The following post was shared with the CopBlock Network anonymously, via the Submissions Page.

Before I tell you my story, I would like to give a little bit of my background.

I am 33, married, and have a daughter. I moved into the area about two years ago.  I bought a house and pay my taxes, which makes me think that after all I am a quite useful member of society. I work for a very big and well known international company as a service tech. My daily routine involves a LOT of driving around in a company van.

On February 12, 2014, at about 4:00 PM I was driving home (within the speed limit) on a local freeway. While driving, I was on the phone (via hands-free, that is integrated into my van’s stereo system) with my friend who was telling me some disturbing news, so at some point I got emotional and raised my hand into the air. (As if asking, “Why?”) At that same moment, I noticed on the opposite side of the road an unmarked police vehicle with lights flashing (apparently Mister State Trooper was issuing someone a ticket). About a minute later, that same police car was behind me with its lights on. I pulled over and rolled my window down. Below is my dialogue with the state trooper.

Officer: Your license and registration?
Me: Officer, I would like to know the reason why I am being stopped.
Officer: Give me your license and I will tell you!
Me: [Giving my license and registration]
Officer: [Speaking aggressively] So, what is you problem?
Me: Excuse me?
Officer: I said, what is your problem? Do you have a problem with cops?
Me: Officer, I am not sure what are you asking about?
Officer: [Speaking loud and aggressively] I saw you raising your hand on me! Is that your attitude? Are you showing me your attitude? Do you have problems with cops? Why did you raise your hands on me?
Me: [I decided not to disclose that I was on the phone, even though it was a hands-free ] Well, first of all it was only one hand. After all, is that illegal to raise a hand while you’re driving?
Officer: Yes it is! Actually, I’m going to give you a ticket for not keeping your hands on the steering wheel! So, what is your problem? You don’t like cops, huh?
Me: Well, do what you’ve got to do, but it sounds ridiculous, I could be just stretching…
Officer: [Screams] Okay, step out of the car!
Me: Why do you want me to do this?
Officer: [Screams] Step out of the car right now or I’m going to rip you out…
Me: [Stepping out, officer takes me behind the van, there is another trooper standing there]
Officer: [Starts “frisking” me]
Me: Officer, I do not consent for this search, are you detaining me?
Officer: [Keeps searching] Of course I am! For your behavior! Are you the guy that drives around and honks to the cops?
Me: What?
Officer: Are you that guy that drives and honks to the cops?
Me: No, I am not. But excuse me, is using car sound signal illegal in this state? After all, officer, do you realize how many white vans like mine are driving in this area?
Officer: Get back to the car!
[Several minutes later]
Officer: Here is your license and if I see you around one more time, you will get into real trouble.
Me: Officer, can I have your last name please?
Officer: [Screams out his last name so fast and loud that I can’t even write it down]
Officer: Have a good day [Walks  away]

I was going to let this story drown in my bad day memories when all of a sudden two things happened in next few days.

First, my boss showed me an email from NY State Police reporting me as an “erratic driver”.

Second, my coworker called me and said that he was pulled over by two NYSP vehicles (one of them was an unmarked Chevy Tahoe, the same one that pulled me over earlier) for using a cellphone. The State Trooper asked him if he knows me and when my coworker confirmed that, they told him to talk to me because they were about to arrest me. The reason for that is “circulating around cops’ cars.”

Besides the fact that I was humiliated by some mentally disordered State Trooper, now I am facing clear and distinct attempts to knock me out of my job and make my life miserable. I am open to any advice! If someone can recommend me a good lawyer, I will be very grateful.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Rutherford Institute defends on this type of thing, I believe. But now that the gestapo is well and truly here, they’re usually pretty busy.

  2. When I was visited by the Secret Service ( nothing came of it ) I contacted the Rutherford institute, because it happened right about the same time Brandon Raub was accosted and I wanted them to know it wasn’t an isolated incident. They sent me the number of a lawyer near me.

  3. Sadly sounds no different then the cops around here…

  4. This type of story does nothing to further our position. People read this, and then get angry about perceived injustice, with little proof of it. Please save the anecdotes for Friday night. Post the PROOF here.

