The following post was shared with the CopBlock Network by “Ali” via the Submission Page.

This is from my own experience in Harrisonville, Missouri (64701).

On my way home from work around eleven at night, I pulled onto an exit ramp and saw flashing lights behind me. Being sixteen at the time, (this was no more than a few months ago), I had no idea what to do and was freaking out because I had no idea what I had done wrong. I drove about a minute down the highway looking for a safe place to pull over because there were several semi trucks pulling out of a weighing station to my right, making it difficult for me to pull over to the side of the road safely. During this minute long duration, I was driving 40 miles per hour in a 70 mile per hour zone to let him know that I had intentions of stopping. This was no high speed pursuit.

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I pulled off onto another exit ramp and pulled into a well lit gas station directly off the right side of the road. My parents always told me to pull over to a well-lit public place if this were to ever happen in the middle of the night. I turned my car off, turned my overhead light on, rolled down the window, and was about to retrieve my license and my insurance information from my purse and glove compartment when I heard a sheriff screaming at me to open my door from the outside and to exit the vehicle with my hands behind my head. I did so and realized that he was standing behind his open car door with a loaded gun pointed directly at my head, and he had called two other cruisers for back up. At this point, I was scared to death. Keep in mind that I was sixteen, in a Pizza Hut uniform, and I am 5’2” tall and 120 pounds – not intimidating whatsoever. He had me place my hands on my car, and marched over to me and began to interrogate me with questions –where I was going, why I didn’t stop, why I was resisting police procedure. I explained to him that I had never been pulled over before, being a young girl, and it being 11 PM and completely dark, I felt I had the right to pull over to a place where I felt safe.

After he took my information, he asked if I was hiding anything in the vehicle and if he could check it out. I know now that I could have told him hell no, but I was uneducated about my rights at the time. He dumped all of my belongings out of my purse, emptied my make-up bag, staining my passenger-side seat, emptied a bottle of ibuprofen, broke two CD cases, threw everything that was in my backpack into my back seat, and then asked me if I knew why I was pulled over. No, obviously I didn’t, but I knew this wasn’t standard procedure for being pulled over for petty reasons. He then told me that my license plate light was burnt out and it was “no big deal” and laughed about it.

I’m sorry sheriff, but I don’t think getting a gun pointed at your head for a faulty license plate light is necessary when all I wished was to pull over to a public area where I felt safe. I think your actions justified any young woman doing so in the middle of the night.



  1. You’re correct, young lady. That person has no right to be entrusted with a badge. A bully on a power trip. And what’s scary is he’s allowed to commit assault with a deadly weapon like this at will.

    And what’s even scarier is he could have shot you, then claimed that you were “reaching” for something and he was (of course) in fear for his life. No charges would have been filed, he just would have gotten a paid vacation. Killed over a defective license plate light.

    What has happened to our country?

  2. OP, you act as if the Officer could clearly see who you were. Motor vehicle stops are one of the most dangerous calls for an Officer. The fact that you kept driving, went to an exit ramp and continued to drive would concern me too. Go on to YouTube and search Officer deaths, watch the motor vehicle stop videos.

  3. @Common

    It is easy to say BS, if the story wasn’t easily believable. That is what is the worst part. Cops do this crap. So why wouldn’t it be believable?

    You’d have said BS if someone claimed cops would simply open fire on women delivering newspapers. But it happened.

  4. I hope the writer shares her experience with all of her friends and educates them about their rights. Young people need to be outraged and informed to get them on board the freedom train.

  5. “Common Sense ” obvious don’t has any. The only mistake this girl made was reaching for her papers while this so called officer was not at her door yet. Cop may mistakenly thought driver is reaching for a gun. But then again, she correctly drove to a well lit area. She should had deny cops request to search car. Girl, you just don’t give a pig the permission nor answer any questions unrelated to this traffic stop!

  6. sounds to me like she avoided another one of those serial killer cannibal cops. or maybe just a rape at badge point.

  7. That’s outrageous. You should have told him to get a supervisor and told him not to go trespassing in your car. This is just predatory behavior on the part of the cop.

