Members of the LVMPD beat a man in downtown Las Vegas because he supposedly didn't walk fast enough.
Members of the LVMPD beat a man in downtown Las Vegas because he supposedly didn’t walk fast enough.

The video below was submitted via the “Submit Your Story” page. It involves an incident that happened shortly after a stabbing at the Vanguard Lounge, a bar/nightclub located on what is known as Fremont East in Downtown Las Vegas. While members of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department are clearing people out of the area where the stabbing occurred, Officer Glowinski apparently wasn’t happy with the pace at which a man, named Dominic Generino (possibly spelled differently), was moving and decided to arrest him.

What happened next is that all of the other Metro police in the immediate vicinity dove on and began beating Generino. In particular, one of them, identified as Officer Kolkoski, begins jabbing his nightstick into Generino’s body (the descriptions indicate he is hitting him in the legs, but it’s not real clear exactly where he’s being hit on the video because of the number of cops involved) with such enthusiasm that he looses his balance. The fact Kolkoski knocked himself down and appears to almost injure himself by hitting his head against a nearby table doesn’t seem to diminish that enthusiasm very much, as he subsequently has to be pushed away by another (as of yet unidentified) officer, in order to prevent him from resuming his attack with the nightstick.

The opening seconds of the video showing the crowd in front of Generino, as well as the lack of resistance described in the police report.
The opening seconds of the video showing the crowd in front of Generino, as well as the lack of resistance described in the police report.

As is mentioned in the description that was included with the submission, the video raises several questions about the “official story,” which was filed by Ofc. Glowinski as part of the police report (excerpts from which are included in the submission description). The first and most obvious is whether Generino should have been arrested in the first place. The claim that he “pushed back into” Glowinski is a complete fabrication that is in no way supported by the video.

Also, the idea that he should have been moving faster or refused to do so is dubious from the start because there is a rather visible and large crowd in front of Generino, which would prevent him from doing so, even if he wanted to. While you can see what appears to be some verbal exchange between Ofc. Glowinski and Generino, arguing with cops isn’t an arrestable offense and even Glowinski admits in that police report that he “complied” with his orders to leave the area. So, at best (from Glowinski’s standpoint) Generino was not complying fast enough to satisfy him and at worst that was simply an excuse to justify beating and arresting an innocent person because a member of the LVMPD had a personal issue with that person.

Officer Kolkoski knocks himself down in the process of beating Domonic Generino with his nightstick
Officer Kolkoski knocks himself down in the process of beating Domonic Generino with his nightstick

Secondly, in the video Ofc. Kolkoski has his nightstick out and is swinging it immediately. Prior to that, there is no visible sign of Generino jerking or pulling away, as claimed. The idea that he could determine that such a tactic was necessary with a half dozen other cops (none of whom are using nightsticks or any other weapon) already on him that quickly is another incredibly dubious aspect to this incident. Further, the fact another officer has to stop assisting in the arrest to restrain Kolkoski and prevent him from continuing his assault on Generino (about 0:30) casts doubt (to put it mildly) on that idea. That’s even more so the case, since after he is prevented from continuing his attack, he simply stands back and watches as the other cops arrest Generino. Also, in spite of what is stated in the report, the entire video only lasts 1:30 and the portion with the arrest takes less than one minute. So, the claim that they had to struggle for several minutes after he was on the ground is, at the very best, an exaggeration by Golkowski.

Another officer prevents Ofc. Kolkoski from resuming his assault on Generino.
Another officer prevents Ofc. Kolkoski from resuming his assault on Generino.

Of course, you can watch the video and judge for yourself (that’s one of the reasons Cop Block encourages people to record their encounters with people wearing badges) whether this was justified or yet another case of the LVMPD’s unnecessarily heavy-handed tactics that have become so common place in the Las Vegas area, especially downtown. One thing you can be sure about is that, regardless of what you or anybody else outside of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department thinks (including the department’s Use of Force Board that is supposed to prevent this type of thing, but that the sheriff is under no obligation to actually listen to, so it doesn’t), this incident will be “investigated” by other people working for Metro and then declared justified. The history of Las Vegas area police departments pretty much guarantees that. The fact that the cops working for those departments know that pretty much guarantees that these types of incidents will not only continue, but will become more numerous, unless people in Las Vegas put enough pressure on them that they have no choice but to reign their enforcers in.