    1. Trevor, that’s the problem. He has no proof.

        1. I guess you don’t read copblock stories very often then.

          1. that doesn’t really matter I would believe him no matter where he posted it

          2. And that is what copblock is counting on.

          3. this isn’t about cop block, the guy posted his story and I believe him

    2. There is absolutely nothing that could be posted here that your type would accept as “proof”. What does this guy have to gain by posting this story to begin with if it isn’t rue? Seriously! Why would he post it if it wasn’t true? What seems more reasonable/likely? That he’s just going out of his way to paint cops in a bad light for no reason other than spite or he’s trying to tell his story of being treated poorly by law enforcement? Why would anyone want to go out of their way to falsely accuse police of misconduct? The only reasonable explanation for it is if he had in fact experienced it first hand. You and John Q are obviously cops, what is the motive for posting this if it isn’t to tell the truth? Why would anyone want to undermine the police? What is there to gain from it? You say he has no proof. He also has no motive if it isn’t true. It’s far more plausible that he posts this story because it IS true than he posts this story out of some unfounded hatred for police employees.

      1. There have been quite a few stories on this site that are suspect. Those people want there 5 minutes of limelight. There has also been a lot of violent threats towards the police on this site. More then what people claim the police are doing. Look at the responses. There is a lot of missing information and most of the responses are aimed at getting back at the police. Nothing is being said about the police officer by posters. Just police officers.

        1. Shut up goat boy. Nobody, and I mean nobody, cares about your under educated opinion. Post another beastiality video you fucking moron.

          1. You seem to care and there are many others. So you are lying.

          2. Post the address, slaps. Or shut the fuck up and accept the “liar” status you so richly deserve. Punk ass puke stain.

      2. You have to remember and understand where it is posted

        Funny how the people that read /
        visit this site seem to have lots of
        crazy but unvarifiable stories.

        That’s truly important as these
        people aren’t seeking out this site
        because something happened. They already knew of this site
        and somehow now have a story
        to post.

        1. I am one of those people who found this site after, I repeat, AFTER, being one of your victims. My purpose is not to discredit but to enlighten and confirm that these things happen more often than normally gets reported. I want no limelight. I want to educate and let it be known there are others that have had to go through similar circumstances because I am not one to run and hide and hope it never happens again. Until people speak out against this sort of thing it will continue to happen again and again. Only through knowledge and awareness can people hope to invoke change. If you, and you too Jake, truly wanted to be heard and taken seriously you would approach this differently than attempting to discredit everything you read here. See, you can’t discredit me to myself.. I know because I was there. But again, which of the two of us has a better motive for being here? Which of the two of us is more believable? You who says everyone on this site is a liar or me, the one who admits some of this may be bullshit but alot of it is probably true. This site is about teaching people how to protect themselves against corrupt cops and if you weren’t one yourself then you’d be all for helping people learn to force accountability and integrity from LEO’s. Just as so many of these stories mention LEO’s repeatedly covering up stories like these, you come post on here to do exactly the same thing. So again, who’s motives are more questionable?

          1. This site has nothing to do with teaching people “how to protect themselves”. Very very little of anything posted on this site show any kind of police misconduct. The articles that that the police were held accountable for the misdeed.
            Search back at any of my comments. You’ll find none that would lead to someone getting into more trouble. The advice that I give lead to less police contact.
            Now look at just about every CBers advice. Nearly all of it will likely get you detained, arrested and convicted. Why? Because all they care about is being confrontational with the police….and they don’t want to do it themselves so they do via proxy by duping others into doing it for them.

          2. The main point to remember is that t is a huge liar, so whether or not he’s a cop is open to debate. That he’s a liar is proven, but nothing else.

    3. Part of the issue is that the cops do their best to control evidence. Why do you think their own recorder fail so much? Why do you think they are so hostile to cameras?

      1. Why do you continue with the
        fiction that our cameras don’t
        record? Rare is the occasion that
        The camera doesn’t work. Frequent
        are the times that the mikes fail.

        Does it just make you feel better to
        think the crap you saying is true?

        1. Really? In a recent post to me you stated that “technology fails, everywhere, all the time”. I guess you were only talking about the sound recording, huh? Funny, because in my post, I specifically referenced the cameras failing at such convenient times, and you rebutted with your technology comment. But you weren’t talking abut the cameras. Hmmmm.

          1. You shut t’s lying pie hole didn’t you!? Perfect.

          2. t’s pie hole is never shut. He’s in love with his own claimed brilliance. I know only a couple people as sure as he is that he has all the answers.