  8. “Motor vehicle stops are one of the most dangerous calls for an Officer”

    And that excuses cops pointing guns at random???? Fuck no it doesn’t. Car stops too dangerous? Then get another job. This whole attitude of “I’m going home to my family” coupled with good old Officer Safety has become dangerous for those of us without badges.

    Remember, nobody held a gun to your head to force you to be a cop. Don’t put me or my family at risk because you’re scared of what might happen. Because guess what, we’re scared of what might happen just as much as you, and with plenty more reason. So what happens when the general populace takes this same attitude of “I’m going home to my family no matter what”, or “I was in fear of my life so I shot the motherfucker that pointed a gun at me”? Is this somehow going to be different? I bet you cops will say it’s illegal, and criminal, huh? LOL (in irony).

  9. “Predatory”. Yet another word Dude has heard somewhere but clearly doesnt understand.

    Out: Huh? Where is there cops pointing guns at random? Again, you fall for a nameless author selling you an outrageous story….because it seems to solidify the position you want to have. You WANT to believe. And I guess that’s ok. But I’ll stick to facts and an understanding that HER alledged story is just one side. She of course paints the innocence picture that plays to your perverse wants. Don’t believe me? Just look around this site. All of these videos with leading stories of how the officer was so bad or wrong. Turn off the volume and its amazing how the officers actions suddenly appear reasonable. It’s called being lead. Don’t be lead.

  10. All cops are cowards and liars, disarming them is the best thing we could do for a safer America.

  11. Ah, I love stories like this. The kid is lucky cops didn’t just gang rape her on the side of the road. Winning hearts and minds, yeah baby! More, more MORE!


    When you see common sense, t., and all the other police union shills spew their boot-licking propaganda here on Cop Block, remember, THIS IS WHO THEY ARE, THIS IS WHAT THEY STAND FOR, AND THIS IS WHAT THEY DEFEND!

    Wichita KS police officer Officer Joseph T. McGill, 28, was convicted today of committing a sexual act on a 3-month-old child and a 1-year-old child. Officer McGill pleaded guilty in January 2012 in an unrelated case to sexual battery while on duty as a police officer and was sentenced to three years probation. Those charges stemmed from separate incidents in November 2010 and February 2011. The judge set sentencing for March 1.

    Wichita police officer Gregory P. Nicks on Friday received consecutive life prison sentences for sexually abusing a 15-month-old girl. The 32-year-old worked for the Wichita Police Department for just over three years beginning in 2006. Prosecutor Justin Edwards introduced three written statements at the hearing, including one from the victim’s mother. She said Nicks had used her daughters — the 15-month-old and a 4-month-old — as sex objects to fulfill his sexual fantasies.

  12. @t

    You don’t get it. Cops shooting at newspaper ladies, and a guy in a linked situation, is an absurd story. A cop threatening kids with a gun in a drive through is an absurd story. But these incidents happened. As has happened in a number of other incidents.

    While there is no proof, stories like this are easily believable, because cops do act like this. This isn’t out of character for cops. And part of what cops rely upon is that evidence can be hard to obtain, since the cops are in control, even to the point of taking video evidence and erasing it. But you’ll conveniently ignore that.

    “You WANT to believe.”
    You want to believe the best of cops at every turn. It doesn’t matter what they did. You wouldn’t even call for punishment of the shooters in the newspaper ladies incident. Or the cop who shot a woman in her own back yard.
    Time and again, you’ve theorized as to what a person may have done when it isn’t a cop. Always impugning the worst possible you can imagine. But with cops, you give them nothing but the full benefit of the doubt.
    Everything you claim about us, you yourself do. You just do it in favor of the cops.

  13. @T

    “Out: Huh? Where is there cops pointing guns at random?”

    Now you’re just being dishonest. You know full well cops draw and point weapons at people at the drop of a hat. Look at how cops behaved in the Boston manhunt, aiming guns at people left and right. The boy a cop accidentally shot a couple weeks ago. Cops are too quick to resort to their dick extension.

  14. You’re not a cop, dude. You ever hear of a felony stop? Lots of them are made by mistake, and all of them involve pointing guns at people. Cops draw down on people with the SLIGHTEST reason, even if it’s often in their own head. Motherfuckers shot up some people out in California, AT RANDOM. 2 newspaper ladies and some other guy.

