Members of the LVMPD beat a man in downtown Las Vegas because he supposedly didn't walk fast enough.
Members of the LVMPD beat a man in downtown Las Vegas because he supposedly didn’t walk fast enough.

**This is an update to a previous post which was entitled, “LVMPD Beat Man for ‘Not Moving Fast Enough.’” It was also cross posted on under the title, “Las Vegas Police Beat Man for ‘Not Moving Fast Enough.’” (The original post has been included below for reference.)**

On June 4, 2014, Dominic Gennarino was beaten by members of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and arrested for “Obstructing a Public Officer”, specifically because the officers claimed that Mr. Gennarino was not moving fast enough.

The incident was caught on video. Below is the Youtube link: (It’s also embedded below at the bottom of this post.)

On August 5, 2014, LVMPD Internal Affairs conducted an investigation and concluded that “the investigation failed to produce sufficient evidence to clearly prove or disprove the allegations”. Internal Affairs further concluded that “the actions taken by employees did not rise to the level of misconduct or was not a policy violation”.

On August 20, 2014, multiple media sources reported on the beating. As a direct result of the media coverage, LVMPD Sheriff Doug Gillespie ordered that Internal Affairs re-open the investigation.

On December 15, 2014, after Internal Affairs concluded their 2nd investigation, Attorney Stephen Stubbs and Dominic Gennarino met face-to-face with LVMPD Internal Affairs Officers and were informed of the following:

1)     Prior public statements by an LVMPD Officer that Mr. Gennarino was “super-intoxicated” were completely false. There is absolutely zero evidence that Mr. Gennarino was intoxicated in any way, and no allegation of intoxication was included in any of the official reports. Additionally, LVMPD Internal Affairs listened to a recorded interview with Mr. Gennarino from immediately after the incident and concluded that Mr. Gennarino spoke clearly with no signs of intoxication.

2)     There was a communication failure during the incident, and the officers should have communicated better.

3)     Officers acted on erroneous perceptions and “mistakes of fact”.

4)     Officers acted within then LVMPD policies and will not be disciplined. However, documentation of the incident is being placed in their personnel files.

 5)     LVMPD recognizes a “policy failure” and is not happy with this incident. Therefore, as a direct result of this case, LVMPD will implement “fundamental policy changes” in both its use-of-force policies and policies dealing with the investigation of use-of-force incidents.

For more information, contact Stephen Stubbs at (702) 759-3224


Original Post: LVMPD Beat Man for “Not Moving Fast Enough.”

Members of the LVMPD beat a man in downtown Las Vegas because he supposedly didn't walk fast enough.
Members of the LVMPD beat a man in downtown Las Vegas because he supposedly didn’t walk fast enough.

The video below was submitted via the “Submit Your Story” page. It involves an incident that happened shortly after a stabbing at the Vanguard Lounge, a bar/nightclub located on what is known as Fremont East in Downtown Las Vegas. While members of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department are clearing people out of the area where the stabbing occurred, Officer Glowinski apparently wasn’t happy with the pace at which a man, named Dominic Gennarino (possibly spelled differently), was moving and decided to arrest him.

What happened next is that all of the other Metro police in the immediate vicinity dove on and began beating Gennarino. In particular, one of them, identified as Officer Kolkoski, begins jabbing his nightstick into Gennarino’s body (the descriptions indicate he is hitting him in the legs, but it’s not real clear exactly where he’s being hit on the video because of the number of cops involved) with such enthusiasm that he looses his balance. The fact Kolkoski knocked himself down and appears to almost injure himself by hitting his head against a nearby table doesn’t seem to diminish that enthusiasm very much, as he subsequently has to be pushed away by another (as of yet unidentified) officer, in order to prevent him from resuming his attack with the nightstick.

The opening seconds of the video showing the crowd in front of Generino, as well as the lack of resistance described in the police report.
The opening seconds of the video showing the crowd in front of Generino, as well as the lack of resistance described in the police report.

