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sunset 3
Chalk Washes Off, Injustice Never Will!

Emma Goldman once stated that if voting actually changed anything they would make it illegal. The rapid progression of new laws designed (or existing laws twisted) to prevent different forms of direct action bears out the truth of that sentiment.

Direct action truly does “get the goods” and whenever the establishment recognizes that something is an effective method of exposing them for what they really are the crackdown is inevitable.

Among the terrorist cameramen, illegal milk traffickers, outlaw food sharers and cancer patients using unauthorized treatment methods another group has recently joined the ranks of the recipients of this treatment of making mundane, harmless actions illegal. This dangerous, scary group consists of people that draw on sidewalks with (gasp!) “sidewalk chalk,” something that (spoiler alert) is packaged for, marketed as, and primarily used to write on sidewalks.

Of course, the fact that someone is writing on a sidewalk isn’t really the issue as evidenced by the masses of children playing hopscotch, public events featuring chalk drawing areas, and even businesses that use it for advertising on sidewalks nearby. It’s really the content of what people have written that have gotten them in trouble, which is pretty much the definition of a First Amendment violation (in spite of what Jeff Olson’s judge would have you believe).

When a friendly game of four-square turns into an airing of the local police department’s record of police brutality and unwillingness to hold anyone accountable for that record of violence and murder, well then we have to protect the public’s property from an easily washed off, non-staining, material that will disappear on it’s own within a matter of a few days. It’s all fun and games until someone starts pointing out the crimes of the State’s enforcers and then the next thing you know people will be writing about how they steal people homes only to turn around and sell it to billion dollar corporations for less than market value or to people pretending to build stadiums nobody even wants and no local team can fill.

“Second Saturdays” with

The reason that I know that chalking is an effective way of protest is because about a month ago, on June 8th, I along with two other members of the Sunset Activist Collective were cited during a Nevada Cop Block monthly protest for “graffiti” while listing the crimes and paying tribute to the many victims of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. After nine months of “Second Saturdays” and other events calling for the accountability that is sorely missing within Las Vegas area police departments, we were told by a “graffiti expert” that drawing with chalk on a sidewalk is now illegal, in spite of us having been explicitly told by some of his own co-workers that sidewalk chalk is in fact legal previously.

Inevitably, the upside to when the state cracks down on legal forms of protest is that they generally overreach and in the end often the public spotlight and embarrassment generated by their heavy-handed methods backfire in a big way. Such was the case when Jeff Olson wrote stuff about how corrupt the system was in favor of banks and then the San Diego police proved his point by bowing to the pressure of a bank manager to charge him in a case they didn’t even want to prosecute (and that even the mayor called stupid) with the outrageous potential of 13 years in prison for writing on a sidewalk with something that was manufactured for that explicit purpose.

Our  case, of course, doesn’t involve a penalty anywhere near that level of ridiculousness, although there are some bribery demands (i.e. fines) that could amount to as much as $1000, forced slave labor (AKA “community” service), and for some bizarre reason the removal of our legal ability to drive around for two years. Personally, I’m not particularly concerned about any of those things because the case is not just silly, it’s already been ruled in courts that chalking is legal and constitutionally protected as free speech.

Solidarity Rally for the “Sunset 3”

What has me looking forward to our court date on July 18th is the fact that this case and the subsequent lawsuit will bring more attention to the unchecked crimes of the LVMPD and their cohorts in and around Las Vegas than we ever did in those nine months of writing our demands on the sidewalk surrounding their (fancy new) headquarters buildings.

And regardless if the outcome isn’t what I expect (and common sense dictates) it to be, I will continue chalking until Metro decides to stop allowing their employees to murder people without consequence. In fact, I won’t even be waiting until the current case is decided. The next “Second Saturday” is July 13th and we will be there chalking again. We will also be holding a solidarity rally on the morning of the 18th, prior to the trial starting, and there will be chalking that day.

