Erik Scott


Erik Scott

The text below was posted to on August 04 by Bill Buppert. It is cross-posted here (by way of per the obvious relevance of the matters it addresses, including the fact that the shooting of Erik Scott took place in Las Vegas four years and one month ago, on July 10, 2010.



Ten Questions for Bill Scott, Author of The Permit
by Bill Buppert

I read Bill’s book, The Permit, and was aghast at the more intimate and grim details on his son’s murder by cops in Las Vegas in 2010 depicted in the novel. This site is no stranger to reports of predation and rampant misbehavior and mayhem wrought by American police today. My twitter posts three-five new incidents of cop brutality daily. The police state in the US may be the most far-reaching residual of the American War on Terror which has become a self-fulfilling Orwellian prophecy with the use of the campaign as a means to institutionalize maximum government to keep the tax cattle safe no matter the expense in liberty and freedom.

Bill has been kind enough to grant this interview with me.

Bill Scott is now a full-time author, writing techno-thriller novels. The latest is “The Permit,” which is based on the murder of his eldest son, Erik. He co-authored two other novels, “Space Wars: The First Six Hours of World War III,” and a sequel, “Counterspace: The Next Hours of World War III,” plus one nonfiction book, “Inside the Stealth Bomber: The B-2 Story.”

Bill can be reached via the Contact section of my website,, or e-mail at: [email protected].

While Bill and I may not agree on everything, we do agree that the US police state is a clear and present danger to any human being living within the borders of the US. -BB

Bill Buppert: Tell the readers some of your background.

Bill Scott: My wife and I have been married 44 years, and we were blessed with two incredible sons, Erik and Kevin.

In 2007, I retired as the Rocky Mountain Bureau Chief, concluding a 22-year career as a writer/reporter for Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine. I’m a Flight Test Engineer graduate of the US Air Force Test Pilot School (TPS), and flight-tested aircraft for 12 years, both as an Air Force officer and civilian FTE. My undergraduate degree is in electrical engineering. While on USAF active duty, I flew classified nuclear debris-sampling/collection missions, served as an R&D engineer with the National Security Agency, and was a flight test instrumentation engineer, prior to being selected for USAF TPS. As a civil pilot with a commercial certificate and instrument and multi-engine ratings, flight test engineer, AvWeek reporter, and USAF aircrew member, I logged about 2,000 hours of flight time in 80 different types of aircraft.

Bill Buppert: Many condolences on the loss of your son; I read Erik’s story when it first happened in 2010 and then read your cathartic novel, The Permit, which fleshed out more details in a fictional narrative of the murder of your son by Las Vegas Metro cops and the subsequent cover-up. Were you surprised at the cover-up, stonewalling and general nastiness of the police after they murdered your son?

Bill Scott: Yes, very surprised. Before Erik was shot to death, I was one of those naïve American military veterans, who thought all but a few rogue police officers also were honest public servants dedicated to protecting and serving. I quickly learned that cowardice, corruption and cover-up were the standard for about a third of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department—including the sheriff, Doug Gillespie, and his chief cover-up “spook,” Captain Patrick Neville. I arrived in Vegas two days after Erik was murdered, convinced that a sloppy, transparent cover-up was well underway. When I asked, “Why would they cover up an officer-involved shooting, which appears to be a massive screw-up, not an intentional murder?” my lawyer, several of Erik’s friends, and long-time Vegas residents looked at me as if I’d parachuted in from Mars. They unanimously replied, “Because they always cover up their murders! There’s nothing special about Erik!”

Bill Buppert: Most Americans are living in what I consider an illusion in thinking the police protect and serve anyone but the rulers and bureaucracy of the various levels of government. This especially appears to be the case with the consistently egregious behavior of the LVM. Do you consider the LVM to be a viciously compromised and self-serving entity?

Bill Scott: Most definitely. Las Vegas Metro PD is an integral arm of the Clark County/Las Vegas Cartel of Corruption, which comprises billionaires, powerful politicians, immoral, appalling cops, a complicit district attorney’s office, compromised judges, the coroner’s office (which now encompasses Public Administrator functions), and an absolutely venal, obstructionist police union. This cartel is controlled by a Cleveland branch of the Mafia or Mob, which has its dirty paws in several of the big resort-hotels and casinos.

In short, this Cartel uses LVMPD cops as its enforcers of evil, ranging from stealing the wealth of elderly citizens to beating and executing those who can’t pay gambling debts, and forcing runaway kids into child sex rings. Paying off low-IQ cops is more sophisticated than hiring a bunch of knee-breaking “Guidos,” as the Mob does back East. Instead, the Las Vegas Cartel developed a quasi-legal “coroner inquest” system that guaranteed any murder committed by a police officer was found “Justified.” Since the late 1970s, about 200 coroner inquest hearings were held in Clark County, NV, billed as a quasi-judicial “fact-finding” exercise. Of course, not a single cop was ever found at fault. Every killing by a LV Metro cop was ruled “Justified.” Incredible.

Bill Buppert: Were you surprised at the cruel and nasty attitude and behavior of the LVM when you were attempting to get justice for Erik in the legal system?

