Excessive Force?
Excessive Force?

This was received via the “Submit Your Story” page a while back. It concerns the arrest of a woman at the downtown Las Vegas Greyhound bus station, who had been accused of not paying a taxi bill. All of the following text, pictures, and video were originally posted at the “Art Entertainment” blog and have been reposted in their entirety without any modifications or edits. The singular exception to that was the edition of the year (2013) to the first paragraph for clarity. Obviously, you can read the account and watch the video yourself to decide whether you consider this to be a case of police brutality. It’s certainly not anywhere near one of the worst examples of Metro’s heavy handed antics caught on tape in Downtown Las Vegas.


Two Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officers arrived at the Las Vegas Greyhound station on August 18th (2013) because a taxi driver claimed that a girl that was waiting in there for the bus did not pay him the fees for his ride service to the station.  People sitting in the waiting area suddenly started to witness the struggle between the two robust officers and the defenseless African American girl who posed no threat to them.

Excessive Force?
Police excessive use of force

According to a witness, one of the officers asked her if she had paid the fee to the taxi driver.  The girl responded that she did but did not get a receipt. They did not believe and tried to take the girl to the police station but she refused.  The officers tried to use persuasion at first but then one of them lost his patience and used force.  Both males were trying to forcefully handcuff the girl who was not in a position to resist bud did not want to be treated that way. One of the officers would not let his body weight off the girl.  Another witness said the police physical force was unreasonable and unnecessary. Injuries could have resulted from the police restraint efforts. There is nothing more egregious than the thought that someone who has been vested and trusted with the duty of protecting us from the hands of aggressors, becomes the aggressor himself, under the color of a badge. No human being should suffer as this girl did, in a civilized nation of laws and government. The foundation of this country’s creation is the United States Constitution, which specifically gives every person, regardless of race, creed, color, or ethnic origin, the right to be free from certain governmental behavior. Under the Eighth Amendment, even if a person is a convicted incarcerated prisoner, he/she has the right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment. There are thousands of reports each year of assault and ill treatment against officers who use excessive force and violate the human rights of their victims (AIUSA Rights 1999:1). A significant problem in this area is that police abusive behavior may be considered necessary and appropriate police procedure (Geller, 1996:7).


  1. But the lady bit the cop!! I can understand the force and pepper spray.

    1. I did not see her bite him. I heard him say so, but did not see it. Further, you don’t arrest someone on a Civil matter- such as NOT paying a bill.

  2. I don’t see this as excessive force. They were much more patient with her than I would have been. Listen, if we want to stop real excessive force and police overreach, we can’t go around calling every case of resisting arrest “brutality.” We lose all credibility.

    1. This was not a case of excessive force, she got what was coming. she clearly was holding her hands away from them, and the officers straddled her by the legs, not the chest, not he head, she was just hoping to bounce out of town on the bus BEFORE the cops showed up.

      If it were me I would remove this post and just call it another day of OK police work… carry on officers…. need more like these 2..( at this moment – not to say they are good cops, but they are doing nothing wrong here. )

  3. it’s for the children

  4. So……what’s the problem here?
    She’s a thief…..there is even a victim.
    You see two officers being way more patient than they probably should have been.

    1. She is not in possession of anything STOLEN from the cab driver. Simple accustation of failure to pay a bill is a civil matter, not a criminal one. He said she didn’t pay, she says she did. The cops witnessed nothing and have no business collecting the cabbies fare than they do arresting me for being late on my cable bill this month.

      1. Chris…..see above for a reply. My bad.

      2. You, pal, don’t know what you’re talking about. Failure to pay a cab driver is a CRIME, and it’s called THEFT OF SERVICES. I’m a former attorney and cab driver so I think I know more about this matter than you do. I REALLY hate it when bozos like you run off at the mouth without knowing what the hell you’re talking about.

        1. Former attorney AND cab driver…Really ??? Your credibility quotient is really low dude..

          1. If he got fired as a lawyer….what does that say about his legal advice?

          2. Shut up imposter

          3. Lol the only imposter here is you, troll.

          4. Who says I got fired, wanker? And it wasn’t “advice,” it was an opinion and statement of the law. Does the fact that I’m a world-class pizza-maker, something I learned how to do in law school, detract from the probity of my comment?

