This post was shared with the CopBlock Network by Terrell Peezy, via the Submissions Page.

In the video, Terrell is filming Officer J. Harris from the Montezuma Police Department, but who apparently is in the nearby city of Oglethorpe, GA. Although the unidentified woman being stopped has been pulled over for having expired license plates, according to the dialogue on the video Officer Harris has also threatened to arrest her for saying that he was being an asshole for doing so. That obviously is not the case and would be a pretty blatant violation of the First Amendment.

After asking Terrell if he is a lawyer (because in order to know your rights and the Constitution you have to have gone to law school), Harris somewhat quickly retreats into his car and stays there. It’s almost as if cameras are police-bully repellents.

Date of Interaction: May 10, 2014
Officer Involved: Officer J. Harris
Department Involved: Montezuma (GA) Police Department
Facebook Page: Montezuma Police Department
Department Phone No.:
(478) 472-6260
Email Address:

This video depicts Officer J. Harris from the Montezuma Police Department serving the good community of Macon County by pulling over a single mother on Mother’s Day weekend for committing a violent license plate crime. He loves to threaten single mothers’ First Amendment rights over hurt feelings of being called an asshole for writing tickets.

He feels timeouts in jail are sufficient punishment for being called icky names. I know he will sleep well tonight being a community officer AKA money generator for his city. Officer J. Harris, car number 03, is keeping his community safe for his kids and family from dangerous tag-free cars.

– Terrell Peezy


  1. Wow. The guy filming this is the biggest asshole I’ve seen on video for awhile. It didn’t seem anyone was arrested by the way.

    1. “It didn’t seem anyone was arrested by the way.”

      But the threat of it is still not acceptable. And cops do this. As for this guy being an asshole, that would certainly be a normal response to a cop making an illegal and unethical threat.

      1. Really? It is not normal. This guy is a jackass. Is this how copblockers want to be seen? Shouting obscenities at a cop who had done nothing to deserve it? Society is going downhill fast. And its not the police making it happen. Its jackasses like this guy filming that is doing it. If you think that how this jackass is acting towards the cop is acceptable behavior, then you’re just as wrong. My fiancée gets berated like this daily, all because of where she works. People do this kind of stuff to her all the time. They cuss her, berate her, throw things on her desk, pull out the entitlement card, and then complain on her because they didn’t get their way, even when they are not entitled to certain things. Is she a public servant? Yes. She works as a clerk at a state ran medical clinic that provides free health care. Does she deserve to be treated this way because she works in the public sector? Hell no. No one does. But, because of jackasses like this, people think that they can say anything or do anything just because you work for a state or local government. Its ridiculous. Personally, if I had a jackass talking to me this way, it’d take everything that I had to not shove my fist down his throat.

        1. This is the price you pay as a so called public servant. I do not like that behaviour at all but it a political statement. To cuss out and make the finger gestures are protected all day. Maybe people should ask this question. Is it possible police are their own worst enemy?

          1. I don’t think that police are their own worse enemy. They are doing an unpleasant job. But, when you have “educated” jackasses acting this way, what kind of message does that send? That’s it ok to show ignorance? What did the cop do to provoke this jackass? Nothing, that’s what. The cop did the smart thing and didn’t fall for this jackass’s baiting. I’m all about free speech, but damn. These guys need to get over themselves and quit interjecting themselves into situations that are not of their concern. We really don’t know this woman’s situation is at all. I’m certainly not going to take the word of an aggressive jackass that obviously hates cops.

          2. Fair enough but, yes, I do believe they can be their own worst enemy at times.

          3. And they should deal with them within the law and thus the restrictions placed on their powers? I put a question mark for a reason…

            Otherwise it’s just getting away with violence over butt-hurt, but they arrest people who act on butt-hurt and commit violence against others, so it can’t be that. it must be…

          4. YF: Ok. But did you see the officers reaction? As close to nothing as could be. There isn’t any story.

          5. I agree! This is nothing at all!

          6. With you all the way, except for the butt-monkey. All he was doing was the same thing we see and hear cops do everyday in videos. And if any group should strike back it’s blacks.

            Demeaning ridicule, assertion of power (in this case rights), etc. I have heard too many videos of nasty ass cops to give this any judgement for language or behavior. I’ve heard cops call women cunts, sluts, and more (though in American English cunt is the zenith of bad, which is lost on Brits) and demean them physically. I’ve heard and seen cops demean men in all sorts of ways. I’ve heard them laugh about it, like adolescent school children yet to learn adult values. I’ve seen cops pose people as trophies; so they got punished, what moral human being would have done that in the first place? What profession?