The original video, which has been embedded below is available on the youtube channel of Las Vegas attorney Stephen Stubbs, who currently does monthly (every last Thursday) free “Know Your Rights” seminars within the Las Vegas area. He also was himself featured recently in a post on Cop Block and after an incident in which he personally was arrested for refusing to leave the side of a client that had requested him as an attorney while being detained by members of the LVMPD.

The text in quotes below was included in the original submission and is included as it was received, without any editing.

Date of Incident:
Location of Incident: The Vanguard Lounge – Downtown Las Vegas
Department Involved: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
Known Department Employees Involved: Officer Kevin Kolkoski (P#10002), Officer Robert Glowinski, Officer Jacob Werner (P#13017)

“This poor man wasn’t moving fast enough as police tried to clear out a crime scene for investigation. So, LVMPD grabbed him and LVMPD Officer Kolkoski (P#10002) began immediately to beat him with a night stick.

In LVMPD Officer Glowinski’s own words:

“I again instructed [him] to walk towards the rear of the lounge. [He] complied, but began walking slowly.”…”Despite most people complying, [he] would not. As we reached the DJ Booth I instructed [him] one more time to move more quickly”

(Watch the video carefully to see if Officer Glowinski tells the truth in his next statement)

Officer Glowinski continues:

“[He] stopped, and leaned back and threw his back into me. I took hold of [his] right arm in an attempt to take control of him. [He] pulled away. I grabbed his right arm and Officer Werner (P#13017) grabbed his left arm. In an attempt to place [him] under arrest we instructed [him] to go to the ground. [He] refused by pulling and jerking. Additional officers attempted to assist in taking control of [him] but it was unsuccessful. [He] only began to comply after Officer Kolkoski (P#10002) used a baton to deliver focus strikes to [his] legs. After [he] went to the ground it still took me and several officers several minutes to place [him] in custody.”

If you compare the video to the official sworn statement, you will see that Officer Glowinski does not tell the truth. The victim did not “lean back and [throw] his back into [Glowinski]”, the victim did not resist (no pulling and jerking and the victims legs are completely limp after he lays on the ground), and Officer Kolkoski immediately began to beat the victim with a baton (victim had no time to comply). It did not take “several minutes to place him in custody (The entire encounter lasted a little over a minute).

The one positive part of this encounter was the officer that physically stopped Officer Kolkoski from continuing the beating.”


  1. Post this police officers address. the problem will resolve itself.

  2. Shoot those cops in their heads

    1. 2x for good measure. Don’t need another vegetable back on the job or collecting disability.

  3. and the cop willl receive how much prison time?????


    1. Prison time for what? Do you mean what you are told happened by someone who wasn’t there writing about something in a video that can’t be seen? That? Surely you jest

      1. Can’t see anything other than the fact that the dude did NOTHING to warrant the cop attacking him. And as usual you pointedly ignore the outright lie about it taking “minutes” to subdue the guy, nor do you address the fact that the other cop felt a need to stop fuck-stick the ass-chicken from using the baton further. You really are a fake ass dickhead.

        1. Realio:
          So…..YOU can SEE what is going on when the camera view is blocked by both the DJ booth and the officer? You can see everything? Hmmm. Ok.
          That makes your x-Ray vision better than mine. I can however see the actions leading up to that moment. You see the suspect turn around towards the officer a couple of times and appear resistant to being told to leave. Now maybe that changed 3′ closer to the door and he was just shuffling along. Don’t know. CANT SEE IT.

          About the amount of time. YOU have the luxury of a time stamped video to gauge how long it was. He’s writing the report shortly after it occurred.

          “nor do you address the fact that the other cop felt a need to stop fuck-stick the ass-chicken from using the baton further”. Wow. What is that about? Did the officer push him away when he was swinging a baton where there were several other officers that could likely get hit ? Of that’s what you are talking about…yes….that is visible.