As is mentioned in the description that was included with the submission, the video raises several questions about the “official story,” which was filed by Ofc. Glowinski as part of the police report (excerpts from which are included in the submission description). The first and most obvious is whether Gennarino should have been arrested in the first place. The claim that he “pushed back into” Glowinski is a complete fabrication that is in no way supported by the video.

Also, the idea that he should have been moving faster or refused to do so is dubious from the start because there is a rather visible and large crowd in front of Gennarino, which would prevent him from doing so, even if he wanted to. While you can see what appears to be some verbal exchange between Ofc. Glowinski and Gennarino, arguing with cops isn’t an arrestable offense and even Glowinski admits in that police report that he “complied” with his orders to leave the area. So, at best (from Glowinski’s standpoint) Gennarino was not complying fast enough to satisfy him and at worst that was simply an excuse to justify beating and arresting an innocent person because a member of the LVMPD had a personal issue with that person.

Officer Kolkoski knocks himself down in the process of beating Domonic Generino with his nightstick
Officer Kolkoski knocks himself down in the process of beating Domonic Generino with his nightstick

Secondly, in the video Ofc. Kolkoski has his nightstick out and is swinging it immediately. Prior to that, there is no visible sign of Gennarino jerking or pulling away, as claimed. The idea that he could determine that such a tactic was necessary with a half dozen other cops (none of whom are using nightsticks or any other weapon) already on him that quickly is another incredibly dubious aspect to this incident. Further, the fact another officer has to stop assisting in the arrest to restrain Kolkoski and prevent him from continuing his assault on Gennarino (about 0:30) casts doubt (to put it mildly) on that idea. That’s even more so the case, since after he is prevented from continuing his attack, he simply stands back and watches as the other cops arrest Gennarino. Also, in spite of what is stated in the report, the entire video only lasts 1:30 and the portion with the arrest takes less than one minute. So, the claim that they had to struggle for several minutes after he was on the ground is, at the very best, an exaggeration by Golkowski.

Another officer prevents Ofc. Kolkoski from resuming his assault on Generino.
Another officer prevents Ofc. Kolkoski from resuming his assault on Generino.

Of course, you can watch the video and judge for yourself (that’s one of the reasons Cop Block encourages people to record their encounters with people wearing badges) whether this was justified or yet another case of the LVMPD’s unnecessarily heavy-handed tactics that have become so common place in the Las Vegas area, especially downtown. One thing you can be sure about is that, regardless of what you or anybody else outside of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department thinks (including the department’s Use of Force Board that is supposed to prevent this type of thing, but that the sheriff is under no obligation to actually listen to, so it doesn’t), this incident will be “investigated” by other people working for Metro and then declared justified. The history of Las Vegas area police departments pretty much guarantees that. The fact that the cops working for those departments know that pretty much guarantees that these types of incidents will not only continue, but will become more numerous, unless people in Las Vegas put enough pressure on them that they have no choice but to reign their enforcers in.

The original video, which has been embedded below is available on the youtube channel of Las Vegas attorney Stephen Stubbs, who currently does monthly (every last Thursday) free “Know Your Rights” seminars within the Las Vegas area. He also was himself featured recently in a post on Cop Block and after an incident in which he personally was arrested for refusing to leave the side of a client that had requested him as an attorney while being detained by members of the LVMPD.

The text in quotes below was included in the original submission and is included as it was received, without any editing.

Date of Incident:
Location of Incident: The Vanguard Lounge – Downtown Las Vegas
Department Involved: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
Known Department Employees Involved: Officer Kevin Kolkoski (P#10002), Officer Robert Glowinski, Officer Jacob Werner (P#13017)

“This poor man wasn’t moving fast enough as police tried to clear out a crime scene for investigation. So, LVMPD grabbed him and LVMPD Officer Kolkoski (P#10002) began immediately to beat him with a night stick.