Unjust laws need to be challenged, especially when those unjust laws are themselves being used to hide the injustices of those in power and their enforcers. That’s why I won’t be putting down my chalk any time soon and you should pick up yours. The best way to overturn a bad law that violates basic human rights, such as the ability to protest injustices, is to violate those laws en masse in order that their true nature can’t be ignored. It’s even more true when the laws are silly and obviously being used in ways they were never intended to be.

At 11:00 am (PST) on July 18th, join us at the Regional Injustice Center (see map below)to let them know that you want accountability instead of paid vacations for cops that murder people in your community and that they can’t silence you with petty, misapplied laws. If you aren’t in Las Vegas, then be with us in spirit, draw out some stuff on the sidewalk where ever you are, and join us in a lively round of hopscotch.

We’ll see if they have the nerve and the room to haul all of us “graffiti artists” away.

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Kelly W. Patterson


  1. How about this; chalk all you want and then at sunset, you wash it off.

    Sounds fair to me.

    Then again, have seen the pigsty that OWS turned Zuccotti Park into, I don’t think activists can pick up after themselves let alone wash something.

  2. Or the LVMPD stops permanently murdering people and we agree to stop drawing on sidewalks with temporary chalk. Sounds fair to me.

    Of course, I’ve seen many, many times that the pigs employed by Metro consider shooting someone their first option. I don’t think they can stop murdering people on their own.

  3. I take it you will not be cleaning up after yourself. Typical.

  4. Maybe you should try playing like a child, not just with their toys. Hold your breath and pout. I bet that will do the trick.

  5. More fucking bullshit from that Kelly Patterson. Why don’t you get a fucking real job you dumbass. You sit there and compare your criminal behavior as children do the same thing which only shows what a fucking loser cunt you are. Why don’t you take a fucking bath you cunt and stop writing your fucking bullshit on public sidewalks. I’m waiting for people to throw peanuts at you because you look like a bunch of dumb monkeys drawing with chalk. Fucking cunt.

  6. See, Jason’s much better at pretending to be a temperamental little child having a fit anyway. You better step it up or he’s gonna steal your thunder.

  7. brothers they only want us fighting with each other. be better than that. kelly as usual your words inspire and thank you for the links, they make life so much simpler. please keep fighting for the right no matter what these angry, unexamined hearts have to say. the people will hold these murderers accountable. in solidarity brother-always
    peace to all

  8. Kelly – It must be sad for you to wake up everyday knowing your family thinks of you as some fucking nut and loser. So, you try to showq them you are such a great guy by getting arrested all the time and then argue with police officers that you want to write your fucking bullshit on public sidewalks. The best yet is you compare yourself to little children to justify writing on sidewalks. I’m sure it won’t be long until you are over on the play grounds molesting young children. You fucking loser.

  9. Jason,I do think it’s rather sad that you sit in an empty room with no family or friends waiting for Cop Block to publish something so you can copy and paste the same comment to it with a couple minor sadly unimaginative edits that does nothing except make you feel like your otherwise meaningless life is worth waking up for again and hoping that it might keep you from thinking about molesting children for a few hours.

    I’m glad that Cop Block is here for you at least, since nothing else is.

  10. Thanks speakeasy.

    Fortunately, one of the things the Google uses to place posts higher in search results is interactions with an audience, such as comments. So one of the many things these guys don’t even realize is that their very amateurish and sad attempts to troll Cop Block’s posts actually help them get seen by more people.

  11. Well, I still remember my days in Catholic schools. It was bad ju-ju to chalk a nun!

  12. I would love to chalk up the town, but I have to work, I wonder how many of you chalk blockers had to take the day off of work to chalk the street?

  13. I’m very impressed with the scary wit that you guys have displayed while regurgitating the same tired lines about people being dirty and not having a job.

  14. Thanks Kelly,,,, maybe after the chalking event, and I get out of work, we could go out for a beverage :)

  15. Kelly – You are just a loser who plays the blame game making fucking bullshit statements comparing what you do to what children do. Who wants to walk through that crap and get chalk all over their shoes and clothes. You are an out of work hippie criminal with absolutley no future. You are obviously a joke because you continue to get tickets and go to jail. You and the other hippies moonbeam and zero, are the clowns who walk through parks defacing public property and get caught. You are the one with a life that has no meaning except to sponge off of others and blame the system for your bullshit life.