Bill Scott: By the time we filed our lawsuits, I knew LVMPD would stop at nothing to protect their killer-cops and Sheriff Doug Gillespie’s reelection campaign. Good, honest cops said that my phones and e-mails were being monitored, thanks to the Vegas federal-state-local “Joint Fusion Center,” which routinely uses high-tech snooping technology, under the guise of counterterrorism. Metro detectives illegally broke into, and stole several guns from, Erik’s condo, twisted the facts of his medical records (Erik had 40% of his L5 vertebra broken off, a casualty of Army airborne training. He suffered severe back pain, after a fender-bender car accident that realigned his spine in late 2009.), tried to intimidate Erik’s ex-wife, harassed Erik’s then-girlfriend (three traffic tickets within three weeks of Erik’s murder), and cherry-picked witnesses for the coroner’s inquest hearing. Further, LVM cops illegally acquired court-sealed records from another state, which were clearly stamped by a judge, stating that the claims in a detective’s report “did not occur.”

Metro detectives even pursued laughable measures to gin up a patently false narrative about Erik carrying a “second gun,” when, in fact, he only had a single pistol on his person (a legal, concealed-carry weapon), when he was shot to death. His .45-caliber Kimber Ultra Carry semiautomatic was removed from the body, after Erik’s corpse had been loaded into an AMR ambulance. That firearm was then placed on the concrete, near the entrance-exit of Costco-Summerlin in Las Vegas, supposedly as “proof” that Erik had pulled it, still in its holster.

Ooops! The ambulance EMTs’ report documented a firearm and extra magazine found on Erik’s body. That little hiccup prompted a panicked effort to break into Erik’s condo and steal a “second gun” to comport with 1) a gun found on Erik’s body, and 2) a pistol, in its holster, being on the ground, after the shooting. In fact, the only item on the ground, after Erik was shot seven times, was his BlackBerry, which he had in his right hand. At least two of Erik’s pistols, and, possibly, two rifles were stolen from the condo. Then, brilliant Metro detectives fired a hole in the handle of a small (stolen) Ruger LCP, trying to imply the small gun was in my son’s jeans front pocket, which contained Erik’s 1.75-inches-thick wallet!

A detailed analysis conducted by Mike McDaniel, a former professional police and ex-SWAT officer, trainer and crime scene investigator, completely destroys Metro’s ludicrous “two-gun” narrative. That superb analysis is available (with photos of Erik’s firearms) on Mike’s blog: The Erik Scott Case: Update 19

Bill Buppert: Is a Coroner’s Inquest designed to protect the misbehavior and brutality of the police and its allies?

Bill Scott: In Las Vegas, NV, that’s absolutely true. The old Vegas inquest was a one-sided, bizarre perversion of due process, which made a mockery of American jurisprudence. We allowed Erik’s September 2010 inquest hearing to be televised and streamed over the Internet. Once Las Vegas citizens and thousands throughout America and many foreign countries witnessed, first-hand, this moronic kangaroo court in action, the outrage and blow-back that erupted forced a radical revision of the Clark County coroner’s inquest process. However, the Cartel of Corruption, through its proxy, an uber-arrogant Las Vegas Police Protective Association (police union), managed to put the new, revised inquest system on indefinite hold. Now, a corrupt district attorney, Steve Wolfson, reviews all officer-involved shootings and single-handedly rules whether they were justified or criminal. Over the past three years, Wolfson has found every single shooting “Justified.” Surprise! New system, same outcomes. The Cartel maintains iron-fisted control of the Southern Nevada “justice” system, ensuring Metro’s killer-cops always go free and never are held accountable for crimes that would imprison a “civilian” for life.

Bill Buppert: There are an estimated 19,000 law enforcement agencies in the USA; do you suspect the behavior and actions of the LVM are a microcosm of modern American policing?

Bill Scott: I do, given that cops across the nation routinely commit and get away with egregious murders and acts of raw brutality. The federal Patriot Act literally gave cops a license to kill, and many don’t hesitate to shoot. As a result, law enforcement now attracts an extraordinary number of bullies and brain-damaged, angry men and women. Many of these are totally devoid of courage and conscience, and are convinced they truly are above the law. They feel they can do anything they please, and can get away with it. Backed by obscene unions, today’s cops take great umbrage with anybody daring to question their judgment, tactics, use of force, and absurd accounts of an incident.

Bill Buppert: I suggest an evil trifecta of police misbehavior in police unions, officer safety mandates and qualified immunity to be core causes of the tragedy that is the US police state today bolstered by creeping militarization and Federalization. What do you think?

Bill Scott: I agree. As described in Chapter Ten of The Permit, law enforcement officers and agents of all stripes constitute the most dangerous domestic terrorist threat facing Americans today. Over the last few decades, cops and federal agents have killed more citizens than our nation lost at Pearl Harbor, on D-Day 1944, and on 9/11/2001…combined. An American citizen is now eight times more likely to be killed by a cop than by a terrorist. And a police officer is 130 times more likely to be involved in an act of misconduct than to be killed in the line of duty.