In LVMPD Officer Glowinski’s own words:

“I again instructed [him] to walk towards the rear of the lounge. [He] complied, but began walking slowly.”…”Despite most people complying, [he] would not. As we reached the DJ Booth I instructed [him] one more time to move more quickly”

(Watch the video carefully to see if Officer Glowinski tells the truth in his next statement)

Officer Glowinski continues:

“[He] stopped, and leaned back and threw his back into me. I took hold of [his] right arm in an attempt to take control of him. [He] pulled away. I grabbed his right arm and Officer Werner (P#13017) grabbed his left arm. In an attempt to place [him] under arrest we instructed [him] to go to the ground. [He] refused by pulling and jerking. Additional officers attempted to assist in taking control of [him] but it was unsuccessful. [He] only began to comply after Officer Kolkoski (P#10002) used a baton to deliver focus strikes to [his] legs. After [he] went to the ground it still took me and several officers several minutes to place [him] in custody.”

If you compare the video to the official sworn statement, you will see that Officer Glowinski does not tell the truth. The victim did not “lean back and [throw] his back into [Glowinski]”, the victim did not resist (no pulling and jerking and the victims legs are completely limp after he lays on the ground), and Officer Kolkoski immediately began to beat the victim with a baton (victim had no time to comply). It did not take “several minutes to place him in custody (The entire encounter lasted a little over a minute).

The one positive part of this encounter was the officer that physically stopped Officer Kolkoski from continuing the beating.”


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        1. Nah, webdings for the Albuquerque PD, the LVMPD, and MCSO. It’ll make the policies that just weren’t right more understandable.

          Good policies from the law. I think of a variation of Kerry’s quote: “It was good policy until it wasn’t.”

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      As far as your early 20th Century idea of obesity, combined with some convulted belief that the fat guy should have kept himself thin so he could walk faster when commanded, and combined further with the knowledge that skinny people get told they aren’t walking fast enough by authority being subjective, I don’t know what to say to you. (I have yet to reach the record of a one sentence paragraph.)

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    4. Are you talking about the guy who got beat up or the lard ass cops beating him up? There’s a reason they’re called pigs.

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    1. Booger Man…what is so hard for you to understand….the officers were found to be in the right…does it hurt that I am right again? Countless examples of officers doing it right…yet still you complain.

      1. Found by whom? It’s easy for other officers to blame a policy. And what makes you think that Cop Block readers think it’s ok for departments to have flawed policies or cultures?

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            I don’t have video of that conversation so t, JC, Common Sense, and TheNumber4 are gonna call me a typical CB liar. Because if it’s not on TV it isn’t real to them.

      2. Typical sheep just taking the filthy pigs word for it….

      3. Cops also did it right when they arrested “coloreds” for drinking from “whites” water fountains back in the day. Do you ever stop to ask yourself if laws or policy are good? The racist Jim Crow laws were rescinded because they were just outright bad laws. I have one question for you. If someone puts on a shiny badge and blue uniform does that automatically make them infallible and incapable of breaking the law? As for your comment about officers were found to be in the right i say this: If you have criminals investigate themselves albeit with a badge or without, of course they will always find they did nothing wrong. Beware the blue line my friend, it can appear anywhere and you can cross it even if you didn’t.

        1. Nothing has ever been learned from Jim Crow, other than don’t refuse to enforce a law no matter what a stain it is on our state or our Nation. Better to get along and get that pension.

          Granted, Jim Crow is clear cut now, but it should have been then also given our vaunted ideals that we paraded in front of those in other nations.

          As an aside, it’s why I’m protestant about SCOTUS rather than catholic. SCOTUS screws up just like the rest of us. Kelo is a good example when it turned eminent domain into crony capitalism for enhanced revenue.

          1. This is funny…I’m still laughing about the scientists make up theoies and test them.

          2. And if you were actually t., you wouldn’t. He wrote one of the stupidiest things anyone claiming to have any training in any science, that scientists (applied, or pure) make up theories then test them. Observe, hypothesize, test, then theory. Laws are different.