  16. Wow, did you already reach the limits of your tiny little imagination so that all you have left is repeating the same lame statements you tried to use to cover up the reality of your joyless, pathetic “life?” People didn’t play with you when you were a kid because they knew you would eventually become what you are and even those that didn’t know you then can sense what a loser you are even over the internets. I’m sure it’s frustrating for you to go through all the trouble to create this phony persona of someone who has friends only to have hippies and everyone else see right through it and then bam there you are sitting in your empty house looking at yourself in your empty mirror wondering why nobody will play with you. I almost have sympathy for you.

  17. …you left me here, like a chalk outline, on the sidewalk, waiting for the rain, to wash away…

    P.S. Jason/Scrappy/D-bag tongues his Dad’s butthole.

  18. Kelly – You are the fucking loser. You play with chalk, then you go to kiddie parks and play with the children. How many times have you been thrown out of public bathrooms for drilling glory holes you fucking faggot? I look at your picture and all I see is a waste of life. Pretty much the same things your parents see. IS that why they turned away from you? You decided to stop bathing, live on the street and panhandle and play with chalk. You will bash the governmnet but you will obviously take fucking food stamps and what ever else you are frauding the government out of. I pass through here and it looks like you are the one with the sad life and no friends. You more than likely are using a computer in a library. Get a fucking job and move into the year 2013. You worthless cunt.

  19. You seem to think about children a lot don’t you Jason? And glory holes at the same time. It’s rather obvious that Keith’s theory about your parental relationship has a lot of merit. I wish for the sake of the innocent children in your neighbourhood that you could find another human that was willing to spend more than five minutes in the same room as you.

  20. kelly i wasn,t calling you stupid.

  21. Kelly – I’ve seen your arrest record. Molesting children is one of your arrests. Hopefully you still register as a sex offender. I’d hate to call the PD and tell them you are out molesting children again. When children run away from you and you walk around with your fist up your rectum, people need to be aware of your presence. Of course you don’t shower so your presence shows up before you do. Maybe I’ll take some chalk and go down where you are writing on the sidewalk and I’ll warn others to stay away from you because of your past pedophile history. You are a real sick son of a bitch.

  22. While I’m flattered as much as I could be by the attention of a desperate, lonely person, I’m not at all attracted to guys. However, I am glad that your vivid, detailed fantasies have progressed to the point that they actually include adults rather than just children now. There’s hope for you, after all.

    Since children are obviously repulsed by you before you ever could get within reach of them (they are pretty perceptive), they are probably safe from you and adults can make up their own mind. I do kind of feel bad that that decision is always to reject you once they see what a sad, lonely little world you live in, but it’s kinda to be expected. Even you have to know it’s coming pretty early on.

  23. Just remember to take enough for bail…

  24. …and true. You know you’ll talk yourself into getting arrested. I can’t wait.

  25. Kelly – You are attracted to young boys on play grounds. That is why you are acting like a child with the chalk in parks where you can continue to molest little boys. You are out there to play uncle bad touch with the children. You are a sick fuck. Just think how many police officers have read my comments and will now be looking at you in a much different light. My comments about you are very true. How else can you explain playing with chalk in the park where little boys play? Thank God the police are there to monitor you. No little boy should have to ever get near you with your chalk.

  26. Jason, you’re already well aware that, like everyone else on the planet, I’m not the least bit attracted to you.

    In related news, turns out that the city of Las Vegas isn’t attracted to the terrible idea of wasting money on a case it knows it will lose badly, which is why they never even bothered to file the graffiti charges.

    I’m a bit busy right now editing the photos from that day of the entire area around the courthouse filed with chalk.

    At some point, I’ll be making time to meet with our lawyer to discuss the lawsuit we’ll be filing against the city and one of their gang members, who goes by the name of Sgt. Mike Wallace and self identifies (comically) as a “graffiti expert.”

    Unfortunately for them, the city can’t just opt out of that.

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