    And we won’t even get into “mistaken” raids.

  15. I know that cops have to deal with deranged and dangerous people all the time. But I also know that they were aware of this when they took the job. Treating everyone as a dangerous felon is why so few people have any respect for cops. I personally believe that a cop should never draw first blood, no weapons drawn until they see one or a shot is fired. Risk is a part of their chosen profession, so they need to learn to live with it.I’ve taught both of my grand-daughters to never pull over at night just because some cop lights them up. Find a house with lights on, then pull over. A deputy that I work with sometimes says that when a female gets lit up at night, they should turn on their hazard lights, dial 911 and inform them that they’re going to proceed to a lighted area and then pull over.

  16. Homeboy is a deranged psychopath, digging through teenage girls’ purses, pointing guns, yelling, acting like a maniac.

  17. the cop was an idiot , the old excuses for the behavior will not work on this site because weve read and heard and seen them all. FUCK YOU YUM YUM AND COMMON SENSE . ITS ALL SHIT TO WASTE YOUR TIME HERE DEFENDING THE WRONG COPS ARE INVOLVED IN.

  18. RadicalDude thanks for the fbi psychopath site.

  19. Out: This wasnt a felony stop.

    Shawn: The sheer volume of numbers of police activity is simply against you. If you take this report as gospel, and every other reported incident as gospel, they aren’t a drop in the ocean when compared to the massive amounts of police actions. Millions of police actions each day. Millions. Hundreds of thousands of warrants served each year. Thousands upon thousands. You come up with a small handful of “alledged” incidents, some are of course true, but a statistical nothing. Boston was handled right. You may not like it, but it was handled correctly.

  20. With there being about 38,000 arrests made in the US every day and hundreds of thousands of traffic stops, you pick one stop that may or may not have even happened?

    And, for the sake of numbers, out if all those arrests, and all those traffics stops, and all those 911 calls for service, 1 person will be killed by the police.

    The numbers will always be in favor of the police doing it right, not wrong…

  21. I buy the “going to pull over in a well lighted area” story…… I have people do it all the time. But when the flashing lights turn into flashing lights AAAANNNNNDDDDD Siren. It’s time to stop. Period.

    I was sixteen, in a Pizza Hut uniform, and I am 5’2” tall and 120 pounds – not intimidating whatsoever. And this means that u are not…or could not be a threat?? Ya’ll do realize that a 3 year old has the ability to pull a trigger. Cop has no idea who you are, or what you are up to….other than failing to yeild for quit some time…. In our line of work.. people fail to yeild cause they are tossing evidence or looking for a good place to bail.

  22. @yum yum….Officer safety does not trump my civil rights. He knew how dangerous his job was when he signed up. No one forced him to become a cop. If he needs to shove a gun into peoples faces to make himself feel safe then he needs to find a different job.

  23. Boston was handled right. You may not like it, but it was handled correctly.

    There are many officers on policeone who do not think so. They stated the things many on here did and that is no one is coming in to their homes unless they have a warrant. In fact, many stated if that was tried in their neck of the woods, cops would have been killed. It is easy to make the statement they did it right when you did not have to go through that mess. There is not 1 person on here, cops included, that would like having a police unit at their door barking orders to open the door and upon doing so, started to yell at innocent people to get their hands in the air then do a 3 sec pat down. Many did have an issue with it and the police commentators on policeone did as well.

    Here is a question, not just for T but for PSOSGT and Common Sense. What would your response had been to A SWAT team at your door in a similar circumstance? Would you still play the, I understand this is a public safety issue so I feel good in letting my 4th amendment rights be suspended in that regard? OR Would you have the attitude that some police commentators had on Policeone who stated where in the 4th does it say my 4th is suspended and that there is no case law to support what they did?

    I am not talking about anything else you commented on just this specific piece.

  24. She did the right thing. May I remind others of CHP Craig Peyer.

  25. I love how everyone on here is a Monday morning quarterback. Common sense, t, and PSOSGT keep the good work! All these posters need to do a few ride alongs.

