Erik Scott's father, Bill, discussing threats received after an interview.
Erik Scott’s father, Bill, discussing threats received after an interview.


Recently, William Scott, whose son Erik was murdered by William Mosher and other members of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department at a Las Vegas area Costco, was interviewed for an internet  radio show entitled “Truth is Stranger than Fiction with Pete Wichert” (embedded below).

After the interview, which was broadcast August 20 (2014), Pete reported receiving “a number of sinister phone calls,” which included death threats against Bill Scott, as well as Pete himself and his other guests, including Joe Biggs, who gained some notoriety earlier this week after a cop in Ferguson, MO. threatened, on camera, to murder him while pointing an AR-15 at him.

Below is a repost of Bill Scott’s own account of this incident taken from his “Erik Scott Memorial Blog.” As you can see by reading his comments, Bill doesn’t personally believe the threats are linked to his son’s murderers or any of their enablers within the LVMPD. Pete Wichert, however, does believe it’s connected. Since it’s rather common, when speaking to victims of Las Vegas area police, especially those employed by Metro, to hear accounts of threats and other forms of intimidation being directed at them and/or their families, it’s not at all outside of the realm of possibilities that Pete is right.

Death Threats

“After doing an interview on “The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction With Pete Wichert” Internet radio show on Wed., 20 Aug.,

Erik Scott, Murdered by the LVMPD in 2010.
Erik Scott, Murdered by the LVMPD in 2010.

the host received a number of sinister phone calls throughout the night.

The voice-altered caller threatened the lives of Pete Wichert, two of his other guests, and yours truly. The caller said, “William B. Scott will be lucky to be alive long enough…to get on ‘Infowars,’ because he spoke about his son’s murder.”

Pete’s theory: My account of Erik’s murder-by-cop might have “upset” the Cleveland Mob or a venal, die-hard police union. Pete said the caller repeatedly warned that “Scott had better keep his mouth shut.” Evidently, the worst vitriol was focused on an Infowars reporter, Joe Biggs, and ol’ man Scott.

Joe’s on-camera interview, earlier this week, showed a St. Ann, MO, cop, Lt. Jay Albers, pointing an AR-15 rifle at Joe and yelling, “I’ll f****** kill you!” The video was carried by Fox News and other TV networks, and resulted in Lt. Albers being “suspended indefinitely,” according to a statement released by the St. Ann Police Department.

Evidently, the caller demanded that I stop recounting the story of my son’s murder at the hands of William “Curley Joe” Mosher. It’s annoying police officers, who blindly, desperately hang onto the ridiculous, false narrative spun by Las Vegas Metro PD’s chief cover-up architect, Captain Patrick Neville.

William Mosher - One of the LVMPD Cops that Murdered Erik Scott at a Las Vegas Costco
William Mosher – One of the LVMPD Cops that Murdered Erik Scott at a Las Vegas Costco

Upon advice of a retired sheriff and a couple of police officer friends, I reported the death threats to appropriate authorities. Personally, I think the caller’s a sick, warped nutcase holed up in his mom’s basement. Rest assured, though, all threatened parties are taking protective precautions.

Finally, please note these latest, shocking statistics about killer-cops throughout America:
At least 700 people have been killed by U.S. police, since January 1, 2014.

At least 1449 have been killed since May 1, 2013.

At least 1087 were killed May 1, 2013 – May 1, 2014.

Source: Police reports via corporate news reports.”

Recent Interviews by William Scott and Related News

Link to a NewsmaxTV “Midpoint” interview today

"The Permit," a fictionalized account of Eric Scott's at the hands of the LVMPD by his father, Bill.
“The Permit,” a fictionalized account of Eric Scott’s at the hands of the LVMPD by his father, Bill.

We discussed Erik’s execution, the fact that rogue/outlaw killer-cops now constitute a dangerous domestic terrorist threat, why The Permit:” was written, and how law enforcement’s lies and cover-ups have undermined Americans’ trust, sparking riots in Ferguson, MO.


The following appeared in the Sangre de Cristo Sentinel on July 19, 2014.


William B. Scott

On July 10, 2010, Erik B. Scott, a 1994 U.S. Military Academy at West Point graduate with an MBA from Duke University, was shot to death by three Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (“Metro”) officers in front of a Las Vegas, NV, Costco big-box store. While many readers will recall that egregious, senseless murder, few know what followed: A jaw-dropping cover-up more typical of the old Soviet Union than America. Read more…

Bill Scott, Father of Erik Who Was Killed by LVMPD Employees, Interviewed by Bill Buppert of


Coroners Inquest2 300x183 Bill Scott, Father of Erik Who Was Killed by LVMPD Employees, Interviewed by Bill Buppert of

The text below was posted to on August 04 by Bill Buppert. It is cross-posted here (by way of per the obvious relevance of the matters it addresses, including the fact that the shooting of Erik Scott took place in Las Vegas four years and one month ago, on July 10, 2010. Read More…



  1. Many thanks for the great support, Kelly! You’re a terrific “Erik’s Warrior!” Stay safe, sir.

  2. Wait…..why would anybody make a death threat about this?
    Could it be that people tire of “activists” and all of the “mis truths” that they peddle?