Police unions leverage the power of money to elect, then control, politicians. With polished, proven rhetoric, unions have tricked well-meaning, yet hopelessly naïve, politicos into passing “Qualified Immunity” laws that virtually guarantee a killer-cop will never be held accountable for murdering an innocent “civilian”—as cops now refer to lowly taxpaying citizens. Juries rarely find a cop guilty of murder or wrongdoing, because the average jurist still believes the falsehood that cops are honest and would never lie. As any experienced courtroom lawyer will confirm, though, cops do lie, even under oath.

Add to that the totally unjustified, runaway militarization of local and state police departments—aided and abetted by federal dollars and military equipment—and we now have precisely what the nation’s founders tried to prevent: A standing domestic army that exists for the sole purpose of controlling the very people who pay the jackbooted thugs’ salaries. In the 21st Century, America truly has become a police state.

Bill Buppert: Absent a police power, how would a state deny individual freedom and liberty?

Bill Scott: By gutting the Second Amendment and disarming American citizens, removing the only sure, last-ditch means to resist a tyrannical government. Disarmament, in itself, would inspire a power-hungry tyrant to create his own police force. No politician would allow unarmed, vulnerable masses to live as they pleased.

erik-b-scott-slain-by-lvmpd-employees-zerogov-copblockBill Buppert: Any updates in the case with Erik?

Bill Scott: I’m still pursuing legal measures, and continuing to wage asymmetric war against the Cartel of Corruption that controls Las Vegas. I don’t talk about strategies, operations and tactics, but several battles have been relatively successful. I’m aided by a small number of motivated, well-connected allies, who are quietly working behind the scenes. I’m not privy to their campaign strategies, but am assured that the Vegas Cartel and its killer-cop drones are literally living on borrowed days. I couldn’t halt these warriors’ strikes-for-justice, if I wanted to.

Bill Buppert: I hope The Permit has been well received. I would urge my readers to buy the book and, if possible, review it on Amazon. Has it caused the reaction you expected? Do you still receive threats from the LVM?

Bill Scott: Many thanks for the endorsement, Bill. National sales of the novel continue to build steadily, thanks to overwhelmingly positive reviews, particularly on Amazon. In Las Vegas, reactions from Cartel entities are basically what we expected: Ignore the book and pretend it doesn’t exist, or, when pressed, demean and dismiss it as irrelevant. Fortunately, criticism and patronizing dismissal by the police union director, Chris Collins, and his team of online intimidator trolls backfired and has significantly increased sales of “The Permit.” Anything union cops hate and trash-talk, smart people embrace.

Metro’s threats aren’t as overt and transparent as they were a few years ago. However, the Las Vegas Joint Fusion Center’s geek-goons still may be monitoring my phone calls and e-mail messages, according to inside sources.

Before Erik was murdered, LV Metro had two public affairs officers; it now employs nine, supposedly because the “Scott Family” caused the department so much grief. The Permit also has contributed significantly to Metro’s miserable, tanking public image. I’m assured that, as a result of Erik’s senseless murder and courageous activism by “Erik’s Warriors,” LV Metro has quietly changed its policies, procedures and training dramatically. Of course, Sheriff Gillespie and his scared-stiff “Tower” staff also were motivated by the threat of a Department of Justice consent decree being imposed on the department.

I’ve been accused of being anti-cop and hating police officers. Absolutely not true. I’m deeply indebted to many good-hearted, professional police officers, who helped me expose the sordid inner workings of Las Vegas Metro, in particular, and Sin City, in general. Law enforcement professionals across the nation have patiently explained how a good police force operates. They invariably express stunned disbelief, outrage and embarrassment, when they hear how LV Metro’s badged thugs executed my son, then covered up the killers’ crimes.

These pros (and I) are quite distressed by the militarization of U.S. cops, and a few have helped me develop a presentation I call “Restore Honor.” I firmly believe that, unless good cops stand up and collectively demand that their own departments return to a “protect-and-serve” mentality and culture, our nation will explode in rebellion. As The Permit warns, armed, infuriated citizens will literally hunt down any cop sporting a badge. The level of simmering, subsurface fury I sense throughout the country, primarily directed at arrogant, above-the-law cops, is unprecedented…and scary.

I adamantly emphasize that I do not advocate violence against police officers. But “good” cops have been too silent, too willing to look the other way, for too long. I predict that, in the name of self-protection, honorable, professional cops will soon launch an aggressive crusade to Rid the Ranks of Rogues—eliminating corrupt outlaws from their own departments. Such a campaign might take the form of destroying a corrupt officer’s credit rating; pressuring a bank to foreclose on a killer-cop’s home; filing criminal charges for malfeasance, or taking more-direct action. The operation will spread rapidly, and it won’t be pretty. But, when Neanderthal killer-cops are systematically expunged from local, state and federal law enforcement, citizens will be quick to rally behind those high-integrity officers, who Restore Honor to what once was an honorable profession.

Godspeed to them.


  1. Thanks for posting this, Pete. I so look forward to the coproach apologists coming here with their barbaric rationalizations for the initiation of force against other humans, the frightened refrains concerning officer safety against a non-threat and the usual ad hominem attacks from the “thin black and blue line” forces of darkness.

    Like the comments on news items at Police One, the comments from t and his confreres are always a great insight into the mind of a coproach.

    Who knows what the cops would do without the German Nuremberg defense of befehl ist befehl.