  26. @t

    How is pointing weapons at people who are clearly not the suspect “doing it right”?

    As for statistics? Do you think the victims of police screw ups and crimes care about statistics? Does a a cop care about statistics that say that the vast majority of stops are nonviolent, or does he care about the ones that are violent?

    “You come up with a small handful of “alledged” incidents, some are of course true, but a statistical nothing”

    It seems to be about one a day on average that I find. And those are just the ones I hear about without really even trying. And in most cases, it is a cop never held to account.
    And time and again, everyday people are commenting that it is on the rise in both number and severity. A few years ago, you never heard about cops forcibly taking someone’s home as a staging post for ‘tactical’ advantage. You didn’t hear about cops shooting at three innocent people during a man hunt.

  27. @yum
    “I love how everyone on here is a Monday morning quarterback”
    It is my life and dignity they are playing with. They have a position where their actions can affect me against my will, and for no legitimate cause. You’re Damn straight I’ll be Monday morning quarterbacking.
    Maybe you’re fine with letting cops do what the like, but you don’t get to make that decision for everyone.
    And by the way, every job deals with Monday morning quarterbacking.

  28. @Shawn – Have you heard the defense the cops are using in the lawsuit the guy on his way to the beach filed?

    Guys lawyer: How could you mistake a huge black man for a small white man?

    Cop: Well, we couldn’t actually see who we were shooting at.”

    And yet NOBODY is charged with any type of crime. The lapd has lost all credibility, they’re just another gang, except that they face no punishment for their crimes.

  29. Did she give some indication she intended to cooperate & was simply seeking a safe, well lit location? We teach women to do this for their own protection, so the cops should be awards of that.

    As to the search of the car, a state trooper trashed mine, even after I refused to consent to a search. He characterized this as an inventory of contents prior to impounding the car, even though no list was written. It was quite clearly retaliatory behavior.

  30. Shawn: Guy, I get it. You don’t like the police, most likely because you couldn’t get hired. That’s neither here nor there. About half of the people who get ticketed by my guys call and complain. Mostly “demeanor” complaints as they didnt like the way they were spoken to. A quick check of the camera, complait disreaded. People get really mad at the police. The best cops get complained on all the time. Just because you don’t like if, doesn’t mean it’s illegal or wrong.

  31. t , people get mad at police because of the rude ways they can act out while pretending to be an authority.

  32. @Ali:The best thing to do about it in your situation is to sue the cop imo.

  33. PSOSGT says:
    “Ya’ll do realize that a 3 year old has the ability to pull a trigger. Cop has no idea who you are, or what you are up to”

    Plate recognition software in almost every armed state muscle car tells all about the owner who, in a majority of situations, IS the driver too. The state shills on here expose themselves as corrupt, showing the need for this web and movement even more.

  34. Ok I’m gunna share two stories. The first: I was on my way home from the store and got pulled over for the exact same thing. The cop was awesome, very friendly, gave me a warning, and I went home. The second: my husband (then boyfriend), our best friend, and I were conning home from six flags for my 19th birthday. We get pulled over for speeding, which my husband WAS speeding. The cop immediately has a bad attitude, and wants to search my car. I tell him no, and he says well I can smell marihuana ( this was bull shit because we hadn’t smoked in my car for fear of just this) and he says we can either have it searched then or wait for a K-9 unit outside of my car ( it was about 45 degrees outside) so I consented to the search. That cop was so pissed off when he didn’t find weed! That’s what you get for profiling, I was under a bob marley blanket when he came up to the car in the first place. It was funny cuz after he gave us the ticket he saw a wadded up him wrapper in my door and got this super exited look like be had just found gold or something. Then he unwrapped it and it was like someone stole his donut when he realized it was just trash lmao

  35. B: Not many department have the software of which you speak. Some states won’t even allow it to access their records. And knowing who the owner is is far different than knowing who the driver is.

    Not arguing….just point out that’s its not that black and white.

  36. @t.
    July 9, 2013 at 10:36 pm

    “And knowing who the owner is is far different than knowing who the driver is. Not arguing….just point out that’s its not that black and white.”