            If you think if we act polite, then cops won’t call us cunts and motherfuckers, won’t think of us as sheep to be herded, will treat us nice, you’re wrong. We are dealing with an insular sub-culture. It defines itself, it sets it’s standards, and it has it’s culture with a range of acceptable behavior. That’s not set by management, it’s set by the rank-and-file and they dislike the management. Before I get all the crap, an individual cop may remember he has brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers that aren’t cops and may even accept that how they think is valid too, but the group doesn’t.

        2. As for normal, if the guy’s accusation of an illegal threat of arrest for calling a cop an asshole is true, then yes.

          “Shouting obscenities at a cop who had done nothing to deserve it?”

          Really? You know that for a fact, do you?

          “But, because of jackasses like this, people think that they can say anything or do anything just because you work for a state or local government.”

          Really? Try looking at it from the reverse. Government workers all to often think they’re gods, especially cops. Cops talk and treat people like shit just because they can and won’t get called out for it. Remember officer Harless, and all the cops who defended him. Including t? Cops are fine with abusive behavior, as long as it is them dishing it out while shielded by a badge.

          “Personally, if I had a jackass talking to me this way, it’d take everything that I had to not shove my fist down his throat.”

          Right. His accusation is the cop made illegal threats and he responds with harsh words. You want to respond to harsh words with violence, but you call this guy out. Think about it, and YOUR sense of entitlement.

          1. Read what I said. I didn’t say I’d hit the guy. I said I’d refrain from hitting him even if I wanted to. That’s not violence. I don’t know why you’d condone this guy’s asinine and juvenile behavior.

          2. Because we hate cops. Punish them.

          3. Hey, I just accused you of that and never made it to your latest pic. Great minds think alike, eh? That was about you wasn’t it? The guy above spoke to punishment, you spoke to violence but with the “I’d refrain” disclaimer. I always suggest violence with I wouldn’t do it myself, because that’s just not me to do violence, I only suggest it.

            BTW, I see you’re running with something, but it will get tedious. I can only await your reply with trepedation, yet I know I’ll enjoy it. Have you ate any Irish babies lately? If you haven’t, you’ve stopped?

          4. I only eat Irish babies on St. Patrick’s Day.

          5. So, you do eat Irish babies, but you’re a piker?. Swift meant a steady diet, except for Lent.

          6. Never on Lent.

          7. Damn, I screwed up . Lent was for pikers. In fact, Swift’s mention of Lent had to do with the harvest nine months after Lent and a lttle time to fatten. My bad and your loss.

            So for 40 days out of every year you’ve given up your favorite repast, and all because you were as wrong as I?

            You still have your fellow Americans, as tough or tender they may be. Salt and pepper helps.

          8. Americans have to many artificial flavors and preservatives. I’ll pass.

          9. Okay, there’s no real proof that either of those affects anything. So you’re going with the faddests?

            What you are ignoring is the marbling…Swift refers to it by “fat”.

          10. Shawn: Again….none of that happened guy. This “educated black man” wasn’t even involved. Really dude…did you even watch the video? I don’t think you did at all.

          11. I watched it. I listened to it. I got a kick out of the commentary, though ballons would have been better. Comic relief.

            My question is did you? Watch it? Listen to it? Or was your mind racing to refute it?

          12. Entitlement? I didn’t hear no stinking entitlements, I heard an internet warrior restraining himself. Thank god, I wouldn’t want my screen put in the hospital.

            What we don’t have here is what the cop did before the video started. How can we know the true story of what the cop did without it? What was left out? What don’t we know?

      2. After watching the video, the only person making threats is the jackass filming. The cop didn’t get baited by the jackass and got in his car, probably to keep from saying something. The jackass was trying to start something to get an easy payday and that’s it. Hell, he even says it in the video. If this jackass was so righteous, whey did he turn off the youtube comments? Probably because he was getting berated by people who don’t condone his behavior.

      3. What threat dude?

        This guy…the “educated black man, not from Georgia” (did all you black guys hear him call you ignorant?). He was ranting like the CBer idiots like too even though:
        He wasn’t involved in the incident in any way (even by his own emission…the stop had to do with a single mom)
        No one said anything to him at all.
        No one made any overt act of any kind.

        Office Harris….a job well done sir. Ignore the idiot.

    2. you are just a cop a$$ kisser though. Now go grovel at a cops feet you un-American.

        1. You know, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. I think you just crossed over. Admittedly, this is a lot easier for you.

          Was this one about Warren Buffet?

          Personally, I like a cat picture with a really good bon mot, though a bon mot by definition is good. But I mean really good.

          If you can’t come up with that, how about a dog with an aphorism like “no matter how often you beat me I’ll still love you, and isn’t that just fucked up on my part”? Or “I know you’re just certain I did it because your kids said I did, but really, your kids pee on the floor.” Or “Why are you beating me? Is it because it’s easy and you can blame me for it?”.