    1. Wow…..I’m honored that you know of me.. But your lack of any professionalism is showing there “coproach” guy. What a joke.

      1. That is the best name for you I have herd “coproach” , the name explains your very nature.

        1. steve: again….what do you mean? Are you truly that inarticulate?

  2. I’m sorry for mr. Scott’s loss.
    But this is another example of someone with a gun doing dumb things and then thinking his rights were more importnNt than anyone else’s.

    Even when viewed in the light most favorable to the Scott’s….Erik’s action were his. HE decided to destroy property. HE decided not to compile with voice commands. HE decided to reach for a gun.
    We don’t and shouldn’t wait until he retrieves that gun and presents it.

    While unfortunate….it doesn’t sound like the police did anything wrong in this incident. Heck….the Scott’s lost in civil court where the standard is a simple preponderance of the evidence. If you can’t get to that….your not anywhere near close to BRD.

    1. No surprise that t whether as a serving or retired cop or simply a police sycophant would take this position without detailing why the suit was dropped and not “lost in civil court”. One of the positive spins is that the murderer, Metro Police Officer William Mosher, rather overfed and dim, has become the literal poster child for police brutality in thousands of guerrilla, you can find his picture everywhere on the ‘net.

      Las Vegas, NV (March 13, 2012) – Upon advice of legal counsel, the
      family of Erik B. Scott has dismissed its lawsuit against the Las Vegas
      Metropolitan Police Department, Sheriff Doug Gillespie and the three
      officers who shot and killed Erik on July 10, 2010.

      ‘We are extremely disappointed, and this action is being taken with
      great reluctance,’ said William B. Scott, Erik’s father. ‘We thank our
      attorney, Ross Goodman, and his team for their outstanding efforts on
      Erik’s and our behalf. It’s time to move on with our lives.’

      ‘We feel Erik was wrongfully killed, through an incredibly tragic
      mistake,” he added. ‘Officer William Mosher claimed he tapped Erik on
      the shoulder, and Mosher confirmed, at the coroner’s inquest hearing,
      that Erik responded by stating that he had a concealed firearm. Erik was
      trying to comply with the officer’s conflicting commands, when Mosher
      fired two shots. The commands and those first shots occurred within two
      seconds. Mosher’s first round hit Erik in the heart, killing him
      instantly. The second round went through Erik’s right thigh. Officers
      Mendiola and Stark then fired another five rounds into Erik’s back,
      after my son was on the ground and dying.’

      Despite multiple witnesses confirming Erik was complying with Officer
      Mosher’s commands, recent Ninth Circuit Court opinions finding
      ‘qualified immunity’ for police officers, even after agreeing excessive
      force had been used, makes it difficult to proceed with this lawsuit.

      ‘While we believe the Costco surveillance-video data — which captured
      the shooting — provides irrefutable evidence that Erik was wrongfully
      killed, the ‘missing’ segment of that video makes it difficult to
      overcome those qualified-immunity legal issues,’ Scott said.

      See the rest here:

      1. Bill: Nah guy…..I know all about it. “Upon the advice of legal counsel”. Hmmm. Why do you think that was their advice? It’s kind of rhetorical….we all know why.

        If you read about the case……one of the witnesses was walking out of the store….in front of Scott. That’s key….in front of him. He said that after he hears the commands and the shots he turned and didn’t see a gun in Scott’s hand. In other words…..he’s not a witness. And he was one of the “key” witnesses for the Scott’s case.

        I love that you go with….Erik was trying to compile with conflicting commands. Hmmm. None of the witnesses said that they heard the police tell him to reach for his gun. Hmmm. None said they heard a command to “disarm”. Hmmm. Interesting oversight there guy.

        It’s funny how you openly don’t care at all about the rights of others. Don’t care that he was destroying the stores property. (BTW….who in eir right f’ing mind does that…ripping open cases to see how many bottles will fit into his bag?). You are openly willing to overlook the employees right to tell him to leave with his weapon (his permit doesn’t outweigh the property owners rights).

        Guy….I (we) get it. You don’t like the police. I couldn’t possible care any less. But you need to realize that when you attach yourself to incidents were the “victim” has no accountability for their own actions….where their free will choices led to bad things for themselves. This guy thought he was above everyone else…and he did so while armed. Then he compounded that by acting like an idiot. Now he probably never thought that he’d get shot….and likely never thought that he present ed a danger to anyone by reaching for h

        1. Oops.
          By reaching for his gun. Maybe he thought he’d be tough and wanted to confront the police because he had the right to carry that pistol.

          But it’s not about rights…’s about behaviors. His behaviors were bad choices.

          1. As poor as the pig’s that shot him.

        2. Only one way with a mind like t’s.

          1. steve: what is that even supposed to mean? You’re getting as bad as Mikeythe Vet and the fraud for blathering

        3. Erik was trying to compile[sic] with conflicting commands. Hmmm. None of the witnesses said that they heard the police tell him to reach for his gun. Hmmm. None said they heard a command to “disarm”. Hmmm. Interesting oversight there guy.

          The thing about lies is how easily they can be exposed.