        2. Take a clue from JC….your juvenile rants make you look smart until…..the part where it’s not our problem.

      4. no they wren’t that’s why thery reinvestigating it dumbass.

  4. Defending the indefesible is easy when “t” gets paid to do so by the corporation. Instead of paying the cops and attorneys why not just
    No legal name = no legal charges

    1. What are you blabbering on about?

  5. The investigation proved the officers actions did not violate the protocols of the department.

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        2. So let me get this strait JC, you saw nothing wrong with what that cop did? Forget the investigation and lets just use that thing inside your cranium, was the cop practicing proper protocol when he hit the guy with the nightstick while he’s being held down?

          1. If the investigation says no protocols were violated, why continue with the rants and raves.

          2. Have you just recovered from a lobotomy? Cause investigating yourself and finding nothing wrong makes total sense! “Why I’m sure those Japanese chaps beheading American soldiers are nice chaps! They’ll look into it and and tell us if anything untoward happened.” Oh wait that’s crazy you say? Of course that only applies to Americans! When they shoot kids it’s A OK! Cause we’re American and they’re not.

          3. A lobotomy would actually improve that ass dropping.

          4. Another copblock circus chimp eagerly trying to show everyone his banana.

          5. Probably because it seems even the LVMPD aren’t entirely sure: “Therefore, as a direct result of this case, LVMPD will implement
            “fundamental policy changes” in both its use-of-force policies and
            policies dealing with the investigation of use-of-force incidents.”

            Again it’s that policy/protocol “was good until it wasn’t”.

            I think freshmayne was really, by this “practicing proper protocol when he hit the guy with the nightstick while he’s being held down”, asking about your values. I think when even PD’s call other PD’s protocols excessive force, you might be able to weigh in with your own values.

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        4. It is that you don’t deny it.

    2. You can’t be that stupid. Of COURSE the investigation made that conclusion. Did you honestly expect a real investigation? As for proved? Their own comment was they couldn’t prove or disprove it.

      Make no mistake, as long as cops investigate cops, they are going to be totally permissive. You will not get a real critical investigation of a cop, if the investigator is a cop or works for that same government.

      1. Prove it wasn’t a real investigation. You are just using ridiculous statements to protect your ego. Let it go. The investigation was done and no foul on the part of the officers involved. A 40 second video doesn’t who the whole story.

        1. The investigation was re opened and the cops were found to be in the wrong. Did you miss that part of the article? And the part where it had to be done because the 1st investigation was obviously a joke? To sweep things under the rug?

          1. Post a link that supports your statements.

          2. ??? *looking around* Is this guy for real? Really? OK.
            JC. Look up. This is the link. The article you are commenting on right now. Scroll up and you will see it.
            5th paragraph.
            Unless that’s really not your job. And you’re just jumping from article to article spreading disinformation posts for your employers.

          3. 4) Officers acted within then LVMPD policies and will not be disciplined. However, documentation of the incident is being placed in their personnel files.
            5) LVMPD recognizes a “policy failure” and is not happy with this incident. Therefore, as a direct result of this case, LVMPD will implement “fundamental policy changes”

          4. You caught that beuracratese right? Basically pleading “no contest”

          5. Sorry, you need to post a link outside of this story to back up your statements. I do not believe everything that is written on copblock.

          6. Actually, I investigated Patrick Mastrobuono’s claims and have found no wrong doing. Prove that it wasn’t a real investigation.

          7. Again, post a link to back up your statements.

        2. “5) LVMPD recognizes a “policy failure” and is
          not happy with this incident. Therefore, as a direct result of this
          case, LVMPD will implement “fundamental policy changes” in both its use-of-force policies and policies dealing with the investigation of use-of-force incidents.”

          Now that’s not proof in the way you mean it, because you mean it under Bennett’s 10 rules for deal­ing with bor­der­line per­son­al­i­ties and other crazy people. And your not the guy dealing with the BPD and crazies.

          For the rest of you here’s the link: Read it carefully. It’s very general, so you have to recognize the specific symptoms.