  2. J. Harris needs a demarini upside his head. Beat them down eye for an eye.

  3. Why is that mother with a newborn infant single? I’d be willing to guess that she made a few poor choices in her life and she now wants “society” to pay for it. The same people who hate the cops eagerly take from government they hate. Hmmmm. And as another thought, isn’t it only fair that if you and I have to pay for license plates to drive on public roads, everyone else should also? That being said, I thought copblock’s purpose was to expose wrongdoings by the police, not to be a forum to bitch about getting caught doing something you knew was wrong in the first place. Stupid, stupid video.

    1. Well, that’s exactly what copblock has turned into. It’s a bitch and complain session. It’s about the person’s perceived wrongs. Its also about why they think that laws shouldn’t apply to them. This site is not about responsibility of one’s own actions or even self accountability, but a way to blame the police for all their misdeeds and misfortunes. Oh, and they don’t think they should have to pay for the use of roads, even though the taxes and license fees go toward keeping the roads maintained. Welcome to copblock.

      1. Sorry you ran with this guy. After this “Why is that mother with a newborn infant single? I’d be willing to guess
        that she made a few poor choices in her life and she now wants
        “society” to pay for it. The same people who hate the cops eagerly take
        from government they hate. Hmmmm.”, you should have had enough sense to beg off.

        If you can’t see the mind-numbing stupidity in what I quoted…

        1. So I see that you feel that government is needed to assist some members in our society. That’s fine and I agree to a certain extent. (sorry, poor choices shouldn’t get as much) But how do you differentiate between food stamps, welfare, free medical, housing, Obama phones, etcetera versus maintaining roadways (license plates that the woman in the above video did not pay for) fire, and yes, police protection?. Believe it or not, there are poor people who deserve to live free of crime. Free of fear that they will get robbed, burglarized, or even inconvenienced by the poor behavior of others. That’s where the cops come in, to protect those who cannot protect themselves. The cops that you an so many others seem to hate as a whole for no rational reasons. And if you want to really see some mind numbing stupidity, just read some of these other copblock articles. I’m partial to video of the guy in the Ultraman mask, Mister Centurion. That guy epitomizes this whole copblock movement. Yep.

          1. Damn, use the shotgun much? I’m just happy you left out the Justinian Plague and it’s effects.

            Not a thing you wrote had anything to do with when cops exceed their powers by excessive force, or break accepted moral precepts like lying, or do unlawful things amd get a pass.

            The worst part is you used the poor when they are the most likely to see and suffer police excess and corruption. Police believe the poor commit more crime, even if there is evidence that they don’t at least in some areas, and deal with them accodingly. Bad cops do not prey on the wealthy.

            I don’t hate cops. I hate bad cops; I hate cops that stand around watching bad cops do bad things; I hate cops that make excuses for bad cops including those that stand around watching. I dislike the justification of Policy and Procedure when it’s so damn obvious that the Policy and Procedure is wrong.

            But what I truly hate is the idealization of people because they belong to a group. And then believing any member of that group is that idealization so that questioning the behavior of that member is an attack on the idealization and the group.

            BTW, I’ve read mind-numbingly stupid articles on Polceone. The “we are warriors” meme is particularly stupid for a civilian police force. Gonna go all warrior on your sister or mother are you? Okay, it’s someone else’s sister or mother, that’s fine. After all, it’s a war and we are warriors.

    2. Oh, for the sake of Jesus, and I mean just exactly that, she’s a single mother because the father was a deadbeat asshole that ran like you did. I can make things up to, and make all sorts of innuendo. Why did you run?

      “The same people who hate the cops eagerly take from government they hate.” Well, yes the cops are the same as social security and medicare. Hmmm. Now let me help you: hating cops isn’t hating the government (though this is a voluntaryist site so it’s hard to distinguish) any more than hating the EPA, or the USDA, or CPS, or whatever part of government you don’t like is hating the government. Cops aren’t the government, even if you and they think they are. The voluntaryists don’t make all the mind-numbing stupid comments here.

      BTW, we’ve had a safety net since FDR, and LBJ added to it. Sometimes it covers poor choices (like when you bailed when you found out she was pregnant because you didn’t use a condom even though she told you she wasn’t on the pill), sometimes it covers when no choices were made like illness, but overall it’s about a society that isn’t a sociopathic mess. A society like ours has the excess to make a safety net (hell, even New Zealand can with 4.4 million people on volcanic rock), and has a responsibility to do so.

      That you think it’s all about people that want to make society pay for their choices is sad. Mostly because society has to pay for how you think, and it’s a high cost that you make society pay. Innuendo, half-baked ideas, or just plain selfish nastiness, costs society immeasurably.

  4. So the street sheep bleats and bleats and what? Where’s the injustice? Where’s any evidence the officer did anything wrong?

    Nothing to see here, citizen. Move along.

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