    Not condoning the call in anyway….just saying that if you guys would just tell the truth a liitle bit…normal people might buy into your message. As it is though….all they see is the edited videos, the lies, and a bunch of guys who need showers.


    1. “Wait…..why would anybody make a death threat about this?
      Could it be that people tire of “activists” and all of the “mis truths” that they peddle?”

      That’s like taking death threats against a cop as absolute proof of everyone hating cops. Would you say the same about those making death threats against Ferguson cops?

      1. Shawn:
        Exactly. Except you got it completely wrong.
        TOU think everyone HATES cops….so the Seth would make sense in that scenario.
        YOU think everyone LOVES activists. So the death doesn’t make sense.

        I know…I know. It’s tough for you to keep up.

        1. I don’t think ‘everyone’ anythings. I do think, and see plenty of evidence, that the number of people sick of what LE has become is growing. My other web site, free republic is a prime example. Used to be firmly behind cops. Not any more.

          I also see plenty of evidence that those who support cops are largely ignorant of what is going on. I mention the Dorner hunt, and people think it is made up. Cops wouldn’t do that. Same for the college girls attacked by ABC or the NM anal probes. And these people still think SWAT is only for special situations.

          Simply put, cop supports largely pay no attention.

          1. Shawn:
            Which part of the “Dorner hunt” don’t people believe? That he was fired for being dirty? That he murdered innocent people? The he killed himself like a coward? What they should t understand is why you hold him as a hero.
            As for “Free Republic”. Hmmm. Your opinion

            Now let’s deal with some truth.
            12,000,000 arrests per year..
            400 OIS incidents per year
            You do the math.
            That’s a truth the you can’t deal with. It’s why you cling to just a few incidents. You Ignore MILLIONS of police actions each year like they didn’t happen.
            You. Ignore the PRO-police demonstrations that have taken place everyday in Feeguson. You ignore that the peaceful
            Citizens and business owners in Ferguson were screaming for protection from the activists that were looting their businesses.
            You find it conveinent to ignore that jurors….not the police….say that in almost every police force case that the police acted appropriately. Few civil suits go forward….because the police do it right.
            12,000,000…..400. You do the math.

          2. You were ignoring the cops that wouldn’t give it to them, choosing instead to lob tear gas at nonviolent protestors.

          3. boil: No. They went back. It’s typical really. “Bad
            Cops….go away”. “OMG….somebody call the cops”.

            Kinda the way it goes.

          4. T you must have a cop in your family or be one to fight this hard for a losing side. Fact is, people know complaints don’t do shit. If a cop can run over a guy because hes on his computer and not even lose his job, wtf is the point of issuing any kind of report against them?

            Cops, just like any other business (because that’s what it is, a business, focused on making money rather than keeping the streets safe), get bad and good reviews. However, any business can tell you a bad review hurts you 3 times more than a good review helps. It took me till I ran into a raging bad cop, for me to realize I need to study the law because cops dont abide by it themselves and will do whatever they want.
            T – If you noticed, Yahoo articles get roughly 300-3,000 comments per article. When the man was killed by a illegal choke hold in NY, there was over 125,000 posts. People are tired of cops. They are tired of seeing cops get the benefit of the doubt, tired of hearing “its a rough job” then quit dumb ass, tired of the standards being so low that any dumb ass can be one, tired of that there isn’t stricter laws for oath breakers. You take an oath, and it means shit because there’s no punishment for breaking it.

            People might be tired of Activists, but you don’t understand what they are tired of, they are tired because the way they go about being an Activist, isnt working. It does nothing. It changes… nothing. Because the system is rigged so it does nothing.

          5. t, you’re a total dumbass or a liar. You know full well I am referring to the innocent people cops shot at and tried to murder. And that those cops got off scott free.

            “Now let’s deal with some truth.
            12,000,000 arrests per year..
            400 OIS incidents per year
            You do the math.
            a truth the you can’t deal with. It’s why you cling to just a few
            incidents. You Ignore MILLIONS of police actions each year like they
            didn’t happen.”

            Yes, they did happen. So did the fuckups. That is the part YOU want to ignore. And that is my first problem with cops. You want to ignore every problem within LE. The out of control violence, the criminal behavior, the CYA and back scratching, the Blue Line, the trickery to get around legal limits.
            It is not just the shootings. It is everything trash like you are willing to tolerate among your own. And that tolerance for uncontrolled aggression and behavior is leading to more of it.
            In my entire life, I have never seen cops so free to screw up and walk away from their mistakes or offenses. And the types of offenses has grown. Ten years ago, can you even cite an event like the Dorner hunt screw ups? Where cops just opened fire on people that in no way even resembled the suspect, except they happened to be in pickup trucks.