    I will agree with your statement. And that is why people in the public are cautious when getting pulled over. We don’t know if it’s an ethical cop making the stop or one of the cops that just might be looking for a fight or fabricate a reason to shoot us. We don’t know. As you stated…. “its not that black and white.”

  37. @PSOSGT
    July 8, 2013 at 11:11 pm

    You stated….. “Cop has no idea who you are, or what you are up to…”

    And we have no idea who they (cops) are or what they (cops) are up to.

    Here are some of the very limited reported stories for a (9) nine day period. There are only (73) seventy three articles for your leisure reading.

    July 9, 2013

    73 – Bridgeport, Connecticut

    72 – Itasca County, Minnesota

    71 – Howard County, Maryland

    69 – Osage County, Missouri

    68 – Oakland, California

    67 – Cobb County, Georgia

    66 – Seminole County, Florida

    65 – Summit County, Ohio

    64 – San Antonio, Texas

    63 – Indianapolis, Indiana

    62 – Haverhill, Massachusetts

    61 – Pasco County, Florida

    60 – Lexington, Nebraska–Ex-Officer-Arrest

    July 8, 2013

    59 – Apple Valley, Minnesota

    58 – Springdale, Pennsylvania

    57 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    56 – Jackson, Mississippi

    55 – Henderson, Nevada

    54 – Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana

    53 – Camden County, New Jersey

    52 – Maywood, Illinois

    51 – Baytown, Texas

    50 – Maricopa, Arizona

    49 – Hampton, Virginia,0,7417183.story

    July 5, 2013

    48 – Cleveland, Ohio

    47 – Pearl Mississippi

    46 – Beaumont, Texas

    45 – Waukegan, Illinois,0,2016624.story

    44 – Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

    43 – Wilson, North Carolina—Police-officer-suspended-after-bar-incident

    42 – Cave Spring, Georgia—Police-officer-suspended-after-bar-incident

    41 – Eureka, California

    40 – Marinette, Wisconsin

    39 – White County, Arkansas

    38 – Washington, DC

    July 3, 2013

    37 – Centerville, Iowa

    36 – Kernersville, North Carolina

    35 – Williamson County, Washington

    34 – Highland Park, Michigan

    33 – Columbus, Ohio

    32 – St. Lucie County, Florida

    31 – Minidoka County, Idaho

    30 – Rio Grande City, Texas–Texas-Police-Assault/

    29 – Ripley West Virginia–Police-Officer-Child-Porn

    July 2, 2013

    28 – Saline, Arkansas

    27 – Monroe, Washington

    26 – Little Rock, Arkansas–Officers-Arrested-Plea

    25 – Washington Park, Illinois–Officer-Charged-Washington-Park

    24 – McAllen, Texas–Officers-Corruption-Probe/

    22 – Los Angeles, California

    21 – Salinas, California

    20 – Pasco, Washington

    19 – Minneapolis, Minnesota

    July 1, 2013

    18 – Three Rivers Park, Minnesota

    17 – Asheville, North Carolina

    16 – Darlington County, South Carolina

    15 – King County, Washington

    14 – Woodfin, North Carolina

    13 – Anderson County, South Carolina

    12 – McDowell County, North Carolina

    11 – Nash County, North Carolina

    10 – York County, South Carolina

    9 – Maple Heights, Ohio

    8 – Hammond, Indiana–Officers-Gun-Charges

    7 – Nashville, Tennessee

    6 – Orange, Texas

    5 – Pulaski County, Kentucky

    4 – Toledo, Ohio

    3 – Tempe, Arizona

    2 – Putnam County, Florida

    1 – Wilcox County, Alabama–Sheriffs-Deputy-Cocaine/


  38. There are some facts here that can’t be disputed. When you get pulled over there’s always one party who has a loaded gun,is coming up to your car behind you and is sticking a flashlight into your face so they can see you but you can’t see them. As a police officer its on them to make you feel safe, I didnt pull you over u pulled me over if your so worried about pulling me over then O HERE’S A THOUGHT DONT. Stay parked in the [email protected] Parking lot drinking your 18th cup of coffee and you dountus and wait untill your shift ends or how about you go to the area’s where drugs are sold and we all know where that is and leave people who are just coming home from work alone. Road pirates S.O.B.