          1. Again, the officers were found not to be guilty of anything. Your childish psychological statements mean nothing. You are upset you are not in control because the officers were found not guilty of anything. I suggest you learn to let things you cannot change go.

          2. Thank you for illustrating my childish psychological statements. I will now take Bennett’s advice.

    3. No but someone did by this:1) Prior public statements by an LVMPD Officer that Mr. Gennarino was “super-intoxicated” were completely false.” Unless that’s protocol. Actually, it’s just dirtying, a practice but not a protocol.

      Also, the officers did do things wrong, but more about competence than violating protocols. And while their actions did not violate protocols, ”
      LVMPD recognizes a “policy failure” and is not happy with this incident. Therefore, as a direct result of this case, LVMPD will implement “fundamental policy changes” in both its use-of-force policies and policies dealing with the investigation of use-of-force incidents.” Which of course raises questions about both what happened and about how it was investigated. Otherwise, all good.

      1. Never let the facts get in the way of a good story.

        1. Didn’t get in the way of the LVMPD either. While the investigation proved the officers did not violate the protocols, ala JC, the LVMPD out of thin air recognized a policy failure (protocols come from thin air also) and decided to implement fundamental policy changes regarding both use-of-force and it’s investigation.

          It was all good, ala JC and you, so there’s no reason for this: 5) LVMPD recognizes a “policy failure” and is
          not happy with this incident. Therefore, as a direct result of this case, LVMPD will implement “fundamental policy changes” in both its use-of-force policies and policies dealing with the investigation of use-of-force incidents..

          I guess the LVMPD had their own good story beyond nothing to see here, move on.

    4. lol and that’s why their reinvestigating huh? dumbass!

  6. The cops acted within the then policy, did they? So the then policy made it officially OK to act on erroneous perceptions and “mistakes of fact”?

    1. That is the big question. When did internal policy trump law or right and wrong? Policy is just that, internal. Policy has no force of law itself, either way.

      Add to that that the investigators are cops, working for that department. Internal investigation is an oxymoron. It is their job to give the predictable “We did nothing wrong” response.

      1. The officers did nothing wrong…yet you still complain…..accept it…there are others more qualified than you to decide what is right…Another naive rant.

        Most good people want us to tune up a thug when we have to and are willing to look the other way…I guess you’d rather let the thugs get away with anything they want….typical copbliocker nonsense.

        1. Yes T because all of us think that police should throw flash bang grenades into baby cribs, murder handcuffed people, beat the crap out of people for being compliant. We also think that police should run around in mine proof vehicles destroying roads cause it looks cool with all the other military gear they have this day. We also think that 50k plus no knock raids a year isn’t enough. We also believe that even though we have 5% of the worlds population and house 30% of the worlds incarcerated we should arrest more. We also think that when someone ask what are you arresting me for, they should have the shit kicked out of them for their insolence. Hell even a 76 year old working at dealerships who broke no laws should be manhandled and tazed because he informed the cop he broke no laws HOW DARE HE. Most of us are like you and appreciate some good old fashion big brother tyranny. Thank you for your support of statism the new religion. GOD (the govt) will bless you greatly for your unwavering devotion for you support of his angles (LEOs). May the great bible (laws that are unconstitutional) be your guide to all that is holy and just in the promised land (the New Merica). All praise and worship be upon Obama my dear faithful, and endearing brother!

          1. The baby was going to grow up to be a thug anyway….he was in a ghetto….his dad hung around with drug dealers…..the thug in training got burned…not our problem…it’s what the people want.

          2. The “baby was going to grow up to be a thug anyways”? What a statement steeped in DEEP ignorance. I also noticed you said noting about handcuffed suspects being murdered by cops. I guess you think that is what the people want too? I guess the people also want those no knock raids as well. Your reply showed you for what you are a soulless dead vessel, who hides behind the keyboard and spouts ignorance and hatred. You are the lowest common denominator, please do the human race a favor and don’t breed.

