Insert Coin Security Fremont Street BeatingThis video, which was just posted on Stephen Stubbs’ YouTube channel, was received via the post submission page. As is detailed in the video description (quoted below) on YouTube, this shows security guards employed by “Insert Coins,” a bar on Fremont Street in Las Vegas, unnecessarily beating a man on the sidewalk in front of the business.


This is a developing story and there have been several updates and new developements, since it was originally posted. Those updates have been (and will continue to be) added at the bottom, below the video.

Although public sidewalks aren’t actually owned by the private businesses near them (there does seem to be some confusion about that throughout Las Vegas), the video doesn’t show what happened right before the security guards assault the man. So, without arguing about the validity of their initial actions (even though I’ve been told that the bouncers instigated the incident – see updates below the post), once the man is down he is clearly not a threat to three large bouncers, while already restrained on the ground. There’s no reason whatsoever to continue choking and hitting someone in that situation.

What’s even more telling is the fact that another security guard from the Vanguard Lounge, which is next door to Insert Coins, realizes someone is filming and does his best to obscure what is happening as they continue beating the man for almost a full minute on the video. Beyond that, we don’t actually know what happens to the man being attacked or for exactly how long. That’s because a different security guard from the Beauty Bar Griffin (see updates below for explanation of correction), another bar located on Fremont St, comes across the street, steals and then breaks the witness’ phone, and reportedly assaults him, as well.

Furthermore, the witness states that he waited for the police to show up in order to provide evidence of what happened. Instead of conducting an investigation and talking with a potential witness, the Metro officer that responded ordered him to “Get the [email protected]!! out of here.” In theory, cops themselves are supposed to be impartial mediators that gather evidence and determine if there is sufficient cause to believe a crime may have been committed not someone that personally decides the guilt or innocence of those involved in a dispute. Turning away an independent witness with video evidence of exactly what transpired and who himself may have been assaulted by someone involved with the incident shows a clear bias and lack of any desire to act as such.

From the YouTube video description:

On the evening of February 12, 2015, A man (who appeared to be homeless and/or under the influence of drugs/alcohol) was dancing on the sidewalk in front of Insert Coins on Fremont Street.

Security guards were yelling at him to leave and the dancing man ignored them (continued dancing). When the Security guards taunted the dancing man to attack them, my client (who does not wish to come forward with his identity) took out his phone and started recording.

A security guard attacked the dancing man, beat him up and continued to choke and beat him even after he was lying motionless on the ground. A plain closed security guard tried to obstruct my client from videotaping the incident and even physically pushed him away.

A security guard from the Beauty Bar on Fremont then crossed the street, attacked my client, grabbed his phone and smashed it on the ground (destroying it).

My client waited for the police, tried to make a statement and told LVMPD that he had video. A LVMPD Officer ordered him to “Get the [email protected]!! out of here. This doesn’t concern you”. My client left (fearing that he would be arrested) and contacted me.



There are several updates to this post since it was originally written:

Insert Coins Twitter Response
Don’t believe your lyin eyes

First, it has been determined that while the bouncer (who shows up at the very end of the video) responsible for breaking the witnesses phone and allegedly assaulting him did come from the direction of the Beauty Bar, he actually works for the Griffin, which is next door to the Beauty Bar and directly across the street from Insert Coins. That has been corrected within the original post.

Second, the Owner of Insert Coins, Chris LaPorte, has issued several statements, via Facebook and Twitter, responding to the incident. They’re pretty bad in general and even embarrassingly so, in the case of the one on Twitter. In response to a tweet by SNWatchdogs (an awesome local group that, as the name implies, works to expose corruption) including a link to the video, using the Insert Coins account he states that people shouldn’t “believe what you see,” because apparently the “whole story” is somehow going to counteract what everyone can, in fact, pretty clearly see on the video. Regardless of what might have happened just prior, once someone is down on the ground and not fighting or resisting in any way beating and choking them isn’t justified:

@SNWatchdogs Get the whole story before believing what you see. @ChrisOfCoins – Owner Insert Coin(s) [email protected] #Vegas #DTLV