  39. i agree with unjustified, with all of the crimes committed by badge wearing thugs i would be in fear for my life in a strange area and would seek someplace with people and more cameras, not that that seems to make any difference since they are caught all of the time abusing innocent people and STILL manage to get away with it, well untill the settlement

  40. Unjust: I followed your first 3 links. None have anything to do with the type of situation implied in this story. They were great examples of accountability, so thanks for that. Did any of those links have anything similar to this incident?

  41. @t.
    July 10, 2013 at 7:58 am

    “Did any of those links have anything similar to this incident?”…

    They are all about upstanding cops and are shared for the entertainment of others.

  42. Unjust: I asked that as a serious question. Seemed like you posted them here to prove some point about this incident. Guess not.

  43. @t.
    July 10, 2013 at 2:04 pm

    I posted them to remind those who wish to constantly defend the actions of LE that there is a constant of criminal activities performed by members of law enforcement. You and I both know that there are literally thousands of incidents happening every month. Just because they are all not posted doesn’t change the fact they are occurring. To acknowledge the problems is a step towards correcting the problems.

    To assume that just because someone is a cop they are law abiding or trustworthy is nothing shy of reckless.

  44. @t

    In addition….

    What I look at is the “action(s)” that take place or if one wants to go a step farther, the character of the individual(s). How a person acts is usually a pretty good indicator. Take the “badge” out of the equation and would these actions be acceptable? Now, compound those actions with the fact that those behaving in unacceptable behaviors are invested with powers that the common person is deprived of, and those individuals with that vested power(s) are abusing the expectation of high moral character, trust and self control… that leaves us with one thing… we have a problem.

  45. To your last comment. “Take the badge out of the equation”. Why would a private citizen be making a traffic stop? Or serving an arrest warrant or search warrant? Society has asked that we do that. They have given us that resposiblity. But with that responsibility comes the ability to to carry out those tasks. Now if you don’t like the laws that we enforce….work to change those laws. Band together, find a candidate, and effect change.

  46. @t. says:
    July 10, 2013

    “Band together, find a candidate, and effect change.”

    You know t… I had always wanted to believe that most people that went into law enforcement did so wanting to help have a better society. As I have come into my senior years in life I have had to accept the fact that I have been lying to myself. I don’t hear from you about as you put it… effecting a change. I constantly hear defense for those that apparently act in a manner to the public as unaccepted and by the law enforcement community as acceptable. I’ll be real honest with you…. that badge doesn’t mean shit to me. It sure doesn’t represent anything that I will ever again hold as honorable. Those in law enforcement that do honorable acts do them because of their character, while all the others get on the band wagon for the ride. There are few “HEROS”.

    Obviously it is on the public to effect change. What I continue to see is that when the public acts to effect that change, those in law enforcement take it as a threat. It is also apparent, the change will never come or be encouraged from those wearing a badge. And, you in law enforcement wonder why we in the public also view it as “us vs. them”.

  47. @t. says:
    July 10, 2013

    Cops are like the schoolyard bullies. They (LE) thrive on intimidation knowing that the majority will stand by and allow their inappropriate behavior. Now, you take a whole department of schoolyard bullies or the cowards that stand by and watch and watch the egos and fears feed each other. Is it out of fear, paranoia or feeling intimidated that they (LE) don’t know how to act respectful or is it just part of the police culture? I don’t like bullies and have always been one of the few that would/will stand up to them. No, I’m am far from being some bad ass. I’m old and road worn. I am always respectful and at the same time I stand my ground. That really annoys them (bullies/LE) and fucks with their (bullies/LE) whole game plan. Personally, I like it when they (bullies/LE) get all frustrated. It just shows me that the tough guy with a gun is scared of the old guy.

  48. Unjust: WHere? Where do you see me doing any of that? Its just the opposite. I don’t want that. But most if the videos posted here and elsewhere, along with the stories….don’t show the police doing anything wrong. It may e something you don’t like, but that is a long way from something wrong.

