The following post was shared with the CopBlock Network by Anthony Thomas, via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page. Along with the post Anthony says:

“Check out Kershaw County. You have had them on the CopBlock Network before and it’s only getting worse and worse. We need to shed a light on them again.

Spread all the light you can on this situation.”

Date of Incident: June 16,2016
Officer Involved: Officer McKasskle
Department Involved: Kershaw County (SC) Sheriff’s Department
Twitter Account: @Kershawsheriff
Phone No.: (803) 425-1512
Email: Contact us
Address: 821 RIDGEWAY ROAD, LUGOFF, S.C. 29078

This all started six years ago, when I opened a Crazy Crab Seafood Market in an old store. The Kershaw County Sheriff’s Department used to park in front of the store’s sign and run radar. The first two weeks they were doing this while I was open. I asked them to move elsewhere and got attitudes.

Finally, I went to Sheriff Mathews and spoke directly to him, telling him it was bad for business. The next day when I went out to the business a cop was sitting there running radar. I asked him to leave and said I had spoken to the sheriff. He responded, “I hope there isn’t a time you need us, we might be real slow getting there.”

So, I got his name, went to KCSD, and filed a complaint. Two days later, a new cop was running radar as I came in to open. I went around back and called 911 to report a strange car in front of my propoerty. KCSD sent two cars and they threatened to arrest me for false 911 calls. That day I went to a judge to ask for a restraining order. He said I can’t get that, but they have to move if I ask.

The very next weekend three DNR agents in the midst of hunting season came to my store and spent three hours going through all of my products. I had ten bushels of crabs in a basket. They dumped all that out into a sink. Even though they only found one in the ten bushels that were undersized, they fined me $450.

After that, I had the store closed for a year before a friend opened it back up. In that year cops had went back to using it as a radar spot. The new lessee asked one to move because it was bad for business. As he went home that evening, he got stopped by KCSD for not using a turn signal.

Right now I am working in Richmond, Va and work Monday – Thursday as a house manager for an inpatient treatment center. I currently live four days in VA and three in SC. I have to have a Virginia driver’s license to drive a van.

On Nov 12, 2015, I was pulled over in inclement weather, because the Officer said I ran a red light. Weather was bad, so I made sure I had a car length and half distance in my Yukon XL. I demanded a jury trial and had photos, a weather report, and the officer statement. I was going below the speed limit. He estimated I was going 40 mph in 45 mph zone. NTSB says stopping for Yukon XL in inclement weather is three and one half car lengths. So I won that case in May.

Fast forward to June 16, 2016. I am mowing the grass by the road and a cop went by real slow. I noticed it was the officer I won the case against. He went down to the next turn and then came back real slow. Over the next two hours, I noticed he was going by my house four times.

I soon forgot about it and ran to get something to eat. As I pulled out, I saw a police car speeding up to and passing by my driveway. When I pulled out, I noticed a police car put their brake lights on and adjust the rearview mirror. Then he made the first left turn into the back of a school parking lot.

I had decided to make the same turn as you can hit US 1 that way. Sometimes, there’s less traffic easier to cross then at light. By the time I reached tree lines the cop who was on other side had to speed up to at least 65 mph in a parking lot. He was trying to loop around on me.

Well, I went straight and out to US 1 and he must have made a bee line for light because we pass each other on US 1 going opposite directions at 55 mph. I make it to McD’s and got out of the car.

He came flying into the parking lot, almost hits me, rolls down his window and says, “do you remember me?” I said no, he replies you don’t remember me, again I say no. Then with no blue lights nothing on he asked to see my driver’s license. I asked him, “what is the offense?” The officer then slammed his car into park and said, “let me see your ID.” Once again I asked, “what is the offense?”

At this point, the Officer jumped out his car and came around to me saying, “get your hand out of your pocket!” and then slammed me on the hood of the car, cuffing me. Now, two more patrol cars had showed up, but not one has their lights on. I was patted down and had my wallet taken.

He asked, “Mr. Thomas why do you have a VA. license if you live in S.C.? I explained my job situation to him. He then said, “where do you pay taxes.” I said, “Both VA and S.C. Next he asked. “where is your home.” I said, “both VA and SC.” Then he asked, “where do you pay taxes on homes?” Again I stated, “VA and SC, which is correct.” He states, “I pulled you over six months ago and you had a VA driver’s license then. Now, six months later, you still have it. I am arresting you for not having a valid South Carolina driver’s license.”

They then searched the car, calling dogs out to sniff the car. Meanwhile, I was in handcuffs in the parking lot for 45 minutes with five police vehicles there, including the K9 truck. I was then sent to jail until I got a personal recognizance bond in the morning.

Then on June 17, which was my daughter’s 16th birthday, I had a party with over 75 kids. One kid, who was out front talking between 8 and 8:30, recorded six times that cops drove by. At 10 pm, I had a movie projector outside with kids watching scary movies. There was no excessive noise, just 30 kids watching “Halloween.” A cop drove by and shined a spotlight in the backyard.

While cleaning up at 11 pm, I was in the front yard and the same cop that arrested me the day before shined a spotlight on me. I waved and he did nothing, but turn the light off and speed away.

I have acquired a lawyer now after all the constant harassment. I have not actually spoken to Sheriff Mathews since the store closed. However, I know he has a strong dislike for me because of my Facebook post.

– Anthony Thomas

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