        2. how you get that crap you spew on this site? video clearly shows cop pulling his night stick and grabbing the guy for no reason. And your thug comments you throw that around like it’s candy no proof he is so where you get that? I noticed your thug got what he deserved above and want the law followed so what law did this guy break? dont say not moving out when he was told because he was but the crowd was infront of him so he had to wait or move slowly enough so as to not bump into the person infront of him. So what law did he break? and don’t quote the lie in the officers report, for that’s been proven to be a lie by the video. Hope you dont have kids, for I’d hate see how you treat them if you do.
          i bet you horse whip them when they don’t respond Quick enough huh?

          1. We don’t need an actual reason….we just need to think we have a reason…if the mistakes of facts are reasonable…erronious peception…that’s your problem guy…..
            Everyone else says the officers did it right…case closed. Take a clue from JC.

          2. everyone else who? Not me not others and certinly not those making a second investigation so no not case closed. and do you know you just admitted to everyone here that cops can just target people for nothing. You just said we don’t need an actual reason. So you just admitted that you can kill or beat on your own initiave. JC needs to be investigated and you too for the crap you guys put on here since I know you both are either cops or as he’s stated a propbation officer.
            anyone catching this I hope someone is a hactivist or something that can trace your ip address and come and arrest you guys for some of the disgusting things you say.
            So agan just because you feel like it you just admitted cops don’t need a reason to start beating someone. any lawyers here I mean god damn this guy just admitted to a million people online that never gets deleted because they can reconstruct contents from a hard drive even if so and still pull this evidence up if needed?
            No wonder so many fear for thier lives when people see a cop.

          3. He wanted to mouth off to an officer…the thug got what he had coming…..go ahead and use your first amendment…..but don’t be two faced and get mad about the consequences.

          4. mouthed off? sicne when does that warrant getting his ass beat?
            Am I right in assuming the pat on the back on the way out was the cops siginal to the others that this was the one they were gonna assbeat? I seen him pat him on his back on the way out and several other officers looking on at the same time seemed kind of like a signale to the others that he was gonna beat his ass!

        3. “Most good people want us to tune up a thug when we have to and are willing to look the other way”

          What a flipping lie that was. Please, go to a news crew and on camera make that claim and see how society responds. If you actually believe that, then say it openly to your community. I’m betting you know better than to admit your own arrogance and abuse of position. They do not want you having a judge dredd street justice mentality.

          “there are others more qualified than you to decide what is right”
          More qualified, or more willing to be permissive of your mistakes and bad attitude? There is a difference between the two.
          Remember that people ‘more qualified’ decided to let the pigs who shot at three innocent people in the Dorner hunt go. If that is your idea of qualified, then your idea of qualified is below burger flipper.

          1. We are a higher class of citizen….society the people has trusted us with a serious responsibility…..they want us to go that extra mile in protecting them. The thug got the blue line treatment. That’s how we deal with thugs.

          2. so you get to decide whos a thug and whos not then? at least finally your admitting to police corruption and abuse instead of thinking of crap to say, how it wasn’t. Hope this gets to mainstream these statments you make.

          3. The thug wanted to use the first amendment…that can have consequences.

            I’m all for free speech guy…but you have to accept the consequences….don’t blame us blame the constitution….that’s where the thug got the right to mouth off…..which is what got him into trouble. So I guess you want thugs to take over, huh? Yeah…I’m not letting that happen…sorry thug lover.

          4. mouthoff and get beat since when is saying something against the law? and you keep saying thug how you know?
            and if you mean you you guys have aleady taken over your the biggest thugs there are.

          5. Who is we? The Nazi reborn? Did it ever occur to you that a badge does’t disqualify you from being a “thug”? You are not here to serve and protect the shit out of us with grenades and mine resistant personal carriers. The Nazis wanted “Pureblood Aryan” features. What do you and your cronies of the “blue line” want? You already saw what happened in NYC with the “we do what want mentality”. Don’t forget the American People are well armed. If you continue to declare war against the people the consequences will be quite sever.