          Hmm the LP officer from Costco sure testified that’s what happened ( Perhaps you feel he’s unreliable. Yet he’s the only one who testified Scott opened a case of water,

          Hmm…We know for certain he’s unreliable as the entire shooting was caught on tape during a 911 call being made by a customer and doesn’t match his account or the cops testimony.

          Hmm @4mins and 16 seconds into the call we can hear Moesher yell, “Put your hands where I can see them

          Hmm at 4m17s we hear the fat cop yell, “drop it” That’s clearly a command to disarm, followed less than half a second later by another order to get on the ground” followed immediately by several gun shots.

          You are openly willing to overlook the employees right to tell him to leave with his weapon

          Hmmmm…..You are openly willing to overlook the fact that Scott was shot outside of the Costco. Exactly how does one refuse to leave and end up outside?

          I (we) get it. You believe that despite the laughingly pathetic minimum requirements it takes it become a LVMPD cop they are somehow genetically superior and can do no wrong.

          You could watch a cop molest a child on the steps of congress wipe his tiny unit on an American flag and tell us all what a great American he was,

          1. CC: Guy…..did you listen to that before you put it forth as evidence to contradict what I wrote? It doesn’t. ThenCostco,guy makes Scott’s actions sound even worse than the other “witnesses”. He says the Scott already had his hand on his weapon. That’s not better….that’s worse. Hmmm. Me thinks your emotions are clouding your judgement.

          2. Sorry, you quite clearly stated that “None said they heard a command to ‘disarm,'” but the video clearly shows this to be a lie. The Costco employee testified that he heard Moesher order Scott to drop the firearm and if that wasn’t enough, we can all hear the butterball cop tell Scott to drop the gun. All of this in direct contradiction to your claims.

            ThenCostco,guy makes Scott’s actions sound even worse than the other “witnesses”. He says the Scott already had his hand on his weapon.

            And the lies continue. The LP officer testified that he saw Scott raise his left hand into the air and his right hand on this front waistband while the LP testified Scott had his weapon tucked into the back of his pants. Once again a lie.

            You are openly willing to overlook the employees right to tell him to leave with his weapon

            Yet the employee admits they never actually asked him to leave, yet Scott did so anyway.


            I am in no way asserting that this was either a good or bad shoot, there are plenty of unbiased people doing that ( ). I’m just providing the facts that you keep ignoring.

            The biggest issue I have with this case is how the LP officer and the Mosmallow man’s testimony contradict each other at almost every turn and neither person’s narrative is consistent with the recorded evidence. In order to believe Moe we have to find the LP’s testimony fabricated. Which calls the entire event’s genesis into question.

            Now if we believe the LP then we must conclude that Moesher’s account is inaccurate, which calls into question the reasonableness of his actions.

            If only the video had been recorded. but Costco, a company which sells a home security system capable of storing video on a remote web server. a company with a million dollars in inventory to protect didn’t have a security system as good as the one for sale on isle 9.

            The massive inconsistencies combined with the LVMPD’s long, storied history of lying to the public in order to cover up officer misconduct should be enough to at least raise questions in a reasonable person. While you have been called a lot of things on these forums, reasonable was never one of them so you blind allegiance to those wearing the fecal brown, poly-blend pantsuits of Las Vegas Metro is no big surprise

          3. Drop the gun.

            Quite different.

          4. I guess it would seem that way to someone who didn’t have the benefit of a 6th grade education.

            “dis·arm verb dis-ˈärm, diz-, ˈdis-ˌärm
            transitive verb

            1 a : to deprive of means, reason, or disposition to be hostile
            b : to win over

            2 a : to divest of arms
            b : to deprive of a means of attack or defense
            c : to make harmless

            intransitive verb
            1 : to lay aside arms
            2: to give up or reduce armed forces”

          5. Costco guy said “drop your gun”. Your video guy. Dang

          6. Which was a request where the desired result was the laying aside of arms.

    2. Unfortunately for you there are only a few cockroaches like yourself on this site that feel as you do. Wake up and pull the rubber out of your ass.

      1. steve: Wow. Funny. Well…more
        Like sad for your ability to perceive reality.
        Let’s look at the biggest issue that you and the CBers have. “Feel”. That says it all. It’s all emotion based for you.
        If you had done even basic research into this incident… is as I described.

        I know that you guys go apeshit about the facts…as they are rarely what you want them to be.
        But attacking me is a sad response. Research what I tell you. Read up on what PC is. Go to court and watch and learn. Same for RS and BRD. I have no need to make things up…..facts are on my side.

        I’ve tried to give you guys the information and all I get is goofs like the fraud and RAD misquoting/misusing Federal laws and cases laws that don’t apply in anyway.
        I was recently preparing a PowerPoint to present to a citizens about those every subjects. Without using the same words….it used a slide depicting RS, PC, Persondurence of the evidence, BRD on a sliding scale. I usually prefer the scale of 0-10 but I’ve found that the sliding scale without the numbers translates best to civilians who don’t know a lot.
        YOU need to first educate yourself….and then join in with me and guys like 31 and Common Sense and help to spread real info that gives a real and usage education to your CBer buds. Heck, even the info from Sands with her JD is usually intentionally misleading as she only gives part of the info.