The Facebook post is more along the lines of I support my guys, Stephen Stubbs is a dirty liar and I have video that shows they did nothing wrong while beating that guy that was lying on the ground defenseless, then interfering with a witness who was well within his rights to record what was happening, and it’s rude to point:

I would like to point out to those questioning my security staff’s professionalism at Insert Coin(s) that any allegation of wrong doing is inherently false and while a video is floating around the internet about a violent takedown by way of a Stephen Stubbs it can easily be proved misleading with surveillance camera footage currently being reviewed by Metro. I stand by my staff and ask those to think twice before pointing fingers at my team. Thank you. – Chris LaPorte via Facebook

Finally, Stephen Stubbs posted this statement as an update to Facebook after meeting with Chris LaPorte and viewing this magical video (which includes the clarification of the identity of the bouncer responsible for breaking the witness’ phone). Apparently, after watching the video and getting the “whole story,” he still believes what he saw:

On the evening of February 14, 2015, I met with Chris [owner of Insert Coin(s)] at his establishment. We went upstairs and he showed me the security footage. It was clear from the video that the Insert Coin(s) security guard instigated the physical contact on the public sidewalk. The security guard push the homeless man, pushed him again, and then shoved him violently to the ground.

The security guard had a tiny 1/8 inch scratch under his eye (I saw the picture) and he claims the tiny scratch is the result of the homeless man punching him (again, the security camera doesn’t show that punch).

Also, the security guard that assaulted the cameraman and destroyed his phone works for The Griffin on Fremont Street (he approached from in front of the Beauty Bar but is in no way connected to the Beauty Bar).


Protest Staged

Last night (February 16, 2015), members of Nevada Cop Block and SNWatchdogs staged a public protest, which included chalking and making the video available for passersby to view, on Fremont Street in front of Insert Coin(s) and the Griffin to bring attention to this incident. Below are some pictures from the protest (click the thumbnails for full size):
Insert Coins ProtestInsert Coins Protest2Insert Coins Protest3Insert Coins Protest4Insert Coins Protest6Insert Coins Protest5

Bouncer Who Broke Phone Fired by the Griffin

Griffin Bouncer UpdateThe next day (February 17 2015), I received information that the Griffin had contacted Stephen Stubbs, who is representing the man whose phone was broken while he filmed the incident. They stated that they had fired the bouncer that broke the phone and that they also would be replacing the damaged phone (via Stephen Stubbs’ FaceBook page):

Update on the unfortunate February 12, 2015 incident in front of Insert Coins:

I just received a call from The Griffin Bar. The security staff member that left his station and destroyed the cell phone of the person taking the video has been fired for violating policy. The Griffin Bar made it clear that his actions do not represent what they stand for, and they took care of the situation. The Griffin Bar is also replacing the destroyed phone.

As far as I’m concerned, The Griffin Bar has done everything that they could do to make up for the situation. Their staff did not participate in the beating and I am glad that they stepped up to take care of things. I consider the matter against The Griffin Bar to be closed.

Please like and share to spread the word. I think they should get props for this. No bar can 100% control their employees and they acted swiftly.

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  1. So you will believe a man who only has 1/3 of the footage of the events that happened but not that of those who were there. So you realize the things these security guards have to deal with with absolutely no protection but their own hands. These security guards keep patrons safe on a daily basis but you will not praise them for that. But you are quick to denounce and point blame without having any knowledge of the events. Not shame on them but shame on you.

    1. Not going to approve my comment? Of course not, why would you share a different opinion than yours.

      1. Author

        Or some people don’t perpetually sit next to their computer waiting to approve every comment someone with a poorly thought out opinion posts.

    2. Author

      I do have a tendency to believe a man who only has 1/3 of the video (and who was also actually there, btw) because the people who were assaulting a guy who was on the ground and not in any way even trying to resist were so determined to make sure there was no video record of what they were doing that they tried to stand in the way and block it and then eventually broke someone’s phone. I also tend to believe the other person who has already been shown the full surveillance footage and didn’t see anything to justify the security guard assaulting the person that was beaten in the first place. I also, in spite of Chris’ desire to have people not believe what they can very clearly see with their own eyes, know that whatever someone might have done beforehand, even if it justifies them being detained or even arrested, doesn’t actually give a security guard free reign to beat and choke a defenseless person lying on the ground, posing no threat to anyone whatsoever.

