenient to believe this.

          This is much like the cop who was speeding, and stopped when a trucker honked at him. That cop was all full of piss and vinegar until he realized a camera was rolling. Then he toned down the attitude.
          If he had reason to speed, he would have ignored the honk. Surprised he didn’t anyway, though maybe his ego wouldn’t let someone challenge him.
          Then there was that news video where they set up their own speed traps and used helicopters to track the speeding cop. Not one had legitimate reasons for their reckless driving.

          Cops see ignoring traffic laws as a perk of the job.

    2. Then he should have had his lights on to alert the other drivers to be careful.

  2. Typical idiot activist. You put yourself at risk and for what? Because he did?

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