        Guy…. I know that a haters gotta hate. And you hate. But engage in a real discussion about these topics. Educate everyone. Heck….show everyone that I said something wrong.

    3. HE decided not to compile with voice commands. HE decided to reach for a gun.

      Explain to me how one is supposed to set down the gun without reaching for it. Now tell me how one does that while also raising their hands. Next you can tell us all how to drop the gun and raise our hands while getting on the ground. If you were able to explain how to follow all those conflicting commands, please show us how it can all be done in the less the two seconds between Officer Moesher’s first command at the first bullet was fired.

      Heck….the Scott’s lost in civil court where the standard is a simple preponderance of the evidence

      Absolutely not true. You clearly have no idea about the facts of this case. The Scott’s choose not to pursue their civil suit.

      1. CC:
        Wow. I guess it’s all in who you believe. Witness reports varied….as they always do.
        But IF you can lose the emotions (which I doubt you can) it all makes easy sense.
        RAISE TOUR HANDS. Pretty self explanatory.
        GET ON THE GROUND. Hmmm…..people who fall can accomplish this pretty easily.
        DROP THE GUN. Hmmm. Makes pretty good sense when instead if following the first 2 commands he instead reaches for the gun and pulls it out.

        Guy……maybe it’s the sources of information about this incident that YOU are reading that are filling your mind with things that aren’t in evidence. EVERYTHING that I commented on….are in evidence.

        As for the Scott’s following the legal advice to not pursue the case. Really guy. That dumb? 50.1%. That’s all. The lawyers knew that they can’t get to even that standard so they told not to go ahead with the suit.

        1. .maybe it’s the sources of information about this incident that YOU are reading that are filling your mind with things that aren’t in evidence. EVERYTHING that I commented on….are in evidence

          Sorry,I’m not going to ignore your blatant lies. I’ve always found it telling how the most strident defenders of law enforcement must lie to themselves and others in order to do so.

          I provided video of the actual inquest testimony confirming this and you just pretend like it doesn’t exist.

          Now ignoring the facts that don’t suit you is one thing. But there isn’t a bar you won’t slither under, so you have to take it one step further and just rearrange events in order to suit your sad little tail.

          DROP THE GUN. Hmmm. Makes pretty good sense when instead if following the first 2 commands he instead reaches for the gun and pulls it out.

          This would actually be a valid point if you hadn’t blatantly rearranged the sequence of events, a sequence caught on tape as you well know.

          First there was the command to show the officer his hands then the order to drop the weapon then the command to get on the ground.

          So I ask again, how does one raise their hands and remove a gun tucked into his waistband? Consider for a moment that most of us do now share your simian-type behavior so our knuckles don’t drag along the ground when we walk, When we raise our hands are waistbands aren’t located half-way along that journey.

          I see that your were so pleased with your trickery you felt you didn’t even have to demonstrate how anyone could be expected to follow those three conflicting commands in the span of less than 2 seconds.

          Despite what your wife keeps assuring you, 2 seconds is not a long time at all.

          As for the Scott’s following the legal advice to not pursue the case. Really guy. That dumb? 50.1%. That’s all.

          First of all I never said anything about why the Scotts dropped the lawsuit, just that they had, which once again directly contradicts your claim they lost the civil suit.

          Second of all, while the standard to prove Moesher was fat, inept, cowardly shell of a man would have been a mere 50.1% as you put it, that wasn’t the issue. The Scotts could have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Moesher made the wrong call, even to the point were all 12 jurors unanimously agreed, and it wouldn’t have mattered. The recent court rulings concerning qualified immunity meant no matter how strong their case was they wouldn’t receive any damages.

          1. CC: You provided video….that doesn’t back up what you are saying. That isn’t me lying guy.
            And I’m not “rearranging anything dude. This….like all stressful incidents…”eye-witness” testimony has been shown over and over to be incredibly unreliable. Even from the police. Some one being shot right in front of you, or behind like the one witness said, or having to shoot someone, is incredibly stressful. IF you would cool your jets long enough to listen to your video. “Evidence” you’ll quickly see that the major points all match up pretty well… does the testimony of most of the witnesses.

            So…your 2nd……ummmm….point. IF we buy into your opinions/ideas/concepts/ thoughts about the civil case. IF it all went down like YOU think, IF all of the witnesses say that the officer did it wrong (which….clearly they don’t)……it should be a piece of cake to show that the officer did it wrong and easy to overcome any qualified immunity claims. But…..that didn’t happen. Why? Because the witnesses don’t disagree about what happened. Scott’s actions in the store….all occurred and aren’t disputed. The witnesses all put put the gun into Scott’s hand. In the totality if the circumstances….like it or not….the officer didn’t do it wrong.

          2. What I am saying is that, despite all your jabbering about sticking to the facts you have consistently lied about the facts in this case.

            First you claimed that no one testified hearing Mosher tell Scott drop the gun, yet that’s exactly what the LP testified to and what we hear on the 911 tape.

            Then, despite an audio tape of the incident, you dishonestly rearrange the order of the commands Fat Bastard gave in the 1 and 1/2 seconds before he killed Scott and when called out you easily just lie about doing what we all can see you’ve done.

            Does it even bother you, even just a little bit, when you have to lie in order to support your case? Are you really that void of a conscience? Didn’t your parents raise you with any sense of character at all.