          6. you’re asking for a lawsuit, and being fired aren’t ya? can’t wait to see that happen!

      2. “That is the big question. When did internal policy trump law or right
        and wrong? Policy is just that, internal. Policy has no force of law
        itself, either way.”

        And you relegate me to being a piker. I’ve tried to argue this point without being able to put it succinctly and in it’s proper perspective.


    1. You don’t even try anymore…

  8. Low IQ cops chosen with small peckers will result in stupid acts of aggression… #ACAB

    1. The thug got what he deserved….I guess you would rather have the thugs get away with accountability for the thugs….is that what you want?

      Not me….I want the law to be followed.

      1. Guys, this shithead isn’t t. He’s a troll.

      2. I would also like to see thugs wearing badges suffering the same penalties as the ones who don’t have them. I would LOVE to see accountability there especially. I would defiantly want the law that they swore and oath to enforce, to be followed. That whole inconvenient document called the constitution, but in this day and age that is asking too much.

        1. The people love us…they are willing to look the other way…if thugs get what they deserve.

          1. Psst, “thugs” is racist code for “nigger”. I think this guy might be a racist.
            Oh wait it’s obvious? Okay carry on

          2. Oh, bullshit. Thug is used for thug. It’s used by pro-cops for anyone that just might have been a criminal, maybe-sort-of, or worse anyone that doesn’t obey a cop, and by anti-cops for all cops because of what some cops do, the latter “some” are thugs. The rest aren’t.

            The race card is so mindless here.

          3. Unless you’re comparing the similar Us v Them narrowness.

          4. Us v them doesn’t apply to all cops. Not all use that narrow lens. There has to be at least one…

            I will grant that racists often use “thug” to describe any black confronted by police, it comforts them. But every usage, including when police or supporters do, can’t be distilled to a code word for nigger.

      3. You’re not even a good imposter.

        1. Aww, that’s so sweet of you to defend your special friend’s honor like that.

      4. T, I see you on almost every post trolling like the cop you would have been had you not only been eligible to be a security gaurd in a preschool. Fuck your kind of stupid. YOU are the direct reason people hate cops. Do us all a favor you pork flavored hippi, follow the laws yourself, tell your now afraid cop pals, they could breathe easy if they followed the laws as well. If you wanna troll, just look at your spouse in the family pictures. We all hope one day to see you for real, under the boot of one of your employers, donning a guy fawkes mask. I am a non felon, I have rights to bear arms, theres NOTHING a cop could do to defend me from thugs that me, my wife or kids couldnt do for ourselves without our pet being killed, or our family being extorted by low rent badge wearing tryhards.your days are numbered in the accountability department, count them all, there isnt many left. And a majority of us are prepared to commit to the battle that ends these police corruptions.lolz.

      5. Where the frack do you live where the law has people beating down others 5 to 1 with impunity~?
        I don’t want to ever visit, much less live in your fantasy world.

  9. Has anyone seen any video with a man getting beat by sheriff’s and security at a casino boat in northwest indiana?
    The incident happened in December on the 7th early in the morning on the majestic star casino boat??

    1. submit the story we’d like to see.

  10. No wonder why folks hate cops…

    1. Read one completely one sided article, hates cops, ahhh stupidity in progress

      1. Maybe you should try and reading the HUNDREDS of other articles on this site that detail the HUNDREDS of other separate incidents that are almost completely identical to this one. From NYC to Seattle, meatheads with badges beating & killing with impunity. BecUse they have comfortable bubble dwellers like yourself victim blaming. Because you think your class status makes them your protectors.

        1. You have no idea what class he’s in or even if he has class.

      2. Really? How many comments from “freedomluchador” have you read? One? I’ve read several of yours and have come to the same conclusion about you that you have of him. I know that sentence was a bit long and you might have some trouble with it, so let me break it down for you. Thenumber4 = stupid. I could say Thenumber4 = kind of a dick, but I’ll let readers decide for themselves on that one.