          Dude….I don’t know if this was the right thing to do or not. I wasn’t there. Not can isee what happened on this video. And because it’s posted here….it is, as is the CBer way….only containing supposed excepts from the officers report. And as has been the CBer way in the past…..those excerpts are likely not true or very out of context.

          But you believe exactly what your told…..just like every other CBer.

          1. Whether the actions of this cop (or any of them) in arresting this guy are legit or not, it is plain that the statement made by the cop in question doe not match the video.

            At best you might say he’s ’embellished’ his report a little. At worst you might say he’s lying.

            Either way – his statement is clearly contradicted by the video. This is a good thing. Independent evidence keeps you honest!

            When the video is looked at the prosecutor will cut a deal or drop the charges. The cop is going to be looking pretty silly on the stand when an attorney starts a half decent cross.

          2. MM: No dude….it’s not clear at all. And that’s the point. You are being told what you are seeing. And none of it is evident. And that’s not even taking into account the trustworthiness of the poster about what the report does or does not say.

            About charges….depends on what was charged.

          3. Some things are not clear, some are very clear.

            What is important is that parts of the cops statement are clearly in error. Even if the cop’s basic premise or overall ‘story’ is plausible and many details are correct, he’s going to get a kicking on the witness stand due to the other obvious errors and he will be discredited.

            He doesn’t get to be ‘half right’ when some details are wrong, some are ambiguous and we still have trials based on ‘benefit of the doubt’.

            Have you even been cross examined? A good lawyer will tie you in knots and have you doubting what colour underwear you put on that morning!

            The video is going to benefit the accused more than the cops.

          4. I am an internet guru….Obey my commands….Believe what I say… I have appointed myself as an internet guru

          5. MM: On over 18 years in law enforcement I’ve had trials on everything from stop signs to homicides. State courts and Federal courts. I think you have a TV idea of what attorneys do. As example….the last murder trial I was testifying in….a possible death penalty trial….the defense attorney on his cross of me (I was not even the lead investigator but had handled many of the key aspects of the case) had to object TO HIS OWN QUESTIONS several times because when I started to answer he knew he didn’t want to allow the answer to come in.

            Go to court sometime guy. Watch these attorneys work. There a reason that the prosecution wins at trial almost everytime. Defense attorneys try to Thorpe up smoke and mud on a hope that it will blind a jury from seeing things clearly. Generally speaking….that’s all they do.
            I think you have believed guys like RAD and the fraud when they throw out federal laws and case laws and tell you to do this or that. None of that’s real. Each case has to stand o. It’s own merits. In misdemeanor cases like this one….all there will be is the officers testimony. The defense may bring this video in but then they’ll have to testify about it. And that opens them up to cross examination….and few defense attorneys want that.

            Again….when I look at the video….you just can’t see what started this. The report excerpts are out of context

          6. AND, you have also successfully sued people for filing false complaints against you. At least, that’s what you claim. Haven’t ever offered a single shred of proof that you did, or that your even a cop like you claim to be. Yet it’s everybody else that “just believes what they are told”. LOL. Douche.

          7. WTF are you talking about? Under what possible grounds could he object to his own question? You’re a liar, dude. In a situation like that, a lawyer could only do 2 things – withdraw the question, which the prosecutor will either object to himself, or simply ask the question himself, or object to your answer to his question, but only for one of the specific reasons allowed by the court. Hearsay, narrative answer, etc.

          8. It actually wouldn’t surprise me if a lawyer did that because you actually do have to object to the question to have it stricken which is probably why they would do it, as weird as it seems to argue an objection to one’s own words in a practical sense. If it makes sense, the system does the opposite. Lawyers are part of a superstitious cult called the bar where they have been through a ritual where they make a religious oath to the constitution. Then they go into court where they try to make arguments founded on evidence while at the same time premised on the presumptions which are unsupported by evidence. A logical contradiction.