            You see, I’m not arguing the merits of the shoot, I’m arguing the merits of you as a decent human being. And no matter how many opportunities you are given to stop all the lies you just can’t do it.

            I really feel sorry for you. Living a life based entirely on dishonesty must surely be a hollow existence.

          3. CC: What have I “lied” about? The video YOU linked too….doesn’t dispute thet the officer made a good decision. That’s not a lie dude…..that’s proven by the EVIDENCE that YOU provided.
            As simple as can be stated….
            Scott acting crazy in e store….destroying property.
            When his gun was seen….he was legal asked to leave the store…..and his refuses….FALSELY. saying that he has a “right” to carry his firearm in private property.
            After the police arrive…he is confronted at the front door….given lawful voice commands and his answer to that was to reach for and pull out his gun.

            Guy……no one other than you disputes those facts.

            Why YOU want to ignore all of that… on you. No ones lying about it. It just…

          4. What have I “lied” about?

            You can’t actually be that dense, can you? You know what you lied about, but if you really want a laundry list of your prevarications, okay.

            1) “the Scott’s lost in civil court

            2) You listed Moesher’s commands in the following order: “RAISE TOUR HANDS. GET ON THE GROUND, and DROP THE GUN

            3) When you were called out on that lie you stated “I’m not “rearranging anything dude.

            4) The offered the excuse that “eye-witness testimony has been shown over and over to be incredibly unreliable” when the order of his commands were captured on tape

            5) “[the testimony of most of the witnesses] all match up pretty well” when the fact is the all three cops and the LP officer and the gaggle of witness called to testify gave vastly different accounts.

            6) “The witnesses all put put the gun into Scott’s hand.” The LP stated Scott had one hand in the air and one hand down by his front waistband yet he testified Scott’ had the gun tucked into his pants at the small of his back.

            7) “None of the witnesses said that they heard the police tell him to reach for his gun….None said they heard a command to “disarm”. ” The LPO testified to exactly that and we can hear Moesher do so as well on the 911 tape.

            8)”You are openly willing to overlook the employees right to tell him to leave with his weapon” But that didn’t happen, The LPO testified they never asked Scott to leave.

            9)”he was legal[sic] asked to leave the store” You find that lie so nice you’ve told it twice.

            10)”[Scott was]…given lawful voice commands and his answer to that was to reach for and pull out his guny……no one other than you disputes those facts.” That’s true only if you don’t count Edward Fishman, Dolly Rand, Robert Connolly, Humberto Rodriguez, Eileen and Will Nelson, John Cooper, Christine Dye, and Howard Brooks.

            11)”No ones lying ” I just detailed 11 instances that prove that not to be true.

          5. Wow wow wacky wow wow.

            Holy smokes guy. You’re nut so.

            I say witness reports are unreliable….you say I’m lying……but then you go on to talk about how different all the witness stories are. Hmm.

            I don’t know what else to tell you guy. The linked video YOU provided had some discrepancies between the officer and the LP guy. True. But nothing to say/show that the officer did anything wrong. Same wit he witness who exited the story right in front of Scott. His story differed from the LP guys. The basics are all the same….with small differences, It was a very traumatic experience. Hence the unreliablity of “eye witnesses”.

            Wow dude. You say I’m lying about it…and then you say it happens. Wow.

            Oh, BTW. wasn’t the Scott’s civil case initially dismissed I civil court? And then they were advised not to pursue it any further? Maybe I made a mistake but I think that’s how it worked.

          6. I can’t help but notice how you start off teliing us that ‘eye-witness” testimony has been shown over and over to be incredibly unreliable. Even from the police.’ but just a few lines later you pin your entire argument that this was a good shoot on your claim that ‘…the witnesses don’t disagree about what happened. Scott’s actions in the store….all occurred and aren’t disputed. The witnesses all put put the gun into Scott’s hand’

            Are you under the impression noone can see the post you made just a few hours ago (where you said ‘I guess it’s all in who you believe. Witness reports varied….as they always do’) and see just how full of crap you are?

            Pick a position and stick with it for f–sake.

            Did the ‘witness reports vary’, or is the truth the ‘witnesses don’t disagree about what happened?’ Should we believe what the cop claims even though the evidence doesn’t support it, or should should we believe the forensics over unreliable witnesses? Is eyewitness testimony only reliable when it suits you or is it only incrediably unreliable when the you don’t like what the witness has to say?
            I’ve watched the video and if does anything at all it shows that no one saw the same thing. The kids and cops story are constantly at odds and that article by the former Swat Officer provided a very compelling case that Scott never actually drew the gun.

            I admit, I don’t know a whole lot about this case, and am far from qualified to play monday morning quarterback. I just don’t have enough information, but from what I’ve read and seen here, you don’t either.

        2. I did an analysis on the 9-1-1 recording, and the transcript isn’t in toto with the recording. Officer Mosher did nothing wrong, and, the whole incident took place within 8 seconds, not 2 seconds.

  3. Typical Pete bullshit. “Officer Thomas Mendiola testified that he heard officer William Mosher yell, “Hands, let me see your hands.”
    Scott reached both hands under his shirt and pulled out a gun, which Scott pointed directly at Mosher, Mendiola said”.

