Police Brutality at the CCDC
Police Brutality at the CCDC

This is a cross post from CopBlock.org: Bridger Kennedy shared the information below via CopBlock.org/Submit about the unwarranted treatment some employed in the Clark County Detention Center used against him. For incidents related to Nevada, you can also submit directly to Nevada Cop Block’s Submit Page.

Date of Incident: September 25th 2014
Individual Responsible: Seargent Newman and colleagues
Outfit: Clark County Detention Center, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
Phone: (702) 671-3900

Hey, my name is Bridger Kennedy. I was just in jail for a DUI (my own prescription medication) that I had taken four-hours prior to driving and while I was in the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada I was beat up pretty bad in there by about six correction officers.

Prior to my intake picture my face was pushed up against the wall and my bare feet were stepped on with their boots, then after the picture was taken – both front and sideways being jerked around like a rag doll – fingernails gripped into the inner part of my biceps leaving bruises.

I was then put in this black restraint chair and my hands were handcuffed til the very last notch on the cuff. I was shoved to sit down, my balls kneed on by one of the officers, my ankles were cuffed as tight as possible too, and then put some type of thigh winch strap thing around both my legs – smashing my knees together.

clarkc-county-detention-center-las-vegas-metropolitan-police-department-copblockI was very mad at this point and was was left in the chair for two hours. I then was taken out and seated in the big intake room (left side guys, right side girls). I was seated in the last row 2nd or 3rd seat to the left, everything was going fine. About 30-minutes had passed by when I had seen people asking to register on the phone so that they could make calls to people outside of the jail on one of the two phones available to do so.

There was one man on the left phone registering and there wasn’t anyone on the right phone, so I asked this African American female correctional officer (CO) if I can please register? She rudely answered with a snotty ‘No’ and turned away from me, at that point I didn’t say anything. About one-minute later a female inmate asks her if she could register and the CO gladly says ‘Yes’ to her, so at this point I said that is messed up why can’t I register and she can? Then this Hispanic CO says “Stand up motherfucker get over here” so I stood up and by the time I was on my feet he was rushing me and grabbed my wrist then threw me to the side.

By this point two other officers were running up and helped him throw me face down onto the ground and kneeing me in the back of the head.

I just had surgery to get my portacath removed two days prior to being in the jail. I have been in remission from cancer for three years now I was diagnosed with non Hodgkin’s lymphoma when I was 17 (I will be 21 on December 28 of this year). I was face down yelling to them I had cancer and just had surgery.

The CO’s came over and piled their weight on top of my chest head arms legs back and feet while I can barely breathe I was yelling I have asthma as well since I was a little kid and now they are yelling to me to stop resisting when I wasn’t resisting whatsoever.

I couldn’t move and inch of any part of my body, at this point I am in excruciating pain and am being lifted up by my wrists and being taken back the the black restraint chair again. I was then once again strapped into the chair as tight as they possibly could after about 45-minutes in the chair. I just couldn’t bare the lack of circulation to my hands and feet. My upper thighs had lost the feeling in them by now, so I power through another hour and about 25-minutes of the chair each time having a spit mask on when I never spit or attempted to once.

They took me out and went and sat back down once again in the same chair I originally was in the first time I sat.

Editors Note: Bridger was encouraged to reach out to those involved with Nevada Cop Block, who have done an excellent job focusing the disinfecting light of transparency on the criminal LVMPD outfit.


  1. Such a graphic photo, there should have been a warning….

    1. Common:
      Was there any place in this story that the pictured injury could have occurred? Thrown to the floor, kneed in the back, piled onto. Nothing there that breaks flesh open.

      Oh well.

      To me sounds like a guy who got f’ed up on pills, went driving, and then showed his butt when he got caught for DUI. Oh well.

  2. Thank you for sharing this – it’s important that the truth get out there and these things not get hidden and buried in the haven that these cops think they have in the jails

  3. You should just be thankful the nice officers didn’t rape and murder you.

  4. Nice glad you came forward keep us posted!


  6. Another work of copblock fiction. Some idiot decides to drive while DUI. He gets to jail and fights with everyone. He is then put in the chair restraint to calm down. I love how it says, “Individual Responsible” Why don’t you put your own name down. If you are driving while on prescription meds and it affects your driving, you are DUI.

    1. All 100% assumption. You love cop block dont you? You post on every article. You’re probably just some kid in his moms basement smoking pot trying to get as much attention as being a hypocrite and ignorant prick will allow. Streetsheep cop licker.
      This is what you sound like JC. Pretty stupid huh?

  7. The videos in all jails and prisons should be able to be viewed as public record. I mean they’re low life criminals right? They have no rights anymore anyways right? At least that’s how they’re treated. There is no reason that it shouldn’t be able to be viewed. Except maybe the exposure of brutality and total lack of humanity that is inflicted upon those who have “broken the law”. Innocent until proven guilty right? Then why are citizens who are jailed treated like less than human even before trial? The whole excuse of “well they shouldn’t have gotten themselves thrown in jail.” is redundant. That does not mean they should be abused; be it physical, verbal, or emotional. Most females who go to jail g through tremendous optional stress. But who cares right? Strap em’ in chairs and gag me’ they’re only criminals.

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