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There are many ways you can join Nevada Cop Block and help contribute to our mission to ensure accountability for police crimes and violence. Among many other things, you can submit your own personal story or video involving the police, share a link to a story or video you’ve come across somewhere else on the internet, or invite us to an event you or someone you know is hosting that is related to issues involving the police and/or the judicial system.

You can also become involved on a more direct level in several ways. If you are a writer and are interested in police issues, I’d be happy to talk to you about posting on the site. If you would like to be involved in going out and doing copwatching and filming the police, we’d be happy to discuss joining you and posting any news worthy video that results. Similarly, if you are doing some sort of event and you’d like to have someone from our group involved, we’d be happy to discuss that with you. We’re particularly interested in events that encourage people to film the police and that help familiarize people with their rights.

We’re located in Las Vegas and as a result we have better access to and awareness of stories in Southern Nevada. We don’t, however, limit ourselves to Las Vegas or even Nevada. Whether you live in Nevada or not, I’d be happy to have you contribute in any manner mentioned above and possibly in many other ways that you may want to suggest.


  1. I’ve been running for over 30 years now. When we started out, the police were supportive and we worked together to aid sex trafficking victims. Now, we’ve become the enemy straight out of Cointelpro tactics, and illegal seizure of our emails despite the fact our communications are privileged. I would like to send you information, but you’re using Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter – who all relay information on senders and what they send right back to Palantir Technologies, i.e., the CIA and law enforcement. Not cool. It’s why we now use Comodo Dragon as a browser, and protonmail to communicate with members. I’m in Vegas and I’d like to fill you in on how Metro attacked me at my home without a warrant by spending 90 minutes literally trying to tear my door off the hinges. Security was standing by and letting them do this because security in Vegas ran by Steve Rybar is all ex-cops, ex-FBI, etc. They’re also providing security at most of the casinos and apartment buildings now in Vegas and why I moved into a private house. They’ve now resorted to turning on my phone to locate me when I’m driving, and ambushing me that way without probable cause. I would like to educate you on what I know about Metro, and a possible amendment I’m going to be making to my lawsuit naming Metro as a defendant. Call me.

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