          9. Realio: It happens all the time. Because those super duper smart lawyers…..usually aren’t. They general aren’t as well prepared as it looks like on TV. In one trial…..there had been a stipulation that the prosecution couldn’t bring in some information about the defendants past. The defense attorney desperately wanted smear myself and several other officers about our knowledge of his client. So he asked me first ( a couple of times) and then other officers as well about it. As I would start to,answer it would dawn on him hat a lot of very incriminating info about his client was going to be introduced….by his asking that question. While smart guy…..once it’s asked….I can answer. He can’t just “withdraw the question” like on TV. If he judge doesn’t stop me….because it was objected too….I can answer it all I’d like.

            Dude….it really is nothing like what is shown on TV. Really it’s not.

          10. Of course none of it’s “real”.
            “Statutory law”, “case law”, “constitutional law” is a bunch of unfounded superstition with little to no rational or factual substance. It’s based on blind faith in arbitrary conjecture.
            Imagine if you used “legal” standards to a legitimate scientific inquiry. It would be absurd. 12 out of 12 jurors found the earth to be flat, it’s been proven! A fallacious appeal to numbers is a logical argument IF you use the G word! All you have to do is call yourself a government and suddenly logic and reason do not apply.

          11. I’ve been to court more than a few times and i’ve sat in the second chair beside both prosecution and defence barristers (I’ve also been on juries – no idea why I wasn’t objected too!).

            The prosecution SHOULD win most of the time as they have most of the advantages. These include:
            – greater resources
            – an unfair playing field in their favour (better or worse depending where you are)
            – the ability to pick and choose your battles (i.e. most weak cases don’t get to court, thus ensuring a better hit rate)

            Funnily enough one of the best defence barristers was my own late father. He had been a Crown Prosecutor (what you’d call a D.A.) for many years, then ‘retired’ to become a regular barrister who could do either defence or prosecution work. He’d run rings around junior DAs and cops because he knew how the system worked and what all the prosecution dirty tricks were. His best work was often done even before trial as he would get most of the BS charges dropped, leaving the only the genuine stuff or the option with the lesser sentencing guidelines.

            He was also a great mentor. A lot of my law school mates would spend their term holidays assisting him in court or doing his devilling (research).

          12. MM:
            I have to address something that is……urban myth, really bad teachings….something.

            – greater resources. What does that mean? In general…..for what most court cases are….that’s quite clearly not the case. No offense….it’s not like TV. The absolute overwhelming amount of court cases have no more than the responding officers report(s) and testimony, the victim/witness testimony and maybe some photographs. Maybe there is some security video or something. And maybe some chemical analysis of drugs or blood. That’s it. What “resources” are you talking about?
            – “unfair playing field”. How do you get that? YOU never have to say a word. THE prosecution has to prove it’s case BRD. YOU don’t have to do anything. The burden is entirely on the state….the defense has no burden at all. If anything….the deck is stacked against the prosecution.
            – The ability to pick and choose. Guy….that’s dumb. If the prosecution “choose” not to prosecute….the case is dismissed. ? See why that is nonsensical?

            As for your dad. Ok, sure, whatever. Funny….that doesn’t jive with what you said earlier. He was always able to overcome those resources, and titled playing field, and stacked deck. But yet…..the prison system is loaded. The number of people who have been arrested in the past is huge right? Guess they should have hired your dad. Dude….trial attorneys try the same few tricks and then throw up dirt to try and cloud the issues. That’s pretty much how it goes every day in every court room across the nation. The court offers deals because it streamlines the system. Defendant s except because the cases against them reach the BRD standard.

  4. Wow. “Cop Block Journalism” at its finest. Makes me miss the fat ass Davey from Rochester.
    There was one word that was right. Fabrication. That’s all this story is.

    The video shows almost nothing. You can’t see anything but the suspects head. You can’t see if he did anything with his arms/legs/body at all.

    As for te officer with the baton. Looks like good strokes against a clearly resisting subject.

    Don’t like it. Heck….I always caution officers that regardless of how just it is to use a baton….it always looks like crap on tape.

    Oh well…..great journalism. Not. No facts, no proof of anything wrong (in fact it looks more like the officers handled it well.

    Yeah CB. Making the police look better every day.

    PS: Pete……love how you still embrace the violent CBers.

    1. Sure did take you a lot of words to try to cover up this one, Sayanim.


      1. Bue: Nah…..look. At how long the article is trying to drum up that this is wrong.

        I used a few to say that nothing that the author alleges is visible in this video.