          6. “Tried to murder”. W O O O O H O O.
            I can’t even grasp such stupidly

            “So do the fuck ups”
            Now that 12,000,000 were arrests
            It’s 45,000,000 police contacts a year.
            And all you can trot out is Harless and Dorner. 2 in a decade. 450,000,000 police contacts in that time. The numbers simple aren’t on your side guy.

      2. A death threat is a death threat. I don’t agree that he should be getting them. He chose to go on an activist internet show. I’m sure you can expect a few goofy activists doing something like that. Look at copblock. There are multiple death threats towards police officers everyday on this site. Graham Colson aka “Ghost” who is sitting in jail right now for 60 days for violating bail conditions, made a couple of death threats towards me when I first started posting in February of this year. I dealt with it by reporting it to the Keene Police and will do it again if he does it again. There sick and twisted people who frequent this site and activist run websites.

        1. You didn’t deal with anything Paul Bowman! I’m still in Florida and you’re still a pussy.

          You’re right about one thing. There is a very sick and twisted individual here. That’s you Paul. That’s why your wife left you. How long has it been since you’ve seen your kids?

          1. Ghost aka Graham Colson is either out of jail or has allowed someone to uses his account. I will have to get in touch with the Keene jail and find out. I’m sure you and Rich Paul shared many intimate evenings.

          2. So you are Paul Bowman. Interesting.

          3. Where’s the empathy? Ghost is sorta like Rainman, except not nearly so adorable.

            “Libertarians are the only group that scored higher on systemizing than on empathizing—and they scored a lot higher. The authors go on to suggest that systemizing is ‘characteristic of the male brain, with very extreme scores indicating autism.’”

            ~Being Libertarian May Cause Autism

  3. Seems he was armed with two handguns and claimed to be a Green Beret….

    The family’s lawsuit was dismissed also.

        1. tried to, according to …? oh thats right, the people that shot him. When did reaching for your waist band become a crime punishable by death? You know our military, when dealing with the ENEMY, waits until they are being shot at before returning fire….. but cops don’t do that for civilians? Hmmmm, guess our war zone is worse.

      1. Actually one article state he did inside the Cosco.

        1. There you go again….clouding the issue with pesky facts

          1. I wouldn’t exactly call one article, of a claimed and unproven event, a fact. Especially if it is cops making the claim.

          2. Really? How about the coroners inquest? You know….. The one where every witness told a variation of the same story. Nitty guy destroying g property inside the store…is told to leave the store after his gun is seen….but refuses to do so while claiming a nonexistent “right” and who when he finally does leave is confronted by a uniformed police officer and he decides to then pull one of the guns. You know…that hearing? Hmmm…one story. Interresting.

          3. All of you cops and cop apologists here have completely swallowed a laughable, transparent, illogical cover-up and myriad lies promulgated by the most corrupt police dept. in the nation, Las Vegas Metro PD. Wise up and listen to the truth, for a change:

            Erik Scott wasn’t acting “erratic” in Costco, didn’t pull a gun, didn’t refuse to leave (he was never asked to leave!), and never claimed to be a Green Beret. Most of that s*** was made up by Shai Lierley–a felon wanted in Florida and Alaska for credit card fraud–the lying “undercover security” Costco dork, who called the cops, then “walked back” his original claims, when cops showed up in force, expecting a crazed, gun-toting, barricaded nut.

            There WAS a guy (W.N. are his initials) in the store, acting erratic and clearly impaired, who caused a disturbance at the Costco pharmacy. I have a photocopy of his driver’s license; he bore a striking resemblance to Erik–almost the same height, weight, eye color and similar hair color. Not as good-looking, though, according to a Costco employee. W.N.’s “significant other,” though, was short, Hispanic-looking, and wearing a white top–EXACTLY how Costco employees and other “witnesses” described the “erratic” guy. Erik’s girlfriend was very tall, had long, dark hair and was wearing a DARK top. Erik Scott was the victim of mistaken identity (“Oh God! The guy at the pharmacy has a GUN!!!!”), and murdered by a scared, panicked cop–Bill Mosher, a three-time shooter, two-time killer, in his first FIVE years on the LVMPD. Then LV Metro and Costco concocted a sloppy, laughable cover-up to protect the brain-dead shooters (who simply panicked and screwed up) AND an uber-corrupt sheriff, Doug Gillespie, who was fighting for his political life in a tight election.