            He is either busy or moved on. But he will never acknowledge cops’ hatred for recording their own crimes. As long as a cop can keep an incident in the ‘he said/she said’ category, they can literally get away with murder. They can make up any story they want.

          3. I just don’t think he’s a cop. He just doesn’t sound the same as 31B or PSO. Both of them are like, here’s how it is, fuck it. t’s responses are always long winded diatribes concerning his time as a drug cop, or a vice cop, or his 2.5/10 horseshit. I could be wrong, he freaking lies and changes his story quite a bit, and acts as if it’s business as usual, so who knows?

          4. Think as you’d like. Everything I’ve ever stated is spot on and accurate.

          5. Really? Is the bullshit about me starting the nambla thing spot on? Lying sack of horseshit. You used that term before I ever joined CopBlock, tool. Why do you need to lie like that? Yeah, sure you’re a cop. Doesn’t matter, now that you’ve PROVEN that bullshit spews out of your mouth, nothing you claim can be believed. Nothing.

          6. Now that really smacks of hubris and narcissim, because you make that claim across every thread.

          7. “Oh yes, and those cameras never “malfunction” at a critical point now, do they. And how many thousands of hours was it discovered that the Seattle PD had deleted? LOL. And for you specifically to talk about liars on this site is priceless.” – my comment

            “Technical issues happen everywhere, all the time, every minute of the day.” – Professor t’s response

            So you can clearly see that he was only referring to audio. Which I never mention in my post at all, but regardless, that is what he was talking about. Just ask him. Slappy Jr. LOL

          8. Dang dummy. “I” wrote about the great expense of systems and how there are failures…mainly issues with the audio transmitters. “You” claimed that we just edit and delete video…which we don’t have any access to so nobody knows how that would work.

            Rare…almost never…are the times a dash cam fails. As I discussed with 31 my agencies cameras actually turn off after a period if the car is turned off. We then have to manually restart that system. Unfortunately we have lost some cases because officers didn’t know that the system had shut down and we got no video.

            Anything you’d like to be wrong about today?

          9. Are you compelled to lie? Is it like you have no control over it, or what?

            t says – “”You” claimed that we just edit and delete video…which we don’t have any access to so nobody knows how that would work.”

            Really numbnuts? You want to provide the time/date I made this editing claim? You can’t, you know why? I never said any such thing. All I talked about was cameras “failing” at convenient times. The stuff above come from the voices in your head? You know, the ones driving you to make all the claims you do?

          10. Oh, and here’s your technical schooling for the day. Getting at the video would be very simple. All it would take is a buddy in the IT department willing to bend a rule here or there, and give you a user name and passcode at the sys admin level. Considering cops and rule/law breaking, not a huge stretch. But you can’t edit shit. These systems are required to “watermark” video, to assure admissibility as evidence. So ANY editing, AT ALL, is immediately apparent. Of course, you could always find some way of converting the native format video into some AVI or mpeg file that you could edit, but it would no longer be admissible as evidence. Native format only. So as I have said plenty of times, when speaking of video systems, you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. Seems a cop would have known some of this. Especially the watermarking/native format stuff. Like slaps being a PO who didn’t know what a “plaintiff” was, and thought it was a “plaintive” (which, considering the definition, actually fits as used in a funny kind of way, but you have to be a bit above average intelligence to appreciate it). 17 years as drug cop, vice cop, etc, seems wierd you didn’t know how it works.

          11. Welcome to the world of t. Only he quotes exactly, even if he can’t show you the what and where he quoted exactly. Every quote you make is out of context, cherry-picked. Every quote of his is spot-on, even when it was never said.

            Every truth is his, every mistake is yours. Even when you show him his mistake, it becomes yours just a few comments down. You know nothing, even if you said exactly what he says before he said it or just in the comment to which he’s replying.

            I’ve dealt with people like him all my life. It’s not about good argument, or winning, or even being right. It’s all about him as the font of all knowledge, all wisdom. Whatever he thinks, whatever he believes, is all there is to the world. Pick any subject. From polls to studies to the scientific method, from people to history to social movements, from criminal law to civil law, from prosecutors to judges to juries, he’s the font. He holds the holy water, and how dare you say it just may be piss.

        2. Because time and again, when a cop is accused, their camera magically isn’t working. They work fine when it has evidence against US. But against cops? Not so much.

          Not to mention that cops know the tricks to avoid even their own cameras. Take Harless, your hero cop who can do no wrong. He was previously ‘disciplined’ for taking a guy out of view of the camera and beating him.