  49. @t.
    July 10, 2013 at 8:47 pm

    I have seen you call out some actions of cops on this site. They have been few and far between. I believe at times you personalize when people criticize behavior that is unacceptable by society standards. I would think that a police officer that is being disrespected by one of their own would be the first to condemn their actions. I don’t know you. I don’t know your character. I do know that you as a rule will defend those wearing the badge and recite what the “law” says and ignore the simple values of what is right and wrong. In addition… I have in fact stated on numerous occasions how I have seen nothing wrong with the actions of the police as presented in various articles.

  50. Unjust: “Wrong” when it comes to police actions….especially when its being “reported” on a cop-hater site is very much a matter of perspective. As example let’s look at the thread about the “activist” getting arrested for carrying an AR style rifle to a firearms display in Vancouver Washington. The view as presented here is oh my, the police were so far out if line, they infringed in his rights. A little research shows that it looks like the police did what they should have and are right in what they did. The police didn’t go after this guy…this guy brought it out to the public and to the police. (To be fair, many “cop blockers” have also called that guy out for being stupid).

    There are examples of police overstepping their boundaries and some of outright criminal behavior. But the sheer numbers if police actions vs the number of reported incidents of police abuse (not to mention the reduction of that number by seperating real abuse vs people who are just mad because they got caught) is so statistically small, as to be almost nonexistent. Note that I’m not saying that its nonexistent…but the numbers just reduce the incidence of occurrence to nearly nothing.

    With this story….maybe its all true and it went down just like this. I doubt it. Why? The first thing she does is find this site to post it on. Maybe since she views / frequents a site like this predisposes her to wanting a police confrontation OR more likely she is exaggerating what happened to inflame and garner “support” for the cause.

    I approach my job in a strangely dispassionate way. Its not personal. If I can help you, I will. If I can’t, I go on. I do whatever I can to keep you from hurting someone else. That’s how most cop are. We are way too busy to mess with people who are just chilling out at the house. But when it spills out into the street, it gets out of hand that people start calling in about it…that changes it.

  51. @t.
    July 11, 2013 at 10:19 am

    As I stated earlier, I don’t know you. If you are as you have described in your last paragraph… then I commend you. Unfortunately, just as cops don’t know who they are dealing with, I don’t know who I’m dealing with either.

  52. @t….
    I do hope you have a safe and blessed day.

  53. To all of you idiotic assholes in here who continue to justify and defend police officers disgusting behavior, to you who claim all of these stories are false – I actually wish for something like this to happen to you, and for you to feel as helpless and scared as all of the people it has actually happened to.

    I have had to deal with power hungry police officers on many occasions, it is a very fucking real thing. Getting pulled over for suspicion of holding marijuana, we are asked to get out of the car so they can search it, they tore apart the vehicle which belonged to my best friend the person who was driving, and when they got to my purse which happened to be packed as an over night bag they dumped everything out on top of the roof of the car to look for weed and actually picked up the pair of underwear I had packed, stretched them our with his thumbs and looked at me and smiled. We didn’t have anything illegal on us so they fucked off.

    Riding the train one day, I AM VERY AWARE that you are “not allowed” to place your feet on the seat. I never did, I found a way around it. On these trains there is a little ledge that’s on the train wall under the seat, and I would always place my toes on it. My feet never touched the seat. One day the train was leaving the station…DRIVING AWAY and there happens to be a police officer standing at my window, and he decides to start banging on the window and waving his arms until the train driver stops the train, and reverses back into the station. He comes on to the train and pulls me off by my arm to give me a $200 ticket for having my feet on the seat.

    I actually have a few more stories, but they are a little bit too personal. I don’t feel comfortable sharing with people who probably will just accuse me of being a liar anyways.

  54. Yes the modus operandi of the modern authoritarian police gangs is predatory
    violence for the most part.

  55. You’re an idiot. You pull over anywhere the officer tells you to pull over. That’s the point of his lights, to keep the other drivers on the road aware that you are pulled over. If you don’t stop immediately the officer has no idea what you are doing.

  56. You did exactly the right thing. Even real cops sexually assault women in isolated areas, or anywhere they think they can get away with it. Or demand ‘favors’. The cop is a jackass. Always think for yourself put *your* safety first…

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