          5. He could have worked as a taxi cab driver during law school. You know some one can have more than one profession in their life right? I worked as a gas station attendant and was in the Army. You going to call me a liar? I am currently going to school to be a software engineer. You going to call BS on that in the future because I, at one time, was a gas station attendant?

          6. I looked for a Job after being retired for 10 years and applied to be a cab driver in vegas, its looked at as a low end job, like flipping burgers.. I am glad I decided not be a cab driver after all. LOL but an attorney and a cab driver in the same life? were you disbarred? I know many Lawyers and just had few hours with my friend Supreme Court Judge Jerry Kauffman. Not one of them would have been a Cab Driver which shows how Un-credible your story is.

        2. Did you witness the crime that these officers claim they say happened?

          1. Did you witness that the crime didn’t occur?

            Freaking goof

          2. No one is asking you, ignoramus.

            Notice next to my name it says, “Richard Gearon.”


          3. Notice….it’s still are dumb question.


          4. Notice, you dodge my questions every time.

          5. What question? Did I witness the crime? Did you witness that she didn’t commit the crime? No.

            Again….you have a fundamental lack of understanding of what PC is. That on you stupid.

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            You never fail to come full circle, ignoramus.

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        3. An attorney? Quite possibly true as I’ve met my share of stupid fucks who’ve passed the BAR.
          But here’s a little newsflash for you, mr atty: The victim has not been convicted of THEFT OF SERVICES. Are you too dense to recognize that? She has been accused, not proven. I have no idea if the woman has been convicted in the past of theft, but if she has not, YOU are committing LIBEL by claiming in writing that she’s a thief.

          Now go warm up your cab, mr atty.

        4. Cab Drivers have camera, they can replay it to prove failure to pay. I will assume she was a dumb ass and did not pay, she hoped she would be on a bus and LONG gone by the time cops got there. I know that terminal well as I have worked on the Kiosks and phone systems there.. She was in a area that has a light to no police presents and security will only act as eyes and ears. Nothing but poor people there for the most part, but usually quiet.


        1. Agreed.

          Simple. Pay the debts to incur.

      4. FYI I put an 18 year old white punk in jail for trying to run out on a $3.60 cab fare. This was in Lake Tahoe, NEVADA. That was a most gratifying experience to me, as I successfully turned that young man’s life around. He had been arrested, as a juvenile, 36 (count ’em) times, but I got his cherry as an adult, as he was TWO DAYS past his 18th birthday when I had him arrested. As I told one of the Deputies, it wasn’t the money, it was the principle of the thing. He agreed with me. That kid got a job and became respectful of and to others, as I had him in my cab a few times after this, taking him to what was probably his first job, and it was, “No, thank YOU, sir,” after that. I had a remarkably similar experience with another 18 year old who had been arrested as a juvenile only a handful of times before I got HIS cherry as an adult.

        1. Your creepin me out with the cherry talk. Stop. Or did you get his cherry in your taxi too.

          1. Why do gay-boys like YOU always turn something into the idea and glorification of deviant sex, and don’t try to deny it, as I’ve had a flaming homosexual call ME a “faggot.” Signing off because I can’t read hundreds of stupid people’s comments every day; it depresses me too much.

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  5. Just look what they are doing to a woman that
    a cabbie is accusing of not paying a fare.
    What is wrong with them??????

  6. Chris:
    Do you even understand the term “civil matter”? The theft of services is just as serious to the working cab driver and just as real,as her taking his wallet. This isn’t a contract gone wrong….one where all parties know each other and 1 can sue the other for breach. This is theft.
    Now of course….as is the CBer way….we don’t know what happened prior. This could very well be an example of the victim telling his story….the police investigating…and her refusing to speak about it. As I’ve said before….just because YOU don’t want to cooperate…that doesn’t mean we go away. REMEMBER: the standard for arrest is only PC. A 2.5 on a scale of 0-10. Is there PC to believe the crime occurred. Is there PC to believe she committed it. That’s all. End of story.. If that standard is met….all her resistance is…is another crime.

    So….read up. Learn a lot. Then think it through.

  7. First of all, that blow to the head was definitely unnecessary and he should face charges of assault for it. A tap on the shoulder has resulted in assault charges before..A jury comprised of citizens should determine if that blow constituted assault or not. The police themselves i.e. internal affairs do not and should not make that determination, a jury should. This is how the legal system should work. Police should not be exempt..This is also why we need to hold DA’s, judges, chiefs, and mayors accountable as well, not just police. Because its obvious the police cannot hold themselves accountable, but those who can such as the DA’s and judges dont either. So they need to take responsibility as well.