          The rest of the country uses digital technology every day, with not near the failure rate of a police camera recording an accused event against a cop.
          That include people who heavily mistreat them. Hell, I had a phone fall out of my shirt pocket and into the path of my swinging hammer, and the phone still worked.

          A cop saying his camera wasn’t working is like a kid saying “Dog ate my homework.” Might work once or twice, but not again and again and again…

          1. Just the opposite. We get accused of things all the
            time. Just that over 99% are false claims. Most of the time the camera clearly shows that we did nothing wrong. That’s why
            I tell the officers to get the record of the complainant…
            encourage the investigation to go forward…and sue the
            false complainant.


          2. Yep. Everybody believes your lawsuit bullshit. Everybody. Maybe it was certain that actually sued somebody for a false complaint and won, huh? Just like he started throwing that nambla stuff around, right? LOL, lying tool.Your credibility is in your ass now, just like slaps.

          3. Funny you used slaps. What t. is encouraging is a SLAPP suit. 99% of claims aren’t found false, that’s impossible, if only because a lot of complaints are found to be insufficient or unsupportable (that’s that evidence thingie) but aren’t found false, which means provably untrue.
            Now there is that issue of 51/49 preponderence and juries being unpredictable, but t. has a low opinion of both. He would never go along with a decision based on such things. Look at how it’s nearly all bad cases and bad decisions.

          4. I missed something about NAMBLA? That’s my favorite organization because I can make all sorts of justifiable rude comments about it before and after spitting on it. I just wish there was a NAWGLA, I have spit to spare.

            t. is not a lying tool. Tools have a purpose.

          5. When I first started looking at cop block, t was probably the first one to catch my attention. I saw him make reference to somebody belonging to nambla (don’t capitalize those sick fucks). I didn’t know what it was, so I looked it up. Sick-ass freaking gang of weirdos. So I signed up for CB, just to be able to post a comment on such a sick motherfucker. Easily proven that sick-ass was making his sick-ass comments before I ever joined. Now his story is that I’m the one who started that sickness. Lying fucking troll piece of shit.

        3. Ya, the cameras usually work and those “rare” coincidences where the recording that’s “supposed” to be there isn’t, it also tends to be when cops do something wrong or hurt someone and if you know the modus operandi of police gang activity, it’s probably not coincidence

  5. record everything audio and video, CYA

  6. First make a report with said coworker at the Station this prick works at, Contact ACLU, Buy yourself a dash cam ASAP be vigilant filming have a feeling you have not seen the last of this pig in a suit, Every cop you drive buy raise your hand and tell them to fuck off

  7. Sounds like yet another work of fiction.

    1. And you sound like a dick with big ears.

      1. And you’re just an idiot.

      2. This hidden poster always is the first one to bash anyone possible who doesn’t have “police” painted in Golden Holy Praise!! Ignore him! I do!

        1. Evidently you don’t ignore me since you posted under my comment.

    2. You claim everything on here is a lie or a work of fiction. If you weren’t truly one of the assholes everyone is complaining about then you would at least try to direct people to legitimate sources of help and information instead of just trying to discredit EVERYTHING posted on here. It’s not all a lie. Granted there are some fabricated stories, I’m sure, just like evidence, but the fact you never , ever, acknowledge the possibility of any police corruption, when so many of us have experienced it first hand is telling of where you really stand on these issues.Cops that are whistle blowers give a very disturbing account of the way things are and document the struggles they encounter after they report one of their colleagues. I suppose it’s them, the whistle blowers, who are really the corrupt ones who are needlessly putting their careers and families in jeopardy for the sake of a ruse? Get real!

      1. Evidently you haven’t been around on this site very long. I’m a believer in police accountability. If I see something that’s legit, I call it. But, this site is pretty much turning into a sniveling site or “I hate police” or “kill pigs” site. If you believe theses stories without any evidence to back them up, maybe you should get real. If he has audio or video to back up his exacting dialogue, why not post it?

        1. Be fair though, common has admitted to posting fake stories “just to see if they were believed”. Then somehow counted it as a victory when people believed it. Go figure. And it’s only a few of the more tightly wound posters advocating violence. I shut it down whenever i see it.

          1. That actually proves my point. Who is vetting these stories? The story CS put out wasn’t put on the site directly by him. A moderator had to see the story and put it out. It seems that anything goes when it comes to posting stories on here.