    The jury found the shooting to be justified. The family dropped the lawsuit. “Las Vegas, NV (March 13, 2012) – Upon advice of legal counsel, the family of Erik B. Scott has dismissed its lawsuit against the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Sheriff Doug Gillespie and the three officers who shot and killed Erik on July 10, 2010”. He chose not to follow the officers directions and he came up with a gun. No tears lost here. He did it to himself.

    1. “Officer Thomas Mendiola testified that he heard officer William Mosher yell, “Hands, let me see your hands.”

      That’s who you’re going with, Mendiola?

      Forgive me if I don’t find a cop who gives weapons to known felons as the go to guy, especially when the whole shooting was caught on tape. Moesher yelled three contradictory commands and killed Scott all in the space of 2 seconds.

      Scott didn’t have a chance to choose anything. Mosher told him to put up his hands and hand over his weapon. Scott was killed in the midst of complying with both of those commands.

      Moesher was and is a slovenly, fat coward. He is a disgrace to the LVMPD and an embarrassment to both of the decent officers who slip into that poly-blend jumpsuit every day and try to make Vegas a better place.

  4. If the ruger was in the right pocket and got hit, wouldn’t the pocket pouch stitched into the jeans have a hole somewhere? If there’s no hole, that would debunk metro’s case. If the shot was too low, it would have missed the pocket pouch completely and therefore not have a hole in the pocket pouch where the ruger would have been located. Therefore the damage to the ruger was not caused on scene, but before or after the incident

  5. Bad Cop William Mosher. This is what happens when a police department hires Curley from the 3 Stooges.

    1. I was thinking that we were all adults here, but I guess not. Can those of you calling Officer Mosher names, be any more childish? I see absolutely no resemblance between Officer Mosher and “Curly Joe”–none whatsoever–and making his physique an issue is absolutely ridiculous and has absolutely NO bearing on anything. Unfortunately, taking jabs at people and being as ride and disrespectful towards others in the new “American Way”, it seems!

      I have been seeking as much information as I possibly can on this event, without much luck. I would like to see the entire video of Officer Mosher’s testimony at the Coroner’s Inquest, preferably without captions appearing on the screen making remarks about Officer Mosher and the police department.

      People are also forgetting that William Mosher is *not* the officer who shot Scott in the back. There were two other officers firing their weapons.

      After studying the audio of the police dispatch tape, it sounds to me as though Officer Mosher was in control, and doing everything by the book. Officer Mosher’s last words before the first shot was fired was “Get down on the ground, man!” Words spoken before this confirm what Officer Mosher said on the witness stand during the Coroner’s Inquest. Scott’s father, who appeared on Newsmax TV’s “Midpoint” claims that Officer Mosher gave “conflicting commands” to his son Erik. The dispatch tape that I examined reveals nothing in conflict, however. It is a simple case of a police officer giving commands to a civilian, ordering him to put his ” hands where I can see ’em now! Drop it on the ground! Get on the ground, man!” Between the words “Drop it on the ground” and “Get on the the ground, man!” I can hear what sounds like a female voice shouting “Drop it! but I am not 100% certain at this point, but that this may have been the voice of Scott’s girlfriend, possibly pleading with Scott to comply with the officer’s commands.

      There are certainly some questions about what happened that day that need answered, but part of those questions involve questions regarding what Officer Mosher testified to, and what we hear on the dispatch recording, which to me to confirm what Officer Mosher said he did while on the witness stand.

      1. Author

        By “those of you,” you mean the one other single line comment on this post?

        You’re certainly welcome to state your opinion here, whether you agree with Bill Scott or not and If you find a full video of Mosher’s testimony, I’d be more than happy to post it on the NVCopBlock YouTube channel, so everyone can see it. The fact is that the Coroner’s Inquest was replaced as the official process of covering up murders by Las Vegas police in large part because of the numerous issues and bad performances during the testimony given (along with the witnesses that were excluded from testifying and evidence that was never presented) about Erik Scott’s murder. I would not be at all surprised that the reason the full video of Erik’s Coroner’s Inquest isn’t available anywhere online has a lot in common with the reason the one camera that would have clearly shown that shooting was “malfunctioning” that day.

        1. Ms. Peterson,

          I would not send you the video to post on Cop Block or You Tube. I totally disagree with the way you people(including Mr. Scott) talk about what happened that day, as well as how you disrespect the individuals involved. You people sound like a bunch of kids in grade school calling Officer Mosher childish names, making an issue of his physique and so on.

          Let me ask you…have you listened to the police dispatch recording? I have spent a reasonable amount of time analyzing the recording. Officer Mosher doesn’t sound the least bit like he is “panicking” or doing anything any differently than the way in which he testified. Furthermore, I defy you or anyone else to recall every little detail as to what you did in a situation, such as this one, for example.

          Also, I wouldn’t believe anything that you people at “CopBlock” say regarding the details of this incident, even if you had the entire video of the Coroner’s trial. Not only are you a bunch of liars, you are extremely biased.

          1. Author

            You’re right. I’m very biased against murderers, especially those that lie and destroy evidence to cover up for that murder.

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