        1. How many do I have to read? I haven’t come to any conclusion about “freedomluchador”. I did come to a conclusion about thenumber4’s comment, but not thenumber4.

          “Read one completely one sided article, hates cops, ahhh stupidity in progress.” My conclusion was from the “read one”. I think Patrick pointed out that there are more than one. The comment by thenumber4 was silly by ignoring all the other posts freedomluchador may have read.

          Or did you think I was attacking “freedomluchador”? I wasn’t, I disagree with him if he thinks “folks hate cops” is greater than a minority, but I was attacking thenumber4’s silliness of “Read one completely one sided article, hates cops, ahhh stupidity in progress.”

          “I know that sentence was a bit long and you might have some trouble with it”. Nah, I’ve read “The Last of the Mohicans” by Fenimore Cooper, and Stoker’s “Dracula” (my youngest daughter liked it as a bedtime read), your sentence was the height of brevity compared. You flatter yourself, and wrongly denigrate others, if you think length had anything to do with understanding what you wrote.

      3. Just because I read it again, and my eyes burn, the stupidity is taking it to only “one completely one sided article” and trying to make that an argument.

  11. Gennarino said something to the cop that pissed him off. The cop was pushing him in the general direction of the departing crowd, and the guy was talking to the cop with nearly every step he took. When he finally had to stop and wait for the crowd to move, he said one last thing before taking another step, and then you can see the cop was hurriedly putting away his baton to grab the guy and throw him down.

    No he didn’t deserve a beating for that, or even being arrested. The cop should have been professional enough to ignore the comments. But Gennarino broke the cardinal rule when you come into unwanted contact with a cop — don’t talk to them!

    1. The first amendment is a bitch…freedom of speach means freedom to get yourself into trouble….again not our problem…blame congress….they wrote it.

      1. Again you prove a cops logic under the IQ department. Congress didnt write the fucking constitution t, you bottom feeding fucking wanker of a security gaurd. Go finish the 6th grade, I mean cadet training you for lack of a more precise word IDIOT.

      2. whered you get that crap from? Progressive marxism 101?

    2. correct up to a point he wasn’t quickly putting it away he was taking it out.

    1. They gave you a computer in the kitchen?!?! Your husband aka dad is super nice

      1. You’re so clever….the cops are raging, sadistic gang members and you ….are a misogynist fool

      2. Oh, I get it. She’s a woman so she must spend all her time in the kitchen. Wow, that was a witty and crushing insult. I bet you’re pissed you didn’t think to work in how she’s probably barefoot and pregnant. I am SO jealous of you. I could only dream of being as witty and clever as you are. How do you come up with this stuff? I bet God wishes he was as cool as you, too. Dick.

  12. Notice how it took twice before they even had even an inkling of justice to even try to reopen the case. If it wasn’t for public outcry the cops would of just let their own go again. I dont see anything in the video that sugests this guy was about to do anything. All I see is cop pulling his night stick and grab the guy, and start beating him.

    1. What’s wrong with that? It’s brutal but necessary.

      1. OK, there is no more “t”. It’s just a code word for “I’m gonna be a dick on the internet and see who I can piss off today”. There used to be a “t”, but it’s way too easy to impersonate him and try to stir up sh!t.

    2. I agree. It is sad that we are not safe in our own country..

  13. Notice more and more of these are coming up that show cops lie and shit huh? Wonder why? WOuld that be related to Willson and the Garner case? I fear for my life just seeing cops even if they don’t even look my way. I slow down to a crawl if I see a cop at an intersection just so he won’t get in behind me if I can. I may even pull over just to make doubly sure he wont pull out inbehind me. I’ll let him turn or do whatever then pull back out and go my way. Fuck em!

  14. Is it not time for the police departments to take action? While they are being trained to be officers they also need to be trauned to handle situations like this better. It saddens me..

  15. That stupid wall that Kolkilski was hit in the head by was obviously conspiring with the perp.

  16. Find me a pig that does not belong in jail. There is no such thing.

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