Police Brutality Pictures, Images and PhotosI recently received this very well made graphic, created by criminology.com, via Email. It rather effectively illustrates the rights that citizens have while interacting with police and other enforcement entities. However, it also does a very good job of showing where those rights have been disregarded and the dangers that police brutality poses to society, even in instances where it’s victims are “protected” by the Constitution. Always remember that paper might beat rock, but it doesn’t stop bullets, tasers, or even nightsticks.

Police Brutality: Know Your Rights
Created by: Criminology.com


  1. Please update info on this site regarding where it is legal to record cops. The 2012 Federal case of ACLU v. Alvarez makes it legal to record cops in all 50 states. This federal case supercedes all state law concerning the recording of police in public.

  2. I’m in school for criminal justice I’m thinking of taping metro police and the use of force, I have seen it first hand what pointers could you give me?

    1. Author

      I would suggest visiting the resource page on the main Cop Block site David. As the name implies, there is lots of information and links to sites that relate to Cop Block activities and your rights. I recently created this flyer for Nevada Cop Block, based on previous flyers located there. If you’re located in the Las Vegas area, I’d be glad to get together with you at some point and help in any way I could including organizing copwatches, so you have other people to protect you in case something happens out there. If not, you can also check the Cop Block “groups” page to see if there are other members in your area.

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