Patrick Taylor Facing Child Porn Charges
Patrick Taylor Facing Child Porn Charges

On Wednesday (May 27, 2015), Patrick Taylor turned himself in on charges involving child pornography, stemming from a March 19th raid on his house after investigations by the LVMPD’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and Internal Affairs Bureau. According to Metro, he is being charged with a single count of possession of child pornography and two counts of distribution of child pornography. In spite of the seriousness of those charges, he has been released without bail after his initial court appearance at the Regional Injustice Center in Las Vegas, which took place Wednesday morning. The only conditions being that he promise not to contact his victim or to access the internet or social media.

Anybody that has been paying attention in recent times undoubtedly has noticed that one of the many crimes on the rise within the ranks of police officers are sex crimes. It’s getting rare when even a week goes by that isn’t posting a story about a cop being caught using their position to rape or in some other way sexually exploit someone. In fact, this isn’t even the only time in recent history that a Las Vegas cop has been caught, as the LVRJ’s article about this case points out.

Via the Las Vegas Review Journal:

Taylor isn’t the first Metro officer to face child porn allegations in recent months. Metro officer James Henry, 37, pleaded guilty in December to one count of possessing a visual presentation depicting sexual conduct of a child. He was sentenced to four years on probation in April. Henry was originally charged with 10 counts of child pornography possession. Prosecutors said several images were found on an online storage account that belonged to him.

The 12-year department veteran was arrested in October after an investigation into child pornography on his Google cloud account. Henry worked as a patrol officer in Metro’s Convention Center Area Command, which includes the Strip.

Michael Kitchen LVMPD Detective Who Assaulted Prostitute
Michael Kitchen LVMPD Detective Who Assaulted Prostitute

In addition, there is the case of the woman, who was sexually assaulted by a Las Vegas court marshal (see video below) and then arrested for reporting it to a judge (that ignored her complaints), a detective, who assaulted the hooker he was visiting (while on duty and driving his police vehicle) after she increased the price on him, and that’s just within Las Vegas in recent times. As you can also see by the quoted LVRJ article above, Taylor’s child porn predecessor, James Henry, only received probabtion for his crimes and exploitation against children. Yet another example of the lack of accountability that these cops have come to expect from the “Justice System” and, no doubt, one of the explanations for this influx of criminals in general within the police departments nationwide.

Sexually assaulted by a Las Vegas Court Martial; then arrested for reporting it:


  1. Another hero for all you bootlickers. Yes, that includes T, JC, Common sense, Hater, and others. It will be interesting how they say. Hahahahahaha

    1. What will be said is good, he’ll eventually cut a deal and that will be that. He did “separate” prior to the arrest, smart on his part. Wonder who is in fact the victim. I also notice he was in the “analytical section” apparently crunching numbers for the PD.

    2. You’ve mistaken my hate for criminal monkeys for a love of popo. You’re wrong. I think popo should be held accountable too. Especially pricks like this guy.
      That accountability should not come by condoning the violence and crime unleashed by the groid. Sorry to disappoint you. That said, fuck off loser.

  2. Cut off his nuts and let him bleed out slowly.

  3. Cut off his nuts and let him bleed out slowly.

    1. Put him prison, give a lifer a shank, let him cut off his genitalia, in a place in the prison that gets overlooked, and then let him bleed out slowly. Maybe the guards will find him in time, maybe not.

  4. If it makes an officer look bad…it never happened. This is all a misunderstanding.

    1. he had the images in part of an investigation.. he was trying to locate a criminal that was using his same ip address as a cover

    1. You can tell they’re all afraid to comment on this one.

  5. How is it that a cop gets probation for child pornography? Would you or I, non-cops, get probation for such a heinous offense? I seriously doubt it. This proves yet again the nature of the beast that shields its own from facing the same sort of justice or criminal prosecutions and punishment.

  6. but he had the images in part of an investigation.. he was trying to locate a criminal that was using his same ip address as a cover…. hmmm for this morons that just might fly. we need to help them with the technical aspect or they will toss this one out as well

  7. One good thing about sites like this is they make you ask questions, which leads to answers. For example a couple of clicks of the mouse and you can find out in 2010 there were 180 reports of serious sexual misconduct involving minors and Law Enforcement Officers.

  8. Hey Gillespie,

    Is that a month off paid like murder or do child molesters get two. “Maybe Alverez will get fired”. Are you serious? Now wonder you got shit canned. A Man served his country, posed no threat, suffering from PTSD? I have SEVERE PTSD compliments of LVMPD VIOLENT CRIME. Tell me Sheriff DUMB ASS…HOW THE HELL DOES AN AMERICAN HERO END UP WITH 7 BULLETS IN THE BACK who posed no threat?

    Go take a trip to Baltimore permanently with a white pointed hood super glued to your head and dropped in the middle of the street coward. MAYBE YOULL LIVE…NOT!

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