Memorial for Jorge Gomez in Las Vegas

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Jeanne Llera, who submitted this post, is the mother of Jorge Gomez. Shortly after attending a Black Lives Matter protest in Downtown Las Vegas on June 1st (2020), Gomez was walking back to his car in the midst of a crowd of other protesters. As he walked past the Lloyd D. George Federal Courthouse on Las Vegas Blvd., a Las Vegas Police officer, who according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s official report mistook his rifle for a baseball bat, began shooting beanbag rounds at him.

Contrary to the LVMPD’s mis-characterization of him as someone acting aggressively and looking for a fight with the police, Gomez attempted to escape this assault by running away from the area. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it very far before he was shot by four other Metro officers that were driving past. Their justification for that shooting are claims that Gomez had raised his rifle toward them.

However, as is detailed in the statement below, the LVMPD has produced no evidence outside of the statements from those officers to support that claim. It’s been estimated that there were at least 50 police officers in the area around the federal courthouse for the protest. Also, there are dozens of cameras on the courthouse itself, as well as the building directly across the street in which bankruptcy proceedings are held. There even traffic cams atop the lights at the intersection toward which Gomez ran.

In spite of all that, Metro would like for everyone to believe that only one video exists from this incident. That video shows him running away after being shot at by the “less lethal” bean bag rounds, but does not include the actual shooting or depict him raising his rifle at any time. As anybody who follows should be well aware, the LVMPD has a long and prolific history of making video disappear and/or “forgetting” to turn their bodycams on.

Their assertion that 50+ cops didn’t produce any body camera footage and dozens of surveillance cameras in and around the area didn’t capture any usable video is ridiculous. Furthermore, not a single documented witness that was there that night, outside of the cops, has stated that they saw Gormez raise his weapon toward the police. In fact, several have stated the exact opposite. This improbable lack of evidence to support the official story screams cover-up and, by extension, murder.

Support the family of Jorge Gomez:

The family’s legal representatives have set up a website to gather information regarding the murder of Jorge Gomez. If you witnessed the shooting or, even better, managed to get video of it, you can submit that evidence at In addition, donations to support his family can be made via a GoFundMe account located at this link:

Date of Incident: June 1st, 2020
Department Involved: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
Officers Involved: Sgt Fryman, Officer Everton, Officer Ferguson, Officer Locher
LVMPD Phone No.: (702) 828-3111

Portrait of Jorge Gomez
#JusticeForJorgeGomez #Justice4JorgeGomez

My son was killed by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department on June 1, 2020. He was on his way to his car to pick up his dad from work, which was around the corner from the Federal Building. He was walking on the side walk and police officers began to speak with him, and so he slowed down. They then came down at him and shot at him with non lethal rounds. He ran and 4 other officers that were heading towards the Circus Circus, where an officer was shot, stopped, jumped out of there vehicle and fired 19 lethal rounds at my son and killed him.

These are the facts…as far as them saying they thought he may have raised his weapon, is just not true and no evidence has been provided to us or released. Over 20 cameras in the area and they only show one…the one [from when] he is approached, he is shot with non lethal rounds, and he runs away. As he goes off camera, 19 shots and my son is killed.

The police keep changing their story as to why no body cams, and that the officers aren’t required to have them due to budgeting issues or their job title…Nevada law requires them, period. Also, that the family said he was becoming radicalized, which is also untrue. He was a kind young man that felt the injustice, as we all do, and wanted to be there in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and exercise his 1st and 2nd amendment rights. He was never aggressive and is seen on various videos peacefully protesting.

Also, this “narcotics charge” that the police keep mentioning is [available via] public records. In 2016, he was allegedly found to have marijuana. He was given a ticket and asked to go in for finger prints, which he did. He then went before a judge and the judge dismissed the charges for lack of evidence and get this…no body cam footage. Seems this is a pattern or they turn off or delete body cam videos.

We/he are not anti police, we/he are anti corrupt cops and those who aid them. What we will not accept is this ridiculous portrayal of a great human being that the world lost on June 1, 2020. Jorge Antonio was just a kind soul. He loved animals, he helped the homeless, he loved music and our earth. He cared for everything and just wanted to make it a better and safer place to live. We will not rest until we find the whole truth.

– Jeanne Llera

Screenshot from video of Jorge Gomez vigil
Family and supporters of Jorge Gomez during a vigil/march held in his honor on June 9th.

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