        So….was your “fail” a spontaneous utterance about the veracity of your statement?

    2. Looks like good strokes? T I do hope someone puts a bullet into you. You are part of the problem that is clear.

      1. Romo:
        By that I mean they looked both legal AND in the appropriate locations. Maybe you should read up a little on baton use and then watch. I bet you will agree with me.

        That’s not saying that you’ll agree he should have used it….but the location/target area is right on.

        Way to love the violence guy.

        1. I do not know what video you are watching. But the video I was watching showed an out of control cop that had to be controled by yet another cop. The cop did not need to resort to violance.

          It is clear from reading all of your posts that you never see any harm in what the police do. You sir, are part of the problem.

          the only person I see loving the violence is the cop in the video.

          1. Who are you going to believe….me or your lying eyes?

            Remember, we are the authority…your duty is to obey…. whatever we tell you…and I said we can beat you like this..
            if we xchoose.

          2. Go get some
            Cicis pizza I think you are hungry….
            Karma is coming thug…

          3. Ah. I love that you guys make Pete a liar. Friends. :)

          4. They are making their own bed all across the country….and justice is coming…. It will only take the right impetus and …Lord of the Flies man…

          5. Romo: That’s simply not true guy. You just haven’t seen me speak out against the police on many of the stories detailed here…..because not many if these stories ever show the police getting it wrong.
            As example….let’s look at the situation in Ferguson with the police shooting. Now I wasn’t there and certainly not involved. But I can analyze enough of what is known….to know that not much is known. Every witness has had a different story (BTW….that’s actually quite normal during traumatic events). But the available photos don’t seem to show the types of injuries that would be consistent with the story that the deceased’s family is promoting. That’s not saying that they are lying….it’s just to say so few facts are known. And it’s not wrong that the police haven’t released all out that yet…it’s still an ongoing investigation.
            Now I didn’t like the initial response, post shooting. The fact that he was left in the street so long….clearly looks bad. But on the other hand….moving the body too quickly can destroy evidence and make it much harder to get to,the truth….whatever that may be.
            So once the investigation has moved forward and some facts are known….I may well condemn the officer for taking a wrong action. But it’s just not known.

    3. Nothing like capturing the “oh shit” look on a piggy’s face while he is taking his last little piggy breath right bacon bits? Squeal piggy squeal ;)

      1. Another piece of shit streetsheep copblocker wanting to kill people. You are a coward and a fraud. Change “piggy’s face” to “your face” loser.

        1. Funny you should mention cowards and frauds, slaps. Very funny, considering you’re one of the biggest exposed frauds to ever comment on this site. Come on, slaps, tell us what it is you do out here in California again?

          1. Is he impersonating a parole officer again….I told ass not to do that…for once you got it right..

        2. Are you mad JC? ;)

        3. Wow JC, ad hominem attack much? ;)



          ROCK ON ALL CAPS. MAYBE I’LL ADD SOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          That’s was fun.

    4. Plenty can be seen. I’ve watched this video from about 14 seconds through 22 seconds multiple times. The victim was complying. He clearly is leaning slightly forward as is walking away just prior to the cop taking him down.

    5. Could you possibly be more asinine?

  5. What a joke, this guy was moving as fast as the crowd would allow. This is just a crooked bunch of panzy cops that need to have the same thing done to them once they are put in jail for assault and abuse. F the police. F these police.

  6. I agree; post names, and I am certain justice will be served. We have had enough of bullies with badges.

    1. You should try to learn something from me….my words will lead to happiness.

  7. I would hope every one will quit listening to the troll named t. Areal cop could never have as much time as he does just to troll. Unless he is in an action center and being paid to yap like an idiot,

    1. I speak the truth…I am a great teacher,




  8. The guy was more than likely spouting off and acting like a jerk. He got what he asked for.

    1. Please troll harder, Slappy! Spouting off and acting like a jerk isn’t a crime, asshole!

    2. You say you are a probation officer….I say you are a fraud…you are hilarious….douche bag.

  9. don’t worry he was waiving a gun.

    no wait hes a armed felon no wait he stole a case of beer.

    he was trying to steal a blunt from a quikstop store counter.

