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Would a starting salary of over $62,000 persuade you to join the New Jersey State Police where “Honor, Duty and Fidelity” is allegedly the motto they serve by? If someone asked me that, they would be hit with a resounding, “not in this life” reply. But to the hundreds of potential “revenue agents” they manage to recruit annually, it’s right in their wheelhouse. They are jumping at the chance to have authority, only to inevitably later on abuse it. They are itching to gain the trust of citizens, only to ultimately mishandle it, and they swear an oath to make safety a top priority, right? Safety? “We’re the NJSP and with night sticks in hand we rule with an iron fist! Everything else is second.”

Now, make no bones about it, the New Jersey State Police may as well be the poster child for corruption from the inside out and from the top brass down to the rank and file. Over the years allegations of racism, brutality and harassment have left a permanent stain on this agency. Black eye after black eye and internal investigation after internal investigation, they just can’t get it right – no police department can. Perhaps over the years you’ve heard the phrase, “The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.” Most of the time, agencies know exactly what their doing, no matter how shady, and it is on us, John Q. Taxpayer to finance this egregious behavior time after time after time.

N.J. Trooper Describes Racist Acts; Racism Persisted Because Officials Kept Denying It, He Said.

“The fight for justice against corruption is never easy. It never has been and never will be. It exacts a toll on our self, our families, our friends, and especially our children. In the end, I believe the price we pay is well worth holding on to our dignity.”

This NJSP scandal only proves what we all have known all along and continue to profess. The corruption is deep-rooted and passed down through the ranks. In this case, a senior trooper was able to “lure” a younger, more inexperienced trooper into indulging in this “reckless” behavior in the name of “following orders.”

It is apparent how frightened these motorists were and how they feared for their safety. One motorist goes on to say, “It was obvious that the authorities were abetting others to break the law.”

The very public they swore to protect and the very traffic laws they were taught to enforce in the academy must have “taken a back seat” to “a little fun” that day and also on prior occasions, according to uncovered reports. Here, see for yourself:

N.J. State Troopers Face Probe for ‘Death Race 2012’

We can all sleep a bit more soundly knowing that a later investigation did conclude evidence of wrong-doing (no…really?) and charges are not too far in the distant future…or so one can only hope. A good deal of the time, it develops as nothing more than a slap on the wrist and a transfer of personnel to a barracks where they can lay low for a while. The senior trooper with 25 years of service agreed to retire in hopes of not being deprived of his pension. So, at least one NJSP badge wont be granting extra rights anymore. That’s a good enough Christmas gift for me! The one thing you never see on the endangered species list is, after all, the moron!

– M


  1. Another poorly written article.

  2. Makes you wonder how much some ferarri driving FOP union swine is paying common sense, t., and underoath to spew their filth here.

  3. left out ‘jack boot’ and ‘nazi’

  4. Why does anyone here let the apologist troll them. It is likely this site has been noticed by some LEO networks… Considering the way they treat people on the street, is it any surprise that one would spew ignorance via internet?

  5. To serve and protect isn’t as much fun as to coerce and collect.

  6. I see your point, proantisocial, but there are other perspectives to consider. I see the presence of dedicated trolls not as a bad thing, but a sign of the overwhelming success of CopBlock.

    Perhaps John Bryant said it best: “You will know you have spoken the truth when you are angrily denounced; and you will know you have spoken both truly and well when you are visited by the police.”

    I would assume by the sheer amount of spin and agitprop that is vomited up by the likes of common sense, underoath, t., and all the other alternate accounts that CopBlock has law enforcement in apoplectic fits.

    We need to come to terms with the fact that the police understand fully that they have lost the moral high ground, and that they are universally loathed by the populace. CopBlock is a significant part of the ongoing public awakening.

    So do not be discouraged by the troll scum that you have to scrape off the bottom of your shoe each time you come here, but rejoice in the fact that we warrant such resources be allocated against us!

    What was it the World War II pilots used to say? If you are taking flak, you muse be over the target. CopBlock is most certainly over the target. I suspect 2013 will be a banner year for CopBlock.

  7. So, a guy who wanted to be capt., and a couple of limited “abuses”. Wow, you cracked it.

  8. Sounds like another poor me rant from a activist who still lives in his parent’s basement and doesn’t have a job. The recruits have the schooling and many have degrees on top of it. Maybe if you would stop living like a victim all the time you might go out and achieve something worth while.

  9. @T

    Ya, abuse of emergency equipment, the lights, and driving in excess of 100mph is such a minor issue that i’m sure i can do that all day long without being bothered by a cop.

    Big abuses of position usually start with small ones that aren’t really punished. That is why the small ones matter.

  10. Looks like “M” has a severe case of sour grapes…What happened “M”, did you apply and not make the cut??

  11. Sour grapes?…absolutley not, i would never put a nzai patch on my arm and claim to be a “cop”. Guessing your a cop based on your lackluster comments. Don’t hate just because your wrong.

  12. Hey did you guys know that cops are 236% more likely to rape than the general population?

  13. Hey…did you Glenn is 100% more likely to say something goofy?

  14. You heard it from the snitches mouth, everyone, FBI Uniform Crime Reports statistics are now classified as “goofy” by t., and the rest of the peanut gallery.

    Hey did you guys know that the majority of the victims of rape by law enforcement are minor children?

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