            If any of you cops and cop-apologists have enough integrity to seek, then accept, the truth, read “The Permit.” Good cops who’ve read the book are absolutely shocked to learn how corrupt their badge-heavy, Sin City brethren really are.

            Of course, I doubt if you’ll bother reading it; you’d much rather believe the BS Metro put out about Erik Scott’s egregious murder-by-cop. Outlaw/coward cops are intentionally blind to the fact that police officers now kill THREE people every day of the year now (1,100 deaths at the hands of cops in 2014), and never accept responsibility for their screwups. That’s why cops in Vegas, Pennsylvania and New York were shot to death by angry (and crazed) citizens last year, paying the ultimate price for senseless murders committed by idiot cops like Mosher, who killed innocent civilians, such as my son, then not having the guts to admit they made a terrible mistake. …and for police depts., DAs and the hopelessly complicit Dept. of Justice, which refuse to hold killer-cops accountable.

            I do NOT condone cop-killing, but I understand why it’s happening. Chapter 10 of “The Permit” predicts many more will be taken out, if police officers don’t stop killing the very people who pay their salaries.

          4. Talking to your sock puppet again? One article? Anyone can write those. The truth here is that this man was murdered by cops, and that murder was covered up by monopolized justice. I get it, you are paid to go around this site and post disinformation.

          5. The only “disinformation” is coming from you.
            Not enough PC to believe that the officer did anything wrong.
            It really can’t be any clearer.
            You don’t have to like it….but the truth is what it is. There no “cover up”. Heck it happened in front of several witnesses. Dang….yet another truth hating CBer.

  4. Fuck you t, and it’s gonna get worse for your type of shit eating scum. Just one example is Cop Block has achieved 1.000.000 likes and people all over the US not just the kids on this site but both conservative and liberal are looking at how cops show their ass daily

    1. steve: right…sure it’s a million separate people. Right.

      But hey….sleep good thinking whatever you’d like.

  5. Huh, I don’t get it, what’s the story here? There is no story, the guy got death threats after doing an interview for an internet radio show, so what, were they credible threats, or were they the typical swill that comes about all the time with regular radio interviews of all sorts of people? I think it’s a safe bet for the latter, and apparently the guy who inspired those threats is of the same thoughts.

  6. Definitely a fuck up on the cops’ part. But all they have to do is say they were scared, so that makes it all better for them. The little prick who called the cops should pay the most.

  7. More copblock bullshit. Erik Scott was shot because he was fighting with police and he had a gun he was going after. If he just left the store like he was told instead of mouthing off and getting out of hand, he wouldn’t of been shot. If someone goes on some goofy radio talk show, you can probably expect to get a few weirdos calling you. He said he reported it to the proper authorities. That is about all you can do.

    1. The above poster, or poser, is Paul Wayne Bowman formally from Keene NH. His last known town of residence was Winter Haven FL where he runs an outfit called No Excuses Ladies Boot camp. He has been a troll over 15 years going by the names JC, Jason Free123, Slappy, runningwolfkenpo and Jake C to name a few. Fucking moron……

      1. Ghost:
        Not that I really care, but….
        Like I’ve asked others before….why do you care so much about JC or Slappy or whomever?

        I’ve never understood why it was such a big deal and why you guys are so intent on finding out who anybody who disagrees with you is.

        I’m not defending him or even agreeing with him…. Just wondering why is it so important to you?

        1. You’re the last one who’ll get answers from me asshole.

          1. Wow. You’re awesome guy.

          1. Wow…. You’re awesome too.

      2. Graham Colson, aka Ghost how was your jail sentence? Looking at your past criminal history shows most of your jail stays are from your temper getting out of control. You have quite the criminal record. I’m sure you will continue adding to it. I say you will be back in jail before long for more then just 60 days.

        1. The above poster, or poser, is Paul Wayne Bowman formally from Keene NH. His last known town of residence was Winter Haven FL where he runs an outfit called No Excuses Ladies Boot camp. He has been a troll over 15 years going by the names JC, Jason Free123, Slappy, runningwolfkenpo and Jake C to name a few. Fucking moron……..

    2. Oh snap? where you there? Tell me what you saw! No? Then stfu about what happened.

  8. this is the way we hang a cop hang a cop hang a cop, this is the way we hang the cop so early in the morning

  9. Erik Scott proves that acting upon the radical libertarian belief system as if it were the truth will only get you killed.

    “If a grasshopper tries to fight a lawnmower, one may admire his courage but not his judgement.” ― Robert A. Heinlein, Farnham’s Freehold

  10. Our military waits to be fired upon before returning fire. Cops are so fucking scared they fire when they see a dude reaching, or if they see something that looks like a gun. When did fear corrupt our police force? When did cops put their lives above the lives of those they are trying to protect? Maybe… always?

  11. Bad Cop William Mosher. AKA Curley from the 3 Stooges?

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