ACAB Radio Podcast Debut Episode

This past week, marked the debut episode of the “ACAB Radio” podcast, a collaboration between members of Food Not Bombs Las Vegas, Nevada Cop Block, and several other organizations based within the Las Vegas area. It was recorded live at the Happy Earth Market in Downtown Las Vegas on April 3, 2018.

The show is hosted by Joey Lankowski, King Ron Mecklosky, and Kelly W. Patterson. All three are active members of both Food Not Bombs Las Vegas and NVCopBlock, as well as regular participants in numerous activist events and causes throughout the Las Vegas area.

Topics Discussed Included:

We also had a survivor of the Las Vegas Mass Shooting that took place on Oct.1st during the Route 91 Festival call into the show. He discussed his personal experiences that night and subsequent response by the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, their parent company MGM Resorts International Corp., and Las Vegas police.

In relation to that, we also discussed the issues with (and cover-ups during) the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s investigation of Stephen Paddock and the shooting. Many of those issues (and the other crimes and corruption within the LVMPD) are highlighted in Ramsey Denison‘s documentary, “What Happened In Vegas” which Las Vegas residents can see at the upcoming Free Film Screening at the Center for Science and Wonder (C-SaW) on April 12th. (Those outside of Las Vegas also have several options to see the movie.)

“ACAB Radio” Podcast

Other Topics of Note Included:

“ACAB Radio” Facebook Live Video

ACAB Radio Facebook LogoFuture Episodes of “ACAB Radio”

ACAB Radio is recorded live at Happy Earth Market within the Historic Commercial Center District, which is located in Downtown Las Vegas (AKA “the #DTLV“), every Tuesday at 12 noon (pacific time). The next episode (#2) is scheduled for April 10th.

Currently, there are several ways the show can be viewed and/or listened to:

In the (very near) future we will also be adding a website and additional social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, etc.; to those options. There are also several unconfirmed rumors (which I made up) that we are going to be signed to a national contract on a highly ranked network very soon. Obviously, you should start listening to us now, before it’s cool.

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