          2. I agree with that. Some of the stuff posted here shouldn’t be.

          3. You are lying. You are one of the biggest offenders on this website. You start and take part in the name calling and talking trash about police officers including violence.

          4. Really, slaps? Well, now there’s 2 things you can post to prove you’re not a slimy hangs-around-public restrooms liar, slaps –

            My address and a single incidence of me threatening violence against anybody. Better get those mental health people rolling, slaps, you’re really starting to break down. Once the hallucinations about what people are saying starts, complete madness isn’t far behind.

  8. You MUST file a complaint. Record everything for now on. Use an app like bambuser so if they delete your video, it’s still on the cloud.

  9. The corrupt cop supporters love this kind of story because anytime its just someone’s word it’s easy to call them a liar. If you had a story about a cop doing something GOOD then obviously you’re telling the truth! That’s why tbey avoid posts about cops getting prosecuted since they can’t smear people so easily…

  10. You should do the exact same thing to him that he is doing to you – humiliate him and make his life miserable. Start by filing an official complaint; it’ll be ignored, but if officers start to rack up enough of them it’s bad PR for the department. Officers with a lot of complaints tend to be passed over for promotion.

    If you ever see him out on patrol, phone the police and complain that you saw an officer driving erratically and report his license plate. If you’re bored one day, find out when he’s working and follow him around filming all his police work. Then, publish any other misconduct that he inflicts upon the community.

  11. Why did the author go into this detail about himself? What does it have to do with the story. The “dialog” is what the author thinks it is. What did you get a ticket for? The author failed to mention that. The author also admits taking his hand off of the wheel and could have been driving erratic. He was driving a work vehicle so his boss is going to see the driving report. If he was so upset, why didn’t he pull over and finish the conversation? There is a lot of missing information.

    1. You have no credibility, slaps. Shut up or post names and addresses. Liar.

  12. Easy enough find this cop. figure out his address, go to his house. Cut him into small pieces and put them in a bag. drop bag in river.

    1. And that makes you so much better than them, right?

  13. This appears to be another story which the author is asking people to believe him. Why did the author go into his personal details about being married and having a child? It had nothing to do with the story. The author admits to being upset while driving. I would tend to believe the author was more then likely in the wrong and was busted for erratic driving. I didn’t read if he got a ticket or not.

    As for his “friend” being pulled over by the same police officer and asking questions about him, that is ridiculous.

    This story again seems to have a lot of missing information and personal accounts that cannot be proven.

    1. Just like your claims, slaps. None can be proven.


  14. Wish I could be an asshole at work, break the rules, lie on official record when I’m erroneous, and get paid leave when I screw up and kill someone. Oh to be a cop…
    Nevermind, cops are douchebags.

  15. This cop obviously thought the hand gesture was “offensive” towards cops.

    Well it doesnt matter what the hand gesture was as the courts have held that you can mak gestures to police under your 1st Amendment rights.

    Any ticket from a hand gesture will be thrown out by the judge.
    Always take every case to trial. Even minor traffic tickets.

  16. I just passed through Phoenix and a gentleman I met there shared a similar story – he worked as a driver for the same company for 10yrs and apparently one day after driving past a police employee, was stopped and accused of trailing/circling/following that police employee, which he was adamant that he didn’t do. Later, he learned that that police employee complained to his company/boss, and he was eventually let go – no evidence to support the claim – just on the word of a police employee.

    I’m not sure where in NY you’re located but you may try reaching out to the NY-based groups listed at to see if anyone active can point you to someone active in legaland.

    And in the future – try to film such interactions (maybe even have a camera going on your dash at all times – I use the Muvi Gumball 3000, which can have juice via the cigarette lighter and can record in a loop).

    Best of luck friend.

  17. This appears to be a cop who realizes he is absolutely despised by every American with whom he comes into contact. Pitiful poor whiney crybaby

  18. All cops are lying sociopaths. Never doubt that anyone with such low morals and suspect character that they would take government employment is also so damaged that they would sexually molest goats.

    All cops lie, all the time.

    Disarm cops for a safer America.

  19. Was this on Long Island or Upstate? There’s one trooper that patrols the Western Nassau portion of the Southern State Parkway that this reminds me of (Can’t remember his name). There is also a trooper that patrols the Sagitkos/Sunken Meadow Parkway that has pulled me over a few times (Trooper Mangano).

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