    2 for 99 cents but he was shoplifting + the fact when have you ever seen tobacco products on the counter of a store.

    he was trying to sell untaxed cigs.

    he was being argumentative while sitting and hand cuffed so i shot him 3 times in the chest.

    and Military police at that too.

    and one for the cops to breathe easy he was shot after a fight while handcuffed at fruit-vale station.

    problem with all these cases they are 100% innocent.

    I hope more cops get the death penalty like the ones in NY.

    For crimes they commit.

    Justice is color blind to blue!

    Hers a little contest coppa’s can you name all these cases?

  10. Cop why are you here shouldn’t you be shooting a harmless family dog or planting drugs or testalying??

    don’t worry all the coppa’s got paid vacation and got to play solitaire for 2 weeks.

    oh and answered police complaints because there on desk duty. the IRONY!!!!

    ill be waiting for those IA and DA investigations to find magic fairy fart dust.

    thnks police for making me afraid of you than a blood gangsta.

    Jesus said theres a special place in hell for the money collector’s & enforcer’s I hope you enjoy it.

    If such a place excist you have a 1st class ticket haha thnk you god for our justice!

    You want me arrested killed or dead don’t you officer reading this.

    you are evil. I hope you have kindness and love.

    I fell bad for your wifes and children they must fear you no one loves you.

    not even jesus! he said so himself!

  11. he asked a police officer not to push his back he will gladly leave this place!

    you were being combative.

    please don’t shoot im not a threat 3 in the face.

    officer i am going to stand up my knees and back have problems.

    the mother of the her grown child just had his neck snapped in front of her.

    she disagrees for some weird reason i dunno why officer strange right?

    so the police drag her out her window and beat her next to her dead son the dragged out the window by the neck killing him.

    they all deserved it!

    they dare question a police officer or ask a question or plead for there life

    how dare you plead for your life.

    how can you think like this you are so evil to defend these actions so hateful

    if you are that fearful someone is going to react bad to being beaten for being innocent don’t beat up innocent people.

    and talking back to a police officer is not a crime.

    freedom of speech oh ya that’s right it only applies when you need it.

  12. Luke 3:12-13
    And some tax collectors also came to be baptized, and they said to
    him, “Teacher, what shall we do?” And he said to them, “Collect no more
    than what you have been ordered to.”

    and remember coppa’s what Jesus said about a special place in hell for you.

  13. The first police force were the tax collectors. they also enforced laws as well.

    1. steve: Ah. You never fail to disappoint. And you always fail to make a point.

      1. I don’t need to make a point . It’s clear what happened. Only a fool like you puts a deniability on the video.

        1. There you go with the love of violence again….you should be glad the police were there to keep the peace….your welcome.

          1. I have no idea where you came up with my love of violence i don’t ever advocate violence. You’ve been chewing the Khat again.

          2. steve: I didn’t go anywhere with you loving violence. I didn’t make that comment.

        2. steve: Really? “It’s clear what happened.” Hmmm. Ok then. And I’m glad you don’t “need to make a point”. You never do make one.

      2. Oh oh, t is freestylin’ again. Oh snap! ;)

  14. Remember, there are no rich people in the world, and there are no poor people.
    There are just people. The rich may have lots of pieces of green paper
    that many pretend are worth something—or their presumed riches may be
    even more abstract: numbers on hard drives at banks—and the poor may
    not. These “rich” claim they own land, and the “poor” are often denied
    the right to make that same claim. A primary purpose of the police is to
    enforce the delusions of those with lots of pieces of green paper.
    Those without the green papers generally buy into these delusions almost
    as quickly and completely as those with. These delusions carry with
    them extreme consequences in the real world.

  15. Just another felony aggravated assault and battery and kidnapping with absolutely no standing nor authority…by treasonous pigs…Criminals like these are the only reason I now carry 24/7

  16. After watching this over and over to try and find some cause for his arrest there is nothing. Clearly this cop started it . he had his hands all over the guy from the beginning. Possibly he said something the cop didn’t like.They escalated and contrived an arrest. Acting in a gang style as usual.

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