      I am, in fact, very quick to denounce anyone that assaults a person for no justifiable reason, then beats and chokes them for over a minute while they are lying on the ground defenseless in such a excessive way that even the other bouncers are yelling for him to stop and ensuring nobody can take video (by stealing and destroying his personal property and then assaulting him also) because they know what is going on is wrong, and then has the actual victim arrested. And I’m also more than willing to ensure any potential future patrons are aware of the violent, dangerous person they may come into contact with if they go to insert Coins (or just walk past it) and that security guard decides he doesn’t like them for some reason. And that not only the other security guards, but the owner of Insert Coins (as well as the Griffin) will do nothing to protect them and will instead blame them and even have them arrested to cover up that security guards actions.

  2. Wait wait wait……just the other day Ademo had all of this stuff about how great Cason security was. The professionalism….the there are never any problems.
    Apparently he was wrong huh?

    1. boy I’m glad you added that to the conversation, I don’t think it could have gone on without that witty insight. Fucking dumbass.

        1. what he was doing was legal. If somebody put their hands on me inappropriately, private security or public police, I would kill their family in front of them. You can have all the fancy little nice words you think you want to say, but at the end of the day when the action is done, death is what I would bring. and death should be brought to all those that believe they have a right to encroach upon the rights of others.

          1. Wow. You are spooky.


          2. of course I’m not. Only the very stupid people say what I say on here is serious.

  3. more pigs and pig wannabes acting how all pigs usually do. they fucked up though, protesting in front of that particular casino will kill its business. So keep protesting until those bouncers are removed.

  4. So, basically some guy was more than likely bothering patrons who were going inside the club or coming out. Why didn’t you post the very beginning of the encounter? You post a little 1 minute video that doesn’t show the rest of the story.

    1. you know JC I don’t see those fucking pigs at my door yet. You know I bet they’re smart enough to figure out what I write on here is a opinion. but that doesn’t mean I don’t hope you burn in a fire.

      1. You wouldn’t tell me if they showed up. It doesn’t matter. Your name is in a data base. I know your name and your city of residence. I’ve already been speaking to the PD about your threatening behaviors. I’m sure you are being watched.

        1. they’ve been watching me forever dude long before you were ever around. My interest in nuclear physics peaked their interest in me decades ago. but trust me on this when I say they will never come talk to me. And if they do that’s when I come find you.

          1. lions and tigers and bears

          2. You make threats, over and over. I just add your BS to paperwork and turn it in.

            You said, “but trust me on this when I say they will never come talk to me. And if they do that’s when I come find you”. Really? So which is it? You say they will never come then you say if they do. Yeah, you are full of shit. You are a coward.

          3. you prove your a dumb ass over and over. To find somebody isn’t a threat. There’s a reason I leave ambiguity in my statement. Its for you to show your true bias. You love to assume things, and I use that against you. But like I said the cops will never come talk to me. The reason being is that my entire family is detectives and judges. They won’t touch me.

          4. You said, “like I said the cops will never come talk to me. The reason being is that my entire family is detectives and judges. They won’t touch me”. Nice fantasy. What ever helps you sleep at night.

          5. out of all the shit I make up that’s the one true thing. Must bother you that I’m untouchable.

          6. I believe you believe that.

          7. I think your hamster ran out of wind again. Maybe you should get him a little cart.

        2. Ah, somebody else whose “info” you have. LOLOLOLOL. You’re a lying little punk ass bitch, slaps. You have no information on anybody, you’ve put nobody’s name in a database, and you have no connection to law enforcement at all. Let me guess, you’ll post something that proves you have his info “when you’re ready”. LOLOLOLOL. Fake ass little punk bitch.

          1. What ever helps you sleep at night.

  5. Those thugs needed a good face full of pepper spray. Never leave home without it.

  6. What is all of this about a data base, talking to police departments, and threats? Forgive me, I’m new here.

  7. I sincerely hope that man sues the individuals who assaulted him and the business as well.

  8. I was there last night the guy still works at griffin. All bullshit

  9. Insert coins staff attacked me without provocation twice! On two separate occasions! Their vicious animals!

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