    1. Good point. She should definitely sue.


    1. Trust me guy….i am an internet guru

      1. I love you so much Guru. Please teach me more.


      1. You speak such great words of life and wisdom.

        1. I simply speak truth. BTW….you reply to the “”t” below…..that’s not me.
          I notice that you guys never denounce the imposter. Oh well….I’ll live

          1. We don’t? Sure about that or whenever we “denounce the imposter,” it’s never you, right?

  9. She went from a misdemeanor fail to pay, to a felony. Free will.

    Notice those in the crowd didn’t offer to pay her fare.

  10. Why is the word of a cabbie more believable than that of his patron? I’ve got news for anyone siding with the portly, woman wrestlers, being a cabbie doesn’t make you more trustworthy than someone who isn’t same as being a patron of one. It was just an excuse to use force on someone who could do nothing but be forced.

    Cops are bullies and thanks to the advent of technology, they’re now being held under at least some accountability even though they police themselves, give each other paid time off as they do so and continually find each other guiltless of everything from brutality to murder.

    The police in the US are looking for any excuse to use force and it matters not your age, your sex, whether or not you’ve got a physical handicap. All that matters is that you gave them an excuse to use force. “How dare you question their authority!”Seems a good enough reason most of the time.

    Stop resisting because these bullies are waiting for you to do so. It may take some time but you’ll be found not guilty if you’re not guilty most of the time but give these bullies with badges a reason and they’ll shoot anyone, for what seems like any reason.

    Death is a shitty way to prove your point with these criminals.

  11. No matter, if it involves police committing crime,brutality,murder or any violation of rights . t has to qualify their deeds.

  12. Why wouldn’t anybody resist? They were assaulting her and trying to kidnap her. She was not trying to bite him. IMO they were using excessive force by holding her on the ground and forcing her hands behind her back so they could put handcuffs on her. I also agree with Cgelber. Im not defending her not paying her bill which is wrong but that is not the way to handle it.

  13. Not sure what the problem is. I would have tazed her. Doesnt hurt her long term, and it doesnt look like i am trying to strong arm her. Tazing generally saves much more physical trauma than man handling people.

    She is resisting arrest, you see her pulling away, holding onto her clothes ect. I dont see her trying to bite the officer, but i do see her resisting. A simple taze or pepper spray would have made it a whole lot quicker.

    If you are ACCUSED of the crime, you still go to jail to bond out. Then you come to court. It’s easy to get someone arrested. Go down to the police station, file charges for whatever reason, and then a judge will issue a warrant. You just have to defend it in court.

  14. I don’t know, I’m far from a law enforcement apologist but this doesn’t feel like a particular egregious example of police misconduct. There’s no doubt she was resisting, and it did appear she was trying to bite the officer, and not that I think cabbies are particularly trustworthy but I don’t see what a cabbie would have to gain by calling the police on a paying customer rather than moving on to the next fare. I’m not saying the way these officers handled the situation was ideal but they did show some restraint, and I’m also not saying the girl was in the wrong because I really have no idea, we only have a brief 1m30s snapshot of the whole picture and to me it’s not as clear cut as this story paints it.

  15. I’m completely against police using excessive force. But honestly these cops were pretty calm. I would’ve expected them to punch her in the head or kneel on here skull but they don’t. That dumb butch is clearly resisting arrest. Idk why this was even posted unless to show what you shouldn’t bitch about. It’s shit like this that makes people think the police of the police just hate cops and twist everything to seem negative towards cops. I personally have no love for cops but this isn’t police brutality of any kind.

  16. The woman’s lucky. On December 28, 2011 (in another bus station) in Fayetteville, NC some officers beat an UNARMED man named Jeffrey Cox so badly he now requires a nurse round the clock. He can’t even feed himself or go to the bathroom.

  17. She skips out on her bill and then gets caught. Instead of working with the PD she decides to fight them. Sounds like she got what she asked for.

  18. To be honest, she was clearly not letting them cuff her, I am all for showing abuse, but the weight of the officer was not on her chest, she did not pay, she refused to listen to them…

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